Android vs. iPhone: Will the Google Phone be an iPhone Killer?

Published: Nov 16, 2007

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  1. Sam (9 comments) says:

    I think Android is still in an infancy stage, although with a gr8 potential.. Read on my thoughts at

  2. Sam (9 comments) says:

    I had an iPhone 3G, gave it to my dad. Here in Canada, Rogers (AKA Robbers!) was the only carrier for the longest time. Not that any of other carrier supporting the iPhone now are that much better. I remember Rogers made it mandatory for you to get a data plan even if you only wanted to use WiFi. And what a ripoff too! And even if you bought your phone unlocked, Apple would lock it up to Robbers as soon as you did a software update. So you couldn’t even take it to another provider you like. Now I have an unlocked Nexus One and my carrier is WIND. This is the best combination I have ever experienced! I use WiFi at work and home, never really need to use it outside the WiFi zone, but when I do, I just pay something like a few bucks for the day. And the phone plan is so affordable! Data plan is pretty cheap too, I just don’t need it. I wonder how they even stay in business?! I only had to pay $25 bucks at signup, and I get 6 months free for transferring my number over from another carrier. I have not payed a monthly cellphone bill yet. Service is great too. And as long as you make your calls from what they call it the home zone, Edmonton, Calgary and a few other places I don’t remember, the call is free!! Edmonton is where I live, so it’s always free. Get your self a Nexus One and WIND! And if you live in Canada which you can’t purchase the Nexus phone yet, just go to OmegaCell and purchase an unlocked Nexus One from the US and do it!

    • mark (21 comments) says:

      rogers never required you to get a data plan… it was just highly recommended. When the first iphones came out, you actually had to sign a data waver if you chose to not get a data plan. Mind you, the price of the phone was much more expensive if you didnt.

  3. george (6 comments) says:

    i purchased an iphone 3g may 19 (a wensday) and returned it and cacelled the contract may 23 (sunday) i have an ipod touch with the wifi i have at home i thought it would be nice to have an iphone. my contract with verizon is up in june so i thought i would give at&t a try, boy was that a mistake, the phone and features are great but the service was horrible, just gonna have to go with an adroid phone.

  4. Nick (10 comments) says:

    I am the proud owner of an HTC Droid Incredible. I was obsessed with getting an iPhone at one point, but when it came to upgrading/switching my plan when my contract was up, I did extensive research, tested both phones, and happily chose the Droid Incredible. It is simply unbelievable. Ditch Apple. Greedy, controlling, secretive, and closed vs. Generous, intuitive, sharing, and open. Gotta go with Verizon’s network and Google. GO ANDROID!

  5. jessica (4 comments) says:

    some of my friends have the iphone, i have a samsung moment through coverage is alone terrible, plus i have coverage everywhere with sprint. the sprint 69.99 plan is so much better than at&t’s 69.99.. i get unlimited everything including minutes with mobile phones, and 450 to talk to land-line numbers. saving so much there vs the iphone’s 99.99 plus plans. i got free navigation, and the only good thing about the iphone is the whole app store, but like others say in time it will beat apple’s app store. i love my moment, i got like 7 customizable screens plus the open platform is awsome, you can have it any way you want vs. apple’s only this screen. ALL I CAN SAY IS GOOGLE HAS CAME UP WITH SOME AWSOME DEVICES THAT I DONT THINK APPLE CAN KEEP UP WITH.. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE SUEING HTC. BECAUSE THEY ARE INFACT SCARED THAT SOMEBODY IS GOING TO BE BETTER IN THE SMARTPHONE FIELD. I MEAN ALONE LOOK AT ANDROID VS IPHONE.. ANDROID HAS CAN OUT WITH AT LEAST 7+ PHONES IN 6 MONTHS.. APPLE HAS YET TO COME OUT WITH 1 NEW PHONE IN THAT TIME. ANDROID IS AWSOME!

