iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

Published: Jan 16, 2008

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  1. Alex (12 comments) says:

    I Dropped my iPod On my wood floor, and the damage is BRUTAL. It still works, but Apple wants $520 for ONE REPAIR! But its is a bad crack….

  2. Allison (2 comments) says:

    I ordered a do it yourself kit on amazon to fix it. It came with tools and the screen looks GREAT

  3. TX Media Group (1 comments) says:

    We have a shop in Austin, TX that offers $49 screen replacement for the iphone 3 and 3g. Its $79 for the 4 and 4s. Even though you can find parts online pretty cheap nowadays, its best to bring the phone into have a professional fix it for you because the ribbons are very delicate.

  4. lilgurl (1 comments) says:

    i have the original iphone 4…my front screen is shattered and i cant see anything its black..phone still works when i plug it into my computer and i could unlock it before i took the screen protector off the shattered screen….anyone know whats broken to cause it to be black?

  5. Raheme (1 comments) says:

    I dropped mines getting out of my car, it had cracked, I brought a use known working one off eBay, than brought a disassembly IPhone kits and replaced the top screen with the use one. It a little hard, but somewhat easy once u open it up, like a motherboard on a computer and its save me hundred of dollars!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      H, just curious and for clarification (in case I ever have to do this), you bought a working one what? another phone? and what was the cost of this and your kit? I assume it was much less that taking it to Apple to get a repair?

  6. Shelby (1 comments) says:

    What do I do when my iPod screen is cracked how much money does it cost to get it fixed I dropped it on the sidewalk

  7. Alison (3 comments) says:

    I’ve had my iPhone for a while and I have a case on it. I had no problems with it until very recently. One time last month I was walking, my phone dropped on the cement and the screen broke. It wasn’t that bad. A few days later, I dropped it again. Much more damage to the screen. I saw a store in the mall that fixed screens and I got it fixed. Today, I had my phone on the side of a table, an alarm came on and I couldn’t tend to it right away, it fell off the table onto tile, and now the screen is broken again. I’m really angry right about now.

  8. rob (9 comments) says:

    2 hours after activating phone it fell 6 inches off a beach chair and shattered. i have a 6 yo who loves the thing. Will it ever not break with a fall

  9. Mate (2 comments) says:

    It costs 200$ and the replacement phone Apple gives you is not brand new and it is a refurbished one.
    Read this article:

  10. Sr (1 comments) says:

    I put mine in my pocket pulled it out five minutes later and I had a big gouge in the screen

  11. Will (7 comments) says:

    Yeah nigga got my screen fixed free of charge just threatened legal liability as I dropped my phone on grass and it shattered , apple were more then happy to replace it just have to be assertive

  12. Matt (22 comments) says:

    i took my iPhone to fixmyiphonenyc[dot]com. i sent it in and they sent it back 2 days later completely replaced. only cost $79 + shipping for an iPhone 4. they also have color conversions for a bit more.

  13. laurence (1 comments) says:

    if your from the uk i can recomend http://www.qualityiphonerepair.co.uk

  14. soquel (1 comments) says:

    so, today at school my phone slipped out my pocket, i had an otterbox on it and the screen cracked and now the phone wont work, like it will light up but i cant even “slide to unlock” what do i do? will it cost me anything? or ill the otterbox place replace my iphone3gs?

  15. Bradley williams (1 comments) says:

    I’ve just smashed my ipod screen at the bottom left corner and the screen cracked but when i rub my finger across the screen its fine except the bottom left corner. How much will it be to fix my ipod.

  16. jong pogi (1 comments) says:

    my iphone4s fell on the floor (5 feet tall) and totally cracked the front glass. but the phone is working…i still use it. i looked for a repair shop in greenhills san juan and the charge is P4000 to P5000. I looked for another shop in Makati Cinema Square which is nearer to me and the charge is P2,500. so far thats the cheapest. haist

  17. russell (1 comments) says:

    i need to know the exact price,cozz i need to replace the screen.somebody tell me the price

  18. Charlie (2 comments) says:

    I just dropped my iPhone 4s konce when I was running on the sidewalk. Now the bottom right hand corner of the screen is all cracked. The touch screen beneath it works. Does anyone know of I will be charged to fix the glass and LCD screen?

  19. Kareem (1 comments) says:

    So I dropped my phone today directly on a concrete sidewalk and luckily the only the back was damaged (cracked). My iFrogz case became worn out last month, and as a result, I’ve been carrying my phone without a case. I did not purchase Apple Care however, my phone is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty; although this type damage isn’t covered under either. The guy at the Apple Store told me the cost to replace the back of my phone would be $29. After repairing the phone he told me, “yeah, so I screwed up the paper work so there is no charge for the service”. I left there one happy customer. Thanks iGeeks! FYI, he also mentioned if the front had been shattered that the entire phone would need to be replaced and the cost would be $149.

  20. watsmyname (1 comments) says:

    yo i broke my iPod last night while walking into the kitchen. it fell right SMACK DAB on the tiles. now the top right corner is cracked and theres a crack right in the middle of my screen(of course wat else is new??) so i can barely see wat im doing. my mom said i could probably just take it to the apple store. lucky me my dad was at work bc he wouldve killed me & idk how im gonna tell him that my screen broke now. i mean my mom was fine with this but imagine my dadO_O wish me luck…

  21. Shawna (1 comments) says:

    I’ve had an iPhone 4 for about 9 months. A couple months ago my boyfriend took it and smashed it on the floor cracking the glass right thru to the inside of the phone. I went to the closest apple store and actually got a brand new phone for free!!! But just last night I dropped it and shattered the glass on the screen so I’m guessing I won’t be getting another free one… We will see….

  22. Spencer (1 comments) says:

    It is such a pain seeing such an expensive piece of electronics shatter so easy, and I love the way my iPhone 4 looks so I hate putting cases on it. If you do have a cracked iPhone 4 screen/back housing I do repairs locally in Knoxville, TN and also through my website itechrepairman.com, a repair for an iPhone 4 screen will cost you only $80.00 including free shipping and I also do full color conversions for not much more.

  23. Hj (1 comments) says:

    I dropped my iPhone on the street today and now an ugly spider web is all over the screen!!! Never knew the front glass was this fragile. After I found out that it costs a fortune to get it replaced, I was wondering how much it would cost in the US and apparantly the policy applies the same in any part of the world. I did some googling and here in Seoul there is a shop where you can get the screen repaired for around 50$. Hurray but still that’s a lot to pay for having butter fingers… Next time I buy an expensive gadjet I would reconsider buying apple..I mean I love apple but their AS policies suck!!!!! Not likely that apple change their policy..rught? Anyway your posting was a good read.

  24. Adan (1 comments) says:

    Hello everyone,

    I was going through all the comments and couldn’t help but notice that everyone here lucked out with their broken screens. I dropped my iphone yesterday for the first time and my screen shattered. It looks horrible! My phone still works along with everything else though. I called the apple store and asked how much it was to repair my cracked screen and they said to contact 1800-myapple so I did that and they quoted me a price of about $149. I still have warranty until march 12, 2012 and I have applecare. Is there anything I can do to not get charged this insane fee? I paid less than half for the phone! It’s just silly to pay so much for a screen. Any help or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!

  25. Jon (6 comments) says:

    I suggest if you have a broken iPhone and are upgrading, sell your broken or cracked phone to http://www.tradeinspot.com. I had a cracked digi on my iphone 4 and I just got $120 for it. Getting my new 4s on friday for $200. Nice!

  26. Josh Richards (4 comments) says:

    Tons of great comments here… but I still say http://www.repairzoom.com is the best for iPhone Screen Repair. They include free shipping and their prices keep going down. Last time I checked AT&T iPhone 4 repair was only $109 – and that INCLUDED the free shipping. Nobody else has this low of a price when all is said and done.

  27. Ryan (11 comments) says:

    Suprise suprise, glass breaks. It always has, and it always will. Options: #1 Buy a case, #2 Don’t drop your phone, #3 Don’t buy an iPhone.

  28. Boris Bagdasarov (1 comments) says:

    Come visit my Facebook page if you live in Los Angeles!!
    and don’t forget to “Like”!
    I can fix any iPhone and have it done in 30 min!


  29. Greg (4 comments) says:

    Ridiculous had mine two weeks layed it face down on dresser on a penny picked it up and you would have thought I’d have hit it with a hammer! Disgusted with whole situation! I’ll not buy another one and everyone who asks I’ll let them know what I think.

  30. e. tate (1 comments) says:

    Last week I dropped my iphone 3 and broke the outer glass. The phone still worked and I could use it normally, but it was rather difficult to see the screen due to the shattering of the glass. Took it to the Apple store at West County Mall in St. Louis County and the fellow that looked at it said “You’ve not had any problems or claims on this phone, so come back in 5 or 10 minutes and it will be fixed at no charge.” Sure enough, in 10 minutes it was done. The fast service and no charge really surprised m

  31. Wonda (1 comments) says:

    I got my iphone4 paying the ridiculious amount for it n less then a week it slipped out of my hand n cracked glass on screen everything works fine but i will have to pay 200 since i live in small town no where n no one can get fix cheaper im pist there slippery little bugars n i take care of my cell phns but aften apple nothing they shud replace screen within 30 days my only option is to go with go care n pay 79 plus 50 deductable..
    I will report my experience.. I was so happy with my iphone 3g i was goin to get n apple computer n go all apple in my house after this no way

    • t (1 comments) says:

      English? Anyways…. so you’re blaming Apple because you don’t take care of your stuff?

      And why should Apple have to pay for someone being extra quick at destroying their device (your 30 day comment)? If anything, destroying it so quickly might show how much it truly was the purchasers fault (due to carelessness), rather than a true statistically unavoidable accident.

      • Pete (3 comments) says:

        do you post bitchy comments just because you can?? accidents happen, remind me, should you have a car accident that kills your children not to post a “serves you right for driving a car” coment……… oh, & the spelling mistakes are because i also bet your so anal you will bitch about those too…………..

  32. Jezebel (1 comments) says:

    I’ve had my iPhone 4 for just over a month. I didn’t even drop it, in fact I have no idea how or when the screen got cracked, but suddenly it has a full length top to bottom crack in the faceplate.

  33. Foodie (1 comments) says:

    Yesterday my fell pretty hard on my hard wood floor without my otter case being on:( horrible site to see once I pick it up and 3/4 of my screen was cracked. I researched and found ur blog and went to the apple store today. Long story short – I am a happy camper with a new phone that didn’t cost me. The apple & genius techs were friendly and understanding. I am grateful for coming across this site. Thanks!

  34. Rachel (3 comments) says:

    It seems dropping the phone flat on it’s front or back does the trick. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a over a year. I hate cases and had the best luck. I tripped and fell and watch my iPhone land flat on it’s back and watched the glass shatter. Same thing happened with my iPhone 3G. I had a silicone case and a screen protector on it when it landed flat on it’s back on carpet. Hello cracked acreeb

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      You may not like cases, but like any insurance policy, a good case especially an Otterbox, which does add weight to the phone, could save you the problem of broken glass. No matter how one tries, accidents happen. Good luck is just that, good luck. I try very hard (after a couple cracked glass incidents in the past) not to drop my phone, but inevitably it happens. I have not had a broken glass yet with an Otterbox defender case.

  35. warranty (1 comments) says:

    Apple has a out of warranty (OOW) service. The out of of warranty service will repair your iphone for $199.99.

  36. Stereo__Junkie (2 comments) says:

    Okay true be told. So three days ago my Iphone 4 screen had shattered into pieces in my bedroom… Don’t ask me how it was so bizarre. But I took it to the apple store and told them my story and luckily my phone has 65 days of warranty left they had replaced my Iphone free of charge!!!!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      Is this something new where Apple will replace your phone or fix it due to cracked glass? Last I remember broken glass was not covered.

  37. Brent Webster (1 comments) says:

    It depend which Iphen it is that you have. Replacing the touch screen on an Iphone 3g or 3gs is not all that easy if you have neve done it before. The Iphone 4 inside screen and outer tuch screen is all one unit and needs to be replaced as a unit if either one break making the repair expensive. Check out http://www.repairmydevice.net they are very competitive on repair prices!

  38. Aleena (1 comments) says:

    I dropped my iphone and its screen cracked from many places.. I need to get it replaced but the thing thats bugging me is the cost.. Does the replacement cost more than 20 dollers? Im new and i dont realy know about ihpone either. Its realy difficult to use it and its very delicate too

    • Stereo__Junkie (2 comments) says:

      If your phone is still under warranty and you talk to them about how your screen broke they might replace your Iphone with a new iphone if not I think you would have to pay from 50 to 100 dollars.

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      It will cost a lot more than $20 bucks!! however if you are lucky you and under lucky circumstances you might get it replaced for nothing, but not all of us were that lucky. Check the other posts as there are lots of good ideas here. As I have said before the otterbox is although a little heavy, the best case there is. I actually dropped my phone tonight when I got out of the car…it fell face down, but it was just fine. I try to be more careful, but sometimes these things just happen and it has happened a few times to me. If still available, depending on what iphone you have or how long you have had it, my daughter got one of these g3 iphones for $49 from ATT after she lost her last phone. She loves it!

  39. Cesare (1 comments) says:

    Well i didnt pay big bucks and I didn’t get a new one I simply got frOm eBay the kit to replace the glass for 10 dollars and in one hour I changed it. Is not that difficult once u do it the first time u can easily do it 100 times!!

  40. Bryon (1 comments) says:

    Yea I have also joined the club ” iPhone w/cracked Screen” but mine happened a lil different you see I have lost got it stolen dropped stepped on thrown and everything else with no saftey accsessories and a friend of mine talks me into buying thisstupid live Strong carbon fiber back cover well I guess it’s not so stupid It actually looks pretty cool but any who heres the skinny the first time I drop it it falls glass side down on kencrete and “pop” I hear the sound of a light bulb breaking so I started thinking and figured that there was a conspiricy at hand here you see I think that the case was designed by apple to make the old iphone top heavy so it would fall perfectly on it’s glass and force people to upgrade to the New iPhone since the price differentce aint much different from repair to upgrade well here thats my 411 and please refrain from commenting on my grammer, spelling, or the fact that I said the word conspiricy It’s not sapossed to be serious just a funny joke that could be true but I dont think theyd go thru the trouble when they could just put them on sale lol but this really did happen to me so well it is what it is Pease

  41. Jill hardgrove (1 comments) says:

    DoctorQuickFix.com is a good company to use for iphone repair.
    I manage the IT for our sales department with over 300 sales people using iphones. I send all of our iphones that need repair to DoctorQuickFix and they have always done excellent repair work.
    They were referd to me by other IT managers who have also integrated iphones into there Sales and IT departments.

  42. jesse (1 comments) says:

    I bought a iPhone 4 and broke it like three days after I got it and called apple and asked to talk to their surpervisor right off the bat and they actually sent me a brand new phone over night and sent me a new case of my choice up to 50 dollars!! I love you apple!!!!!

  43. Josh Richards (4 comments) says:

    I still say http://www.repairzoom.com is the best for iPhone Screen Repair. They include free shipping and their prices keep going down. Only $118 for an iPhone 4 Screen repair right now.

  44. Leah Davies (1 comments) says:

    My friend has just cracked the screen on his ipod 4. How much would it be to repair the screen?

  45. Jim (12 comments) says:

    Don’t use doctorquickfix.com. I sent them my 3gs to fix the glass and the back case, and they returned it, but now the SIM card is not recognized. I sent it back, but they did not fix it. I had to take it to another repair shop, who said that they used the wrong parts, and that is the reason the Sim card is not recognized. Its going to cost me at least $100 to fix the problems they created, and I have been without a phone for over 2 weeks. Bad deal.

  46. Emily (6 comments) says:

    I have an iPhone 3gs that I cracked just yesterday. I cracked the top screen, so the damage is just pretty much cosmetic, and I could go a long with out repair or whatever, but it would still be ugly. My mom is taking it to this place(not the Apple Store) that will fix my screen for like $49 dollars. Yes, my warranty will be voided, but how will they notice? A few years ago, when I was in like 5th grade, my mom did the exact same thing, and got her iPhone fixed at the same place. Then her side button got messed up(the warranty covered that)and she went to go get a new one. The Apple man gave her one without hesitation.

  47. Anthony (7 comments) says:

    I have my iphone 4 almost 10 months, find a 10 mm crack on the front glass starting from the home button. Never drop the phone, and don’t know how I get it. Went to Apple store in Fariview Mall, Ontario this afternoon, they replace me a new one. Thanks You Apple.

  48. jane merovitz (1 comments) says:

    I have an ipod touch gen 4. I dropped it and broke the glass. It still works ok. Can you replace the glass?

  49. Monica (3 comments) says:

    I dropped my iPhone this morning barely a foot from the ground and was lucky enough to have the screen shatter even though I had a case on it and everything. :-) I read through these comments for a while and went from considering having an online service do it cheaper to doing it myself a lot cheaper to deciding that I would go to the apple store 40 minutes away and try my luck there. The Apple Genius was a really friendly guy and he told me, “You know it’s $200 to replace it, right?” and I said yes, and asked if there was anything else we could do. He was the nicest guy ever and he said he’d give me a break and got me a new iPhone for free, it only took 10 minutes and was quick and easy. Needless to say I was ecstatic and gave him a huge hug and lots of thank you’s, and now I’m back with my new, crack-free iPhone 4. :) So if this is your problem, try going to the store before anything else and see if they can get it done for you– it doesn’t hurt to try!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      It is really too bad that asking for favors at the apple store is a crap shoot.It can’t possibly cost them that much to fix a brpken glass. The fact that for some lucky individual gets a new phone means the rest of us are paying for it. So if they had a standard fee like $50 or even $75 for every one or at least on the first break a big discount it would seem more fair to me. And the first break needs to be covered for those who buy apple care. I am guessing that the law of average is that of all the money collected for applecare, the majority of people usually don’t need to use it. It used to be common courtesy for any manufacturer to supply customer service for things like answering questions, but now without a contract you have to pay just to ask a question.

