iPhone Invisible Shield Review

Published: Aug 3, 2007

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105 Responses

  1. Alyssa (2 comments) says:

    Just bought the invisible shield (dry version) for my iphone 4 yesterday at target after my old screen protector did its time.

    In less than 24hrs, I can already say this is the best screen protector I’ve owned. I had a CaseMate one before, and after 2 days, it had minor scratches.

    Pros: Keeps the screen crystal clear (no pixel-y picture), good deal ($15 at target), hardly noticeable

    Cons: Confusing directions (watch the video on their website!!!), some little bubbles still left, feels kind of sticky

    I know that the bubbles will go away on their own, but the bubbles are on the edges. I have a case on my phone, so you can’t see the bubbles really. With my old screen protector, it was clear, but it made my screen look all pixel-y. With the invisible shield, I don’t have a pixel-y display anymore. It is crystal clear and HD :)

    Overall, I would definetly recommend this to someone who needed a screen protector. Note: Mine didn’t come with a back shield, o

  2. FRED (1 comments) says:

    Had it om my iphone first week of july 2011. After just 2 weeks, it peel off spontaneously. Brought it back to the retailer which applied the shield. They said that they only guarantee that it will be free of scratches, I argued that how can it protect my iphone if peels off on it’s own. Want me to shell out extra bucks for re application, was so disappointed. This thing is really a HUGE, MEGA SCAM!!!. It’s so lame, it’s expensive and so USELESS!!. Any one considering this product should think twice or thrice!!.

  3. Skd (1 comments) says:

    Got it for iPhone 4 and it’s great got bothsides on no bubbles and I got a otterbox case on it which protects the corners well. It looks great

  4. Numeros 800 (1 comments) says:

    I have one of these for my ipod and it works great! I mean…the screen itself is pretty scratch-proof…but just in case I at least have some extra protection!

  5. asiliat (1 comments) says:

    Bought the invisible shield for iphone 4, which includes front, back and the edges.

    Application was fairly simple. Nothing was hard about it. Easy to get it flat and bubble free.

    First, does not work well with “free” Griffin Motif. Case would push on edges until they bubbled up. I thought it was the extra sides patches of the ivisible shield, removed it. Also removed the back protector. None of it made any difference.

    Second, the tactile feel of the device changes greatly. Good grip, but too much, especially on the screen.

    Third, the material definitely yellows. I had a little corner bit of the edge left on since Early Oct of 2010, and now, as of Dec 29 2010 – it’s gotten REALLY dark. Very gross actually.

    I would NOT recommend this product.

  6. Damo (1 comments) says:

    I brought a Zagg iPhone 4 protector for front and back. Looked great until I realized the orange peel effect. In a few days it started to peel off because it has a sticky rubbery texture. If you wear jeans that are close to your body you will find that it starts to peel from a side and attract dust. I have tried to reapply but have not had any luck. One other thing that is annoying is the sides are sticky and attract fluff eta from pockets. I really wouldn’t recommend this even though in Australia it cost me’ alot. Purchase at your own peril!!!!

  7. Jackie (3 comments) says:

    Wow your corners look really good. Mine had little bubbles where they wouldn’t go all the way down and these bubbles started peeling off. The whole back isn’t coming off but it looks ugly.

    I think it would have been a good idea to use a razor blade to cut off the top and bottom so only the back is protected.

  8. kapil (1 comments) says:

    Bought this for my iPhone 4. After a few tries I was able to get the product on the phone and get rid of the micro bubbles. The trick is to spray a lot of solution. The issue I had with mine was when I put a bumper on, it started to peel the edge of the Invisible Shield and that was a real pain. Since the product is cut to exact specs, its really hard to align 100% on the phone. This way, any time you put a bumper or case on it, you are going to run into the peeling edge issue.
    Would not recommend this product for its price. Go with a simple product that will do the job and will be a breeze to install.

  9. BiFTeR (1 comments) says:

    I would leave this product alone, it’s just another cash cow for the wicked.
    Purchased mine about 2 months ago and followed all instructions to the letter. It covered the iPhone 4, but it looked poor with bubbles and a corner that just wouldn’t stay down.
    I’ve recently seen a fellow iPhone 4 user with the same product and it just ruined the whole aesthetically pleasing look, with bubbles all over it. Don’t waste your money on any off these so called shields. From prices ranging from £9 to a whopping £17.99, someone out there is making an awful amount of money for really poor products.
    Antonio from the real review.
    As for the bumpers they look cool but they really don’t do the phone any justice! Please tell me why the cost as they are a design fault why are they not given free? Have we all gone mad? Or have too much money and no sense?
    It’s a phone.