  6. Sam (9 comments) says:

    I had the original iPhone and a 3G iPhone for a few years combine. I live in Canada, go the Google phone is not available here yet. I bought an unlocked Google phone from the United States almost a month ago. Kept the iPhone too… I thought I would never be able to replace my iPhone. But to my surprise, the Google phone has slowly taken over my iPhone. I gave my iPhone to my dad because it was not being used. It is more obvious to me now that I have a Google phone that I was a prisoner of iTunes. Also, payed $900 to get the unlocked 3GS iPhone. Soon after, when I did an update, apple locked my phone. What is up with that? I was so mad about it that I sold it on eBay for $150 bucks. Can’t browse Flash websites either on any iPhone. It is obvious to me now how full of $#!t Apple really is… It’s all face-value. I am a lot happier with my new Google phone.

  7. David (19 comments) says:

    i bought the samsung moment, after using this incredible phone, i dont think apple could be able to catch up to android if they dont fix the problems people have with the iPhone.!!
    android is more affordable then the iPhone, and it has the same features, and a couple better ones.!
    Android is going to be the next big thing.!
    apple will be nothing if they dont try and keep up with google.

  8. Eric (7 comments) says:

    I had AT&T for 2 years and the service was terrible. I switched to verizon and have been completely satisfied. I bought the motorola droid 3 weeks ago and its the most amazing phone I’ve ever had. I have friends with the iphone that have used my droid and said it was faster. It comes standard with 16G, plus the commercial about not being able to browse the web while on a call is false. I’ve done it several times when I’ve needed to. You can spend $400 on an iphone with a terrible coverage company or spend $200 and have constant 3G. Plus free apps all day!

  9. Wally Bootsma (1 comments) says:

    Own a Blackberry Bold for 1 year now. Excellent machine. Had the iPhone for 3 weeks. Iphone will not work with cold hands or a cold touch screen. (Canada eh!) This year was going to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS but will wait now for the Android powered Sony Ericson Experia X10.

  10. Greg (4 comments) says:

    The iPhone / Apple never sit on their laurels, so I will be awaiting what revolutionary upgrades Apple comes up with. They never cease to amaze me. I am a Apple user all the way now and will not change as far as I see.


  11. Raxxie (1 comments) says:

    I will be postponing my iPhone purchase till I see how Android plays out.. they seem ridiculously comparable to me with droid being more accessible so I’ll just wait and see how good it really is.

  12. Lou (1 comments) says:

    Just purchased my DROID from Verizon/Google about two weeks ago. All I can say is that this device is awesome. It is a very fun phone to have and the App store is great. Obviously the App store is not as immense at the iPhone but only time will fix that. I liked how it synced all my contacts from Facebook. The Apps are fun and interesting.

    I never had an iPhone so I am not going to trash it. I hate ATT with a passion so that is why I can NEVER buy the iPhone. When the iPhone comes to Verizon I will check it out.

    The only PROBLEM the DROID has is that when you make/receive a call you are not able to search on the web.Just like the ATT commercial is saying. You are not able to search on the web and talk. That’s the only flaw.

    But the good thing is that Verizon will hopefully fix that since they are dumping their CDMA and going to 4G (LTE Wireless) in 2010.

  13. Mike (31 comments) says:

    Just please give me a SMALLER phone than the iphone nano–it’s till way too big for a pocket. An iphone nano? Will someone else beat them to it with Android??

  14. Scott (15 comments) says:

    I had just purchased my 2nd iphone in August. It was nice but the “closed” availability was a pain. Last week I saw a 5 minute demo on the android system. It was on an HTC hero from sprint. Being able to compare head to head… I am now the proud owner of an Android. Good bye and farewell to the iphone.

  15. tom (11 comments) says:

    The Droid is much faster over the iPhone however I could not sync my work email without an application so I am sticking with the iPhone which I Love. The Droids Facebook app was easy to use

  16. BlueJay (1 comments) says:

    Wow, how things have changed since this featured article was written in November of 2007. This was one year away before the first Android phone (October 2008)came out.

