iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

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Did the glass crack on your iPhone? Read about my cracked iPhone screen below and find out what you can do about your cracked iPhone glass. Last night my touchscreen was disabled after I accidentally dropped my iPhone and ended up with a cracked iPhone screen. My iPhone glass cracked in about five places after […]

iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

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  1. I dropped my iPhone this morning barely a foot from the ground and was lucky enough to have the screen shatter even though I had a case on it and everything. 🙂 I read through these comments for a while and went from considering having an online service do it cheaper to doing it myself a lot cheaper to deciding that I would go to the apple store 40 minutes away and try my luck there. The Apple Genius was a really friendly guy and he told me, “You know it’s $200 to replace it, right?” and I said yes, and asked if there was anything else we could do. He was the nicest guy ever and he said he’d give me a break and got me a new iPhone for free, it only took 10 minutes and was quick and easy. Needless to say I was ecstatic and gave him a huge hug and lots of thank you’s, and now I’m back with my new, crack-free iPhone 4. 🙂 So if this is your problem, try going to the store before anything else and see if they can get it done for you– it doesn’t hurt to try!

    1. It is really too bad that asking for favors at the apple store is a crap shoot.It can’t possibly cost them that much to fix a brpken glass. The fact that for some lucky individual gets a new phone means the rest of us are paying for it. So if they had a standard fee like $50 or even $75 for every one or at least on the first break a big discount it would seem more fair to me. And the first break needs to be covered for those who buy apple care. I am guessing that the law of average is that of all the money collected for applecare, the majority of people usually don’t need to use it. It used to be common courtesy for any manufacturer to supply customer service for things like answering questions, but now without a contract you have to pay just to ask a question.

    2. My verizon iphone 4 screen was completely smashed from being stepped on. I went to the apple store in Buffalo, NY and was very honest about it. They told me that normally it would be $200 to fix but they would cut me a break this one time but any further damage was on me. I got a brand new iphone (not a refurb) and was on my way in 10 minutes. I am very satisfied with Apple and love my iphone. :o)

  2. I found Mission Repair online and they did an awesome job on my iPhone 4! It was about $140 for the repair and shipping overnight both ways, less than a week for it to be fixed and shipped back to me AND what really set them apart from the rest was the fact that if I ever break my glass again, it’s only $45!!! Not that I want to break it again lol but at least now I know it will be in good hands and wont be expensive at all! Apple wouldn’t help me AT ALL! Told me basically, I broke it and it’s my fault and my warranty was voided. AT&T told me another one would be full price and just tried to sell me a blackberry! Sooooo glad mission repair was there!

  3. My daughter dropped her iPhone and shattered the screen but it still worked fine. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the glass at no charge while I waited, took about 15 minutes. Otherwise the charge would have been $99.
    We have always had great service. We always buy the Apple Care.

    1. Boy are you lucky! Apple Care far as I know still does not cover a cracked screen. Who ever was at your apple store was being really nice to you. That didn’t happen to me… cost me a lot of money the first time. The second time I went to a third party. My current phone. so far good luck. I have it in an otterbox case.

      1. My friend went into the apple store all stressed about having to get a new screen before her mum found out so they gave it to her free of charge!

      2. I have an I phone 4, I have had it for about 2 weeks and it fell out of my diaper bag not even a foot off the ground! I have the apple care protection plan! This just happened today. It was to late to call apple )They were closed) Now if I go to the apple store and let them know what happened. And that I bought the protection plan, will they have to give me a new one? Or ship mine away to get it fixed? The screen is smashed but everything does work!

  4. I broke my iPhone 4 glass and did not have insurance. I was looking at spending another $550 + to buy a new one. Luckily, I did some research online and found RepairZoom. They actually fixed my iPhone really fast and I had it back within a few days. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

  5. I’m a disable man I had a seizure a month ago an crack my screen to my Iphone4 my check is $674 monthly my rent is $700 would Apple help a disable man an fix my screen for me.

