How to Make iPhone Ring Longer [iPhone Q & A]

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iPhone Ring Longer

Make Your iPhone Ring Longer

I’m going to start an iPhone Q & A series, where I post some of the questions readers send me by email. Today’s question:

Kathy writes:

is there any way to make iphone ring longer?

How to Make Your iPhone Ring for 10 Seconds Longer

Even if your iPhone ringtone is 30 seconds long, your iPhone rings for only 20 seconds by default. To get your iPhone to ring for 30 seconds, instead of the standard 20-second ring, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *#61# and touch Call.

    Make iPhone Ring Longer

  2. Jot down the phone number displayed on the screen. This is where your voicemail calls are directed to (as shown in the screenshot below).

    iPhone voice call forwarding

  3. Dial **61*(THE NUMBER YOU WROTE DOWN)**30# and press Call.

Your iPhone should now ring longer — that is, for the full 30-second duration of your ringtone. To verify that your voicemails are still being sent to the correct place, repeat step 1 and check that the phone number matches.

Update: Commenters are reporting mixed results. Try the above instructions to get a longer ring on your iPhone and let us know how it goes.

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  1. Hi, Thank you for sharing that really good instruction. It worked first time.
    I am not a big phone User and or Texter but I got it to work. Thanks Again

  2. Followed directions exactly as stated. Now my new iphone 6 rings 6 times instead of 3 before going to voice mail. Yeah!!!!!! Voice mail is also working perfectly as before! Yes!!! My service is through AT&T.

  3. No it doesn’t work…tried several times , and i just keep getting the error message…..NOT happy Iphone user.

    1. I agree. I hate it. Doesn’t ring long enough. the method didn’t work for me either. Also I hate iTunes. Everything about the music with iTunes adds up to many dollars. My android was so easy to add rings to and music. This iPhone sucks. It’s a glorified money grab of a device.

  4. This was posted orginally in 2009. I’m wondering if the newer systems on newer phones have changed it somehow?

  5. Didn’t work for me got error message. The number I wrote was not a 1300 number would that make a difference?

  6. Hi i follow the directions for extending the ring time but I constantly get”error performing request unknown error” any ideas?

  7. Worked perfect. I wanted the ring tone of the Godfather to ring longer than 20 seconds. Now it rings for 30 seconds. Thank you.

    1. I have 3gs and after doing the *#61# I get a message telling me that my voice call forwarding is disabled though it does show me a number. I can see in my settings-phone-call forwarding that call forwarding is off. I have tried setting it to forward to the number shown in *#61# and it seems happy to accept that. But then when I check in *#61# again it still shows the feature as “disabled”. Going ahead and typing in the whole string including the forwarding number anyway doesn’t work – I get a message that says something like ‘error performing request’. Any suggestions? I am getting really fed up with never getting to the phone on time.

  8. Thanks a million, worked first time on my iPhone 4, also worked on my other halfs Samsung galaxy!! Great tip, so useful.

  9. I wanted to increase my ring time for incoming calls and followed the above.
    The message I got back was,,,Error performing request Unknown Error,,,all other registrations also failed.

    Is there a fix?


  10. Fantastic, worked first time. Was 3 rings, now 7 rings. Wish I had tried this a long time ago. Thank you 😎

  11. I have an iPhone 4s with Vodafone. I have managed to lengthen the ring time in the UK but when in Europe it will only ring one and a half times before cutting off. Any ideas?

  12. Followed the steps and worked perfectly on my Iphone 4S with Telstra in Australia! Just remember though that you do need to put the +614 etc at the start not just 0407 or 614 the + sign needed to be there for mine to work! Thanks for this !!!

  13. At Stage 2 my screen says ‘disabled’ even though I have call forwarding set to ‘on’. So no number appears ……….. what to do please?

  14. The ringtone is longer but like others my voicemail has become obsolete.Youve gotta get us out of this mess. The voicemail is used for work availability,without it l am in trouble and would need to change the phone which cost enough as it was. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllp!!!

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