    Android first phone remain unchallenged for 6 months (April 2009) before Samsung introduced a 2nd Android phone for the European market. The U.S. market never saw their 2nd Android phone until August of 2009.

    It was trickle then. It was not until October of 2009 (2 years later) that we start seeing one phone after another running Android. This is the powerful example of what an Open platform can do. Where Android is heading is mind boggling. The following site has a very good historical timeline (under the ‘News’ tab) of Android development / progress. It also does a excellent job in comparison Android vs. iPhone:

  17. david boone (1 comments) says:

    Being as this is the first comment posted since the launch of the Android system, i’m pretty sure this will be the first comment posted USING an Android device. i went out and bought this snazzy Droid phone on opening day and i am extremely impressed. i have never owned or used an Iphone so i can’t down on it, but i am loving this device. from the lightning fast 3G internet speeds EVERYWHERE i go, (even including places where i wouldn’t get service such as within the Rocky Mountains) to the ever-impressive downloading speed, to a camera worthy of taking on any digital-camera. i am very impressed with the bang i recieved for my buck. 5 stars for Google!!!

  18. FB (1 comments) says:

    I remember a conversation I had years ago while trying to decide what computer to buy -a pc or the pretty new iMac. I had 1 single person tell me to buy an iMac solely on the basis that Apple controls the hardware and software for their products so EVERYTHING WORKS! – all the time! Buying a phone from one company and the software from another is a disaster – would you decide you like the look of a ford mustang but want the reliability of a Toyota and decide to combine the ford car body with the Toyota engine.???? While android is good in theory they will be plagued by failed apps/glitches and unhappy customers, if they don’t exert quality control it will be doomed fromthe start. After purchasing my mac I had a hardcore pc friend make the remark that I bought a Mac because I’m too lazy and don’t want to think about how to get things to work. That sums it up right there…good produce like Apple make life easier – open source Frankenstein merging of hardware and software will only make u work hard just to it working….the choice is yours.
    I typed this on my elegant and user friendly Iphone

    • Joseph (3 comments) says:

      “Buying a phone from one company and the software from another is a disaster”

      Its funny you would would say that considering how the only reason that so many people own an iPhone are the 3rd party apps.

      “Apple controls the hardware and software for their products so EVERYTHING WORKS! – all the time!”

      Get real, any electronic device can fail, crash, or just simply not work – at any time!

  19. TikoRacer (1 comments) says:

    Apple has the technology to do anything possible, has the tools, knowledge and the money to make impressive products, as we’ve seen over the past years, Apple is becoming more popular not because it’s Apple it’s because they are revolutionizing the way of communication with quality products (hardware) and amazing software. If Apple launched the first real multi-touch phone on the market with the amazing OS software, of course they will continue to improve the product. We have seen that everybody is following Apple’s steps, why do you think that Apple is the first one who launches such as technologies than everybody else does and then the rest of the companies are making the same thing later?

    Apple has technology and I think technology we’ve never seen before, and I can say that’s the only company who can launch a product and it’s a instant success. HP and Dell launching the same Macbook product lines, stylish as the Apple macbook, there is a reason why these companies are copying from Apple, because they have seen the market and they have seen that presentation and look is important, but Apple is 100 steps ahead from a lot of large companies and technology industries. We don’t know what they have in mind, one thing I’m sure is, they already know and has the tools for being and continuing to be the best technology computing industry of the market.

    We will see soon how other companies will continue to copy the things Apple do, the rest of the companies have no imagination to come up with such as products and the best part is everybody is talking how good that Apple products are since many many years ago.

  20. abe (1 comments) says:

    This is going to be interesting. Apple continues to keep their OS’s closed and expensive. However they understand interface and interaction design better than any other company so usability ease is there key.

    Now I want to see how android phones take off as the open source and price will by the heavy selling points. If history serves us correct and it because the mainstream phone app then we know that security will then become their first focus. Again, the risk of letting anyone develop also includes those with bad intentions.

    For now I’ll stick to my iPhone as I it’s hands down the best smart phone out there…for now.

