iPhone Speed Dial: How to Add Speed Dial Icons to Home Screen

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Published: Jan 23, 2008

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21 Responses

  1. Renee (5 comments) says:

    Works fine until I cancel the call. Then I see text about adding a web clip to my home screen but no + sign.

  2. KKT (1 comments) says:

    Very nice trick but unfortunately, this does not appear to work for a digit string starting with *82. This means you are not able to unblock your number

  3. Holy (1 comments) says:

    I see that trick it’s very cool but I have restricted my safari & I see that it’s only working with safari so I wanna know if its possible to do that without having safari open

  4. Adam (9 comments) says:

    Great tip! Thanks!

    I am having difficulties with the image. I am using a 40×40 photobucket image as well with the direct link. It isn’t working. Is there something I am missing?

  5. Mub (1 comments) says:

    Not able to see “+” icon in iphone 4 to add it as a webclip

  6. Anton (1 comments) says:

    “Double-tapping your Home button to access your Favorite contacts is just as fast.” – I don’t agree. Maybe I’m missing something. Nate’s speed dial is 2 clicks directly from the home screen. Double tap on home brings me no closer to this at all and only shows open apps. In a best case scenario home – contacts – click contact is just as quick but if you last had recents or the full contacts open in contacts you need extra clicks. And if you have more than 6 or 7 favorites then some scrolling will be required too.

    • aw (1 comments) says:

      This is an older article and applies to earlier versions of the iPhone. In those, double-tapping the home button did bring up favorites. While it wasn’t much faster to click, it was easier to add to favorites. I was actually frustrated when I got the iPhone 4 and could no longer double-tap to see favorites. That option did work well as does this.

  7. Hendrik (1 comments) says:

    FaceDialer on the AppStore let’s you create speed dial icons just like the solution described here. In addition to that it let’s you select contacts directly from the address book and photos from your photo library.


    I hope some of u like it:-),


  8. Chadwick (1 comments) says:

    This is PERFECT! My 85-year-old mother wants an iPhone (believe it or not) and an individual icon for each of us four kids for one-touch dialing. This is as close as I could have hoped for. PERFECT!

  9. L. Chase (1 comments) says:

    There are times (many times) I need my phone to ring longer… before going to my voicemail! Is there anyway to let it ring longer than 30 seconds?, come on!
    My phone stays in the room with me when I’m cooking, watching TV or sleeping, but you go into another room and there is no way to get back in time to get it! I am not a phone geek with it stuck up my butt all the time, but I would like to answer my calls instead of always “returning” my calls! Surely I am not the only one that feels this way?!! Or, maybe I am!! (I know what your going to say, use a pocket, but women don’t always have pockets!)

  10. Melinda (2 comments) says:

    I can’t add a photo to the speed dial. I am following your steps but it comes up with a photo of a couple but I don’t know how to add my own photo.


  11. J (5 comments) says:

    Yes, how do you remove it?

  12. Renee (5 comments) says:

    How do you get rid of one once it’s created?

  13. Brian (13 comments) says:

    Hey, also consider checking out cliqcliq Speed Dial


    It’s somewhat similar to the madebysquad one, except you can upload photos from your photo library or take a pic (using Quickpic).

  14. Syele (2 comments) says:

    go to settings > Speed Dial

  15. Jeremy (5 comments) says:

    Hi, I have the speed dial apps that are numbered 1-4 and have a picture of a phone receiver on them. I want to change the phone # on one of them but can’t figure out how to do it. When you click on the app it dials the person with no other choices.

    Any ideas?


  16. peter (13 comments) says:

    Does anyone know if this still works, and if not, if there is a substitute?

  17. Jordan Dobson (2 comments) says:

    I’ve also put together a simpler and sexier solution for this type of feature. This version allows you to call someone again simply too! It has a iPhone formatted page to create these easily.


    It doesn’t require Javascript either & the pages are named in Safari if you want to leave it open.

  18. Tommy (9 comments) says:

    well, its great, but i have a doubt, where i should i repleace for placing my photo, in path or in the last “photo”?

  19. Jess (5 comments) says:

    lovvin it

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