    • Meg (3 comments) says:

      My verizon iphone 4 screen was completely smashed from being stepped on. I went to the apple store in Buffalo, NY and was very honest about it. They told me that normally it would be $200 to fix but they would cut me a break this one time but any further damage was on me. I got a brand new iphone (not a refurb) and was on my way in 10 minutes. I am very satisfied with Apple and love my iphone. :o)

  50. Andrew Smith (1 comments) says:

    I broke the touch screen on my Iphone 3gs and sent it to Repairmydevice. http://repairmydevice.net It only cost me £30 to get repaired and sent back to me free of charge. I highly recommend these guys!.

  51. Jen (9 comments) says:

    I found Mission Repair online and they did an awesome job on my iPhone 4! It was about $140 for the repair and shipping overnight both ways, less than a week for it to be fixed and shipped back to me AND what really set them apart from the rest was the fact that if I ever break my glass again, it’s only $45!!! Not that I want to break it again lol but at least now I know it will be in good hands and wont be expensive at all! Apple wouldn’t help me AT ALL! Told me basically, I broke it and it’s my fault and my warranty was voided. AT&T told me another one would be full price and just tried to sell me a blackberry! Sooooo glad mission repair was there!

  52. Kim (4 comments) says:

    My daughter dropped her iPhone and shattered the screen but it still worked fine. I took it to the Apple store and they replaced the glass at no charge while I waited, took about 15 minutes. Otherwise the charge would have been $99.
    We have always had great service. We always buy the Apple Care.

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      Boy are you lucky! Apple Care far as I know still does not cover a cracked screen. Who ever was at your apple store was being really nice to you. That didn’t happen to me… cost me a lot of money the first time. The second time I went to a third party. My current phone. so far good luck. I have it in an otterbox case.

      • kay (1 comments) says:

        My friend went into the apple store all stressed about having to get a new screen before her mum found out so they gave it to her free of charge!

      • Jess (5 comments) says:

        I have an I phone 4, I have had it for about 2 weeks and it fell out of my diaper bag not even a foot off the ground! I have the apple care protection plan! This just happened today. It was to late to call apple )They were closed) Now if I go to the apple store and let them know what happened. And that I bought the protection plan, will they have to give me a new one? Or ship mine away to get it fixed? The screen is smashed but everything does work!

  53. Adrian Livesey (1 comments) says:

    I used i-brokeit.co.uk they were cheap with a quick turn around.

  54. John Stevenson (1 comments) says:

    I broke my iPhone 4 glass and did not have insurance. I was looking at spending another $550 + to buy a new one. Luckily, I did some research online and found RepairZoom. They actually fixed my iPhone really fast and I had it back within a few days. I recommend them to all my friends and family.

  55. Josh Richards (4 comments) says:

    I really liked RepairZoom (http://www.repairzoom.com) for my repair.

  56. DeJuan Doby (1 comments) says:

    I’m a disable man I had a seizure a month ago an crack my screen to my Iphone4 my check is $674 monthly my rent is $700 would Apple help a disable man an fix my screen for me.

  57. Alison barber (1 comments) says:

    Dropped my iPhone 4 went to apple shop in Newcastle got seen to straight away 15 mins later I walked out with a brand new iPhone thanks apple love u

  58. Shai (1 comments) says:

    My iPhone 3GS just fell from my bag and it hit the cemented floor so bad! I don’t know if this is covered by the warranty, but if I have to cough out more then s$200+ (Singapore $), then I rather get a new phone! My phone’s only 9 months old … huhuhuhu :(
    But it’s still working great … even called my husband about it … *sigh* :(

  59. jj (2 comments) says:

    I bought my ipod and did the same and it broke 10 x worse and i cant do any thing or see anything but good thing i got it stuck on my music and i have a docking station with a remote

  60. Mary Alyce Owens (2 comments) says:

    I just bought an Verizon iphone 4, had it 2 days and dropped it. I had no idea I had a glass phone. I assumed the back was some kind of clear plastic..at any rate, I took it to the Apple store and the geniuses fixed the shattered back for free. I love Apple. I ordered an otterbox, I am not taking any more chances. BTW…I had my previous phone for 4 years and never broke it…I was waiting for the verizon iphone.

  61. lana C (1 comments) says:

    pretty sure you should look after your phones and be prepared to pay if your going to physically damage them.

    read terms and conditions before purchasing.

    and it cost 249 for any iphone to be replaced regardless of the GB or make.

  62. Suresh (1 comments) says:

    I broke my iPhone 4 screen. I got it six months back. I took it to apple store and they replaced my phone for free.

    Good customer service.

    • cindy andres (1 comments) says:

      hi,i drop my iphone too and the bad news is i bought it when i was in canada last year and now im in philippines,my point is you think if i will go to apple here in philippines they will replace my iphone 4? i still got the warranty

    • Ravi (1 comments) says:

      can you please tell me the store name, i had same issue today and dont have any insurance.

  63. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I have to mention this. Last week my Iphone G4 fell out of my pocket. I had no idea it was gone until I got to my next destination and it was no where. So I drove back to where I was, parked my car where it has been in the street. I looked around, and there was my phone in the snow in the middle of the road. It is a small, quiet street but has cars that go thru there often. So I picked it up and it was in great shape. The plastic window in the holder was bent a bit, so I pulled off the case and it snapped back in place and all is fine. KUDOS to the OTTERBOX DEFFENDER CASE. I am really lucky this time. I have to be more careful about clipping it on my pants next time or putting in or even clipping it to my coat pocket.

  64. Sherlene (1 comments) says:

    My iPhone only fell about 8 inches onto the floor and cracked the glass. Everything work fine on it, but it’s driving me crazy looking at it! (It’s across about the 1/4 of the screen.)

    I was shocked that this could happen so easy. This is a MAJOR flaw for iPhone users. It is ridicules.

    I can’t afford to replace the phone or the glass. (How much is £19.99 in US currency, anyway?)

    I was wondering about using the stuff they use to repair chips in windshields.

    • Mary Alyce Owens (2 comments) says:

      Try the Apple store..they may fix it for free. They fixed the back of mine for free. It was a new phone.

  65. David (19 comments) says:

    If anyone is looking for High Quality Repairs or Repair Kits please visit http://www.irevampelectronics.com! We offer same day repairs and can even provide you with a Loaner phone while yours is being repaired! Use promo code “Twitter” to receive 10% off any of our repairs. 1.877.9.REVAMP

  66. Nag Hamadi (1 comments) says:

    You can buy a replacement kit with screen, tools, and adhesive strip for £19.99. Just google iphone screen replacemant

  67. henk (1 comments) says:

    My iphone slid out of the sleeve, fel on a stone floor and the glass window is cracked. Both my phone provider and Apple, say it will cost 289 euros to get it fixed. Hourly rate from apple is 110 euros!!! This is a full ripp off and as an insider tells me “because of all the deals apple made with the phone companies…” thank you apple….
    In Europe you cannot take out an insurance, so, good for Ross

    Any suggestions for a cheaper fix?
    thanks, Henk

  68. Ross (2 comments) says:

    Next time go to state farm insurance , and get insurance on iPhone . It’s covered with no money out of pocket , less than 50 a year

    • ken smith (1 comments) says:

      Iphone Screen Repair – The truth about iphone screen repair & Should you try doing it yourself. My story about my iphone started like most others , I dropped and broke it. I didn’t live near any repair shops and I work so much I never have the time for driving around looking for one. My phone still worked but the glass touch screen had annoying cracks in it. Online I kept seeing these do it yourself iphone screen repair kits. They all said how easy it would be to fix my phone myself and assured me to just call if I needed any help. Like a BIG DUMMY IDIOT I fell for it. While I am sure many people are able to make this repair, I on the other hand had no idea what I had gotten myself into. After wasting two days, cutting my finger on the broken glass, going blind trying to remove tiny parts and screws. I ended up with a disassembled broken phone mess. Through out this process i did call for assistance which was almost non-existent. That when i started to figure out that most of these guys just want to sell a bunch of parts and could care less if your phone gets fixed or not. Some even have the nerve to offer to fix your mangled mess for some ridiculously high price knowing no other repair shop would touch the mess. Frustrated I just threw what was left of my phone in the trash and brought a new one. Only to break it a few months later. This time I got lucky a friend told my about company called Doctorquickfix.com and how good they treated him and his repair. I contacted them and talked to guy named Terry. Terry was very helpful , always nice and responded quickly to my questions. I sent my phone to them , they fixed and sent it back so fast I could not believe it. If only I would have known about them before. I am not one who likes to tell people what to do , but after the nightmare with my first broken iphone I feel I should warn others. Like I said if your good at fixing electronics, self repair my be right for you If not – DON’T DO IT yourself. And yea I am plugging DoctorQuickFix because it’s nice to find a business and people these days who still care about their customers and good service. Keep up the the good work Terry and I hope this gets you a raise. thanks, Ken S.

  69. phil (2 comments) says:

    Hey Diane: A lot of people buy a new iPHone or iPod when the glass is cracked or shattered, but most of the time that is totally unnecessary, at http://www.repairsuniverse.com you can get a brand new screen for about 1/5 of what you paid. And people fix their own all of the time using RepairsUniverse repair guides, video instructions, or they can send it to them for repair.

  70. Diane (1 comments) says:

    My daughter bought an iphone 4. within less than one month she dropped it from her purse onto the sidewalk and the outer glass broke. The phone was in perfect working order. She had to buy a new one from Apple for $200.

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      I try to always put my Iphone (which is in an otterbox case) in my carry case which I clip to my waist. I have dropped it in the case, but so far have been lucky with this phone I have now. I do sometimes put it in my purse and rarely in my pocket, but I try not to. sometimes when I am out, If I have it in my hand I try to hold onto it tightly and then I sometimes have to remind myself to put it in my case until I can get into the house. It is a problem to contend with!!

      I’m just curious, does any one know if owners of other brands of smart phones have this glass problem?

    • Mike (31 comments) says:

      hey, did she get to keep the broken iphone 4 or did the apple store take it away?

  71. Mike (31 comments) says:

    If you cracked, or broke your iphone http://zeetron.com can fix it. You can send it in for a proffesional repair, or you can order a do-it-yourself kit and watch their free videos.

    They also offer iPhone warrenty for $5 a month!

  72. Peter (13 comments) says:

    Its not too difficult to replace it yourself as long as you are slightly technical. I managed by watching this video on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1z0pw2VK7M
    and managed to get a replacement screen from here http://www.virtualvillage.com/.....5-006.html

  73. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Sue wrote somewhere: Author: <>

    I think lots of people question Apple’s policy.. I sent a letter to corporate headquarters and even got a phone call back but it was the usual rhetoric. I think some kind of collective complaint or petition (and I hate to say law suit) with lots and lots and lots of signatures may make a point. But this takes someone with great organization skills and time to do this. Now since I bought the otterbox travel protector case I haven’t broken my latest phone glass yet, but I have inadvertently dropped it, but so far not on the glass itself. I try to handle my phone not to drop it, but it is designed such that it is easy to drop it or it easy slides off things. I can understand glass breaking, but I cannot understand the inequity of those who get theirs done gratis and/or the cost Apple charges to fix the glass at all. Apple is doing well I hear so why do they need to rip off its customers? .And yes, I do consider it a rip off. Apple knows the glass is fragile and perhaps they need to set up a special part of their business to handle or breakages.


  74. Zalgo (1 comments) says:

    I have never broken the glass..but I have dropped it before and after I dropped it once the touch screen would work on and off at random times..I took it to a repair shop after hearing all about apples outrageous repair prices. They tried to replace the digitizer and that did not work so they told me my best bet was to just buy a new phone because it is prbably a messed up motherboard I was really upset and felt stuck having to buy a new 3GS 16gb for about $500 off contract since I used my upgrade on this refurbished iphone I have now…so I decided to just face it and go to the apple storefor a repair…had to wait for a good while because of the crowding but when they got to me they took my iPhone to the back for diagnosis and they came back saying they could not fix it so they just gave me a brand new 3GS 16gb I was amazed and ecstatic..sorry for this long story lol..I just thought I would share my experience with the apple store..(typed with my new 3GS :))

  75. Sue (5 comments) says:

    No one seems to be quesioning Apples policy and liabiliy. s

  76. Sue (5 comments) says:

    Apple is no being very pudent in its handeling of this issue in comparison other indsries in regard to safey standards and I am going go to my apple store and make a formal complaint and demand an upgrade. I am no going to easily pay for a dangeros phone defect.

  77. Steve Jobs (2 comments) says:

    “Think Different” before buying an iPhone

  78. John (32 comments) says:

    There are many online repair facilities that can repair broken glass on iPhones. We service all our local customers with new glass / digitizers in less than 1 hour. We offer mail in and overnight services. Our iPhone 3G service is $79, 3GS is $89. Price includes parts and labor and a 1 year warranty. We also sell parts if you are interested in repairing your iPhone yourself. If you need help with your cracked glass or other iPhone issues give us a call toll free at 877-8-NETEFX or visit us online at http://www.netefx.net. But there is no reason to have to spend $199 to get a new phone.

  79. amy (4 comments) says:

    my i phone glass broke from the phone falling off my chair i thought apple said it was tough to crak the manager at the apple store wants 200 to fix it u wait in line for hrs to get it the antenna isnt great and they lied about it being hard to break the glas

  80. Meg (3 comments) says:

    I just dropped my iPhone… Tiny crack everything is still working fine but I haven’t even had it a week!! I also opted out of the warranty bc I’m a jackass and now I’m screwed and pissed at myself and at my dog bc he barked and my phone flew out of my hands.

  81. Chris (37 comments) says:

    I dropped my 3Gs a couple of days ago…still works fine but the crack is annoying. I called my local store & she said they charge a flat $199 and just give you a new phone.

  82. Tony (8 comments) says:

    I just dropped my iphone on the bathroom floor..at first it would not turn on..I banged on it out of anger..then suddenly it works now..but the digitizer (touch screen) wont work at all..:/ very upset..I found this local guy who will repair it for $80..cheaper than the apple store repair but still alot :/

  83. Angela (4 comments) says:

    I got my iPhone 3gs, and after having it for 34 days I dropped it for the first time ( with a case on it) when I was getting out of my car, which means I was still in the sitting position = about 1.5 feet from the ground. It busted the entire screen.. Not just a couple of cracks. When I picked it up there were shards of glass coming off the screen onto my hands! I was furious. Not only that but apple won’t do ANYTHING for me. So for now I have laminated my phone with clear laminating paper so I don’t cut my face.. Not fun.

  84. Jaala b (1 comments) says:

    I just dropped my iphone…glass broke, not happy!! Lol wasnt even a hard drop… :(

  85. Melissa (3 comments) says:

    I had taken my phone out of it’s rubber case the other night because I had it in my pants pocket. When I took it out of my pocket, someone bumped into me, and it fell face down onto cement. Needless to say, it was completely
    smashed, but somehow still worked. I took it to the Apple Genius Bar yesterday, and the genius clearly explained that if he could potentially get all of the glass shards off, he would replace it for free, if he couldn’t, I would have to buy a new phone. He worked a miracle, and I have a perfect phone again, free of charge.

  86. Tyler (9 comments) says:

    I just broke my iPhone screen today, it’s smooth to the touch in all places but the bottom corner but functions fine, the touch screen still works.

  87. Muhammad Ibraheem (1 comments) says:

    I broke my iphones glass literally 3 times and the cost to repair (do it yourself)is $7 for an original glass and $5 for a plastic alloy glass that doesnt breaks,I repaired the screen many times If u want to do it ask me on my email muhammad.ibraheem@hotmail.com

  88. Natasha (1 comments) says:

    My iPhone fell into the water, this works but I can not hear any sound on it. who ring me,  hear me but I don’t. Where Should I go? Can u help?

    • John (32 comments) says:

      There are many iPhone repair shops on the web you can choose from. You can find us online at http://www.netefx.net. You may want to consider our free diagnostics service. We will review the condition of your iPhone, diagnosis the problem and provide you a free quote. You can also give us a call toll free at 877-8-NETEFX and we can discuss your options.

    • Don (3 comments) says:

      I know this is an older post, but maybe it will help someone. I’m trying to fix broken iPhone screen. I Googled it and saw a youtube video showing how to fix an iPhone that was dropped in water. Sorry I don’t have link. Hope this is of help.

  89. Bobby (8 comments) says:

    I had broken my iPhone while walking to my car. First reaction was “oh no!” then that turned into anger because I had just ruined my awesome phone! Apple wanted to much to repair or replace. Looking for the cheapest solution I found repairmyiphonescreen.com and they fixed me right up. Phone is looking as good as it did before I broke it.

  90. JB (3 comments) says:

    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. And I absolutely LOVE my iPhone..until I accidentely dropped it on my tile floor (from about knee height…it fell out of my pocket while I was getting on my shoes!!) *DEVASTATING* I had a protective cover on the back of my phone (and just the plastic paste on cover for the front of my iPhone). The phone screen completely SMASHED – more than 50% of the screen was damaged!!! YIKES, I could NOT believe my luck. Terrible (did I mention my phone was ONLY 3 months old!)

    I spent the entire day stressing out and wondering if this problem is fixable, how much would it cost, where would I take it for repair etc.

    After reading a couple of internet websites, I went to the apple iPhone website and did some research about my “cracked screen issue” (severely cracked screen). Anyways after doing a little bit of research I phoned the local Apple Store and made an appt with a “Genius”.