  21. David (19 comments) says:

    I think G2 has improved over G1, and it’s far better than the iPhone, in my opinion. Also, developing in Android is more fun… Dump your iPhone and get G2!

  22. Phonefan (1 comments) says:

    iPhone is still the winner.

    I just got an iPhone jailbroken and an awesome iPhone case from I keep downloading new App. It is so much fun.

    My iPhone with its case is just cool.

  23. Gino Bowles (2 comments) says:

    This being a phone blog I should add that I own a G1 and happen to think robots are sexy.

  24. Gino Bowles (2 comments) says:

    I am a firm believer that technology in the USA is stifled, because the brilliant ideas dreamed up by developers have to be first turned into an act of sexual expression before anyone bites. Apple and others know this, and while “Converse” may be a more comfortable and efficient shoe than a $500 pair of heels, they will continue to profit from glitz-wear. I believe the majority of Apple customers should own Apple products. Android, Windows, and Linux aren’t for people who have no interest in peeking under the hood. Some don’t enjoy the freedom that comes with fishing for your own fish. That’s fine with me, I am a developer and couldn’t make a living if everyone possessed the curiosity we do.

  25. Mohammad (2 comments) says:

    iPhone is extremely popular because of its sleek design. Many people will still buy iPhone because of that. Most people don’t even know what open source means and don’t care about it. If android wants to beat iPhone, it needs to have a really good marketing similar to that of Apple and Microsoft.

  26. Peter M (2 comments) says:

    Also one more thing the employee at AT&T said that I thought made a lot of sense. Iphone is an ipod first and then a phone.

  27. Peter M (2 comments) says:

    Two weeks ago I faced with a dilema…Iphone or Ipod touch when I finally decided on an Iphone i went to tmobile to find out how much damage will breaking a contract cause my pocket. Then i saw the G1. I asked the employee to convince me to get this over an Iphone and wow! I stood there for 15mins listening to all the cool nows and future potentials. Then I went across the street to AT&T/Spring to ask the same question but with Iphone..3 things happened. 1. They were really nice and offered to take whatever I had to pay to cancel Tmobile and give me a credit for that amount. 2. They did not carry Iphones due to all the issues and Iphones coming back. 3. The employee told me even if he had Iphones he wouldnt sell it to me because its really flawed and does not recomand it, on the other hand he led me to the blackberries. After that I decided to go back to Tmobile keep my contract and get a G1 and so far I love it, I played a little with my friend’s Iphone and it has the better looks but software-wise Android take the trophy. But the Iphone was the revolutionary machine no matter what anyone says.

  28. Christina (5 comments) says:

    I am getting a Google Phone! I have been trying to figure out how to get the IPHONE unlocked so I can use it with T-mobile service. I was worried that was illegal. Because ATT Has horrible plans for families. Now I can stay with T-mobile and Have a phone that looks like it is better already!

  29. Stephen (2 comments) says:

    I don’t think Android can kill iPhone’s market. Personally I own iPhone and I am very happy with it. But I am planning to test Android as well as it has a big name “Google” associated with it. Let see what happens.

  30. pete (3 comments) says:

    Agree totally with Brian K. While the iphone is a slick device (though it has its shortcomings), being tied to the Evil Empire of ATT is a huge turnoff for many people. The fact that android will have several years to make inroads with all the other carriers could provide them with a substantial market share by the time iphones deal with ATT runs its course. It will be interesting.

  31. Brian K (1 comments) says:

    One thing that is almost never mentioned is the masses AT&T have pissed off over the years with miserable customer service in all divisions of their company. I think the carrier discussion needs to be added when discussing phone options.

    I personally am a Mac user… and would love to have the iPhone. But I refuse to do business with AT&T putting the iPhone out of reach. I am pumped tMobile has come out with the new phone and I recently switched to tMobile to get their new G1 in pre-order.