  10. computergirl4 (1 comments) says:

    I have used this product since it came out. I have had no problems with it what-so-ever. I don’t have any problems putting the shield on. I even put one on my Mac. No problems. I have install countless of these shields on Blackberry’s, Droid, ipod’s, laptops, and etc. Most of my outside sales guys use them. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

  11. Smiley (1 comments) says:

    I got the invisible shield for my iphone4 and was excited to use it, however was quite disappointed afterwards. It’s grippy on the screen, when i glide my fingertip on the touchscreen it feels like my fingertip is being tugged. Also, you can tell that there is a layer of plastic over your screen and it takes away a bit of the resolution. A lot of dust also cling onto it easily, which is annoying to brush off constantly. On top of all that, it slides and peels off after using it for a while. The only good thing i can say about it is that it gives you a good grip for the back side of your phone. Overall, i wouldn’t recommend getting this screen protector. Save your money!! I peeled mine off and stuck on a high-quality Japanese-made screen protector, Momex, for $10 – it looks and feels like you don’t have a protector on your screen, and it does its job well. If i were you, i’d opt for a Japanese-made one.

  12. Paul Ramos (1 comments) says:

    I agree with how IS keeps it’s job but as I think of it, there are also other shields with the same material that’s just cheaper than what IS costs. I went for GadgetShieldz as they also use that military film IS is using. Similar to how it is installed and gives me the same scratch-free purpose, I think this $6.99 is my bet among others. Anyhow, shipping was free, only delivered in a plain white envelope unlike to the packaging of IS which is quite impressive, still I prefer quality than the packaging just as the results revealed after few days of installation and experiments done with GS.

  13. Michael (16 comments) says:

    DONT BUY THIS CRAP. I just bought this invisible shield for my new iPhone 4.. Such a horrible product. Firstly you have to wet the product with some solution (who in there right mind develops a product that combines water with electronic devices,never a good idea)& then apply it to the iPhone screen.. After I put it on,I new I had just wasted the $20 i spent on it. Bubbles EVERYWHERE! DUST stuck under the screen EVERYWHERE (Trust,I used that microfiber cloth) HORRIBLE PRODUCT.DONT WASTE YOUR TIME/MONEY!

  14. franz (1 comments) says:

    The shield was scratched before i got done and i hardly applied any pressure. Bubbles were still there after 3 tries. I wasted $34.00 on a terrible product. Also , the picture quality wasn’t as clear as a cheaper screen i had installed previously.Would i recommend this product?….absolutely not!Don’t waste your money!

  15. ej (1 comments) says:

    The Invisible Shield is a joke. It stays on for lets say 3 months. Sides start collecting dust and starts to peel off on its own. Can’t really keep it in your pocket anymore because the lint gets underneath it. I only get replacements because I can get them for free. But another problem with them is, if you have a white iPhone, dirt somehow sticks to it and is embedded on the surface. Can’t wipe it off either. Not worth the 30$ they are charging for it.


  16. Jerry (1 comments) says:

    I just recently put the invisable shield on the front of my iphone 3g. The installtion took about 30 min. The process was a pain in the you know what. Getting rid of all those micro bubbles and trying not to get the solution into the phone itself was also a big pain. After the installtion was completed I did not care for the orange peel look on the face of the phone and I also did not care for the grippy sinsation on the screen. My fingers do not move across screen nearly as smooth as some other screen protectors. That will take some time getting use to. It does do a very good job guarding against scraches I will give ith that. I found that lint sticks to the screen and be a pain removing. The one thing I don’t like the most is that because of the grippy sensation of the invisable shield screen it makes it difficult to scroll and enlarge or reduce items, at times it will freeze up. The shield is a good product but it’s not for everybody, not sure I’m going to keep it may go back to another clear protector.

  17. CMD (1 comments) says:

    NOT recommended…

    Bought InvisibleShield for iPhone… might be suitable for the non-touch-screen surfaces of phones, may actually improve grip as this product has a sort of rubbery almost slightly gel-like/tacky feel, it is not smooth/hard/glossy like in the Zagg website ‘simulated’ pics of phones. Totally unsuitable for any touch-screen surface as it makes your finger sort of stick and stutter, often causing the device to think you are pausing during swipe motions, which is interpreted by the phone as a different command (e.g. on the iPhone, when trying to simply scroll, it often turns options on or off, executes commands, or goes into repositioning apps, etc). That to me, makes it the wrong product. Other than that, the look is like food-wrap cling film, sort of slightly mottled, uneven texture, not like a hard smooth plastic. It was quite a pain to apply (compared to other products), and the use of the included applicator fluid helps greatly (and is absolutely necessary) but also gets liquid into the mic/speaker (if they are on the surface the film is applied to), possibly damaging the phone (not covered by warranty).