    When I got to the store I was promptly checked in (even admist the line of people waiting for their brand new i pads – turns out it was the i pad launch day here in Calgary). The Genius assessed my severely cracked iPhone screen and asked me HOW this happened. I was very honest and told him that I unfourtunately dropped my phone by accident. My boyfriend and I patiently waited while he took some time to enter the serial number of my phone and inspect it further. After about 5 min of the “genius” quietly working in front of us he said “Usually the cost to replace your iPhone screen is $250, however I have one freebie a day, and I am going to replace your phone for you for FREE” I could not believe it!! This was awesome!!!!!

    I just wanted to share my story with any other fellow Calgarians that had to experience something like this…and let them know that there is hope..and nice understanding people in the world. I have no idea why the genius chose to help me out, but I truly am VERY grateful and have now purchased an “Otter Box” Defender for my NEW iPhone at the recommendation of the Apple Genius. Thank you Apple for such great customer service. My worst day…was turned into one of the best!! Much appreciated.



    • mh (1 comments) says:

      I got my very cracked iPhone replaced at Apple store yesterday. Like many others on this thread, I dropped my beloved iPhone onto concrete yesterday while crossing street. The screen was all shattered but the phone still worked. I found this thread by google and made an appointment with the Genius bar. I went there with my serial number and everything backed up on my computer. The Genius took a look at my phone and said the screen wasn’t covered under warranty. However, he would give me a break and then went in, got a new phone for me, free of charge! I was in tears! Thank you, Apple! RIP, Steve Jobs!


  91. John (32 comments) says:

    I fixed my own iphone for 40 dollars. 20 for the glass screen 20 for the display. It wasn’t easy, im a computer tech that helped.

  92. Javish (3 comments) says:

    Hi I am really worried I dropped my iPhone about 4 days ago and noticed a small crack on the inside but just yesterday I noticed some grey lines coming up on the screen and they are geting wider and more and more are coming up what is causing this and what should I do I would be greatful for so e help you can email me at triniboy_69(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Thanks so much

    • Sam (9 comments) says:

      I have the same problem, did you find out what can be done to prevent the lines form getting wider?

      • Javish (3 comments) says:

        from what i understand its a problem with the lcd screen there is most likely a damage and would need to be replaced i am seriously considering geting one of ebay and do it myself. Ive heard its alot from the apple store

        • Sam (9 comments) says:

          do you think if i left it the way it is that the lines will eventually take over the whole screen? i just got my phone and really dont want to have to pay ridiculous amounts of money

        • Javish (3 comments) says:

          well my screen as the days go by it is getting worst more are coming up and the one that are there already are spreading.

    • mel (4 comments) says:

      I cracked my lcd screen about three months ago and the grey lines have taken over the right side of my screen on the top and bottom. I have yet to get it replaced. The screen still works, but it is annoying!

  93. Roberto (2 comments) says:

    Just cracked the glass (5 min ago). Minor thing, no damage to accessibility. Still, I can see the crack on the lower part of the screen, and it bugs me oh so much. Seriously, I kinda wanna cry. I’ll see what I can do to replace it, and how
    much it’ll cost me. I doubt it’s gonna be free, cause here in Brazil you’ll get nothing for free or just for the sake of costumer’s satisfaction. Anyway, I’ll let you guys know about it. Sharing was a little relieving. Thank you!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      When I broke my glass the first time it cost me plenty. Not to much is free in the US either, just sometimes not fair since some people luck out and get it done for free. The second time I went somewhere else and got it done for less. I have a stronger case on it now and so far so good. I try very hard not to drop my phone, but sometimes it just happens.

    • Sue (5 comments) says:

      did accessability get worse and screen crack more over time. ???s

  94. Elise (1 comments) says:

    I have been around to a couple stores. I refuse to pay $250 when I bought the phone for $100 on contract. I love APPLE, but they should really treat their customers better.

    • Jay (4 comments) says:

      You should take better care of your phone, moron.

      • Sue (5 comments) says:

        Moron is a harsh term his is a big problem….how much srock do you have in apple Jay who had decided to assume the role of judge and expert on the issue. I think yor vaniy is casing foolish behavior but I am sure I am worse than a moron Jay…my bad.

  95. Beni (1 comments) says:

    My iPhone screan us crack and I need too fis call or esmil. Me if u can fix it 4049667644 ben

  96. Tiff (1 comments) says:

    After having my iPhone for about 4 months, I dropped it and the top part of the screen shattered. I went to the AT&T store where I had purchased it, and they told me that the warranty didn’t cover damages like that. My phone still worked perfectly fine though, so I didn’t even bother checking with Apple to see if they would replace it because I figured it was pointless. I just put a screen protector on to keep the glass pieces from falling out and dealt with it. About 2 months later, it randomly started to turn off and wouldn’t come back on until i plugged it into my computer. Then one day it wouldn’t turn back on at all so I contacted Apple and sent it back to them since it was still under warranty. They sent it back to me and said they couldn’t fix it because the screen was broken, even though that had nothing to do with the problems I was having with it now. I loved my iPhone though other than that, and after having it and going to another phone I really miss everything that it does!

  97. Jeff (12 comments) says:

    Ive been doing this for some time now and have made many people happy. 100% apple parts, but I do not charge ridiculous amount like these other companies. So dont spend too much with these other folks. Please visit http://www.ifixyouriphones.com. Fast and Affordable.

  98. Mike (31 comments) says:

    Go to ebay type in “Iphone screen replacement”.

    They sent me the new glass from hong kong with the tools, it was easy, cheap and works fine, who cares if it’s not “apple” glass? I bought it for 15 Australian dollars, versus getting it repaired for $249aud at Apple. Save money, do it yourself!

  99. Tanner Perdue (1 comments) says:

    I fix broken iPhones, starting at $50 dollars. For a comparison of prices, Apple charges $200 for what I charge $50 for. I also use all apple parts. It will be returned to you in perfect condition. I am in the process of building a website. You can ship the phone to me and I will ship it back to you for free.
    Email me at tannerperdue111@gmail.com

  100. Lei (2 comments) says:

    Tristan laugh all you want but my phone got fixed didn’t it..?who’s the sucker..?
    Itasara you’re soo right it’s unfair that you have to stoop low to get something that should be given to you by right..iPhones should have insurance that cover screean breakages but it’s not for anytime soon which sucks..
    Katie I feel so bad for you..I think you’ve got the worst story..3iphones 2of which are broken..sucks

  101. Katie (1 comments) says:

    I have been using the iphone since the very beginning. The moment it came out, I ran to our local provider and purchased two phones (for myself and my bf) over the following year, we have sent the phones back 3 times. One due to a defect in the battery, one a defect in the screen and another had a problem with programming. Through all this, we dealt with our provider rather than apple and had little to no problem getting these issues fixed in a timely manner. Then the new iphones came out, of course I ran out once more and purchased yet two more phones, and sold off the old ones. If I could turn back time, I would have waited with my original iphones until my contract expired. Two days after leaving the store with my new iphones, one falls to the ground (1 foot) The Iphone had both a screen protector and a 35$ case for protection. Even though the fall was a short one, and even though I put that extra money into the phones protection, the screen shattered. I was devestated of course, expecially upon hearing that my two day old phone was not covered under the 1 year manufacturer warranty as it is “Abuse.” I explored my options.. 1. Pay an additional $300 (I was still working on paying off the original cost of the phone) and couldn’t stomach the idea of paying that much more for a “refurbished phone.” 2. Buy a new one outright. 3. Pay $30 for the iphone glass replacement kit and do it myself. 4. Continue to use it as the phone still worked. I opted for # 4. I used the phone for 6 months until finally the touchpad iteself died completely and I found myself with an extremely expensive paperweight. So again, I get on the phone with both apple and my provider. Surprise, Suprise it was my service provider and not apple that offered the best solution. I purchased a new iphone under a new line and contract, and had all my lines bundled in a great package where I paid less for 3 phones than I once did for 2. All the while paying far less for a brand new phone than I would have through apple only to get one that is refurbished. So i go out and get another glass protector and this time spend $50 on a new case trying to prevent more headaches. Imagine my surprise when it happens AGAIN. This time however the phone made it a whole month and a half. At this point, frustrated is not even in my vocabulary. Of course my options are still the same at this point, and apple will not even consider for a moment that this very serious and apparently common issue is worth investigating, it is far easier to class it as abuse while reaching their hands out and expecting me to fork over $300 for something that would cost them no more than $20-$30 to fix. So now here I am, with 3 iphones, 2 of which are broken. Luckily I have a friend who says he can fix them if I bought the kit. So I will… wait to be eligible for an upgrade (another 10 – 11 months or so) and go to something that does not need to be wrapped in bubble wrap in order to have it last longer than 2 months.

  102. Lei (2 comments) says:

    Omg!!!!!thank you all sooo much for your advice..after a short lived love story (23perfect days)with my 16g iPhone 3gs the screen shattered!!!! I was dumbfounded!! The phone fell less than a foot from the seat in my car to the floor..the same day I went to AT&T only to hear that they couldn’t do anything although I had my phone for only 23days..the guy at AT&T took me to the side and told me I could buy the kit on eBay for less than $20 and that i should bring it to him and he’s gonna fix it for me for only $20..I was sooooooo pissed off I didn’t even look his way..and so appalled that he wanted to profit on my misery like wth!!!!! Isn’t it against ethics or something..?anyways on my way home fuming as I was I actually did order the kit..2 to be exact in case the first one broke again..but after eBay I went to google and found this forum and decided to try to go to the genius bar and make my case..I made an appointment,got there like 5mins before and I was instantly helped by Brian:).. I told Brian the truth about how the phone fell and he was pretty sympathetic..mayb because of the fact that my eyes were running(mainly from allergies and contacts) but hey it worked..he told me he could give me 10% off and my eyes ran a bit more..then he said the most he can personally give me is 50% but that he’s gonna go over to his boss and talk to him an that when his boss approaches me all I should do is do exactly what I was already doing..that his boss is a sucker for pretty girls and he can’t stand girls that cry..so when he came I seriously thought he was a perv after what Brian told me but far from it..he was very professional..I guess he doesn’t doesn’t like to see girls cry..anyways I did exactly what Brian said and long story short I walked out of there with a new juicy couture case that I bought and a new screen..that cost $0.01!!! Since they couldn’t put $00.00 they put a penny that I still didn’t have to pay cuz the manager paid for it..let’s jst say I’m having the best day!!!!!!!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      I am very happy you got your screen fixed for nothing at apple. However it pisses me off because not every apple store employee is that nice and we shouldn’t have to put on a story or crockadile (sp) tears. Everyone should get it done for a minimal amount. I paid $200 the first time and a liitle less than $100 the second time at a third party shop. I complained to apple and they gave me a story that I couldn’t really accept. Other than that I like the company; I just don’t like some of their policies. I could have bought another new phone for what it cost me and I have told them the glass cracks way to easily and should be covered under the warranty!

  103. Joe (14 comments) says:

    I cracked my screen several months ago so I spoke to apple only to tell me that it would cost 200 pound to get it sorted. So I just carried on using it the way it was because even though the screen was cracked it was still workin perfectly fine. Yesturday I was on eBay and I saw the screen plus a toolkit was only £15 so I bought it. Amazingly my new screen came through the post in less that 24 hours, after watching a video on YouTube on how to do it it took me 1 hour to fit my screen. Anyone with a cracked screen I would recommend doing it yourself because it only takes an hour and saved me £185. Well worth it

  104. Jack (8 comments) says:

    My iPhone cracked and I sent it to http://www.netefx.net to get fixed. THEY NEVER MAILED IT BACK. Place is a SCAM!

    • Tristan (1 comments) says:

      Sorry i laughed

    • NETEFX.NET (1 comments) says:

      Hi Jack – this is John with netefx.net. Jack, if you haven’t received your iPhone please call us at 909-356-1161 so we can discuss the issue. All iPhone repairs are returned to our customers with tracking numbers, insurance and signature release. We will be happy to help you if your iPhone has not been returned. We are open 9AM to 6PM Monday thru Friday and 10AM to 4PM on Saturday. Our email us at support@netefx.net.

      NETEFX is most definitely NOT a SCAM. We are registered and licensed with the State of California, we have been in business for 19 years, accredited with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of our local Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce.

      Perhaps Jack, I will hear from you soon. :D

  105. Nick (10 comments) says:

    I dropped my phone today and cracked the glass so bad that you can only seethe bottom half of the screen the rest if have broken into a million pieces. I went to the apple store today and they said they won’t fix it nor repair it but will give me a brand new iPhone 3G for $200…and since I got it six months ago I’m not eligible for an upgrade..:(( and the worst part is that I’ve already spent over $30 on shields and screen protections that didn’t do ***t. Now I have to use a crappy $10 phone for 365 days until I can finally get the 3GS. Thank you apple for being such an asshole when you can fix my god damn screen for $20 but make me pay $200.

  106. Justin (4 comments) says:

    I broke my iPhone 3GS screen the other day while playing baseball. Luckily the LCD didn’t break. I found this company http://www.netefx.net, that fixed my iPhone in less than an 2 hours. Normally I guess it takes 2 days but I dropped mine off and the owner did it while I was there. These guys are amazing, they even updated my firmware and polished the case up. It looks like new. If I ever break my iPhone again… I will use them again.

    • Alex J. (1 comments) says:

      Obvious spam. Do NOT use this site.

      • Kevin (8 comments) says:

        Obvious scam, eh? Rather than spouting off about which you know nothing, try doing a little research, Alex.

        Like others here I’m search for a less-expensive fix for my cracked screen. I was skeptical of NETEFX’s claims but saw the guy above claiming that they are members of the Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

        Two minutes on Google later:

        Verified. I still have no idea if they do good work but they are obviously not a scam.

        To the NETEFX guy: Dude, you should just post those links yourself when someone challenges your legitimacy.

  107. Sarh H. (1 comments) says:

    I gave https://www.ifixyouri.com a try after finding this post. I sent my iPhone to them over night. I had it repaired and back to normal in a matter of hours. I think the total time i went without my iPhone was about 36 hours. I didn’t even notice it was gone. They quick, professional, and more important, affordable.

  108. itasara (61 comments) says:

    comment to AlbanyDog: when I broke my screen last year on my one week old phone, it might have been cheaper to buy a new phone, but at the price I paid for it, AT&T would not let me buy a new phone unless I paid something like $599.00. They put a time limit on when you can get a new phone at the <> price with NEW CONTRACT.

  109. Monkeymagic (1 comments) says:

    I threw my boyfriend’s Iphone at a wall and completely smashed the screen to pieces! I quickly googled how to repair cracked screen and loads came up on youtube. So I ordered a new screen repair kit online last week for $30 CAD and I just got it today.
    I followed the step by step instructions on the many youtube video’s and it took me about an hour to fix and it looks like brand new.. My boyfriend will never know the difference and relationship saved.. yay!

    SO EASY!! You can easily fix it on your own for $30 bucks!

  110. James Smith (1 comments) says:

    I used ukipodrepairs.co.uk in the UK £58 was the total cost and done the same day check them out if your over this site of the pond!

    • Syma (1 comments) says:


      I have just read your comment and I was wondering if i could get details of where you got ur phone fixed from as I have smashed the screen on my iphone.

      Many thanks

  111. Alice Forsyth (1 comments) says:

    i completely shattered the glass on mine yesterday. there are even tiny shards of glass starting to fall off the screen now. however the touch pad still works. which is slightly useless though because its that bad that i cant really see all that much on the screen. unsure as to whether its worth getting the screen replaced or not.

  112. James (18 comments) says:

    I dropped my iPhone in the pool. It was under water for a solid minute. I thought for sure I broke it. I sent it to http://www.iFixYouri.com. They were able to fix it! I was truly amazed. I thought my phone was done for!

  113. JD (2 comments) says:

    I have had 3 phone repaired by http://www.iPhoneFix.com for $89.00
    All work great and the tech was extremely helpful.

  114. Apple Store New Orleans (1 comments) says:

    DO NOT use the $5 piece of plastic. Buy a Digitizer or $35 bucks off eBay.

  115. Danielleeee (1 comments) says:

    Ohmygod. the exact same happened to me. 2 weeks after i’d got it back from being repaired for water damage. i protect that phone with my life, so why is it so carelessly breaking :s and how much would it cost in britain ? :S

  116. AlbanyDog (1 comments) says:

    I have an 8gb iPhone, it works perfectly fine but the screen shattered near the top, with several other cracks spreading out over more then half the screen. There were actually little pieces of glass falling off of it so I slapped a piece of clear packing tape over the entire screen to keep the glass in place and cut a slit so I could still for the speaker. That was over a year ago, and after reading some of the comments I guess I am lucky the touch screen still works. Another family member also broke their iPhone screen, not as bad as mine, but they found out it would cost more to have the screen replaced/repaired then it would to buy a new iPhone, so I got their hand me down. Now I have 2 working iPhones, both with broken screens, I love my phone, but I will swap to the less cracked version if I can ever figure out how to get my contacts and such to transfer with my SIM to the new phone. Seriously I would think Apple would have developed a better product by now that didn’t break so easily and that the price to repair this very common problem would have dropped to at least 1/2 of the cost of a new phone, isn’t that how most electronics work, the first models are expensive to purchase and repair but after they have been around a while the price drops way down and the repairs become simpler and cheaper?

    • Jocelyn (1 comments) says:

      You can transfer your contacts into your iPhone from your sim by going to ‘settings’ then scroll down to ‘Mail,Contacts,Calendars’ then scroll to the very bottom and click ‘import Sim Contacts’ then all the numbers from your sim will automatically be transferred to your contact list

    • Tim (7 comments) says:

      Send the iPhones into http://www.ifixyouri.com

      They fixed mine. Super quick and reliable. Had zero problems…all their reviews are top notch on all the major forums.