  32. beemderv (1 comments) says:

    Like some of you have said, the iPhone might be lacking some features “video recording, multimedia messages, copy and paste”…but everything else it has makes up for all that and more..besides, it will probably b added in a future update anyways…the iphone is so much more elegant than any phone EVER… being a mac user and now and iphone user….all i can say is Apple rules!

  33. aj (1 comments) says:

    Fuck u. You have no ideah what apps to get to enjoy it! Iphone uses google, not the other way around! And your wait in line has nothing to do with anything u prick! Just proves ppl want it cuz its amazing. As a matter of fact, I’m on it now!

  34. doggy (1 comments) says:

    i love multi-touch technology which in APPLE ! google phone is jsut touch screen technology can never compete with IPHONE.

    The future is Apple !

  35. Jack From Boston (1 comments) says:

    I’m definitely going to get this new phone, I’ve gotten rid of my iphone. The iphone is great but its highly overrated, AT&T are the ripoffs of the cellular world

  36. Johnny Mibble (1 comments) says:

    The great thing about Android is that it will light a fire under Apple’s buns to fix the iPhone’s current problems, which benefits consumers.

    In the end, Google Android is software, which means some Guru is eventually going to release a version to work on the iPhone. LOL

    I would not give up my iPhone.

  37. chucky (1 comments) says:

    Iphone 3g rocks.

  38. Danty (1 comments) says:

    Idle loops waste time, so why wait for Android? I got my iPhone 3G and if Android blows iPhone 3G out of the water, then I will pay max of 500$ and break my contract and get an Android.

    PS: Why didn’t Google think of Android 10 years ago? What do large companies do with their money?

  39. Evan (6 comments) says:

    I am Most defiantly not buying an ANDROID! there will be too many problems with trying to find an application that works on all phones. Apple makes it wonderfully easy to brows through applications that work 100% with the iPhone. what happens when your non-touchscreen android phone downloads the coolest touch application?

    I own an iPhone, and i am never, ever, going to purchase another brand of phone anytime soon. I am utterly in love with what my phone can accomplish. sure, there are things that need to be fixed/added. But i have never been able to use a phone so seamlessly with work, or school. the browser is the best around. and with he new GPS and 3G chips, the skies the limit.

    If you buy an iPhone, you will not regret it!

  40. mariachi82 (1 comments) says:

    So basically Gina, Apple forces people to wait in line because their successful product can’t be mass produced at the same rate it goes of the shelter? Mhh.. they’re evil!!!!!!

  41. Gina (3 comments) says:

    Oh, and might I add, that the iPhone doesn’t give the consumer an choice but to use AT&T. The Android platform gives choice back to consumer. Since it works on any carrier and device. Hmmm, sounds like Google has once again thwarted tech companies’ plans of world domination. (Microsoft & Apple)

  42. Gina (3 comments) says:

    The openess of the platform will mean that Android will bet Apple. Apple has already started making the same mistakes that other businesses have made in the past, which is treating it’s customers badly. Within the first 2 weeks that the iPhone came out, I went to 3 AT&T stores to get an iPhone 2.0 and they were all sold out. There are 2 Apple stores near me, and the lines outside of these stores were very long. Apple is making their customers wait for 3-5 hours for this phone. Not good business. Apple’s brainwashed devotees don’t seem to have a problem with this. Or the fact that AT&T is gouging them for over $100 for the phone/data plan. The iPhone is a nifty device. But, I don’t like companies taking advantage of me. So I’ll look for an alternative.

  43. Phandrioder (1 comments) says:

    look guys i have to agree with tim the andriod is better then the iphone plus it has a great price of only 200 dollars estimate better then a roaring price of 400 dollars like the iphone which(lets face it) it sucks anyway.