    As for the amazing claims of ‘scratch proof’, maybe sort of… though it may prevent major/big scratches (like a bullet-proof vest), there are little micro scratches/scuffs left which are visible when viewed at an angle or in certain light – even their plastic applicator card left a few micro scratches during installation. Claims of ‘hardly visible’, it is clear, but it’s obvious there is a plastic film stuck on the device (looks like the protective film they put on glossy surfaces to package new products) – if you view the screen at perfect 90 degree angle, it’s fine, but tilt it a little and the plastic is very noticeable and makes the screen look ‘dirty’ and slightly dull, no more smooth/clean glass look. As for warranty, the warranty shipping/handling charge was half of the original purchase price of the product I had. Just get the protector film sold in Apple stores (here they only carry one type, choice of glossy or matt), better in every aspect (price, look, feel, general protection, application), and don’t always believe advertising.

  18. ipod nano (1 comments) says:

    I have had the invisible shield on my ipod nano for about 2 years and it has been great. No discoloration, scratches, etc. I would definitely buy another.

  19. Mit (2 comments) says:

    Bought the Invisible shield for 11$ on sale, front install was easy back was hard but came out looking bad, although there was already a scratch on the invisible shield it looked great, I emailed Zagg, and they replied by saying they are shipping me a new one for free :)( no shipping charges as well) I believe there customer service is top notch

    • Mit (2 comments) says:

      Bought the Invisible shield for 11$ on sale, front install was easy back was hard but came out looking GOOD**(said bad in original post), although there was already a scratch on the invisible shield it looked great, I emailed Zagg, and they replied by saying they are shipping me a new one for free ( no shipping charges as well) I believe there customer service is top notch

  20. Myra (1 comments) says:

    I installed this on my ipod 5th Gen MYSELF…although it was VERY easy, I am a little tiny bit off on the back where it comes together. I have no bubbles or lint and it has not changed color on me. I followed the directions and it was a breeze to put on. I’m extremely pleased and I fully intend on getting my iphone done. Since the screen is so large, I will pay to have it put on the iPhone. This is the best product EVER.

  21. desirae (1 comments) says:

    my personal opinion is that invisible shield is absolutely horrible. it lifts easily after about a month or two. it traps alot of dust and lint, and no only that, it yellows over a period of about a month and a half. leave it on there for a while, i dare you, then pull it off about a month and a half later and it is DISGUSTINGLY yellow!!!

  22. Eric (8 comments) says:

    My local mall had a kiosk set up and were selling these an had a professional to install it. I purchased the full body for my iPhone for only $35 and he did it in 5 minutes with no bubbles and no lint. If you plan on purchasing this products see if there are any local stores or kiosks that could install it for you.

    • Robin (1 comments) says:

      Lol, its so retarded easy to install so if you cant install it on your own you are a loser who wont survive the next day. Its just like applying any other sticker. Work from center and out to edges all the time to get rid of bubbels.

  23. Joe (14 comments) says:

    I’ve had invisishield on my LG phone and on my Ipod touch. Love them. It was tricky to get it lined up on the ipod back… but like others… spray the the shield a ton so it slides around easier and then just hold the corners in place until they stick well.

    As for discoloring… I had one of the films turn black/purple and emailed zagg/invisishield. They said its lifetime replacement guarantee… I sent it in and got a new one in the mail a few days later – can’t remember if I had to pay postage or not… but it was probably a dollar or so. They said that the shield is actually a porous material that will soak up dyes etc from fabrics or materials used in some cell phone cases etc – Black leather cell case was the culprit for mine…

  24. The iPhone Blogging (4 comments) says:

    I’ve been installing the invisibleSHIELD on my iPhone 3GS for about 2 months and I find it’s the best iPhone protection I’ve ever used. Though it’s not easy to apply, but I was enjoying the process and I managed to take a few photos during the installation.

  25. DisgruntledGrrr... (1 comments) says:

    I don’t understand how anyone falls for that free replacement thing. I’ve had it for my IPhone and I never got free replacement, having to pay for the replacement does not make it free!

    I’ve opted for gadgetshieldz for my PSP and Ipod, its cheaper at under $8 and they don’t promise anything else FREE other than the shipping. Which, surprisingly, turned out to be actually free.

  26. GrimMyriad (1 comments) says:

    I’ve been using this product for about a year now on my G1 actually, yeah I know it’s not an ipod, but the one from zagg.com has been amazing to me, if you do have a light colored phone like white, the film will get dirty after a while depending on what you do. My brother has a white g1 and is constantly working on cars it turned yellow rather quickly. Zagg.com has unlimited replacements while you just pay the shipping fee which I thought was amazing. When I took the film off my brown G1 to put on the new stuff, there was some yellow in the film but it was very minimal.