  117. Jack2211 (1 comments) says:

    It’s pretty frustrating that there’s not a consistent policy in dealing with such a widespread problem. I’ve now warned everyone I know…

  118. blinky (1 comments) says:

    sweet…but how du i get a fucking new glasss…In Mozambique? quick…?

    • Andrea (1 comments) says:

      My son accidentally threw my phone while using the lightsaber app. (I will be deleting it). Anyway, the screen is shattered and I have an appointment for a cell phone repair near my home in the morning for $70.00. They said they can fix it in 15 minutes. Whew. I just googled “iphone screen repair” and “my city” Now I don’t have to kill my son… but he will be cleaning the garage!

  119. Jeff (12 comments) says:

    Check out this website. http://www.ifixyouriphone.services.officelive.com Cheapest I have seen yet.

  120. Jelyn (2 comments) says:

    I just dropped my Iphone 16GB 3GS on my way home from work about 3 hours ago. I just got it 5 days ago so its very new. I didnt take out any Insurance cause I didnt think it was going to happen to me but it did. So my best advice is get an Insurance if you dont have one.

    Luckily, I manage to find a loophole cause they only offer/accept insurance while you sign a contract and I rejected getting an insurance. But I have to pay AUS$100 if i claim on the first 3 months so Im not sure if I should claim straight away or let my iphone rest for 3 months and get it repaired.

    Its still working, its just the screen is badly cracked.

    • nb (1 comments) says:

      Just go on ebay (or the internet) and buy the glass/digitizer and the toolkit and do it yourself for $30.

      • Jelyn (2 comments) says:

        I cant do that or ill lose my insurance and warranty. Im just waiting for my bill and then I’m gunna claim my insurance. I think $100 is a reasonable amount and I know that people who are repairing it are qualified and its by Apple its maker.

        • Tobin (1 comments) says:

          If it is that new, i suggest calling someone at apple to tell them about it. I got mine 6 days ago and dropped it on the tile in my bathroom while i was taking a crap. They offered me a FREE repair the very next day. Just have to get lucky with a nice guy and tell him how new it was.

  121. Luis (4 comments) says:

    I just dropped mine like two days ago and it shattered the glass and broke the LCD thing under the glass so it just lit up white when I turned it on. I took it to one of those privately owned cellphone places and they are replacing the glass and the LCD for 130 bucks. I know this voids the iPhone’s warrenty but I have had my phone for a year now and I never purchased an extended warrenty so it doesn’t make a difference to me. They even offered to jailbreak it for free haha.

    So if you have had your phone for a while and don’t need the warrenty I suggest taking it to a third party shop and having them do it for half the price Apple charges. He even told me that he will warrent the glass if it doesn’t work after a while, just take it back to him.

  122. marwa (1 comments) says:

    so just yes2day i drop my iphone In New york subway track and my glass got broken but when my friend call me it work but i could not answer it so i want it to get fix but t cost $250 can any1 help to get my iphone fix for cheep .thank u

  123. Sad (1 comments) says:

    I just recently broke my 3rd iPhone. It only fell off my bed. But I feel really ashamed and I want to get it repaired asap without my family to find out… Haha I know that’s stupid, but still. Can someone tell me how I can get it repaired? I am willing to pay any price. Thank you.

  124. Kimbo (1 comments) says:

    My story is the best! My phone was up on the windshield (GPS style), I jump in the truck, blinded by the sun I throw the visor down- the phone flies out of the “GPS holder” and slams into a pepsi can! The entire screen is shattered!! There was even glass on the pepsi can.. totally bummed. Will Pepsi pay for my phone to be repaired?? lol

  125. Annie (1 comments) says:

    I shattered my phone 3g today and after reading all the comments here decided to look on eBay for a replacement glass and digitizer. You can get them for about $18. BUT! – I found a retailer called “skyviewcomputer” that will fix it for you and return ship it for $18! The only additional cost to you is shipping it to them!

    So, if you aren’t 100% confident in your ability to fix it yourself have him do it! I did also see on his auction that he can also fix other models, so it’s worth checking out! I’ll try to remeber to update here after I’m finished getting mine fixed and returned to let everyone know how it goes!

    • itasara (61 comments) says:

      I have a question about warranty… if a third party fixes the glass, and does a good job at it, does it negate the rest of the iphone warranty if it is still in place at the time the glass is fixed. Anyone know?
      I bought a thinner version of the Otterbox case..so far so good, but I’m not convinced the glass is all that protected.

  126. Randy (4 comments) says:

    I had a similar situation on my phone where the screen cracked, i searched around and found http://www.PhoneRepairDepot.com they were really amazing i mailed in my phone on Saturday from Virginia and on Wednesday i had my phone back in my hands all the way from Dallas. Check them out they are really great and they sent me a free car charger!!!

  127. Via (2 comments) says:


  128. Via (2 comments) says:

    I dropped my 16G iTouch a few months ago. It cracked the screen across. I had purchased the warranty from Best Buy, so I took it in the next day. Geek Squad said that though they can’t fix it, it should work fine. It had been working fine until the day after Christmas, when it suddenly just went black and wouldn’t turn on. I took it in again, and they said it was ‘basically dead.’ Now my new iHome ($200) and my iTouch ($400) are useless. I had it for only a few months.

    Is it even worth taking to an Apple store or sending it in?? I don’t live near one.. probably about 3 hours away is the closest location.

    I have seen many peoples’ screens cracked. I haven’t heard many stories of getting them fixed though. What is the warranty for if it doesn’t cover being dropped?? Accidents happen, it’s silly that they’re not covered by the warranty. :(

  129. michaela (1 comments) says:

    if you buy your phone at Best Buy.. they offer you monthly insurance. they dont try to repair your phone, once something cracks or gets dropped in the lake.. they just mail you a refurb one in 2 days. its super easy. its 14.99 a month.. but.. if you multiply that times a 2 year contract.. thats $360. which is a MUCH better price for unlimited repairs, within your contract.

    the catch is.. you DO have to buy your iPhone at a best buy mobile location.

  130. ________ (1 comments) says:

    Lorraine, they do have insurance, you pay more money for it. Makes sence really.

  131. Arden (1 comments) says:

    My iPhone screen cracked quite badly… Will it have any side effect by continue to use it? Will the screen suddenlyexplode if I charge it? Lol

  132. George (6 comments) says:

    I just bought 2 3GS Iphones for me and wife at Bestbuy. For $14 per month per phone, I get full replacement except of lost/stolen and water damage. They understand that the water sensor is open to the enviornment and that they are very lenient if there is only small amounts of water damage. ATT will not give that policy. I will keep the insurance for some months till I feel comfy with the phone(have leathers covers on both)so you can get coverage.

  133. Steve Hungate (1 comments) says:

    My 1st generation has a 1 inch area under the glass that has just devoped in the last week. For lack of a real name for this, it looks like an EKG printout, back and forth peaks or an etch-a sketch look to it and it;s getting bigger by the day. HELP… Steve

  134. Becki Jo (1 comments) says:

    Dr.CellPhone fixed my Iphone the same day I broke it. They are located all over and you can even mail it in. They did a great job on my phone and it was about 75 dollars.look them up on google, you will be happy.

  135. Ellen (7 comments) says:

    I agree, Apple is a great company, and I agree that getting the glass fixed for free is a matter of who the manager is. But really I think there has to be another solution to this cracked glass situation. I think it is bigger than Apple wants to admit. When I broke mine last time and took it to another repair place, they ordered the glass and put it in for 1/2 of what Apple does. Now if others can do this, why does Apple have to charge so much? That is what bothers me.

    • ashley (3 comments) says:

      I completely agree. There is no reason for apple to charge so much to fix the phones! I love my iphone but their greediness makes me so angry that I don’t want to own one ever again! I think a resonable price is $50. If all these places can fix them for $70 and they are making money off of it then apple can charge $50 and not have to make money on it! I spent $300 for this phone! I don’t understand why they need to make even more money! seriously it makes me sooo angry!!! I would never believe anyone who says that apple cares about there customers(YEAH RIGHT)! All they care about is making more money! Which fine I understand they are a business but seriously its just ridiculous!!I hate apple so much!!!

  136. mouchefska (1 comments) says:

    i recently dropped my iphone and broke the screen, like others who have commented, i’m not exactly gentle with my phones. it took a long time (a year and a half) and numerous high velocity impacts on some pretty harsh surfaces (concrete, hardwood floors etc.) to break the glass. the rep at the apple store was really professional at first and inspected my fairly abused phone before coming to a verdict. he told me that since the cracks in the glass were “fairly small”, he would be happy to replace the screen for free. to be honest i think it just depends on your attitude when you go in and how nice your apple stole rep is.

    i would have to agree with the people at the apple store when they say that the screens breaking really isn’t a problem, i’ve had far worse issues with motorola phones for breaking that i’ve ever had with my iphone. it’s simply a manner of physics and how much force is applied and in what directions. obviously with enough force any screen will break, it’s amazing that the iphone screen is as resilient as it is considering the size.

  137. Frankie (1 comments) says:

    I found out that I can get my iPhone 3G glass fixed for 80 bucks not 249

  138. Jake (5 comments) says:

    i have an iphone 3g in australia with optus and have insurance and my whole screen is cracked and spiderwebbing, the gay part is the excess on insurance is like no cheaper than getting it fixed by apple. so im going to buy the screens of ebay for 30 bucks n if i break it beyond repair claim it as stolen on insurance therefore ending up in the same situtation im in now, but its worth the risk to save over $200

  139. courtz (1 comments) says:

    hey guys…. i jailbreaked my phone so im guessing my warranty is void. i dropped my phone from anout 10cm from the ground and my whole screen is cracked… but the phone still works….i looked on ebay for a screen and their only $12.95 au incuding tools. then went on youtube for a step by step guide on how to replace the screen….

  140. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Hi Jess and all, for those who have not gone thru earlier posts, there are options to the $200 apple store repair. Check out. Also check google because that is how I found a local store that fixted it for 1/2 of what apple does.
    Some also have cheaper repairs. There is a petition somewhere (right now I don’t have time to look for it) where names can be added to let Apple know that something needs to be done. Maybe if you find it you can post it here. I may have even found it here. But someone is making a lot of bucks on this!!!

  141. Jess (5 comments) says:

    Sooo, i bought my Iphone off of one of my co-workers in september, and it was pretty much in tip top shape. I have become obsessed with keeping it perfect because i dont have a warranty on the phone because it expired with the previous owner. I even bought a $45 case for the phone just in case it was dropped. this case, however, did not prevent it from being broken and recieving spiderweb cracks on the screen when a co-worker grabbed my jacket (with my phone in the pocket) and slipped on a recently mopped floor and landing on my iphone. Total day ruiner. Now i dont know what to do. I cant get it replaced, im not elegable for an upgrade, and to pay for the screen to get it fixed would cost almost as much as a new one! i’ve had this phone for only about 2 months and already its broken.. so much for tip top shape. Oh and now the speaker sounds like its blown out. love my iphone…….

  142. timbo (1 comments) says:

    what happens if you knowingly send in your “3rd party repaired iphone” in on your apple onecare, do they just send it back and say f off or what?

  143. Debbie (6 comments) says:

    If you purchased your phone with a credit card,many of the cards offer 90 protection plans. Amex just covered my broken screen.

  144. UMARA_M (1 comments) says:

    Re: to itasara

    That really is good advice because i live in Dallas and i cracked my screen on a brand new 3GS when it fell from my apartment balcony. I was surprised that everything still worked on it. Phew. The poor glass was all shattered though and i just looked on Google and found a repair place. I went to Texas Phone Repair. They are located in a professional office building and weren’t doing it out of there homes which i felt better about. Plus they repaired it in like 20 minutes.

    I was devastated when i thought my phone was dead but it helped paying only $79 bucks to get it repaired instead of $200 that apple charges.

  145. itasara (61 comments) says:

    As you may have read my posts, apple warranty does not cover the glass, so why pay that much? Go online and google apple screen repair in your area (or variations of this) and see what comes up. Also if you read thru these posts, others have listed places to send your iphone in for repair, but if you are like me, you won’t want to live without your phone. I just paid under $100 including tax to fix mine.
    Some people pay as little as $50 something . Just look around. If you phone functionality is damaged I probably would humble myself to go to Apple if it is still under warranty.

  146. julie (2 comments) says:

    i bought my iphone last august and i dropped it and it has a large crack down the entire screen, now it works fine but the volume button fell off, and the wake/sleep button isn’t functional. and the little holder that slides into the phone to place the sim in is also now lost. now i know 1 year warranty is completely void, now i’m just wondering if i can go and get out of warranty service and pay the 250$ or will i have to shell out 600$ for a new one. any advice?

  147. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Update. I found a place in Rochester that repairs the iphone glass. I had it taken care of today.
    Took about 1/2 hr. The cost with tax (although still a little pricey) was a little less than half of what I paid at the Apple Store the last time this happened. With tax it came to $91.79. The apple store charge was $200 + tax, about $216 or 218.00 Total. It still seems like a lot to me, and I hope it doesn’t happen again, but there are no guarantees. I’m looking into a more protective casing for the phone, but so far I’m not sure which one. I’ve read pros and cons about most of them. BTW I looked into just replacing the phone, but the rep at the ATT store said it couldn’t be done. Who knows? He said my original price was a discount price and they wouldn’t trade it in for another phone which carries a price tag of about $499 or so. Hard to believe. I have spent that just on glass repair so far.

  148. Morten Skogly (1 comments) says:

    I sure have! It slipped out of my pocket and fell about 40cm and landed on asphalt, and splintered real good. But I found that they are not that hard to fix, I found a replacement glass front panel + digitizer at dealextreme, took 3 weeks to arrive from hong kong, but it was cheap, cost under $24 including shipping, and it wasn’t that hard to repair. I’ve put a complete tutorial an my blog for those who want to try it. http://pappmaskin.no/2009/09/r.....ont-panel/

  149. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Well this is the second time my glass screen broke… It slipped off while I moved it onto my wood floor. I couldn’t believe it was cracked. I refuse to pay Apple another $200. And I was just about in the process of signing up for a new insurance company that would cover the iphone for one breakage. I did find someone locally who will fix it for about $75+ dollars. So that is the route I’ll use. He has ordered the glass. Funny he said because he heard the glass on the new G3S I phones was supposed to be a little more flexible and less breakable. Hardly!!! I can’t imagine how much extra money has been made by apple for all the broken glass phones they have repaired. I may order one of those new cases I just heard about that looks like it would protect the phone all around.

  150. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Does anyone know of a place or person in the Rochester, Ny area that will replace the iphone glass at a reasonable rate?

  151. T.j. Hanna (1 comments) says:

    I am in my office had just cracked my screen 30 minutes ago. My iPhone came out of my pocket as I was sitting down in a chair. Although the floor is carpeted, the end result is a tattered alectronic device.

  152. itasara (61 comments) says:

    Ashley wrote: << I felt like this was the place to vent. The iPhone is still the best phone I have ever had. This was my fault I did drop it definately not on purpose that would be idiotic.

    I agree… best phone ever, but the APPLE cost to replair the glass Is Ridiculous. I broke my glass inadvertently about a week or two after I got it. I should have just gotten a new phone but ended up paying the $200 which I am still fuming over. There are a lot of cheaper repair places listed on this board. As I recently wrote, one home insurance company will cover it one time. Apple’s response to me was ridiculous as well… special glass yada yada yada. This is the one time I disagree with Apple’s policy to charge so much for a simple repair. I love Apple, but I think some kind of insurance for breakage of glass at least one time is only good PR or at least don’t charge so much for a 5 minute fix.

  153. Ashley (3 comments) says:

    I have accidently dropped my iPhone numerous times, I was always very lucky. I figured though that I was bing dumb by not purchasing a cover, so I bought a cute 20$ cover. The next day I dropped it and it cracked. It is not a terrible crack at all. It doesn’t even touch the touch screen part so it works wonderfully. It just looks nasty. I wont pay $250 for this repair, but there are many $100 options out there. It was just frustrating since I bought the cover the day before. I felt like this was the place to vent. The iPhone is still the best phone I have ever had. This was my fault I did drop it definately not on purpose that would be idiotic.

    It is a 32gig 3GS if anyone has any not very expensive options that would be greatly appreciated.

  154. itasara (61 comments) says:

    If you sign up at dealmac.com and put in iphone emails, you’ll get offers for lower price iphones when they come up. Most of them, if you are okay with the previous models and 8gig are going for $39.00 plus or minus.

    I use dealmac.com for many products especially apple products that I’m looking for. It is a great place!

  155. Heaven_sent (1 comments) says:

    I have had my iPhone for about 4 months now. And just had my first major crack like Friday. It so freaking crazy. It dropped of my charger and dock when someone past by and bumped it. It fell to the Tile floor and cracked all over. it still work perfectly butwho wants to walk around with a cracked screened iPHoNE!! It’s ridiculous. I don’t plan on buying anothorone till next year but I just need a exact solution for getting a new one for under $50 or no money at all. I’m a senior in school and really don’t have the extra money to be buying a new one or get it repaired for that matter.

  156. itasara (61 comments) says:

    When I broke my glass my iphone was one week old. No way was I going to buy another one, although I see what you are saying. I could have, but I still think it is too expensive a cost to replace that part. apple says the phone’s real price is something like $499. I have my doubts.

  157. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I am looking into Travelers HOme insurance. My agent said it’s less costly in general than what I have now and it would would cover the iphone glass with no deductible up to ONE TIME. Better than nothing!

