How to Erase a Voicemail Recording You’re Not Happy With

Feb 4, 200923956Views9Comments

Have you ever called someone, left them a voicemail and then regretted the way you said something, or just wished you could redo the recording for whatever reason? If it’s a good friend it’s no big deal if you sound incompetent, but with certain people you might care more about leaving a certain impression.

I had one of those moments today but then remembered a little trick I learned on how to erase or rerecord a voicemail you’re not satisfied with.

This trick is not iPhone-specific, but it works on AT&T enabled phones at least. (I’m not sure about other service providers.)

If you realize you’re unsatisfied with a voicemail you’ve just recorded:

  1. Don’t hang up!
  2. Go to your iPhone’s keypad.
  3. Touch star (*)

Your message will be erased and you’ll be given the option to either rerecord it or hang up. That’s it. No more embarrassing voicemails.


  1. I have T-Mobile and tried this trick. It said something like “message canceled. Thank you for using T-Mobile voicemail. Good-bye.” So i guess it kind of works on T-Mobile

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