  27. Rick (4 comments) says:

    Do I need one of those miserable plastic covers over the screen? How easily does it scratch anyway?

  28. Unhappy Customer (1 comments) says:

    I cannot recommend strongly enough against purchasing this product. I bought it from a kiosk and had it installed by them, and the shield is peeling off the phone four days after I bought it. Between the charges from Zagg to get the replacement shield, and the charge from the kiosk to reapply it, I would have to pay nearly the full purchase price AGAIN to get my “free” replacement. Avoid this like the plague.

  29. evan (6 comments) says:

    here is a link to a picture of my blackberry pearl with the invisible shield applied. http://kiw.is/5y

  30. Steven (9 comments) says:

    Evan Yes it does, i had it on mine, its kinda a tight fit though.

    and ok everyone who can’t install it there selfs Listen.


  31. Dan (10 comments) says:

    Don’t waste your money on the full protection product becasue you will never be able to install it. The cut outs for the side switches on my 3GS did not line up and i culd not get the flaps to stay flat. Did everything suggested and ended up throwing the back shield away in disgust. It has bene two days and the front is now peeling off so I will need to re-install. A joke at $30 but I am now one of the “millions” who have purchased this inferior product.

  32. evan (6 comments) says:

    I was wondering… for those who have a iphone 2g (the first one) does it fit into the dock after the shield is on?

    btw im a big fan of the invisible shield. i have had it on my ipod touch, and blackberry. i followed a tutorial on youtube which gave a lot of tips on doing this. the one on my ipod touch has been on for years and its still like the first day i applied it. and the fitting on the blackberry pearl is amazing and a breeze to put on, even tho it is a 7-sticker set.

  33. Steven (9 comments) says:

    did you really through it away? uh you do know you can get it replaced, trust me i work there.

  34. Nick (10 comments) says:

    Frustration during application. Once applied, it was NOT invisible, but distorted, bubbly, and linty. I was terribly disappointed. Following up on their lifetime guarantee, I went to their website only to learn that they only replace those shields bought on THEIR website, not from retail stores – I think they need to change the packaging for those sold in retail stores to acknowledge this. I threw mine away. Waste of $19.99 at Best Buy.

  35. kurish (1 comments) says:

    Holy mother of god–just finished an unsuccessful attempt at self-installation on my 3GS. It was a nightmare and a complete waste of money. YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF IF YOU THINK YOU CAN APPLY THIS YOURSELF AND HAVE IT LOOK GOOD. It might be a good product if you have it professionally applied. I’m a patient, coordinated person and every single step was horrible. Pretty frustrated right now.

  36. Reese (3 comments) says:

    Alright: if you live in Vegas, LISTEN TO ME!!! there are kiosks in some malls selling this product… Buy it from them because they will apply it PERFECTLY! I went staight from the apple store in the mall to the kiosk to get it on. It covers the whole thing on my 3G S, Terri ( even the chrome edging) cause they include it. It’s 35 bucks (ten for applying it. When they did it, I had no bubbles. The two microbubles on the back (can’t really see with a white one) have dissapeared. I cannot stress how much you should follow my example, cause I’m completely satisfied. Hope this helps.

  37. Steven (9 comments) says:

    Yes You could remove it after a year and the phone will look like new! =)

  38. tom (11 comments) says:

    could you remove the protector after a year for example?

  39. Scott (15 comments) says:

    This is bad review.

    Heres Why:
    You CAN NOT fault the product for something that occurred as the result of you not following directions. The small bubbles left were the result of you using normal water on the IS. Normal water is not free of minerals and other impurities that resulted in what you saw. It was your fault, not the company’s.

  40. Steven (9 comments) says:

    Well the shield is free with the warranty, you can install it yourself for free. or if you want them to do the labor they charge 10 for the whole this or 5 for the screen.

  41. Heh (1 comments) says:

    The discoloration (in fact it even eventually goes brown if left on long enough) is an inherent property of the urethane material when exposed to visible light. Keep it away from short wavelength light (ie ultraviolet for instance) and it should last longer.

  42. bruce (2 comments) says:

    At firth you will love it…….then it starts falling off…after a month…..and your phone looks crappy. I have replaced mine 3 times, and I had it installed at the mall at one of their stores. The guys at the store even admit that it comes off, and they will gladly replace it for FREE…….as long as you give them another $10…….now haw is that free?

    • Kimberly (1 comments) says:

      They replace the product for free, not the labor, you wouldn’t have to pay the $10 if you install it yourself. I just bought a Motorola droid and got the full body shield. About 17 pieces or something like that, it took me only like 30 minutes to do and i didn’t have any problems with it. And the instructions did say to let it dry for 12-24 hours before using your electronic device.