  158. Kimiko (1 comments) says:

    why not just by another iPhone or even 3GS? they both cheaper than the repair cost (3G is only about 100$ and 3GS is only about $200)
    I JUST cracked my screen and my plans just gonna get another new iPhone. not gonna evenbother fixing it xP

  159. Jake mosher (1 comments) says:

    Last summer me and my uncle decided to go crazy with shrooms. I went on the top of my house and was pretending I was spiderman. That’s when my phone slipped and dropped ten ft. on to the concreate. I was devastated. My phone had about 40 cracks in it. When I went to turn it on I was amazed that it actually still worked! All the cracks were on the outer piece of glass and not the LCD side. I’ve been looking around the Internet for alternatives to being repaired by apple. I have found this website called drcellphone.com and they do repairs alot cheaper than ATT. So as I’m writting all of this on my iPhone right now I would just like to ask If anyone knows cheaper alternatives. I will not get my
    phone repaired untill it is demolished and unusefull.

  160. Laurie V (1 comments) says:

    Well, like everyone else posting I loved my new iphone until it fell out of my pocket facedown onto a cement floor yesterday. The whole screen shattered like a spiderweb. The phone is just over 1 month old and was in otherwise perfect condition. The surface was still smooth and everything still worked fine. I took it to the Apple store and had to pay $199 ($214 with tax) for the glass repair which took the Apple Genius about 10 minutes. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that this is how they treat their customers! If this was not a work phone, I would not be doing business with them any longer!!!

  161. Catherine Edwards (1 comments) says:

    I got my iphone 1st genaration for my birthday and a week before I got my protector it got cracked… But lucky for me my brother had a friend who could repair it if we paid for material and labor, it cost about $80 total, I was happy.

  162. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I want to add to recent comments that Apple’s comment to using third party repairers was that they use special glass and it is not the same quality!!! I think this is BS and I still encourage people to send in comments and letters to APPLE. If you have a third party repair and it is working like new, let APPLE know!!

  163. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I still urge all of you to send a letter to Steve Jobs. If enough letters are sent maybe something will be done about this situation. As I mentioned in an early letter I got a call back with the usual rheteric… I said I did not accept their excuses and they could only deal with people’s complaints on a one to one basis. So if we bombard apple with letters, then maybe change will happens. Meanwhile I’m asking my insurance carrier about getting glass insurance on the phone… My representative is looking into it. The address is:

    Steven P. (Steve) Jobs, CEO and Director

    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    United States

  164. djrad (1 comments) says:

    haha, sorry about that. Mine fell from a roller coaster last weekend at Six Flags…screen cracked and pieces of the glass were missing, but part of the screen still worked. I found this place online that does iphone repairs, http://www.drcellphone.com. They were great, and really fast. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to fix that too. Rad

  165. PartyLikeAROCKSTARR(: (1 comments) says:

    Okay so, I got my iPhone 3G on my birthday which was June 23 of this year. Me and my friends were walking and my friend tries to hand the phone to me and it drops between her fingers. That was this week. So, the bottom of the screen was cracked. It still worked though. These phones are slick. I took the case off and forgot to put it on though. Okay so, today my “friend” pushed me off our school stage while I had my damn phone in my hands. It fell and slide halfway across the gym. Now, I am pissed because the bottom half of my screen won’t work. :(

  166. Randy213 (1 comments) says:

    I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and just searched around for a little while and found a place in dallas http://www.texasphonerepair.com/ they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

  167. Ryan (11 comments) says:

    i bought a 3g 8gb ihone with a broken glass for $160. bought new glass on ebay for $9.99, replaced it and also a new metal bezel and replaced it….new bezel, and new glass equals unlocked and jailbroken iphone for about $180 dollars and good as new

  168. Neal (2 comments) says:

    I pulled my iPhone out of my pocket this morning and it slipped out of my hand and landed screen facing down on a cement floor. The whole screen shattered like a spiderweb (it looked like a cracked windshield on a car). The surface was still pretty smooth and everything still worked fine. I took it to the Apple store right away and had to pay $199 for the repair – and they just gave me a brand new iPhone.

    Needless to say I bought a case while at the store!

  169. Marybeth (1 comments) says:

    I have a 3GS. I went to FIVE Apple stores AND called Apple Care. The best I could do is get an offer at one of the stores to replace the screen for $100 instead of $200. I decided that was my best bet because it would still be under warranty after the repair….still VERY unhappy about this policy though!!!!!

  170. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I wasn’t so lucky as far as my pnone is concerned. I should have called customer relations. I called applecare about problems with my mac book pro and they replaced it with the newest model, but then it was covered under warranty. If you get the right person, one can sometimes luck out. I did not ask for a replacement glass either, but no one offered me a free fix.

  171. Kyle (4 comments) says:

    I broke my iPhone screen a little while ago and just searched around for a little while and found http://www.magicphonerepair.com they had the best prices along with 24 hour turn around and free insured return shipping.

  172. Sapna (1 comments) says:

    I dropped my 2 week old iPhone that I paid full price for (to replace a lost phone) and cracked the edge. The phone worked fine – but the crack and the ding in the white casing really bothered me. I took it into the Apple store where the manager said he couldn’t help me because the phone had been dropped, but to call Apple’s customer relations to see if they’d consider my case seeing that I’d barely had the phone 2 weeks and I’d paid full price.

    After opening a file with customer relations and having the Apple store send pictures of the damage, the customer relations guy authorized a free screen replacement even though the damage was not covered under the warranty as I had dropped the phone. The Apple store proceeded to try to change the screen for free, but I guess the impact of the fall had jammed the screen so they couldn’t remove it. So they replaced the iPhone with a brand new one for absolutely free!! Now I have a crackless screen and a ding-free iPhone body.

    I took the advice in this forum – didn’t demand a replacement, asked them what my options were and called customer relations, who was very sympathetic and really wanted to help. I was really impressed with the service.

  173. Ellen (7 comments) says:

    I took someone’s advice here and sent a letter to Steve Jobs. I got a call back from a representative for Apple. What I basically got was the usual rhetoric… the glass replacement is special glass, if some get the replacement for free and others don’t, she couldn’t discuss it b/c it has to be dealt with on case by case basis. If you get the glass done somewhere else it wouldn’t be the same, yada yada. She said she’d pass on my comments and suggestions, and I asked that my case not be closed, b/c if the policy is changed as to warranty etc, I still want some money back. But at this time not even an inkling of a repair. I told her I did not believe the glass for the Iphone and the labor cost anywhere near $200. Then she said the phone really costs $400 something, and it is discounted to begin with. So what that really has to do with replacing glass I’m really not sure except to recoup money where possible. Now i have to say that this response was not what I would call consumer friendly.On the other side of the coin (or Apple company) I called Apple Care about my MBP which has had a number of repairs, and no questions asked, Apple is sending me a brand new upgraded computer! And I did not ask them to do this. The issues are different, but still there was no arguing or third degree. So on the one hand Apple is great and the warranty means something,and on the other side (the i phone division) if glass breaks so easily, you’d think they would come up with a better alternative or at least supply insurance for it. I still think no matter whose fault, repair of glass for $200 or more is WAY TOO MUCH. I urge the rest of you to send your own letters to Steve Jobs and maybe if enough people write in, something will change. I was very pleasant, I think, but I did not in the end agree with her and I said I still felt I should get some kind of partial refund.

  174. Peter (13 comments) says:

    I see broken screens all the time! Which is why my buisness has been doing so good, unfortunetly APPLE will not replace a screen, but we will!!
    check out iphonebodyshop.com for more information or call us at

  175. John Wheatley (1 comments) says:

    I dropped my iPhone on the bathroom floor which is tiled and the screen cracked in one place only. I rang apple and they told me to take it to the nearest apple store which I did. The genius told me that it looks like a stress crack from the iPhone bowing. I said ok fine. He then scooted of and popped a new screen in. Took him 5 mins.

  176. Name (2 comments) says:

    I broke my glass on my phone and ended up just buing a new one I still have the broken phone ..

  177. THEBOSS (1 comments) says:

    dropped my iphone and cracked made appointment with genius and didnt even ask me if iphone fell, he quickly said we can help you with this and replaced my screen at no charge :) what a lucky man. IPHONE 3GS btw.

  178. JakeMalone (1 comments) says:

    I found some company on CL in dallas to do it for me for $79.99 and they gave me a 1 year warranty beats out apple any day $199 WOW what a rip…. if anyone is interested i think they do mail in service if your not in dallas http://www.PhoneRepairDepot.com

  179. Bob (13 comments) says:

    My wife dropped her 8 gig iphone and shattered the glass. I went to the Apple store and they would replace the phone for $200.00. I then went to the AT&T store where I bought it in the first place and the manager there gave me a business card for a guy in Encinitas, CA who fixed it (replaced the glass in 25 minutes on a Sunday evening for $80.00) perfectly. Hope she doesn’t drop it again… His name is Jerry Yeh at aplusiphone.com 619-339-4001 cell phone#. I’m very happy!!

  180. Taylor (5 comments) says:

    Why is this post cut off on the right? It is infuriating to have to read it.

  181. julia (1 comments) says:

    PPL! dont give ur money to apple! go to ur local craigslist! there are ppl that do screen services repair for cheap. i found a guy that does them at a flea market for only 55 dollars!!! dont let apple keep taking ur money. hope this helps

  182. Ellen (7 comments) says:

    I had my new G3S two weeks when it slipped and the glass broke. I had my other G3 for one year without a problem and many phones before that without breaking the glass. I had to bring my computer to the Apple store so I had my glass replaced. He didn’t tell me in advance that it would cost me $214 including tax. My salesperson at AT&T thought that was outrageous when I told him. I wrote to apple and the apple store feedback survey when I got one about how upset I am. I could have bought two phones for that repair. I just send an invoice to Steve Jobs asking for a refund. I don’t know if he’ll get it, but we’ll see. I think for the apple store to charge so much for a piece of glass and 15 minutes of labor is taking advantage. I agree with the writers above. If it happens again, since the warranty won’t cover the screen, I’ll take it somewhere else.

  183. Jason (16 comments) says:

    I recently had the same problem, I went to http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They had the repair for only 69.99 and they did great quality work, my phone looks like new!

  184. Parul (1 comments) says:

    alright.. i actually stayed up ALL night… i didnt go to sleep (what kid wakes up 9:18am on summer vacation???)… but anyways.. last night, while at walmart, some dude was arguing with his girlfriend and gets pissed off and just turns around and snatches my moms phone right outta her hands!

    and guess what happens next.. Shattered like a twig. and then the half brained dumb*** just runs off!! so my mom is left with a completely shattered phone (Digitizer, LCD, and glass!) and the buttons dont work at all (who cares, blank white screen with leaks wont do much anyways…)

    so i was wondering, would apple replace my phone if it was clearly not my fault? this is 100% true btw… the dumb retards in this world -.-”…

  185. Stacey (2 comments) says:

    please sign the twitition to have apple extend their warranty to iphone glass screens…


  186. Thomas Pugliese (1 comments) says:

    I am totally pissed.I bought an iphone yesterday I payed $855.00 for it because I canceled a sprint account about 8 years ago and never payed the $200.00 fee thats why I had to pay so much but I still thought buying the iphone would still save me money intead of having a prepaid phone.Well anyway today 6/23/09 the next day I dropped it and the glass shatterd I went back to at&t where the consultant told me I had 30 days of insurance he didnt explain to me what would be covered and what would’nt he just said if anything happens to it bring it back and they’ll replace it so thats what I did and ofcorse they told me they cant do anything about it and they sent me to an apple store so I went to an apple store and they told me it would be $200.00 to fix it but they could’nt do it today and if I was going to spend all this money I wanted it back today and in perfect shape so they sent me to another apple store where they would be able to fix it that day so I have an appt. at 3:30 so I guess I’ll see what happens and Im definitly buying a case for it which they should’ve told me when I bought the phone that it’s really fragile and to becareful with it and that I should buy a case to protect it.He just wanted the commission from the sale and hurried me up out of the store as fast as he could.I should’ve stayed with my pre-paid virgin mobile and saved the $1000.00.After all if your thinking of buying an iphone I would have to say dont and save your money because everyone drops there phones more then once even if you have a case for it I doubt it’s going to keep it 100% safe.Im mad as hell and apple has no right doing this to there customers they do it because they can and they have you buy the balls because they know you paid alot for the phone and that you’ll do anything to fix it……I really regret buying it now……

  187. Nicole (2 comments) says:

    I recently got my phone repaired locally. I live in Dallas and http://www.crackedphonescreen.com fixed my phone in 45 mins. They only charge 89.99. My phone looks like new. I would definitely recommend using them locally or for their mail in service

  188. Kerry:D (1 comments) says:

    I too have dropped my IPhone and the screen has cracked. However, its just the glass that covers the touch screen that has broken. My IPhone still works perfectly, i can text, call etc.. without any trouble at all. I am finding difficult in tryint to find out how much this will cost to repair as it is only one sheet of glass that has to be fitted over the screen… anyone aware of how much this will cost me?
    Kerry from Scotland.

  189. rj1234 (1 comments) says:

    Thanks a lot guys, i was also looking for iPhone cracked screen repair and found http://www.drcellphone.com they repaired it for just $99 in one day!. Thanks again.

  190. John (32 comments) says:

    I was so frustrated with Apple when my iPhone glass started to crack near to the earpiece. I used my iPhone for over a week since the first crack, but the screen continued to crack. Apple priced the repair at $199. I felt I had nothing to lose, so I looked up http://www.crackedphonescreen.com and called (214) 550-0707. I live in Orlando, and the technician is in Dallas. We made arrangements to mail the phone, and my phone was fixed within 24 hours and shipped back to me. They only charge $89.99. They even do LCD repair.

  191. Sparky (1 comments) says:

    Reading ALL of these posts with much interest as I am in court tomorrow, defending myself against a guy who ran me off the road (Road Rage)… I accidentally dropped his iPhone (he wanted me to speak to his mum !)…it fell around 5 feet onto the Asphalt road but he picked it up and continued talking to his mum. 20 minutes later the police arrived and I was arrested for damaging his phone ! The Policeman believed that the iPhone would have survived an accidental drop from this height and that the glass screen would have remained intact…(he owns one and thinks it’s indestructable)…..from what I read here, a drop from 2 feet onto a wooden floor, or even grass, can cause the screen to crack……seems the iPhone is not as infallible as some would believe…..

  192. ryancgy (1 comments) says:

    Yesterday i cracked my iPhone 3G screen, a hairline crack in the glass right through the middle. So I took your guys’ advice and visited the Apple store in Calgary. I talked to a tech and he told me for the last month or so theyve been giving customers a new phone if it wasnt obvious abuse. So right then and there he exchanged my phone for me for free. Great service, very pleased

  193. Nina Drolshagen (1 comments) says:

    I was so frustrated with Apple when my iPhone glass started to crack near to the earpiece. I used my iPhone for over a week since the first crack, but the screen continued to crack. Apple priced the repair at $199., even with the manager’s input. The glass was beginning to escape like sand, out of the plastic keyboard protector. I felt I had nothing to lose, so I looked up http://ubreakifix.com/flash.html and called 1 877 224-4349. I live in Orlando, where the repair guys are located. We made arrangements, and my phone was fixed is less than 15 minutes: $79.99. He fixed my son’s iPhone as well. The Drama is over! My iPhone is like new! Thank you Carlos!

  194. addison (3 comments) says:

    the Apple store will just frustrate u more and not be very helpful…. best to find a repair store

  195. Ralph Paglia (1 comments) says:

    I just had the bummer experience of getting out of my car after returning from my birthday dinner, only to have my two week old 16GB iPhone fall out of the holster and land perfectly flat onto the parking lot asphalt with the glass side down… It is shattered into hundreds of tiny segments, sort of like a car windshield shatters… The plastic screen protector kep the glass all in place, and it still sort of works… Which is amazing in itself! When I get home to phoenix I will head over the the Apple Store and based on what i have read here will attempt to get some assistance… I will let you all know what happens. This web page has been very helpful in letting me know what to expect… I also purchased the AppleCare, but know that it does not cover damage from drops and falls.

  196. Martin Cooke (1 comments) says:

    OK. I finally got around to getting my screen repaired by http://cupertinoiphone.com/Cup.....epair.html . He did a great job for $75, looks like new and I am extremely happy with the work he has done. Hope that’s helpful

  197. Matthew Leonard (2 comments) says:

    robert sell me your cracked screen iphone matthewleonard@gmail.com, will do ebay/paypal contract

  198. Robert (7 comments) says:

    My Iphone survived a drop from 9th floor. The glas/screen broke, but everything works and you could not tell if it wasnt for the screen.

    I have ordered a new one today :P


  199. Tee (1 comments) says:

    I’ve had my iPhone for 2 weeks tomorrow and I dropped it last night. It fell about 2 feet, I was sitting on a little bench and it fell out of my pocket and onto the concrete.There is a big crack in the upper corner of the glass and a little chunk is missing. Although the phone still works fine, I am afraid of what a future bump or drop might do.
    I ordered a case a week before I bought the phone and still haven’t gotten it yet. If I wasn’t ticked before I sure am now!!
    Anyway, I saw replacement glass on eBay but I am certainly not going to risk making the situation worse by trying to repair/replace the glass by myself!
    How the F does the repair of something that you can supposedly replace yourself cost twice as much as a brand new phone?!!!! What a flipsy piece of crapola!

  200. matt (22 comments) says:

    If I go to a third-party to repair my broken glass, how would Apple know if I took it in under warranty later?

  201. addison (3 comments) says:

    I finally went to a Mac repair store, We Fix Mac, in Palo Alto and they fixed my phone for $100! Friendly services and excellent attitude! Thank god there are still decent people around…

  202. addison (3 comments) says:

    I cracked my iPhone… went to two Apple store and used the “I like to speak to the manager” trick. No luck! One store, Oak Ridge Mall, said $290 to replace the phone. The other store, Valley Fair, said $200 to replace the glass… I guess i am screwed..