  6. Dropped my iPhone 4 went to apple shop in Newcastle got seen to straight away 15 mins later I walked out with a brand new iPhone thanks apple love u

  7. My iPhone 3GS just fell from my bag and it hit the cemented floor so bad! I don’t know if this is covered by the warranty, but if I have to cough out more then s$200+ (Singapore $), then I rather get a new phone! My phone’s only 9 months old … huhuhuhu 🙁
    But it’s still working great … even called my husband about it … *sigh* 🙁

  8. I bought my ipod and did the same and it broke 10 x worse and i cant do any thing or see anything but good thing i got it stuck on my music and i have a docking station with a remote

  9. I just bought an Verizon iphone 4, had it 2 days and dropped it. I had no idea I had a glass phone. I assumed the back was some kind of clear any rate, I took it to the Apple store and the geniuses fixed the shattered back for free. I love Apple. I ordered an otterbox, I am not taking any more chances. BTW…I had my previous phone for 4 years and never broke it…I was waiting for the verizon iphone.

  10. pretty sure you should look after your phones and be prepared to pay if your going to physically damage them.

    read terms and conditions before purchasing.

    and it cost 249 for any iphone to be replaced regardless of the GB or make.

  11. I broke my iPhone 4 screen. I got it six months back. I took it to apple store and they replaced my phone for free.

    Good customer service.

    1. hi,i drop my iphone too and the bad news is i bought it when i was in canada last year and now im in philippines,my point is you think if i will go to apple here in philippines they will replace my iphone 4? i still got the warranty

  12. I have to mention this. Last week my Iphone G4 fell out of my pocket. I had no idea it was gone until I got to my next destination and it was no where. So I drove back to where I was, parked my car where it has been in the street. I looked around, and there was my phone in the snow in the middle of the road. It is a small, quiet street but has cars that go thru there often. So I picked it up and it was in great shape. The plastic window in the holder was bent a bit, so I pulled off the case and it snapped back in place and all is fine. KUDOS to the OTTERBOX DEFFENDER CASE. I am really lucky this time. I have to be more careful about clipping it on my pants next time or putting in or even clipping it to my coat pocket.

  13. My iPhone only fell about 8 inches onto the floor and cracked the glass. Everything work fine on it, but it’s driving me crazy looking at it! (It’s across about the 1/4 of the screen.)

    I was shocked that this could happen so easy. This is a MAJOR flaw for iPhone users. It is ridicules.

    I can’t afford to replace the phone or the glass. (How much is £19.99 in US currency, anyway?)

    I was wondering about using the stuff they use to repair chips in windshields.

    1. Try the Apple store..they may fix it for free. They fixed the back of mine for free. It was a new phone.

  14. If anyone is looking for High Quality Repairs or Repair Kits please visit! We offer same day repairs and can even provide you with a Loaner phone while yours is being repaired! Use promo code “Twitter” to receive 10% off any of our repairs. 1.877.9.REVAMP

  15. You can buy a replacement kit with screen, tools, and adhesive strip for £19.99. Just google iphone screen replacemant

  16. My iphone slid out of the sleeve, fel on a stone floor and the glass window is cracked. Both my phone provider and Apple, say it will cost 289 euros to get it fixed. Hourly rate from apple is 110 euros!!! This is a full ripp off and as an insider tells me “because of all the deals apple made with the phone companies…” thank you apple….
    In Europe you cannot take out an insurance, so, good for Ross

    Any suggestions for a cheaper fix?
    thanks, Henk

  17. Next time go to state farm insurance , and get insurance on iPhone . It’s covered with no money out of pocket , less than 50 a year

    1. Iphone Screen Repair – The truth about iphone screen repair & Should you try doing it yourself. My story about my iphone started like most others , I dropped and broke it. I didn’t live near any repair shops and I work so much I never have the time for driving around looking for one. My phone still worked but the glass touch screen had annoying cracks in it. Online I kept seeing these do it yourself iphone screen repair kits. They all said how easy it would be to fix my phone myself and assured me to just call if I needed any help. Like a BIG DUMMY IDIOT I fell for it. While I am sure many people are able to make this repair, I on the other hand had no idea what I had gotten myself into. After wasting two days, cutting my finger on the broken glass, going blind trying to remove tiny parts and screws. I ended up with a disassembled broken phone mess. Through out this process i did call for assistance which was almost non-existent. That when i started to figure out that most of these guys just want to sell a bunch of parts and could care less if your phone gets fixed or not. Some even have the nerve to offer to fix your mangled mess for some ridiculously high price knowing no other repair shop would touch the mess. Frustrated I just threw what was left of my phone in the trash and brought a new one. Only to break it a few months later. This time I got lucky a friend told my about company called and how good they treated him and his repair. I contacted them and talked to guy named Terry. Terry was very helpful , always nice and responded quickly to my questions. I sent my phone to them , they fixed and sent it back so fast I could not believe it. If only I would have known about them before. I am not one who likes to tell people what to do , but after the nightmare with my first broken iphone I feel I should warn others. Like I said if your good at fixing electronics, self repair my be right for you If not – DON’T DO IT yourself. And yea I am plugging DoctorQuickFix because it’s nice to find a business and people these days who still care about their customers and good service. Keep up the the good work Terry and I hope this gets you a raise. thanks, Ken S.