  43. Mike Cechovic (1 comments) says:

    I had my invisible shield applied at a mall kiosk. It cost me $35 total but it was well worth it to have it put on perfectly. No problems whatsoever as described by everyone that had problems applying it themselves. It looks and fits great!I previously had a plastic skin on the back as well as a protective film that I was replacing myself once per month. This has already paid for itself with its lifetime replacement guarantee. And you can be sure I will take it to the mall and have them do it for me.

  44. Steven (9 comments) says:

    I actually work at Shield Zone on Utah. and i sell and install shields and the Iphone is the most done phone, it does cover the chrome band on the Iphone. and also for everyone saying it yellows, or peals they offer a LifeTime Warrenty on the shield, so just either send it in to get a new one or bring it to a shield zine. and Yes you can remove it if you want with no damage.

  45. Amanda (6 comments) says:

    question: if you don’t like it anymore, can you remove it after like a week? i bought one, but im scared to put it on.

  46. ngray (1 comments) says:

    installed very easily. i did not spray the screan directly with the solution because the instructions say not to. after three days a colorful film emerged under the gaurd from the touch screen of my htc diamond. shortly thereafter the touch screen stopped working. as soon as i took the gaurd off it started working again. lousy product.

  47. steve (25 comments) says:


    What a nightmare to put on properly – so fiddly. Set aside some serious time to get it partly right. And the screen loses it’s “feel” and your fingers just don’t slide like they used to (or did with my other $5 screen protector that was simple to put on) It’s not invisible, the phone becomes dull and the screen is different, dimmer and marked (by the inevitable wrinkling no matter how small). Every week it looks worse and the corners peel off. I’ll be tearing it off soon – Save your money for a decent back guard and a standard easy apply protector that will do you fine.

  48. daddy sergio (1 comments) says:

    i have a week with my invisible shield on my iphone and so far its working great. When i was installing it the front was real easy and da back wasnt quit dat easy but u just have to have patients to keep the sides on to stick. I took eventually about 2 hours to install it but it came out awsome. Hint use ur palms of ur hand to get the side to stick

  49. iPhone 3G (1 comments) says:

    Great advice Scotty!

  50. Scotty (1 comments) says:

    I learned a trick for applying the screen lint free when i first got my psp… turn the shower on in the bathroom till the room is nice and steamy… then clean off the screen and apply the shield while in the bathroom, the steamy air doesn’t hold lint. I have done every screen protector this way with 100% succsess

  51. natethegreat (1 comments) says:

    Iv used invisible shield for about a year on multiple products (blackberry, ipod touch). All the products they sell eventually turn a yellowish tinge. Trying to claim the lifetime warranty is just a headache.

  52. Chuck 52 (1 comments) says:

    I just got my invisible shield put on my I.phone 3G. They had a kiagia in mall right next to the Apple store. So far I love it. At 1 at it had many micro bubbles on it and the guy who put it on told me to give it 3 days and they would work there way out and it would be smooth and it really did. I didn’t have it only original I.phone. I just had one of the rubber white skins that grabbed the inside of my pocket causing me to miss many calls which was frustrating. With the skin my 1st I.phone got scratched bad over time & you couldn’t see how nice the phone actually looked. Then I saw the invisible me shield store next to apple store. I asked the apple employee if he heard anything about them & he stated all there employees had it. So I did the same. I got whole shield cause I didn’t want a case I wanted people to see the nice looking phone I had. I also like the sticky feel it has I feel safer carrying it. Has a better grip than the slippery plastic or aluminum feel depending on which version of I.phone you have. Just wish I had it for my 1st phone. Just hope it doesn’t get the yellow tint people talk about. So far I’m very satisfied with the product and have talked 5 of my friends into getting the shield put on there phone. They are all pleased with it also.

  53. Carmen (1 comments) says:

    Put the front on even though I said I was not going to when I first got my I phone 3g because I did not want to buy into the hype.
    Well I bought into it alright and wasted a whole wed night.

    Well I give it a 6 out of 10.

    Install is a NIGTMARE let’s face it unless you build Hard Drives for a living you are going to have lint and dust because dust is all over no matter what you do or how many times you wipe with a microfiber cloth it will never be perfect.

    So I have one small air bubble and very little lint under the shield. It took 3 hours to get just that. 20 bucks and well the apearance is not so good very orange peel like. What ever at least it’s removable and well I am not taking if off because I spent 20 bucks on it so it’s going to stay on my Iphone 3g until It is so dirty I can’t stand it anymore. I am incorporating the shield with a side leather holster and well it’s working great now.