  203. Arun (2 comments) says:

    I dropped my IPhone in my garage last week, i panicked because i was one of the early adopter and i paid $600. But thankfully it was a small crack below the “Home” button. I took it to the genius bar yday and told them what exactly happened, my genius was very kind and got my phone swapped for a new IPhone (8GB 1st generation). I was lucky and i feel so happy.

  204. Jon (6 comments) says:

    Just had this happen to me for the second time. They’re great phones, but this time it cracked when I dropped it in the grass. Clearly, this is a design flaw that Apple is capitalizing on by refusing to repair the phones and requiring that you buy a new/refurbished phone.

    The first time this happened, I paid $200 at the Apple Store for a new phone. However, this time, I found a somewhat more afforable solution. If you are in the South Florida area, I would recommend USIP Solutions in Boca Raton. They will replace the cracked face for $100 while you wait. It took Ike, the technician, 5 minutes and the phone is as good as new. Their number is 561-350-9656 and their web site is http://www.usipsolution.com

  205. Matt Higg (1 comments) says:

    Simple solution is pay a flat $85 to http://www.whitapplerepair.com to have the front glass and digitizer replaced by them. Plus they warranty their work as long as you own the phone. If you live in AZ they say same day repair and if your out of state they offer mail in service.

  206. Mike (31 comments) says:

    I can professionaly fix broken screen for 2g and 3 g for unbeatable price. Unlocking, fixing other issues and cheap accessories are also my services.
    call if you live in Miami area, I will meet with you. Mike 786 683 9487

  207. Mike (31 comments) says:

    go to ubreakifix.com, they do a great job at replacing iphone 3G glass and LCD if needed for a good price. I just recently broke mine and sent it to them and had it back in 2 days working like a brand new phone

  208. yvonne (1 comments) says:

    i know all of you alls pain i just dropped my phone today and it broke completely from the screen…i dn’t want to pay 250 to get it repaired

  209. kindra (4 comments) says:

    Sell it the Matthew Leonard… matthewleonard@gmail.com Or…find someone to repair it for you…there are a lot of people who provide this service, but it will cost $$$. Do a google search for “iPhone repair” Since you’re 14, I am assuming you don’t have a lot of cash saved up, so this is probably not a viable option. It will cost you just as much to have it repaired or repair it yourself as it would to get a iPhone 3G.

  210. Rad (1 comments) says:

    Go to http://www.drcellphone.com, they fix iPhones.
    Dj rad

  211. Amanda (6 comments) says:

    Ok I’m 14 years old and I got the orignal iPhone when my mom got the new one. Tonight, I guess it slipped off the table it was charging on I heard it fall and went to check on it and there was No spider on the screen. But then my DUMB dog comes by and steps on it the screen cracks all over the place. he barely even stepped on the thing cause i moved him away from it! But, I dont know what to do since its the old one?

  212. Matthew Leonard (2 comments) says:

    I am buying cracked screen iphone. Phone must still work other than cracked screen. Please email for an inquiry on a price. Payment through paypal. Will be willing to set up ebay private auction as well. matthewleonard@gmail.com

  213. Sean (12 comments) says:

    Or do it yourself………. for less than $20……. become a better, more mechanical adapt, independent person. It will require hard work though, nothing is for free.

    I wish I knew why more people do not repair the screen themselves.

  214. Megan (2 comments) says:

    What bothers me is that there is no consistent policy…cry and beg, and maybe get a break, or accept what the employee tells you, and most likely end up buying a new phone (same price as the repair quoted).

    It doesn’t matter if the iphone was your first purchase, or if you’ve spent $20,000, the Apple employee seems to be able to make the final decision. There should be a policy that satisfies everyone; something in between a free phone and a full-priced phone!

  215. Adam (9 comments) says:

    If you cracked a 3G, the glass and digitizer are one fused unit, but NOT the LCD. You can pop out the glass and digitizer easily, and get a replacement on eBay for $25 shipped.

    It is totally not worth it too try to scrape just the glass off the digitizer on the 3g– it is hours of painstaking results with almost guaranteed less than perfect results. The glass+digitizer pops out and drops in in minutes, and is cheap, and will look good as new when you are done.

  216. gadget_techie (1 comments) says:

    To Leo:


    You’re not alone about the confusion regarding the iPhone’s components. Here’s the breakdown for ya:

    1. LCD + Digitizer + Glass = Touchscreen Interface

    The LCD is affixed (via a special crystal clear epoxy) to the digitizer. The digitizer is what enables the iPhone to be a touchscreen. Separately, the digitizer has a cable and the LCD has a cable, so often if these two are sold as one (usually with the glass attached as well)–then you should see a unit that has two cables.

    The LCD + Digitizer assembly is affixed to the glass with the same clear epoxy. The glass is the simplest component, but obviously the most fragile. Beware of auctions that sale only the glass. Unless you really are daring and want to attempt ruining the LCD by chipping away at the glass, I 100% recommend against doing that.

    What you want to look for are auctions or resellers that sale the entire LCD/Digitizer/Glass unit. I have used pdaparts.com before, and if researching, use them as a means of cross evaluating what others are offering on eBay.

    Hope that helps!

    The Gadget Techie

  217. Sean (12 comments) says:

    If anyone has issues and need help/reassurance during the screen repair, feel free to read my post above or e-mail me at ewing.124@osu.edu

  218. ankamela (1 comments) says:

    Grabbed my iphone from the kitchen table last night – it slipped, crashed on the kitchen floor. Glass shattered.
    We just bought it in December – just 2 months ago. Paid the gazillion dollars! Then we find out it will cost ANOTHER $300 to repair it!! The apple store was going to close in an hour so my husband jumped in the car to try to get it repaired (while I watched the kids). Meanwhile, I read up on all these stories. Thank you! They saved me $150!

    The “genius” told my husband there was no way he could reduce the repair price. I called while he was talking to him, my husband handed him the phone. He still said he couldn’t do anything so I requested talking to a manager. I made my plea to please reduce the repair costs – my having just purchased it 2 months ago and being a loyal customer – bought 3 laptops over the years, an 80G ipod, and 2 iphones…. She insisted they don’t cover accidental damage and treat all customers the same…. but would see what she could do. She took 50% off the repair and gave us 10% off the best case they had. I’m satisfied but kicking myself wishing I had worded it differently. Instead of asking her to reduce the price I should have asked her to eliminate it… Sigh.

  219. Leo (8 comments) says:

    I am ignorant about iPhone. I have a 3G iphone with cracked glass. Thinking about replacing the glass, but am afraid of doing something stupid. First, I am not sure I fully understand the components of the iphone. I am confused about the following three parts: screen glass, digitizer and LCD. Are they three different things, if so what are they? is the glass screen and digitizer tied together? I saw a lot of sale on Ebay showing pictures like that, but not sure what to buy. Please help me out. Thanks

  220. kindigoa (1 comments) says:

    Ok. so i cracked mine so bad that shards of glass where coming out…i mean most of the screen is spidered BUT i carefully covered the whole front in CLEAR PACKING TAPE…3 layers of tape and it still works perfect! yes, it looks really ghetto and i won’t be whipping it out to show it off but i really don’t care about the looks…the screen can still be read good and the touch works through the tape…it will buy some time anyway for anyone that wants to do that.

    crazy i know, but im siked!

  221. charles (3 comments) says:

    I can fix any iphone for just $90!!!
    just check out my website and follow the instructions on it. This is a MUCH better alternative than buying a whole new phone (which is what apple will make you do)

  222. Lauren (3 comments) says:

    The Iphone is a piece of poop poo. It breaks so easily. I accidentally dropped my phone when I was putting it in my pocket. It just slipped, then bam! There goes a spider. It still worked though but a few weeks later, the switch on the side to turn silent/ringer fell off. I was like what the freak? I spent 400 on this piece of oreo? imma try what one of the messenger did…go to the apple store, give them the chihuahua eyes and ask them to replace it for cheap, or for free if i have luck. May the BIG MAN up there be with me.

    ohh snapped, what did you know…i just check on my iphone and now the main round button doesn’t work…what a dog!

  223. Mark (21 comments) says:

    What irritates me is that AT&T insists Apple won’t “allow” them to offer insurance for the iPhone. I don’t know who’s flinging the, erm, horse manure but I’m not happy with the idea. It’s an expensive phone, why can’t I insure it? I carried insurance on my old Razr and it didn’t cost $250 when new.

    I mean, sheesh…

  224. Sean (12 comments) says:


    Don’t forget it matters which iPhone you have. My 2G had the screen siliconed to the digitizer. I have heard the 3G phones have separate screens and digitizers. So it should be easier to replace the 3G screens. (assuming)

    Also, on the 2G phones you will mangle the aluminum back if you try and take it off. I tried and I stopped before too much damage was done. This is kinda the reason I put the instructions above.

    Good luck,

  225. scott (15 comments) says:

    digitizers go for around 70 bucks

  226. scott (15 comments) says:

    as long as digitizer still works just replace the screen

  227. scott (15 comments) says:

    Can buy screens on ebay ! seen them for 20 bucks plus shipping, come with little screwdrivers and instructions on how to change.

  228. Jason (16 comments) says:

    I’m amazed at this – my toddler knocked my phone off the coffee table — 2 feet onto a hardwood floor and it hit on its corner and it shattered. It was in a rubber case. I was stunned to hear that it would cost me $325 to get a refurbished replacement (and I didn’t have the option of just paying for the repair). Is this what Apple without Steve Jobs has become?

  229. Sean (12 comments) says:

    Well, just a couple hours after writing my above review I went to work on TRULY fixing my iPhone. All I can say is….. yeaaaaa baby.

    Removed glass again.
    Completely (and carefully) scrapped/pealed silicone off.

    Alcohol swabbed and cleaned EVERYWHERE. I actually found a lot of sticky original glass gunk (gunk is a technical term) around the top and bottom of the iPhone(i.e. the black areas). Anyways,I carefully scrapped the gunk off.

    I laid a bead of silicone near the digitizer top and bottom to prevent dust. Now, I thought for a second how to seal the sides. The problem with the sides is the lack of area to lay down a seal.

    Well, what I did was lay a bead of silicon on the ALUMINUM housing near the sides of the digitizer. Laying the beads here allowed the silicon to barely contact the glass, cause a seal, but not cause a huge dab of silicon underneath the glass.

    Lastly, I made sure to put pressure on just the glass overnight. Turns out that the bottom of the glass (near the button), it is actually sunk ever-so-slightly BELOW the aluminum housing.

    I cleaned up the excess silicon on the Aluminum side in the morning and it was an overall success!!!! I have fingertip access everywhere on the screen and (so far) dust free.

    For any comments or question, feel free to e-mail me.

    Take care,

    P.S. Class action suits maybe not, but note that NINTENDO gave away FREE silicon cases AND wrist bands for their Wii controllers because people were shattering their 42″ plasma etc. screens by accidentally throwing the Wii controller.

    Just food for thought!!!!

  230. Sal (4 comments) says:

    Honestly…all you people who think that this is Apples fault or that Apple should pay for YOUR mistakes are just a bunch of whiners. I dropped my phone today (for the 100th time) and it finally cracked. It still works and everything. This is more than I can say for my PSP or Zune screens. When those broke, the whole screen was black with multicolored fluid spilling out of the cracked LCD. My iPhone screen because of MY FAULT and I do not expect anyone to have to pay for something that I did. Also…you two “lawyers” really bring the career title down…Honestly, if you really knew class action lawsuits you’d know that you’d need to have ALOT of people sign up and have a solid case. “the screen is not shatterproof” is really a stupid reason. I mean, after all this time they finally got Apple to do something about the scratch-attractive Nanos. And you know what happened? Customers who have their receipt can get 25 dollars, which may take up to 5 weeks to arrive. 25 dollars. Doesn’t seem worth it, really. Here I thought you had to be smart to be a lawyer. Guess I was wrong…

    Anyway…Does anyone know If you can just buy a new iPhone from AT&T if you’re still under contract with them? I have a 3G that I bought in August and It cracked, like i said. It still works, I just don’t like the way the screen looks. So does AT&T sell new phones? Or what If I bought one from Best Buy or Wal-Mart? I suppose I could activate it using PwnageTool.

  231. Sarah (3 comments) says:

    i found this site when i did a google search for iphone 3g repair. my daughter cracked her iphone screen and we got it fixed at a place called Dr. Cell Phone. they repaired it and sent it back to me overnight. here’s their website: http://www.drcellphone.com

  232. Sean (12 comments) says:

    I was given a 1st gen iPhone. Unfortunately I broke the screen soon after.I was able to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here’s how….
    Ordered JUST the screen on eBay for <$20.

    CAREFULLY, use a razorblade to pry up the shards of glassand silicone under the glass. For razorblade leverage, use the aluminum part of the iPhone, NOT the digitizer underneath.

    Cleaned the digitizer SPOTLESS and cleaned any other shards of glass at the top or bottom of the iPhone.

    Applied small daps of silicone at top and bottom of glass, underneath the black areas. Set iPhone overnight.

    That’s it, but I have had some minor complications…….

    I did not completely seal around the glass, so dust may be an issue.

    Nearly 95% of the screen is still touch sensitive. I believe a corner does not work because of the air gap between the digitizer and the screen.

    I will probably take off the screen and put a better silicon glue on soon. Maybe I will silicon seal the entire screen and vacuum seal it to remove any bubbles.

    Good luck to all,

  233. Fofi (1 comments) says:

    Hey I ordered my 3g the first day they cam out and loved it it had a manufacter problem and I sent it in and got a brand new one the next day and finally like 3 weeks ago and this if after dropping it 10000 times and plenty other stuff to it it cracked it’s not bad and still works great and the phone cracked after I practically threw it on the ground they aren’t bad at all and there amazing phones you honestly have the world at your finger tips and if you jail break it your in heaven I have everything you could ever need on mine from playstation games to video recorders I highly recomend the iPhone I love it just make sure you get a rubber case it saves it I swear you drop it and you can just hear it land soft but seriouly the phone is amazing and apples pretty good

  234. vikram (1 comments) says:

    i dont know all was well until dropped my iphone.. very poor screen it has cracked but still is working.. i dropped it from one feet it hit the floor and i saw cracks all over it.. jeeezz what should i do now.. i just got it a month back..

  235. Loretta Spignardo (1 comments) says:

    hi there
    i am posting this to a previous post : RE:

    Dec 27, 2008 @ 11:48 pm I’m a class action lawyer. My son broke his phone glass too. If anyone hears of a lawsuit being filed against Apple for the too fragile glass, please post it here so I’ll find out about it.

    ok, i am an Law Firm Administrator for a firm that does mass torts, pi, etc..
    i agree, lets start a class action we can get enough to file complaint I am sure.
    unfortunately i am stuck with being addicted to my iphone now that i have adapted ALL TO SYNC AND I USE IT LIKE MY LIFE AS TO DAILIES WITH THE FIRM SO , LONG AND SHORT I HAVE HAD TWO IN 3 MONTHS CARCK AND BOTH WERE FOR UNKOWN REASON,

  236. Codee (1 comments) says:

    I have had my iphone for 20 days, purchaced from att, and when I brought it in I was told that since the phone is not yet 30days past in store warranty, to buy the apple care protection plan ($74 after tax) and to call before the 30 days was up, and it would be replaced even for an accident. I did not get this in writing, and it was false information. Did this guy sell me a warranty that was already void because the phone is damaged? And, if so, what should I do about it? I have read a lot about replacing the screen (my LCD is not damaged) But am afraid of doing so, since I have already called apple and have a LOG on file with the warranty info. Any advice soon would be appreciated. Thanks.

  237. John (32 comments) says:

    I have seen a lot of Posting’s for iPhone Repair for the 2g & 3g I give great deals on Repair, and also if you live in CA I will even come to you and do a On-Site Repair right in Front of you. Please Email me if you have any questions. Thank You

  238. joe gaines (1 comments) says:

    I can replace your 3G cracked lens/digitizer for $129. Please visit http://www.allwirelessrepair.com for more details. The touchscreen is a large piece of glass that doesn’t absorb shock. It’s quite frustrating that they break, but I repair it in 30 minutes and you can have it back in a day. As for your warranty, it is void when the lens cracked. After it’s repaired, there’s no way to know that it was ever damaged. I hope this option can help.

  239. Dan (10 comments) says:

    I broke my iphone 3g last month by accidentally closing it in the trunk of my car(i know…very stupid) and took it to an apple store. The guy there told me that it was 200 to fix it so i paid the money and he just gave me a new one then. So just last week my friend drops my new one just a few feet onto wood floor and it the screen cracks again. I still haven’t gone to an apple store for this one but plan on it this week. I vaguely remember the last guy saying that if i broke my phone again that i would have to pay full price for a new one, hopefully that wont be the case.

  240. Megan (2 comments) says:

    My daughter’s iphone (April 2008) was in her backpack, and when she took it out, the screen was completely shattered, with pieces of glass coming out around the earpiece/speaker. Yes, it worked, but she’s certainly not going to use it like that. We went directly to the Apple Store, where they told us it would be $299 for a refurbished phone of the same model! That seemed insane, especially since a brand new phone is $299! Also, they told us that we would have to wait quite awhile, since they were so busy. We left with a new phone, but very disappointed. It really seems unfair and unfortunate.

  241. Dan (10 comments) says:

    Hey, I dropped my Iphone 3g a few days ago and I was planning on getting it repaired but there’s one problem. I need to know if I just need the digitizer and screen or if I need the LCD panel as well. I cracked it at the top by the earphone and it went all the way through to where I can see the chip. Does anyone know what I need to fix this?

  242. doug (7 comments) says:

    A friend of mine dropped my iPhone (original, 16GB) onto a gravel driveway and the glass cracked, from the bottom left hand corner of the screen down to the bottom of the phone. I have not been able to make it to an apple store yet, but I still plan to ask and see what they can do (before my warranty runs out!). I have been using my phone with the cracked screen since the accident and there have been no problems. Sometimes I don’t even notice that the screen is cracked, since there’s no crack over the backlit area of the screen.

