iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store

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I went to the Apple Store in Miami today to get a replacement iPhone after my iPhone glass cracked when I dropped it on my wood floor. Read about my iPhone glass repair experience below: Since I read on the iPhone warranty that “service may not be available if your iPhone has been damaged due […]

iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store


  1. Had an iPhone 4S with a cracked phone screen. Brought it to the Apple Storw and it only cost me $50 because I had Apple Care 🙂

  2. Ok. I got my first iphone4 on march 6, 2011. Six or more months latter, it kept telling me to restore it. At 13 and new with apple devices, i really didn’t know what that meant so i ignored it. I finally restore it and it works fine. Then, i try to restore it again and it didn’t work. I took it to apple and they replaced it for free. Now, i dropped it on 2/1/12 and its broken really badly. I want to take it to apple and see if they can replace it again… since the first replacement was out of my hands. Can i get it replaced twice or do i have to pay for it this time? I really didn’t mean to drop it. I was cleaning it and it dropped out of my hand. It soon hit the side of my bed.. and the side of my bed is metal. I tried to catch it, but instead i hit it while trying to grab it. It hit the bed even harder. I picked it up and the whole front screen is severely damaged. I just wanted to know if apple can or while replace it for me since my first replacement was out of my hands. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help :(.

  3. I currently have a cracked screen on my ipod. I am going to have to pay 150 for a repair. If you think you can there are videos on youtube on how to replace it

  4. I had appointments at the Genius Bar at the Ft. Lauderdale/Galleria Mall store and I think they should change the name to Very Average IQ Bar. I wasted hours trying to get my emails working from my phone, and nobody had a clue why I was having a problem. Two seconds at the local AT&T store did the trick!

  5. I went to the Apple Store about one week ago. After reading all of these stories on message boards saying they would replace your phone for free. So without hesitence, I took an hour drive up to my nearest apple store and had a genius bar appointment. When I got to the apple store, I checked in and the genius asked whats the problem. I told him the whole story and he said that they do not replace iphone 4’s for free anymore. I was in total disbelief and had to hand over 150 big ones for a brand new phone. Also, my genius was not very helpful in restoring and activating my new phone. He had me continuosly going from the Apple Store to the verizon store. At that point, I just wanted my phone and wanted to get the hell out of their. A very unpleasent experience at the Apple Store. Hops this helps with anyone who cracked their phone as well

  6. I went to a place called They were awesome. I got my phone back in 1 day. He only charges $89 for a screen replacement. You can mail it to him if you not from the area. They are located in Murrells inlet SC. 843-733-2499. They also do all kinda of other iPhone repairs. iPads and iPods too!

    1. what a joke .. gorilla glass my a**. Got the iphone 5 less than a month ago. My son had it in his pocket that had a hole. Phone fell onto the floor and the entire glass front panel is shattered. The phone didn’t even fall directly on the front panel. What a joke … called around and the cheapest place to fix is $176. What a joke … $600 bucks for a phone and they wont even cover glass etc during the 1st year with the warranty. Never again will I purchase any Apple products. All they care about is the money and the hell with the customer. When a phone is that expensive, anything should be covered under warranty for the 1st year regardless of what the problem is. This is just blatant ripping off of the public. I think from now on I am going to find a company that at least isn’t so hard to deal with. There are a lot of other phones that are probably just as good if not better than the iphone. Yes I am ranting … I am pissed beyond belief!

  7. My husband’s iPhone slipped off my lap and onto the ground and shattered the back of it. It literally fell from like 4 inches. I didn’t realize how fragile these things really are. What is Apple doing creating such an incredibly beautiful sleek design that you have to completely cover with a bulky ugly case just to protect every bit of it? It’s sad that either the design or it’s safety have to be sacrificed. :-/ I’m not an unsatisfied customer, I love Apple and will remain a loyal customer, but I didn’t realize this was such a problem. Something I hope they fix with the next release.

  8. Took mine (Iphone 4) in to Apple Store Lakeside UK yesterday, with spider cracked screen, and they replaced for free!

  9. i just wanted to add that first of all apple is completely out of line for charging 250$ for replacing and iPhone rather than changing the screen that costs 10$. I fix iPhones in san diego county i can fix an iPhone 4 for ATT OR VERIZON for $100 – thats including the parts and labor, honestly apple take huge advantage of its costumers by doing this, they can easily replace the screen of your iPhone but they want to make more money so they pretty much screw you over. and i’m sorry Michael your a complete idiot every comment you have made is completely out of line and retarded. if any of you guys have any iPhone problems just email me at, i can help with anything i can and if you have broken your phone we provide shipping and repair for $100 for iPhone 4s and $50 for iPhone 3gs – we also do everything else on iPhones let me know what problems your having and ill take care of you

  10. OK morons: I work for Apple Customer Service, and it’s amazing that 1.)When I tell people iTunes has no phone support, you bitch and complain. GO TO THE FRIGGING WEBSITE! Or are you to stupid to comprehend simple instructions? Also, read the EULA: NO REFUNDS! 2.) Technical support is NOT FREE! 3.)If you are stupid enough to load your credit card number in your kids’ devices then you deserve it when they download $300 worth of animals for Tap Zoo. I suggest you take a IQ test before buying an iPhone, if you are an idiot you shouldn’t be allowed to own one.