    Bottom line this product will work but to get it installed with no problems is a living hell A LIVING HELL !!!

  54. Giancarlo (1 comments) says:

    I applied the back film and it worked very well except for the corners. Two bubbles were made when it didn’t completely stick and im now noticing some lint/dust/crud building up there. For those who saw this as well, that stuff won’t stick to the phone right? If I were to take off the back, I could just wipe away all the stuff that had collected under the corner bubbles right?

  55. hondared (1 comments) says:

    Well I haven’t got mine yet…I ordered it over 3 weeks ago from Zagg and have yet to receive it. I have called them 5 times and still no protector!! or refund. Bottom line there customer service SUCKS. Now there telling me I have to wait another 7/14 days for a refund. At this point they can keep there invisible shield.

  56. ben (11 comments) says:

    can anyone give a recommendation on which brand to buy please

  57. Suz (1 comments) says:

    I have used the real (not knock off) Invisible Shield on two shuffles and one flip style phone (a razor). After about a year the phone cover turned yellow but the shuffles and the screen cover on the inside of the phone are still fine. I believe the yellowing is caused by how much the product is handled, left out, stuck in pockets, etc. My shuffles do not get as much environmental abuse as the phone does. I started to dislike the yellow cover and finally took that one off however, have left the inside screen cover on without issue. I really liked the fact that the product did protect the phone from everyday scratches. I would recommend it but am not running out to buy a whole bunch more (for camera’s, new iPod, etc) due to the cost etc.

  58. josh (13 comments) says:

    Does it matter if i let it stand for 12-24 hrs after i applied the screen film?

  59. Zack (3 comments) says:

    I completely disagree with the scratch resistance nature of the cover. I was trying to demonstrate the resistance to a friend of mine and with a simple house key and a single swipe left a line right down the front screen protector. Leaving it pressed against keys in a pocket for a mere hour or so also pegs the iphone with indents and scratches. It’s protection but when the protection is so easy to make look scratched up it’s hardly worth it.

  60. kasey (1 comments) says:

    I like the material of invisible shield, but I’m not super impressed with the design. It leaves holes around the corners where dirt and lint build up–I would prefer my WHOLE device to actually be covered instead of having the big gaps. My friend has a similar product called an iwrap for his iphone and it looks way nicer.

  61. snuffolupogus (2 comments) says:

    Oh geez… i caught my brother using it….

    His load penetrated the shield. Looks like im taking it back and getting a new iphone

  62. snuffolupogus (2 comments) says:

    I absolutely love the IPhone 3G Invisible sheild product… I load alot of porn on my IPHONE using itunes, and when i blow my load all of the phone, the protector keeps the phone nuce and dry.,….. unlike my girlfriends face.



  63. Aaron (3 comments) says:

    Invisible Shield
    is the best protector for your phone hands down

  64. Ryan Harper (1 comments) says:

    I too loved the invisishield, for it’s protection, but the corners started to bubble up, and they’d snag on things, it got worse and worse. And then it started yellowing, perhaps it is a little easier to see since I have a white iPhone (and no I don’t smoke). I finally took the back off, but am leaving the screen covered for now. I hope to take it back and get a replacement, maybe it will fit better next time.

  65. Chris (37 comments) says:

    I have to say that the only thing I didn’t like about my invisiShield from Zagg was that it gave the screen a sticky kind of feeling and my finger couldn’t slide freely on the screen. For things that require sliding, like lists and such, this was very aggrivating. I removed the shield after a day of this.

  66. Wekiva (1 comments) says:

    I noticed someone said it attracts lint…does this apply to the front or rear or both covers? I’m interested in getting the front cover only and would hope it’s not tacky enough to attract lint.

  67. iphonemike (1 comments) says:

    invisibleSHIELD is a great product I had it on my first 3 iphone . you can really scatch the screen and it wont damage anything . BUTT…………. after a couple months it turned a yellow color and dealling with invisibleSHIELD company with the return of their lifetime warrerty program was such a hassle it took them over 3 week and 4 phone calls to make this happen they wanted all kinds of info and from me and to send them 10 dollars for shipping WTF !! and they wanted me to send the old one back with at my cost . GREAT PRODUCT BUT NOT WORTH THE HASSLE

  68. Andy (6 comments) says:

    “Can anyone tell me how resistant this shield is, lets say if I accidentally drop my iphone ? I want to protect my phone but I hate the bulky look some of the cases give my phone..”

    It’s not a protect against impact really. It’s for protecting it against scratches – something it excels at. If you want protect against impacts and drops you unfortunately need one of the bulky rubber cases.

  69. jimmy no shows (1 comments) says:

    @ samuel

    If you looking for impact protection, Do not buy this shield. This shield is designed to protect against scratching and nothing more.

