How to Make iPhone Ring Longer [iPhone Q & A]

I’m going to start an iPhone Q & A series, where I post some of the questions readers send me by email. Today’s question:

Kathy writes:

is there any way to make iphone ring longer?

How to Make Your iPhone Ring for 10 Seconds Longer

The iPhone’s default ring duration is 20 seconds. To extend your iPhone ring to 30 seconds:

  • 1) Dial *#61# and tap Call.
    Make iPhone Ring Longer
  • 2) Note the phone number shown on-screen.
    iPhone voice call forwarding
  • 3) Dial in a continuous sequence: **61*, the number from step 2 (not including country code) then **30# and tap Call.

WATCH: The exact steps to follow to extend your iPhone ring duration

Your iPhone should now ring longer — that is, for the full 30-second duration of your ringtone. To verify that your voicemails are still being sent to the correct place, repeat step 1 and check that the phone number matches.

Update: People are reporting mixed results in the comments below. Please feel free to let us know in the comments how it went for you, and lend a hand to a fellow iPhone user if you have a tip to share based on your own experience.


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Many thanks, it worked!


It worked! I watched the tutorial because it didn’t work the first time and it was because I entered the phone number wrong. I have a 7Plus and use AT&T…

Manda Halford

I tried to make ringtone longer on iPhone 8plus supplied by sky and there is no way It will let me do it no number comes up ? Please can you help me

Bill Campbell

How to reverse this option so you can receive voice mail on my phone and not on the number I wrote down. This did not ring any longer than the 20 seconds on my iPhone x

Davida Ann Pelosi

It did not work for me. I did the 61 number but it did not succeed. It just said dismiss

Johnna Griffith

Worked great now have 30 seconds before goes to voicemail-thanks

Liza'l Textor

Worked! I had to do it twice though. Thank you!!!!

Linda Bradbury

Worked hard at this ! but still not ringing longer.


this did not work for me either. I need more than one ring!!


Can you get it to ring for longer than 30 seconds, say for 60?


That worked thank you been trying for ages,looked on other sites could not work it out ,your explanation was nice and clear ,so even an old fart like me could follow it.
Thank again.

Narelle Harvey

Does not work


It worked for us exactly as described. Did *not* include the + before country code. I question if country code is required at all. But not in the mood to experiment. THANKS!


It worked, I’m so happy!


This didn’t work! After dialling the number (with or without the plus sign) A message played that the number was incomplete and incorrect. I tried a few times.

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