What Do You Want to Know About the iPhone?

Tomorrow morning I’ll head over to the AT&T store to try to get my hands on an Apple iPhone. If I’m so lucky, I’ll be posting about my initial experience with the iPhone on this blog.

So tell me what burning iPhone questions you are dying to know the answers to and I will try to address them in my review.

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just guide me how to insert the sim card?


i wanna know whats the video recording resolution ??(15fps, or 30fps)of the iphone, have you seen the new SE w960 touchscreen 😉


Can you see .pdf and .doc (or.docx) files in landscape mode?


Hi, I want to know if you can pair the iPhone with a bluetooth GPS mouse, and if so, if google maps works with your location. = Car navigation


What was the ultimate cost for you? and did you get it with the 2 year plan? and how much woudl it have cost w/o the two year plan?


1. I want to know the support for file types it can read, like MS WORD, Excel, pdf etc.
2. How good are the text formatting operations(like copy, paste, font etc..)
3. Is there a support for UI themes?
4. Does it support java?
5. With no keypad, how will anyone play games?


Just wanted to let you know that I have one in my possession, as I work for at&t, and can say that the entire phone is a tremendous success….except for the virtual keyboard. I’d like a close-up of that, and your take on it. My personal experience was not all that positive with typing sms and internet searches. Also, the inability of the phone to rotate to widescreen on any screen would be a good point to cover. just some thoughts


Hi, coulde you check please, is it work with another SIM card (from another provider) or not. This is very interesting for people from other countrys :-)))

Thank you very much!


I want to know if the graphics in the iPhone are as smooth and clear as they show them in the ads.
and also will i be able to communicate with my PC through the WiFi Wireless LAN??
does it support downloads from FTP sites??


I would like to know if Iphone will be able to display Chinese fonts. If like Jobs stated that Iphone implements the full Safari then Safari on Mac can display chinese, then would Iphone be able to too?


Hey..I would like to know How is the sound clarity and the Loudness of the phone? Also like to know about the ON SCREEN KEYBOARD and let us know if it has a video recorder. Some of the sites tell that it does have but many of them say it doesnt.

Thank you,


Hmm, for a site that declares itself the source for iPhone news, the blog says you’re going to go looking for an iPhone in the morning tomorrow? It won’t be available until after 6pm at the Apple and AT&T stores.

please post screenshots of the notes and calendar apps, i am surprised none of the popular reviewers have talked about it in detail, cheers chris


HI! I would like to know does it have Tasks or To-Dos (like in MS Outlook) and does silent mode includes vibration. Thnx