    1. Not sure what your comment has to do with cracked iPhone glass, but I would sure hate to end up with you on the phone. I would hope the other Apple Customer Service reps are not so disparaging as you are in your comment.

      1. Ha! I agree. Michael might want to consider writing a grammatically correct comment (see: “Or are you to stupid to comprehend…”) before telling everyone else on this dorky thread to take an IQ test. It’s nice to know that Apple’s customer service team calls people “morons” and uses ridiculous “words” such as “frigging.” Chill out, Michael.

  11. God bless America. Where one can act like a spoiled entitled cunt who doesnt like paying for their mistakes, and get rewarded for it. Its no wonder the world looks down on us.

    1. Ha! I agree! I think customer service has gone too far….when did we start kissing peoples’ asses to keep them as customers? An example is “curbside service” for takeout in restaurants…..please! No wonder were all FAT!

  12. I just dropped my phone this weekend and cracked the entire front screen. I purchased the phone a year ago and the year warranty was up. I also purchased the apple care plan when I bought it. The guy at the genius bar was really nice. The replacement cost was $199.00. They can’t just replace the glass you have to get a new phone. YIKES!! The rep actually waived the $199 fee as a one time exemption since I have apple care and don’t have a history of mishandling my phone. I was thrilled!! We have all apple products in our house and every time we have an issue the people at Apple have been great. I’m sorry to hear that others haven’t received the same level of service we receive in Buffalo.

  13. I just got back to work from the Apple Store in Alpharetta, GA. I dropped my phone about 2 months after getting it and got a bad crack in the upper right corner. The phone has worked fine. Recently, I began having problems with receiving text messages 2 hours after they were sent and the home button not responding. My wife suggested I take it to the Apple Store for the 2 latter issues since our warranty expires in 2 days. According to the Genius Bar girl, the warranty becomes void if damaged due to accident, but she offered to run diagnostics on it anyways. She came back to me about 2 minutes later and said she would like to make a one-time exception and offered a replacement. She was pretty awesome.

  14. iPhone 4 screen cracked on my daughters phone just 3 weeks after getting it!!

    The genius bar charged $230+tax to replace it!!
    I have not paid my cell company for the 2 IPhones I just purchased 3 weeks ago!!

    I was not happy that they wouldn’t replace it at the Apple store but called my cell company and asked if they would pay for the replacement?

    So far they told me they will only pay $50 to help me out!!

    I will call them back today and see if they would cover the whole cost!!

    Apple should have a 30 to 90 day warranty for this physical damage!! There replacing cracked iPhone screens free for some but not all..
    That’s not right..

    I also had the best case I could find the otter box big bulky case!!

    1. If you drove a car off the lot and got into a wreck, would you honestly expect the dealer you bought it from to pay for the repairs? Take my advice: get a Trac Fone for your daughter, and one for yourself as well. Save your remaining brain cells.

    2. If you people drove a car off the lot and got into a wreck, would you honestly expect the dealer you bought it from to pay for the repairs? Take my advice: get a Trac Fone for yourself. Save yourself the effort of having to try to figure out how to make someone else pay for your stupid mistakes.

      1. Michael,
        If I drove a car off the lot it would be insured…just as I insured my iphone. The car would be replaced. It seems reasonable for the phone to be replaced or at least fixed if one buys the insurance

    3. Are you kidding? Are you saying the screen cracked on it’s own. While I think Michaels remarks have have been a little harsh get a life. I agree that people have become totally entitled.

  15. I have a new iphone4 “protected” with an otterbox and it literally fell less than 2 feet off of my belt clip, while sitting, onto a cement floor and busted the front glass today. I am not a happy customer.