  243. Jayme (1 comments) says:

    I dropped mine a week after getting it about 3 feet to the hardwood floors and cracked the screen. It was small, and barely noticable but I was peeved just the same. Apple replaced the entire phone free of charge. Guess the Genius wanted my body… or maybe the small crack was obvious that I didnt’ back my car over it or drop it 20 feet onto concrete.

  244. Tino (1 comments) says:

    I’m going to give this guy in Cupertino, Ca a go. He’s advertising $85 repairs. http://www.cupertinoipods.blogspot.com/#express has anybody used him?

  245. dani (6 comments) says:

    update!!! i went to the apple store tonight, 15 minutes before closing and cried my eyes out. the genius bar guy tried convincing me i had to pay the $200, but i got lucky! i got a brand new iphone 16gig right then and there! i just said the magic words “can i talk to your manager please?” and poof! i also think the fact that i was making a minor scene with the waterworks & the fact it was closing time on new years eve, put the pressure on to have this guy make me happy and LEAVE haha. good luck all!

  246. Alex (12 comments) says:

    Wow! Talk about great customer service! I brought my broken phone into the Apple store and first spoke with a very friendly Genius. I showed him my phone and he tried to speak to a manager, but with no luck. I asked him how often they get customers bringing in shattered phones and he said “I see it ALL the time.” And then I asked how often the customer just shells out the $250 to replace it, and he said “ALL the time.” Wow! Sorry, but I just can’t get myself to hand over $250 after I’ve already paid $400 for it not even a year ago! I would have just lived with my ghetto, shattered phone because it’s still fully functional! So I asked to speak to a Manager since my Genius had no authority to do anything else other than hand me a new phone if I first handed him $250. Keep in mind all I did was ask the Manager “What options do I have to fix my phone without having to pay the replacement fee?” and I NEVER once asked if they could replace it for free. But, lo and behold, that’s exactly what he did. I don’t know if it was the sad, puppy dog eyes I kept giving them or I was just in the right place at the right time. Whatever it was, I was grateful for it!

    The lesson I have learned in life is: IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK. Don’t make a fool of yourself and don’t overstep your boundaries, but if you ask in a polite and friendly manner, you’d be surprised what you can get away with! Good luck to you all!


    Thanks for the advice- I did EXACTLY this at the iPhone store and it WORKED!!!! The first store I went to, they were very busy and I asked the genius and he was very straight forward- absolutely not, its $200 to replace but you can talk to the manager. I politely asked the manager and he told me that he would see what he could do and went in the back with the genius. He came back and said he could not replace the phone. The next day I went early in the morning to a different Apple store. The guy at the front said all of the techs were out of town and I asked to speak with a manager. I politely told the manager that this is my 3rd iPhone and he told me that it would be $200. He said his little kids play with his all the time and it doesn’t break and I reminded him that I dropped mine a foot off the ground and it broke so this must be a defect. He then said that he could cut the price in half to $99. I told him that I am a very good customer, I have purchased multiple laptops and iPods and then he told me that he could go ahead and replace it FOR FREE!!! I hope this anecdote can help someone else because no one should have to pay that much for a new phone that they dont provide insure for! right now I am loving Apple customer service!

  247. dani (6 comments) says:

    I just dropped my iPhone this morning and totally cracked the crap out of the screen. Thank god it still works but looks awful. I have the 3g 16gig and only have had it for 2 months now. I called the local apple store and of course couldn’t get an appointment until Wednesday night. If I am denied a free new phone and I fork out this 250, do they give me my phone right back or do I have to leave it there? Do they give you a loner phone for the time being? I’m so sad :(((

  248. Craig (3 comments) says:

    I’m a class action lawyer. My son broke his phone glass too. If anyone hears of a lawsuit being filed against Apple for the too fragile glass, please post it here so I’ll find out about it.

  249. Gus (5 comments) says:

    Went to the Apple store …

    Encounter #1: I spoke with the person, blue t-shirt at the store entrance. Showed him the phone. His initial response was that it these types of incidents a phone replacement would potentially not be covered. I simple asked if something could be done. He then directed me to someone else to further examine the iPhone.

    Encounter #2: I spoke with second person, red t-shirt. He looked at the iPhone and asked me to wait while he spoke to a Mac Genius, dark blue t-shirt. The Mac Genius inspected the iPhone very closely. The person in the red t-shirt came back and told me that I was in luck since a single hair line crack would be covered as this could have resulted on the daily use, pressure on the glass and could potentially be attributed to a defective glass.

    Encounter #3: Sat down with the Mac Genius. Reset and deleted all information from my original iPhone. The Mac Genius swapped the SIM Card. And issued an exchange phone. And advise what I’d needed to do to restore my backed-up applications.

    As it was mentioned in the email thread:

    – (a) it does not hurt to ask,
    – (b) state the facts truthfully
    – (c) ask what can be done
    – (d) don’t demand
    – (e) do your homework before going to the store
    – (f) it helps going early in the morning once the store opens

    Not all will have a positive experience. But, lets keep in perspective that cracked screens, as generic as the terminology states it fall under the vague “accident” clause in the contract. Not to be covered. Though, there are exceptions.

    Remember that the customer is usually right, of course within reasonable situations.

    Encounter #4: Approached a sales representative, blue shirt. Purchased the mate screen cover. I asked if she could install it. With pleasure she did.

    Lesson learned: Careful with your iPhone. Does not hurt to try to solve – in person is the best way to approach. Be truth-full and humble. Regardless of the outcome … keep your cool.

    Hope this helps. I do know that I lost a lot of sleep researching this last night. I thank you all for your commentaries and experiences.

    Happy Holidays & A Prosperous 2009 to ALL.

  250. Gus (5 comments) says:

    Reading the posts …

    Just realize that I have a cracked screen. I really do not have a clue how it happened. From what I’ve read it seems to be from pressure on the glass as this is not resembling that of a fall causing a shatter. The crack (single line) goes from the left side (signal meter) to the right side (above the battery indicator).

    It does not obstruct the screen view. Only the time displayed has the crack going through it. The crack is visible when I look at the iPhone in an angle (most of the time this is how I look at the screen). Looking straight at the iPhone can’t really tell. The crack seems to be on the top layer glass. Other than that the iPhone works.

    Question #1: Does it make sense to go to the Apple Store, talk to a “Genius” or even request to speak with the Store Manager? Seem that 2 out 10 experiences have resulted in an exchange. I does not warrant to spend $200+ for this type of repair.

    Question #2: For those of you that have been operating with the cracked screen. Have you had any other problems as a result of the cracked screen? Is it only the fact that it is disturbing to look at? But has the iPhone has been working fine?

    Question #3: By placing a protector sheet will this be beneficial? I ask since it will only create a protective layer of some sort. And, if I get the translucent layer it will hide the crack. Also, prevent dust/dirt to get into the crack.

    For the price of fixing the phone – it would make sense to buy a new phone. If this is the case, if I deactivate the iPhone’s (cracked screen) can I just use the iPhone for Wi-Fi, iTunes, etc … Similar to an iPod, iTouch? If this is possible, I can give it to my son.

    Appreciate your comments/suggestions.

  251. nick (10 comments) says:

    My iphone was recently dropped. It fell perfectly flat on the only rock in my backyard. the screen still works, but the cracks are ugly and grow. im not going to spend 250 bucks to get it repaired when i can just buy a NEW 200 dollar one

  252. Leslie (1 comments) says:

    Yes, I too dropped my second iphone. The first iphone i dropped (upon activating it) happened, I was really pissed at myself, as I had spent $499 and was told to lie about when returning it (which I am not proud of), my they gave me a new phone since I had only had it one day but it was a nightmare. Not saying I’m not a klutz, but these phones are too damn sleek to stay in your hand. I love this phone, so much that I want to marry it, so when I broke #2 tonight, I thought I was going to throw up. Point is, the fact that these phones crack so easily is unacceptable. Steve Woz, you are a genius but you have GOT to provide an avenue for this “phenomenon” unless you want to continue to be called a thief, crook, etc. The “protective covers” they offer look like tire tread, not well suited for the ladies, by the way. As of today, Apple’s stock has gone down almost 120 pts. in a 1 yr period. I realize the situation of the economy, but if you owned this company, wouldn’t you do everything you could to fix what you could?

  253. jung (1 comments) says:

    for those of you who were lucky and got new phones from the apple stores, did you happen to have your receipts with you?

  254. Ryan (11 comments) says:

    yeah, im on my second phone in six months. i had the original iPhone and dropped that on its face and it cracked. i was eligable for the iPhone 3g so i upgraded. That lasted a sold three weeks… it was in my pocket and i simply leaned against a table and poof – broken screen, again. I love the iphone but can decide whether to dump ANOTHER rediculous amount of cash or just get a blackberry like i had before. i just cant fathom that if i get it fixed ill have spent $950 on iPhone related fixes and purchases in less than a year. if you dont have a bubble to put your iPhone in be very careful.

  255. Auby (1 comments) says:

    I have had my phone for a year now and it has been dropped and cracked twice now, also it has been drenched in water and lemonade and left out in the rain, my sim card has given me 3 different messages to tell me it is not working but every time i just have to reset the phone and plug it in to charge for about 3 hours and when i come back it works. Also the screen is cracked all on the right side and luckily still works =)

  256. Cheryl Travis (1 comments) says:

    The only way for Apple to take responsibility for this is if enough people write in and share their frustrations.

    Steven P. (Steve) Jobs
    CEO and Director

    1 Infinite Loop
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    United States

  257. raf (2 comments) says:

    does any one know about anyother cards that do that 90 day thing cause that would be so clutch att covers it for 30 days and of course it cracks 35 days after i bought it

  258. raf (2 comments) says:

    they should do what microsoft does with the xbox 360 and the red rings of death every one gets one free repair

  259. gras (1 comments) says:

    my screen is cracked but my screen still works. can i just get the glass that is cracked fixed or do i have to get everything fixed also?

  260. Chaz (1 comments) says:

    I just hope people start reading these forums before buying iphone. Screens crack. That means iphones in reality cost $200 to $500 more than what is advertised. It’s crooked and underhanded of them not to repair cracked screens for a reasonable fee. Apple is a thief.

  261. Jay From SF (1 comments) says:

    So I droped my phone today as I was walking and in a EDDIE BAUER leather case. Two hours later, I pull it out to make a call and it has three web like cracks. I went to the apple store and no luck. Had to pay $215 for a replacement. I guess it’s too late now to complain and try to get a refund. Maybe venting here will HELP!

  262. Chief (1 comments) says:

    Apple is horrible and has horrible cutomer service . I have my second cracked iphone in 6 months had the first generation and it cracked . bought a replacemnet glass tried to repair it and had to throw it completely away didnt learn and bought the 3G after not having it fopr 3 months it fell off the night stand onto my wood floor and cracked i was to threw. Called apple even vistited the apple store ( ahour drive from me) only to be told my new iphone had water damage. Im like yeah right it never been wet . but get this theres a meter that mesaures water damage that turns red after a cerian amount once it turns red it rendors your phone irrepairable. so basicically if that wasnt red we might give you another one cause they crack so much. But condensation will cause this little meter to go red say you have your phone in the bathroom while you shower or your in a place that gets really hot like JRTC. The Iphone has wonderful features but needs a complete overhaul. I have never been more diappointed in a product/company as i am with apple.

  263. ar878 (1 comments) says:

    Well the issue with the 2G screen is that the glass is permanently fused together with the screen. I experiemented with heat to get the apart and it worked to some extent, however the glueing the new glass to the screen will trap bubbles in the glue between glass and screen, not a pretty site. Things got much better on the iphone 3G. http://www.portatronics.com.

  264. al (2 comments) says:

    apple should at least offer some kind of assistance in repairing these expensive phones instead of just letting the customers suffer with a phone that is cutting edge but doesn’t have insurance or a constructive outlet for keeping the customer happy with their purchase…..THIS SUCKS…I’m in the new Apple store in Willowbrook Mall in Houston as I write this mad as hell when a few months ago I was in the same spot elated to get this phone..Ain’t this shit

  265. jennifer (2 comments) says:

    my iPhone would not accept incoming calls since the day I bought it. I called AT&T many times over several months. Finally was referred to apple. Then , I dropped the phone and shattered the glass. Apple will not fix the incoming call problem now because my phone is damaged. Even if I repaired the glass, I would not get my calls. They go directly to voicemail. VERY FRUSTRATED!!!!

  266. Tyler James (1 comments) says:

    ok, so I was so upset when I dropped my iPhone, but i have the new one the iPhone 3G. The glass cracked, and i looked all over the internet to see if I could get it fixed because APPLE CORPORATION would not warranty a cracked glass. It was only in my pocket, and I don’t even understand how it happened. Anyways, I found dr cell phone and they repaired it for $99 bucks. There were people who wanted to charge me about $200 to fix it. And Apple was even more ridiculous. Its good to know that you don’t have to pay crazy money to get something so simple fixed. I wanted to share this with anyone who might be pulling out their hair when they see their recently bought iPhone 3G with a cracked glass when you pull it out of your pocket. And then your like what to do? This is what I did… http://www.drcellphone.com

  267. MAB (1 comments) says:

    have you guys tried going to ebay and buying a replacement screen and taking the old one off and putting the new on in?

    go to http://www.hitchsource.com/blo.....omment-588

    and this guy did just that! its pretty cool. screen cost $25 and he did it with elmers cement glue.

  268. yaya (2 comments) says:

    im 13 with an iphone my mom got me for my birthday/good grades in march. i dropped my phone getting out of the car after volleyball practice. it broke on the edge and started off as small cracks but became bigger and spider webbyish after a while. my mom took me to the apple store and we talked to one of the guys who worked there and he said it will cost us $200 no exceptions. i told my mom if were going to pay that much why dont we just get the new iphone 3G. the guy that i talked to said the same thing happend to him and that he got the new iphone and was very happy with it. oh well i think apple is still an excellent store.

  269. Steve (25 comments) says:

    Well hello all I have had a 16gig Iphone 3G for two weeks not i have had in there 2 others times for software problems freezing my phone and today i iphone hit the corner of my endtable and cracked all over took it to the store today told me $200.00 after complaing about the last 2 times i was here 45 minutes drive each way from my hous still said $200.00 I love this phone but damn why cant we get insurance for this stuff. So i do feel the pain for all that had to pay

    • tommy (9 comments) says:

      You might as well have an outside vendor replace the screen. A cracked screen invalidates the warranty anyway.

      • Lawrence (1 comments) says:

        There is a company called CPR Cellphone Repair.
        They are located all over the US. They have one location in Riverside California.

        You can either mail your iphone to them or go into the store. They will fix your phone onsite within 30 minutes orif you are out of State or town, mail it back to you the next day 3 day priority mail or overnight if you desire at a cost.

        The cost to replace the screen for my iphone was 100 dollars.
        There website is CPR.com or you can google their name.

  270. renee (5 comments) says:

    My daughter tripped while hers was in her pocket the phone did not hit the ground but the screen shatter. (I saw it happen) The apple store wanted 200 for a new phone. She is 17 and bought it with her babysitting money, after doing quite a bit of online research chose the iphone over the blackberry. No where was it disclosed that the screen is so fragile. the phone rep said will “if you put a piece of glass that size in your pocket it would break too” Okay but who would carry around a piece of glass in her pocket. The people at the store and the people on the phone deny that screen breakage is a problem.
    this is nuts.

  271. skip (1 comments) says:

    Reese, Allison,

    Looking for the iPhone repair shop in OKC. I too dropped one and cracked the glass. Thank you!

  272. Veronica (2 comments) says:

    I dropped my iphone on its corner and a few spider cracks started. Now I can barely read teh screen and peices keep falling out so Ive had to tape them down…It looks like its worth $0.99. I would think they would have a better tech…Whatever.

  273. ty (3 comments) says:

    i found a great place that will repair water damaged or any other type of damage to the iPhone
    they work with AT&T and Apple with non warranty repairs

    http://www.northbayelectronics.com is the website i was in the bay area and just called and they fixed my phone the same day

  274. Joseph (3 comments) says:

    I just wanted to let everyone know who’s reading this and being discouraged, that not all hope is lost. I brought my phone in with numerous scratches and dents on it, it was obvious that my usage of it wasn’t the best. But I came in because the black part of the lcd where the proximity sensor in cracked. I made an appointment and was very discouraged and let down. I wasn’t ready to spend 200+ on fixing it, However! The man was very nice, I was very calm, explained that it wasn’t my fault, and he swapped them at no charge on the spot. I was shocked

    Don’t be discouraged. Not all hope is lost.

  275. Hayri Emre Dogan (1 comments) says:

    I have a Sony Ericsson K810i with a black silicone skin case and dopped it down a sewer and it did not even get a scratch. I was sitting in my car with the phone on my lap adn when i got out of the car i happened to have a manhole for a sewer right nect to me and my phone fell down the sewer about 12 feet and did not get single phone. My iPhone screen cracked when it ws in my pocket because i ran into a table. do not get a iphone unless u will keep it and use it in a BUBBLE! They break so easily. Im getting a K850 today i cant wait. I like the Sony Ericcsons much more especially the K-Series because they are a all around better phone and much much much more durable. Always get a silicone coverwith ur phones it saved mine!

  276. allison (2 comments) says:


    where in okc did you go? Thanks!