  70. vatsan (1 comments) says:

    I’ve had the Invisible Shield on my iPhone 3G for a few weeks now and I would say its great! The shield gives a nicer grip to the iPhone and I can place my iPhone anywhere without worries of scratching.
    That being said, the installation wasn’t all that straight forward and took some work. The shield wasn’t a perfect fit and I had to struggle a bit to get it just right… still ended up with a few crass corners. And it does attract lint.
    But overall, recommended!

  71. mike (31 comments) says:

    I scrapped the back as you can feel a tiny roughness at the corners when you handle it, I’ve kept the front though.

  72. Carl Gundel (1 comments) says:

    I bought and installed the front and back films on my iPhone. Eventually the back film began to come off on the corners and all kinds of crud would stick to it. So I removed the back film. The film protecting the screen stays on well, so that’s still there doing a great job. So, my recommendation is to buy just the front film.

    I do also have an Invisible Shield on my 1st generation iPod nano and have had no problems with it becomming detached. The trouble seems to be on curved corners, where it doesn’t stay stuck.

  73. Samuel (3 comments) says:

    Can anyone tell me how resistant this shield is, lets say if I accidentally drop my iphone ? I want to protect my phone but I hate the bulky look some of the cases give my phone..

  74. Samuel (3 comments) says:

    Can anyone tell me how resistant this shield is, lets say if I accidentally drop my iphone ? I need to protect my iphone, but I hate the bulky look some of the cases give the iphone….

  75. Sheila (5 comments) says:

    anther clarification: And NOW it’s stuck just as firm as the rest. (the corners)

  76. Sheila (5 comments) says:

    Clarification: I made my own solution with a drop of soap in about 1/4 c water.

  77. Sheila (5 comments) says:

    Ok, I just installed the Invisible Shield on my iPhone. I was excited to see they sent something to spray with this time (they didn’t have it a few years ago) but the solution was too weak to allow me to slide the shield into place. I had a heck of a time getting the front shield lined up decently. I made my own with a drop of soap and it allowed me to slide the back around till it was perfect. You do have to be patient tho’ to get the corners to stick. They are cut just right to fit and lay flat, but they will not stick until practically dry, so…..heed well the directions on the box which say to let it dry a little bit to get them to stick. I kept working with it for 20-30 min and finally enough of the water had been worked out from under the film and they started sticking and not it’s stuck just as firm as the rest. (I was worried for a while, but now I am very pleased. I’m glad I didn’t give up and scrap it as others have)

  78. jenni (1 comments) says:

    I bought an invisible shield for my iPhone last week. I have to say I was gravely disappointed. The application of the back corners is nearly impossible (if you want it to look good) I went through two full body shields before I scrapped them and just used the front. I do enjoy the front it protects and looks good and doesn’t hinder the quality of the touch screen by any noticeable amount. I must say though that I have had it on for two weeks and I am now noticing veryicle lines.

  79. Parker (1 comments) says:

    Is it easy to remove? For example, if I find out that I don’t like this product, will I be able to remove it and have my iPhone back to the way it was before I applied it?

  80. Sheila (5 comments) says:

    I wanted to say I LOVE the invisible shields. I’ve put them on my iPods right out of the box. Mine has been on now for over 2 years. It even survived being dropped in the ocean. (the shield that is, the iPod was expensive to fix) There has been no color change at all. I’ve just purchased an iPhone and I’m definitely going to be using one on it. The fact that it gives you that little extra grip is also very nice. It’s a great product.

  81. Vince (1 comments) says:

    Maybe the people who have had their shield start to turn to a yellow color are smokers considering it only seems to be a problem for a few people.

  82. Jane (5 comments) says:

    I have used these covers starting 2 years ago on a gameboy and now on my iphones. I found the application very easy and the back of the phones were easy to apply if you make sure and put enough water on film. it slides easily to the exact position that way. Also the corners, I used a hairdryer and held it in place for about 30 seconds and it is holing well. I have never noticed yellowing on mine and it keeps eveything scratch free like new. I dont have to clean my screens as often and I find the grip better. I think they are well worth the investment.

  83. Dom (2 comments) says:

    Very disappointed.
    Bought two of them, one for my father.
    I lined up the first one perfectly quite easily. But when I turned the iphone on, I immediately noticed a couple of small vertical lines having an iridescent glow on white backgrounds.
    After one hour I could not stand it and removed the film.
    That was not a dust but obviously small defects in the shield.
    Decided to put the other item I got.
    That was worse. More vertical lines, and this time I trapped some dust glowing the same way over white.
    I’m probably going to remove it very soon.

  84. Steve (25 comments) says:

    How much of a difference does the shield have for like dragging ur finger across (unlocking it) compared to no shield?