  44. Trideep Gogoi (2 comments) says:

    See and andriod based iPhone would never work. One of the primary reasons is that the iPhone IS its software. If you take away iPhone’s software then it wont work. The ting about android is it offers nothing that hasent been done before.
    Think of this scenario(which is quite common today). I go out and buy an Android phone, a cheap one albeit without all the wizbangs. Now I go to id(in my hypothetical world) and try and install a super cool which end up not working on my phone. Worst I have a touchscreen android phone and buy a non thochscren application OR have a non touchscreen phone and get a touchscreen app. (Happens all too often on UIQ phones from Sony Ericsson)
    The thing about the iPhone is that you have to think of it as a xBox. or a playstation. On PC gaming you dont really know if the game you bought will work on your PC right.. But if you buy an xBox game(not 360 ) you are guaranteed that it will work on your xBox.
    The thing the iPhone provides its developers is a unified platform not only in terms of software but in terms of hardware too. I can create an awesome 3d software and my market will ALL iphones. Every iphone app demoed in the WWDC already exists today exist for Windows Mobile But not all phones have the hardware to support all phones. I used to have a pretty cool and powerfull windows mobile phone But I couldnt play a single game on it cause it didnt have a D-pad!!!. I could install it and run it but aftre that I coouldnt interact with it.

  45. tim (7 comments) says:

    there’s nothing really great about an iPhone. It just looks cool and is fun to play with.(not considering jailbreaking it which stevenobs is taking care of with the app store which is a stupid idea.) but google is making evryhing easier and more flexible ratherthan being lockedin like the iPhone. I suppose the android should take over, but a choice for many would be to get an android based iPhone

  46. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Thanks for your comment, Hai. You make some good points in your article. I linked to it in my latest post on Google Android.

  47. Hai (1 comments) says:

    It’s interesting reading this article from the past. It’s amazing how much more influential the new iPhone will be, and the struggles that the Android would have to fight the iPhone. I’d like to share the many things the Android could do to remain competitive with the iPhone:

  48. abbccc (1 comments) says:


    Thanks for the article.
    Unless Iphone get mobile experience greater, i can’t ignore its closed system.
    I don’t care about what Google will offer out of the box; anyway, like Gmail or Calendar: it is its open which makes it success.
    I think the 3 ways, opensource (Google), high quality (Apple), no-matter-software (Windows) will go on for a while in the mobile devices too, like computers.
    Today, I really need to buy a smartphone, still my old samsung is going death; but I think i will opt for a symbian-based phone, waiting for what Google will rush out… which i hope remain free (@see :-/ )
    Any benchmark symbian/Android will be pleased.
    Abbccc, Paris.

  49. Abu Khan (1 comments) says:

    Certainly! Paying a hefty price for a phone which needs to be unlocked to be used with other carries, much to the ire of Apple & they think it is rightful to lock it back again via incentives of upgrades. Whilst all these upgrades are devious ploys & not any significant enhancement to user experience!!!! Google has always stood for user friendliness, free & open source programs. They will certainly pull it off. Even if they struggle initially the would have more patrons than apple has.

    Bravo google!

  50. Keith (4 comments) says:

    My wife has an iPhone and I will certainly wait to compare Android to the new iPhone. The way the iPhone works is awesome and I’ve been tempted to buy one for months. I just can’t get over the obvious features that are missing (i.e. actual bluetooth funtions, not just headset. Multimedia messaging). On top of that I just can’t bring myself to pay for everything extra. Even if the iPhone doesn’t cost more Apple will nickle and dime me to death (more like .99 and 1.99 me to death) for anything I want to add.

  51. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Good points, everyone. Thanks for your input.

  52. Trideep Gogoi (2 comments) says:

    While the development of The Google Android is cool and exciting It offers nothing to the table that Windows mobile, Symbian, Linux for phone and other phone based operating systems don’t already provide. For example the problem today with Windows Mobile is not the OS it self but the complete lack of a “Cool” Phone. The OS is only part of the story. The iPhone success is tied not only to Software but also the Hardware and By hardware I dont just mean the “look” but the technologies such as glass screen, light meters, accelerometers that seamlessly give a great user experience. If you think about it Games for Windows Mobile today suck not because Windows Mobile dosent have good games But because every Windows mobile phone has a different key arrangement making playing games impossible. Same thing killed J2ME. Remember The app you create dosent just have to blend in with the OS but also the Hardware.