  277. reese (3 comments) says:

    got mine fixed for 15 dollars in oklahoma city

  278. Holly (1 comments) says:

    So i was talking on my phone and my phone randomly cracked through the middle of the screen, im kinda really pissed about this! not only does my screen have a scratch in it, but it randomly freezes and out of nowhere vibrates on hours at a time without stopping, one of the speakers does not work for god noes what reason.. and apple is a bunch of assholes i will never buy there products again, technological bullshit. thats what the iPhone junk is

  279. alexa (1 comments) says:

    this message is to ask how did amex replace ur phone is there some type of warranty..i bought my 3G with my amex

  280. Rickard (1 comments) says:

    It’s amazing that a company like Apple neglect the customer care part in their business. I’m sorry, but it just take more than a neat looking gizmo to get my love. In sweden Apple does not repair phones. You have to pay almost as much as you initially payed to get a replacement phone. Did you guys forget that phones do break? As feelings grow tense I know I should not write this but: Why not try to design your phones to be used outside your fanzy lab? Did you guys ever try it for real?

  281. Kindra (4 comments) says:

    Henry: Yes, you can get iPhone glass for cheap, but guess what? If you have a 1st gen iPhone, the glass is affixed to the LCD screen and digitizer unit, making it nearly impossible to repair without ruining the lcd screen because you have to take apart the iPhone so that you can remove the metal bezel around the phone and then, if you are super lucky, you can get the glass off with a razor blade, but then you are compromising the lcd screen.

    And good luck even getting the case open without damaging it. Those plastic tools that come with the repair kits sold online get shredded to pieces…the case is entirely glued shut.

    If you want to save your first gen iPhone, I recommend sending it to an experienced repair center such as pdaparts.com They will repair your phone for under $200.

    The iPhone 3G is much easier to repair yourself, so the good news is, that all of you iPhone 3G owners may have better luck with a repair if you drop your phone and the glass breaks.

    Good luck.

  282. Henry (4 comments) says:

    well i feel sorry for all you guys the iphone glass just cost $29.99 us dollars and come with the tools and manual how install

  283. Rob (9 comments) says:

    By the way its http://www.drcellphone.com

  284. Rob (9 comments) says:

    Hello everyone, I came across this site and just wanted to let everyone know that we repair iPhones and even the new iPhone 3G Screens. Check out our website if you need a repair done. I know it sucks, because I broke my screen too! And I love this phone!

  285. spenny (1 comments) says:

    If you paid with your AMEX card, they have a 90 day period you can get your money back if your phone is lost or damaged. Thank GOD!

  286. wayne (2 comments) says:

    a great place that will repair water damaged or any other type of damage to the iPhone
    they work with AT&T and Apple with non warranty repairs
    you can mail it in or if you are in the San Francisco Bay area they are up 101 north of the Golden Gate

    http://www.northbayelectronics.com is the website i was in the bay area and just called and they fixed my phone the same day

  287. Azaali (1 comments) says:

    I bought my iPhone outside of the country and I cracked the screen. I NEED to get the screen fixed as i want to sell he phone. I wans’t that impressed with it and I wish I wouldn’t have spent so much money on it.
    Are there any 3rd party companies that will fix it for cheaper than apple as they want 250 for a replacement.
    Thanks so much

  288. Jackie (3 comments) says:

    My mother’s iPhone screen cracked not too long ago as well. We documented our experience with Apple’s service department.

    In brief, Apple refuses to do repairs on broken iPhone screens because they fall under the category of “accidental damage” and therefore are not covered under warranty. Instead, the only option they give customers is to buy a replacement for $199, the same price as the new iPhone 3G coming out on July 11th. Apple takes your old iPhone and ships it back to California, and you get a refurbished model in return.

    Is it right that Apple charges as much for a used phone as a new one? And if Apple isn’t repairing broken iPhone screens for customers, what are they doing with those phones getting sent back to California?

  289. mike (31 comments) says:

    Dropped my phone this weekend while pulling it out of my pocket. The screen is cracked near the top but doesn’t effect function in any way. I’m thinking about driving to a genius bar but the closest is in Cincinnati OH which is about 45 min drive for me. Has anyone had any luck here? I don’t want to drive all the way there to get rejected : (

  290. Kindra (4 comments) says:

    This will take you directly to my post: http://www.hitchsource.com/blo.....omment-126

  291. Kindra (4 comments) says:

    To Crystal:

    Please visit this website: http://www.hitchsource.com/blo.....my-iphone/ and read my full instructions on how to repair the broken glass yourself for under $100 (near the bottom). Or, you can go to http://www.pdasmart.com and spend $190 to have it repaired for you.

  292. Crystal (2 comments) says:

    A couple of days ago I dropped my phone outside and now it has a crack on the first layer of glass. My phone still works great, thank goodness, but that crack is very ugly. Anyone know how or where to get it fixed, without of course having to shell out $250 that I absolutly do not have? Any assitance would be greatly appreciated.

  293. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Ronny, unfortunately if the phone is unlocked the warranty is void. It can’t hurt to ask, but you’re probably out of luck.

  294. Ronny (1 comments) says:

    Hey, Does apple provide warranty if its Unlocked and not activated with AT&T? I got multiple cracks on the screen though it works smoothly. Paying 250$ for 16gig is too much. I can get a new 3G with that.
    Please guide.

  295. Meghan (3 comments) says:

    I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I’ll continue to buy Apple. Your buisness it actually important to them.

  296. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    That’s great news, Ashereee. You’re right, it never hurts to ask.

    I also spoke to a manager. However, I wasn’t so lucky.

  297. ashereee (2 comments) says:

    UPDATE from my previous comment:

    Wow! Talk about great customer service! I brought my broken phone into the Apple store and first spoke with a very friendly Genius. I showed him my phone and he tried to speak to a manager, but with no luck. I asked him how often they get customers bringing in shattered phones and he said “I see it ALL the time.” And then I asked how often the customer just shells out the $250 to replace it, and he said “ALL the time.” Wow! Sorry, but I just can’t get myself to hand over $250 after I’ve already paid $400 for it not even a year ago! I would have just lived with my ghetto, shattered phone because it’s still fully functional! So I asked to speak to a Manager since my Genius had no authority to do anything else other than hand me a new phone if I first handed him $250. Keep in mind all I did was ask the Manager “What options do I have to fix my phone without having to pay the replacement fee?” and I NEVER once asked if they could replace it for free. But, lo and behold, that’s exactly what he did. I don’t know if it was the sad, puppy dog eyes I kept giving them or I was just in the right place at the right time. Whatever it was, I was grateful for it!

    The lesson I have learned in life is: IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK. Don’t make a fool of yourself and don’t overstep your boundaries, but if you ask in a polite and friendly manner, you’d be surprised what you can get away with! ;) Good luck to you all!

  298. ashereee (2 comments) says:

    It may have worked for Ramy, but it certainly did not for me. I followed his advice by calling Apple, complaining about the sound, etc…and they happily Saturday overnighted a loaner phone to me. I received an email today from the Apple technician telling me that they opened the box and determined that it was damaged and that they are sending me my broken phone back to me. :(

    When I get my broken phone back, I am taking it to an Apple store and begging for a new one. We’ll see how that goes…Wish me luck!

  299. TANk 409 (1 comments) says:

    do they check the phone when it gets shipped back to them and does your warranty get voided?

  300. sagblack (1 comments) says:

    Hi Ramy,

    Was the first 8GB they sent you a new or refurbished phone?

  301. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Thanks for the tips, nerdgrrl!

  302. nerdgrrlloverofapples (1 comments) says:

    i havent broke my iphone yet but ive been doing some research

    the iphone one year limited warranty and $69 apple care protection plan covers inherent hardware defects and battery… sorta the kinda coverage that comes with a car warranty… we got a service car when we sent our car in for repair… only thing, we paid for a service contract that included the service car…

    here’s what i know… we just got a 2nd ATT razor in the house and the insurance cost about $5/month… this is a new phone for my son, i got the insurance… he breaks his phone left and right… if he breaks the razor in the first year, the one year limited warranty already covers it, then if he breaks the phone in the next year, the paid-for insurance covers it… after they first year you’ve already paid $60… and by the end of 2 years you’ll have paid $120 for insurance… i think we have to pay a deductible of $50… is it worth it? now that i think about it, i think ill cancel the insurance… he can fix his phone if it breaks with duct tape.

    for the iphone, i’ve been researching iphone insurance by google or yahoo searching “insurance” and “iphone”. and i found squaretrade i just checked… go to this page for a quote… squaretrade.com/pages/warranty-buy-now…

    i heard early on that maybe allstate has insurance for iphones… but i already have nationwide insurance… a few years ago my homeowners insurance covered theft of our video camera at disneyworld… our policy also covers our computers too… maybe they’ll cover my iphone but i haven’t asked… so guys, check your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance…

    and don’t forget to find out if your credit card covers damaged goods that you bought with it! remember the visa commercial where the TV falls out of the box? they claimed that if you broke an item within 90 days they would cover it… so credit card insurance is worth a look too…

  303. Meghan (3 comments) says:

    Hi Guys,
    Here’s an update on my experience with the broken scene issue. I followed Ramy’s advice about saying there was an issue with the speakers and did a mail in repair to Apple… but they opened the box and saw the damage and determined it obviously wasn’t covered under warrantee. I don’t doubt that this didn’t work with Ramy, but maybe because mine was an 8GB and not a 4GB (which they no longer make), it was screened by their repair team.

    Anyway, I resigned myself to bite the bullet and pay the $250, and take it down to my local Apple store. I made an appointment with the genius bar, and I was completely honest about what happened. THEN, my genius told me that normally it would cost $250 to repair, but he said since I had bought it in July, and “paid the whole $600″ he would just give me a new one, no questions asked. I was ecstatic! And I walked out of their with a new IPhone, no charge.

    I think bottom line, what we’ve learned here is that it’s almost a complete luck of the draw who’s going to pay and who’s not. It’s definitely worth it to exhaust every option, but there’s no guarantees. I only got one because I was lucky enough to talk to a really nice guy, who was high enough to have the authority to do stuff like that. Good luck to you all. I hope for the best. Apple is a really awesome company, so I bet more often than not, they’ll be accommodating to you.

  304. judy (5 comments) says:

    i wish i read your message ramy before i called apple. now i dont no what to do because i dont have $249 either

  305. ramy (2 comments) says:

    hey guys,

    First off this works. I had a shattered screen. I did exactly as I described above since I did not have anything to loose. They replaced my 4 gig with an 8 gig which I thought was great. They also gave me a free loaner phone to use in between. Whole process took 4 days.

    On my second iPhone speaker was not so loud. Got a replacement once more for free for a new phone in the box. I have pics of the whole process if your curious and want to see what to expect. Further more headphones are covered under warranty. Apples ear phones are great but break or get ruined easily. They replace them via dhl next day. Just send the old ones back with the prepaid label.

    Apple is a fantastic company and wants to keep its customers happy. They also understand that phones cracking sometime is part of daily use and does not mean the phone was subjected to abuse. Just follow the steps I gave above.

    Hope this helped.


  306. Wendy (1 comments) says:


    Did this work? It sounds right but what if Apple does open the box to the old shattered glass…can you claim that it must have broke during shipment? Or will you have to go to jail for stealing?

  307. Meghan (3 comments) says:

    Did you try this? Did it really work?

  308. yoyo12 (1 comments) says:

    ramy please email me at xof32 [at] aol [dot] com so I can ask u about my iPhone replacement! Thanks

  309. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Thanks, Kyle, but $180 is still on the high side, and repairing your screen with a third-party vendor like yours will void the iPhone warranty.

  310. Kyle Greenwood (1 comments) says:

    Hey I was jsut reading your blog. It is not as expensive and painful to get a screen replaced as some people may think. Take a look at our LCD Replacement Service.


  311. ramy (2 comments) says:

    ok guys heres the deal.

    (how to fix your iphone for free)

    call 1800 my apple..

    go through all the options till you get to the iphone department.

    tell them the speaker on your iphone makes a crackling noise and you cant hear anythign out of it and need a replacement since its a manufacture defect and mention nothing about a cracked screen!!!.(alot of people dont know this but there was a recall on the first generation speakers for lack of quality) so they will be anxtious to replace it for you no questions or tests asked.

    operator will ttry to convince you to take it to an apple store. Avoid this option at all costs!! request for a mail in exchange. apple hates this option because it is costly but be assertive and request hat everythign be done by mail. operator will set up an exchange system where they send out a loner phone for you by mail next day. service is exxcelent and you will recieve a box with a loaner phone in it and a spot to put your shattered phone inside to send back.

    apple has a policy within its iphone department that is basically this.. it cost more money to fix a particular phone within labor and parts and time that it is more effective to send out a new one then it is to repair it.This means they dont even examine the phone that u sent in. they scan the series of barcodes out side on the box and thats it. you get a new phone in te mail as soon as they recieve the old one no questions asked. and heres soem good news for all of you 4gb iphone users. Apple stopped making the 4 gig version so if you ask for an exchange because of your faulty speaker they will have no choice but to send you an 8 gig!

    Note: when you call they will send you a lonaer phone that will cost 29 bucks a day… if you really are a penny pincher request to talk to a supervisor to waive the fee since its a manufacturer defect and u shudnt pay for a loaner. the rep cant waive it but the supervisor can.

    furthermore, make sure u send the loaner phone back.. they will ask for a credit card to which they charge a dollar on to make sure it works. if the loaner is not recieved they charge 300 bucks plus a 50 dollar restockign fee.

    so the loaner will cost u 350….

    finally this willl only work if your an At&t customer…… dont even try this if your nto an at&t customer.apple doesnt care much for non at&t customers and will shaft you.

    • Sheri (1 comments) says:

      Hello, so this method really works ..it sounds tempting but i dont want to look stupid so before I go ahead and do it i want to make sure that what your telling me will work …..thanks

    • liz (5 comments) says:

      Does this mean I shouldn’t call from my iphone since the speaker isn’t supposed to work? I shattered my glass today when my iphone hit the pavement. It still works but probably not for long.

      I know this was posted nearly a year ago, just wondering if the technique still works.


  312. corby (1 comments) says:

    I agree, complete bull. My phone was in my coat pocket and when I pulled it out after driving to work my crack(s) appeared. Something put enough pressure on the glass to cause it to spider, covering the top 1/3 of the face. The center of the crack was right where the earpiece is. Glass pieces have fallen out, but yet my phone is still completely functional, if you can believe that. Went to the Apple store and had no luck. There was no abuse, drop etc. I have no idea how it happened. Anyway, I’m extremely disappointed with Apple and the fact they are charging $250 to basically replace the glass. I won’t be giving them another dime. The iphone is a wonderful gadget, but not worthy of the price when it has such a defective piece of glass.

  313. Vanessa (6 comments) says:

    Same exact experience here. I read all the reports and watched video on how the iPhone’s glass was unbreakable. I dropped mine and when it hit the coffee table on the edge where the chrome meets the glass, a spider flare of a break happened across my phone. fortunately, it still works perfectly so I have yet to get it replaced for $250. Although, i don’t show it off anymore because of the nasty crack, I just can’t make myself give Apple another $250 for this phone when they KNOW it’s going to happen and it’s the only phone that AT&T will not insure.

    I still love my iPhone, but I’m really not happy with Apple and not wanting to buy anything more until I get over this. I don’t even go to iTunes anymore. I refuse to give them money for movie rentals and I am avoiding buying anything Apple right now.

  314. Ryan (11 comments) says:

    I was in class at college today when I saw it. Right along the side, about a 1 in inch crack that still felt smooth. I was shocked, hurt, and felt betrayed:( The sad part is, I think I accidentally lay on it, with a temperpedic mattress pad so it’s not like there was direct force or sharp pressure. After reading around the internet, looks like I’m screwed, because I certainly don’t have $250. To make all things worse, my 1 month after purchase full coverage fee from ATT just ended 3 days ago.

  315. Claire (1 comments) says:

    I’m sure it doesn’t surprise many iPhone customers when I report that my once beautiful iPhone now has a colossal crack right down the middle. Keep in mind, my iPhone had a “protective” cover on it at the time of impact. The inability of my phone to withstand a 20-25cm drop is a good indicator that there is a structural problem with the tempering of the glass. That is a pretty big deal considering iPhones are uninsurable through AT&T.

    I have spend the past few hours on the phone with Apple and I have talked to two different Apple representatives only to come to one conclusion: I’m SOL. Both apple representatives informed me that my $70 AppleCare Plan did not cover this type of accidental damage and that there is a $250 charge for an LCD screen replacement(which, for the record, is one-half of the price of the iPhone and the same price as most other at&t phones). Come on! The face of the iPhone is 95% (seemingly breakable) glass. There is no way this was this was an unanticipated problem by our “pals” at apple. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a happy Apple customer for years, and I think the iPhone is an innovative piece of technology. I don’t, however, think its a bad suggestion to wait until there is an efficient insurance policy before investing in the iPhone.

  316. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    I feel your pain, Latoia. I just paid $250 to have mine repaired. I agree with you that they need to offer insurance to cover physical damage.

  317. Latoia Melvin (1 comments) says:

    I got my iphone for my birthday in September and I recently accidently dropped my phone and the screen is cracked in about three different places. The cracks look like three spider webs! I cannot use the phone because it says the sim card is not being read. I can touch the screen though and do all the things except anything that has to do with the sim card. AT & T said they cannot replace the phone that I only had for under six months, there is no warranty for that particular phone and if I want it repaired it will cost me $250 to do so. That is rediculous! It is bullshit and I think that apple or cingular should have atleast insurance for such an expensive phone. If anyone has any luck with getting an iphone repaired please send me an email…mstoi76@aol

    • Josh (13 comments) says:

      Are you SERIOUS???? if you wreck your car the day after you buy it, is the dealership going to give you a new one? really people think.

  318. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I see there is a sign in the Radio Shack store that they can repair glass for something like $85.. Can’t remember the amount. Don’t know if there is any requirements but you might want to check it out

  1. Jan 23, 2008

    […] iPhone Review has this rather scary narrative about an iPhone drop that led to a cracked screen – […]

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