  85. Rauenzahner (1 comments) says:

    I just got my 3rd InvisibleSHIELD and I have to say I’m a huge fan.

    For people having issues applying the back, I’ve always just soaked the heck out of the film with the spray and slid it around till it was in place. Then you can make quick work of the corners.

    Any little bubbles or dimples WILL settle out as the shield dries and settles – give it a week and it’ll look perfect. Just be careful your iPhone is clean and don’t be in a dusty room – one piece of hair or fuzz can totally ruin the look, and once the film dries you can’t really take it off and stick it back on.

    I’ve never heard of any discoloring, not sure what knock-off the user who mentioned that had.

  86. iosif (1 comments) says:

    at BodyGuardz there is the same product, for the same money but Includes 2 Complete BodyGuardz
    ( 2 for screen and 2 for back) .but i don’t know about the quality.

  87. josh (13 comments) says:

    this review andcomments have helped me tramendously. I havnt bought one of these cases yet but I am deffinatly going to.the only thing that conserns me is the durrability of impact so I am goin to put my iPhone in a thin skin case.thanks for the tips

  88. Ricardo (1 comments) says:

    I have had the invisibleShield on two ipod (my wife’s and mine) for a year and I have to say that it has worked perfectly for both. No scratches at all and they have not turned yellow or anything like that. Regarding the small bubbles, don’t worry, some of them take a couple of weeks but they all go.
    The only problem I found is that you can get overconfident handling the ipod, after a while you can see the difference on any uncovered areas (like my wife’s top and bottom of her ipod nano), they can get a bit trashed.

  89. iPhone in Canada (3 comments) says:

    Awesome review! I love my InvisibleSHIELD for my iPhone. Works great, and the application is easy. Thanks for the tips. Check out my full review here:


  90. daniel (15 comments) says:

    i have had invisible shield for the iphone for two (2) weeks and today y dicided to take it out.it turns yellow and give iphone an ugly old looking.i asked for my money back 1 week ago and nobody answered
    I spent 24 dolars in a 2 week product

  91. Ibrar (1 comments) says:

    I have ordered this product from their own website.
    Terrible customer service i must say.
    I havent recieved my order yet(2 weeks now) and they havent replied any of my mails.

    They sure have acquired my payment through PayPal!

  92. iPhone in Canada (3 comments) says:

    I love the InvisibleShield! It has protected my iPhone in Canada (iPhones are not in Canada at all!) since day one. Great review! :)

  93. Forsakenzoul (1 comments) says:

    I have this product, for a while actually, and it turns yellow after a while. Its easy to remove though and there is no sticky residue after it. Also for the chrome part the package includes the strips to cover the top and bottom of it. the back peace covers the sides.

  94. martini (1 comments) says:

    someone said that there sheild didn’t cover the silver strip around the iphone…they must have put it on wrong because mine covers all the important areas…and the secret to make the ends stay down is to get a hair dryer put it on low pinch the ends for a couple seconds and let the dryer do the rest. It works perfect.

  95. Scott (15 comments) says:

    I agree with Mark’s comment – the front works really great but the back is not very easy to work with at all. The corners on mine didn’t stick at all and I ended up scrapping it.

    One thing that makes the front really great – you don’t see fingerprints much at all (much better than plain glass or the crystal shield product)! I only need to wipe it off occasionally and it cleans easily. That alone makes it worth the price!

  96. peter john (1 comments) says:

    check how this girl applied a larger invisible shield to a macbook case.


    she does cut one corner and applies it to align it perfectly, the she proceeds to peel off the remaining protector from the waxed paper.

    i[m going to try that too.

  97. Mark (21 comments) says:

    I bought the invisible shield from shieldZone as well and if I had it to do over again, I’d recommend just getting the front glass shield. The back is nearly impossible to line up exactly right and the rounded corners of the phone make a sleek fit out of the question. Not worth the price for the back.

  98. Jay (4 comments) says:

    bestskinsever.com is selling a supposedly “identical” shield for $8 although you have to make the soap/water solution yourself

  99. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Good point, Terri. Thanks for bringing that up.

  100. Terri (2 comments) says:

    Hi – I purchased this & everything was great – except it does not cover the whole iPhone as it’s name & description promises. It leaves the entire chrome band completely exposed. This is the part of the iPhone that I scratched prior to purchasing the Invisible Shield & to see that it was not covered was unacceptable to me – so I returned it to iFrogz.

  101. kemck (3 comments) says:

    I agree with the review, however the back shield is a lot more difficult to apply and the corners really never fold the way they are suppose to…but it does protect the entire iPhone eliminating the need for one of thos wrap around protective cases.

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