  53. Martin (6 comments) says:

    I have an iPhone, I had one shipped over to the UK since the unlock hack came out, I love the device, but if a company produces a similar looking device, ie with a 3.5″ touch screen running Android, I would probably get one and it being the open nature that it is, probably in time ditch the iPhone, but if Apple were to produce a iPhone 2.0 factory unlocked then I don’t know…

  54. calvin (2 comments) says:

    Just bought two iphones and loving it. For Now, The iphone is the best smart phone on the planet. Will have to wait and see what gphone will offer… Iphone rules for now…

  55. Matt L (1 comments) says:

    Nope – I just bought an iPhone and it was delivered today. I spent the last couple months reading the rumors about a 2nd generation iPhone and all the reviews, which cited both the ups and downs of the iPhone. But in the end, I decided to buy my iPhone now and enjoy it for what it is… an amazing piece of equipment that will make my life much easier. There’s always something better coming down the pipeline, if all I did was wait for the next best thing I’d never have anything!

  56. James Hill (1 comments) says:

    I for one will not wait for Android. Coming from the land of RIM, I will purchase my iPhone in the next 2 weeks and this will satisfy my needs for global service as I travel extensively internationally. Also, being in Canada, I don’t have to put up with the flaky service or QoS from AT&T. The iPhone is truly revolutionary!


  57. Don (3 comments) says:

    History has a way of repeating it self! I remember a time when apple tried to control 3rd party software for the early Mac and look where they got with that thought process!

  58. Cassandra (4 comments) says:

    I’m up in the air about this one. We were going to buy iPhones next month, but I’m not sure if we’ll wait or not now because of this. I’d really be interested in seeing the things that Android has to offer. That being said, I’ve heard rumors floating around that when they launch the 16G after Christmas, that they will be cutting the price again on the iPhone. I know they stopped making the 4G, in fact both the Apple and AT&T stores here in Colorado do not have any 4G iPhones left. The rumor is that the 8G is going to be dropping by at least $100. I’ll be interested to see what they offer the 16G at if they do drop the price of the 8G. Now I’m wondering if this price drop is in response to them hearing about the Android software. I guess we’ll see what happens after Christmas.

  59. John (32 comments) says:

    After reading many flaws of the iPhone a few months ago I decided to wait for either a better price or a better phone. Well just last week I gave in and bought an iPhone. Aside for a few missing functions i’d like to have the iPhone is the best thing since slice bread. The only few flaws i’d like to see change is speaker quality, a MS word like app, ability to cut and paste for websites, and an easier way to download movies without having to purchase them from the itunes store.

  60. Tae (1 comments) says:

    I am definitely waiting to see the verdict on the Android phone/OS. My wife has an iPhone and she has been summarily crippled by the fact she can’t do mass text messages for her job. This being after she BROKE her contract with T-Mobile to get it. I was given a ray of hope when hackers announced that they can ‘unlock’ an iPhone only to be squashed by the rumored phone breaking Apple update. If it turns out that the Android OS can work on an unlocked iPhone AND protect itself from dumb disabling updates, I’ll be happy. If anyone makes a phone w/as much processing speed as an iPhone w/better network connectivity, whose battery can be changed without hassle, AND doesn’t cost as much as a first born, even better!

  61. Antonio Pratas (1 comments) says:

    I’m buying an iPhone next month and I too am very eager to see android up and running in pdas, but I will buy my iphone anyways, because has you said, apple will have to get better to stick with the android in the mobile race, so I hope that all the flaws that the iPhone has, will go with time. But i’m willing to drop the iPhone in the future if it doesnt go better and the android is so cheap as $200, that’s just plain cheap.

    Time will tell. Great article

  1. Sep 14, 2008

    […] the bend with Android – their mobile cellphone OS – that like Windows was back in the day, is more open, designed to run on a variety of cheaper hardware and with less restrictions on […]

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