  18. Hey Diane: A lot of people buy a new iPHone or iPod when the glass is cracked or shattered, but most of the time that is totally unnecessary, at you can get a brand new screen for about 1/5 of what you paid. And people fix their own all of the time using RepairsUniverse repair guides, video instructions, or they can send it to them for repair.

  19. My daughter bought an iphone 4. within less than one month she dropped it from her purse onto the sidewalk and the outer glass broke. The phone was in perfect working order. She had to buy a new one from Apple for $200.

    1. I try to always put my Iphone (which is in an otterbox case) in my carry case which I clip to my waist. I have dropped it in the case, but so far have been lucky with this phone I have now. I do sometimes put it in my purse and rarely in my pocket, but I try not to. sometimes when I am out, If I have it in my hand I try to hold onto it tightly and then I sometimes have to remind myself to put it in my case until I can get into the house. It is a problem to contend with!!

      I’m just curious, does any one know if owners of other brands of smart phones have this glass problem?

  20. If you cracked, or broke your iphone can fix it. You can send it in for a proffesional repair, or you can order a do-it-yourself kit and watch their free videos.

    They also offer iPhone warrenty for $5 a month!

  21. Sue wrote somewhere: Author: <>

    I think lots of people question Apple’s policy.. I sent a letter to corporate headquarters and even got a phone call back but it was the usual rhetoric. I think some kind of collective complaint or petition (and I hate to say law suit) with lots and lots and lots of signatures may make a point. But this takes someone with great organization skills and time to do this. Now since I bought the otterbox travel protector case I haven’t broken my latest phone glass yet, but I have inadvertently dropped it, but so far not on the glass itself. I try to handle my phone not to drop it, but it is designed such that it is easy to drop it or it easy slides off things. I can understand glass breaking, but I cannot understand the inequity of those who get theirs done gratis and/or the cost Apple charges to fix the glass at all. Apple is doing well I hear so why do they need to rip off its customers? .And yes, I do consider it a rip off. Apple knows the glass is fragile and perhaps they need to set up a special part of their business to handle or breakages.


  22. I have never broken the glass..but I have dropped it before and after I dropped it once the touch screen would work on and off at random times..I took it to a repair shop after hearing all about apples outrageous repair prices. They tried to replace the digitizer and that did not work so they told me my best bet was to just buy a new phone because it is prbably a messed up motherboard I was really upset and felt stuck having to buy a new 3GS 16gb for about $500 off contract since I used my upgrade on this refurbished iphone I have now…so I decided to just face it and go to the apple storefor a repair…had to wait for a good while because of the crowding but when they got to me they took my iPhone to the back for diagnosis and they came back saying they could not fix it so they just gave me a brand new 3GS 16gb I was amazed and ecstatic..sorry for this long story lol..I just thought I would share my experience with the apple store..(typed with my new 3GS :))

  23. Apple is no being very pudent in its handeling of this issue in comparison other indsries in regard to safey standards and I am going go to my apple store and make a formal complaint and demand an upgrade. I am no going to easily pay for a dangeros phone defect.

  24. There are many online repair facilities that can repair broken glass on iPhones. We service all our local customers with new glass / digitizers in less than 1 hour. We offer mail in and overnight services. Our iPhone 3G service is $79, 3GS is $89. Price includes parts and labor and a 1 year warranty. We also sell parts if you are interested in repairing your iPhone yourself. If you need help with your cracked glass or other iPhone issues give us a call toll free at 877-8-NETEFX or visit us online at But there is no reason to have to spend $199 to get a new phone.

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