    1. This just happened to me yesterday. I first purchased Ghost Armour and then added the really durable black carbon fiber front, frame, and back stick on cover. It kept my Iphone 4S turning heads, people constantly asking questions about “THE BULLET PROOF!! (exaggeration of course) but it kept that sexy, slim original design! They REALLY got me in person at a mall when they took a random customer’s Iphone, basically bonded just the first front layer, The clear layer, stuck it on the front of my friends iphone 4, put it in a type of “UV baker/Space-age” lit up box, in a few seconds, it somehow bonded and looked like a plain iphone 4….. Then the demonstrator took this Dremmel Drill with VERY coarse sand paper and WENT TO TOWN ON THE SCREEN!! I cracked up, people were oooing and wowing.. my buddy was crying.. Well Worried to say the least. As this went on for a good 30 seconds, I must say, The phone looked “DONE” ! Then the same guy PEELED that clear/rubbery transparent film off the phone and IT WAS LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Now imagine adding REAL WOVEN carbon fiber ON THAT!! I got it, My wife got it, My buddy got it. The best part was that it left the silver apple visible with the apple actually having an apple shaped hole in the rear. Even the front home button was visable (but both were HEAVILY protected. 4 months later, The film and carbon fiber showed no signs of EVER coming off, peeling, scratching. Even after som NASTY HORRIFIC fumbles to the floor. I begin to loose faith as I had started to notice that the very sharp 90 degree edge on the front and back screens had tiny tiny chips and dents. This was obvious, i always just slipped it in my pocket with keys, change, etc. I always had a brand new otterbox defender in my drawer since i had purchased the phone. I swore by it on my 3,3g,3gs,3gs 32, 4 and now, the 4S. The otterbox is SO snug and TIGHT and PERFECTLY molded for the IPHONE, that i had to peel off the Ghost Armour to fit it in. so as i expected. I see a gorgeous and spectacular Iphone 4S without so much as a 1/4 hair thick scratch.. IMMACULATE!!! it just looked like I trained small furry yet cautious rodents bring me my phone.
      In LESS than a week later!!! BOOM!! I went to a Blue October concert and i was taking a picture, someone taps my hand and gently slips out of my hand, I almost catch it (slowing it down even more)and it hits the floor…. The screen lookes like ALL the spider webs in EVERY Indiana Jones movie combined….. ITS NOTHING BUT A MILLION SPLINTERED, SHATTERED UTTERLY DEVASTATED GLASS… BUT IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!! Really.. WHAT THE HECK?!?! So I was laid off on Jan 17th, so I barely have enough money to even pay attention. Please excuse my delinquency, HOWEVER… I called apple because ATT does not deal with warranty or “iphone only” replacement. Since I’m not that stupid, I knew that the screen would most probably not be covered, so i ehhmm ehhmm…. Fibbed. I told them it was freezing, Battery dies by noon, the phone is constantly on “no service” (actually.. all this is true) ive had problems with att because it just so happens that my block THATS IT MY BLOCK has a dead zone… Primaraly why I’m STILL unemployed…… So my plan was to send it, when they got it, they would say that its cracked to which i would reply. “OH NO YOU DIDN’T”, Blazay, blazay, blazay…… and the way its cracked… AND FLAWLESS it looks… baffling… UNLESS someone maybe STEPPED on the case or dropped it violently from a pretty high altitude… like lets say… A UPS WAREHOUSE!?!? So as I was going through with my plan, I find that i have to bring a “SPECIFIC” code to a “predetermined” UPS facility…. Do they inspect the phone?? Do they even care what im sending so long as it fits? should i just roll it in 1 sheet of loose leaf paper and a piece of tape? then put something else in the box that i thought i had to send?? Please, ANYONE!!! FEEDBACK! im stuck!, I was supposed to send it today but told her I had an emergency and could not go yesterday. you cant even tell where theres an impact….. Cause ITS COMPLETELY SHATTERED!!!!! worse than ANY ive seen online. I took it out of the otterbox for a moment just to shine the back and sides… I got GLASS SPLINTERS IN MY FINGER!!! LIKE 5!!! it works fine!… especially in the otterbox because of the screen cover. IDEAS?? ANY OTHER “tricks”



  16. I have the Iphone 3GS 32g.Okay nothing is broken works fine.My question is do you change the back case with one i supply?And if so what would be the cost of that service be and how long would it take?

  17. I had my screen cracked on my iPhone 4 so I went to the rogers and they replaced my phone with a new one because it was a first replacement.
    So guys if u have never been replacing your phone(ipod) they will do it for free for the first time.
    They told me if this happened again i will have to pay $250 😉

  18. I know that there is a really good case that’s called otterbox… I think that’s what it’s called.. I should have one because my iPhone screen just shattered today but it still suprisingly works

  19. Okay so I dropped my iphone on my tile kitchen and the front glass shattered. I was going to call direct fix to get a replacement glass but decided to make an appointment with apple. I explained the situation and the guy gave me a brand new iphone for free! He told me since it was my first time happening to me he would just replace it. Does this work for everyone? I LOVE APPLE!! THANK YOU

    1. You know Raza, exactly same thing happened to me. I dropped my iphone and its screen was broken. I went to apple and asked what should I do. The guy in the store told me that this situation was not under warranty, so they could not replace my iphone.What they can do is giving me another iphone for $199. Of course i did not want to pay another $200. I asked him a store/place to fix my iphone screen. Then he wanted me to wait for couple minutes. When he came back he said that he talked to his supervisor and he replaced my iphone for FREE! And yes he told me that since it was first time that I had an issue with the product he did replaced it. I am getting more and more loyal to this brand! I love apple!!!

    2. Yes, they replaced my shattered glass iPhone 4 to a new iPhone 4 for free. I love apple.

  20. I would recommend the OtterBox.It is a little bulky but will get the job done. Check out Amazon for more info. And if you ever have any other problems with you phone or have any questions Just Call me 305-788-4208. I have my own company in Miami which could of fixed your problem in minutes for around $50.00. This is our Website Thank you, Jorge

    1. i have the otterbox case for my iphone 4 and i dropped it by accident from about five feet up and it landed square on its back and the glass is all shattered, so i wouldnt recommend the otterbox

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