10 iTunes Gift Cards for 2010! [Comment to Win]

Published: Dec 29, 2009

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24 Responses

  1. Alyssia (1 comments) says:

    iPhones rock! Bein able to see battery life before it dies and being able to use iTunes g-cards to purchase apps as well in Canada j know it is not withen apples control due to Canadian laws prohibiting the purchase of software online with software. So u guys could make iTunes credit cards (I realize there are already pre paid cc’s u can buy anywhere already but think – apple joins forces with visa/ MasterCard for the ultimate gifting experience!!! Considering with even Canadian pre paid cc’s u can indeed purchase apps so screw the vanilarama MasterCard lol I love apple so much that I would much. Rather have an applemania visa creditcard Lol cmon ppl I’m pretty hilarious no? Lol k I’m out – l8r

  2. Don Hurst (1 comments) says:

    FLASH Player!!

  3. Nick Rangel (1 comments) says:

    I think that apple should add a video camera to the iphone,Also i think that they should add a feature where you can change your backgrounds and app logos without having to jailbreak it.

  4. BG (1 comments) says:

    I wish that I could have a custom background without having to jailbreak my phone

  5. Paula (1 comments) says:

    I really need a way to lock up instant messages so no one else can see them when they are using my iPhone.

  6. AJ Fiederer (1 comments) says:

    i want to sort through contactslike my music with the contact photo as the artshouldnt be that hard.

    i want to have more screens for apps

    i want to use my iphone as my ipod! manualy manageing music dosnt matter if i cant hook it up to other computers.

    i want all the same freedom of settings as a jailbroken iphone, but stay a happy apple user

    i wanted the freedom of useing my own headphones but they gave me that so …

    i want change my black background to what ever i want!

  7. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Thanks all. Great feature suggestions from everyone. Keep them coming… contest ends Jan 1 at 11:59 p.m.

  8. The iPhone Blogging (4 comments) says:

    I wish the iPhone in year 2010 has the video call feature and win the iTunes gift card!

  9. Pat wolverton (3 comments) says:

    I want more frequent updates for the 3g,,, I know apple can do that, I want them to free up more apps,,, haven’t we proven our loyalty?

  10. Bryars (4 comments) says:

    App Store: Would like to be able to save apps I am considering but have not decided to download yet. ie favorate apps for future consideration.

  11. Jeffrey Hagedon (3 comments) says:

    iPhone needs a folder system for organizing and storing apps. I have over 300 apps and many can only be accessed using the finder. You need a very good memory to know what you’re looking for.

  12. Vidya (1 comments) says:

    My most wanted iPhone app. Is: having the ability to lock specific apps from others using it
    With an additional passcode or such, while
    I allow them to use my phone per se.

  13. Mohamed (1 comments) says:

    I would like my contact folder to be linked to the Calender so I can set up meetings with my contacts without re entering the contact information.

    • Bryars (4 comments) says:

      “I would like my contact folder to be linked to the Calender so I can set up meetings with my contacts without re entering the contact information.” …… Agree with this but also need user created drop down menu in calander to desctibe appointment type ie dinner, lunch, airport pickup, dr appt, etc. Then link to select contact name or type in new.

  14. Joe Fishman (1 comments) says:

    I would like to be able to sort contacts by various groups or sub groups and have it be user defined.

  15. Scott (15 comments) says:

    Getting the App store approval process fixed – especially getting Google Voice apps approved.

  16. Ritchie Champagne (4 comments) says:

    Too many apps crashing! I want to delete the stock and weak weather apps that came with the phone. Better battery, darn it! And the phone could respond faster. I agree on the apps store. It’s a drag to have to reopen it every time you download an app.

  17. itasara (61 comments) says:

    A custom button to add your own text sound alerts.

  18. Anne G. (1 comments) says:

    Hi Chris, let me start off by saying that I am so glad I signed up for your iPhone reviews! The feature I would like most to have on the iPhone is a speed dial app. The phone is awesome as a mini computer but leaves a lot to be desired as a mobile telephone.

    Happy New Year!

  19. Laura T Rush (1 comments) says:

    Better/longer battery life

  20. TheJunkMonger (8 comments) says:

    The thing I woukd really like my iPhone to be is an open platform and better battery life.

  21. Chrsi Boehm (1 comments) says:

    you already took
    multitasking and batterylife
    soi guess Keyboard support would be my choice at first thought.

  22. Kaleena (1 comments) says:

    wow.. this is great! i would LOVE to be able to delete individual calls from my call log

    • Toni Jenkins (1 comments) says:

      I would like to be able to add a title to my pages of apps so I have one page for Utilities, one for Games, one for Children’s games, one for Clever apps (to show off to friends, one for Movies, one for Cooking etc.

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