Multitasking Face-Off: iPhone vs Android vs WebOS


When it comes to multitasking, Apple claimed at their iPhone OS 4 unveiling that “we weren’t first to the party, but we’re gonna be the best.” But is iPhone’s new multitasking feature really the best way to do multitasking? Check out these video demos of multitasking on iPhone OS 4, Android and Palm WebOS to decide for yourself who does multitasking better:

iPhone OS 4 Multitasking

Android Multitasking

Palm WebOS Multitasking

iPhone Jailbreak Multitasking Solutions

There are also some multitasking solutions that you can use if you jailbreak your iPhone, including:



What Do You Think?

Is Apple’s iPhone OS 4 multitasking really the best? Which multitasking solution do you prefer? I would love to hear your opinion in the comments.


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I watched all the videos. Not sure I understood how they all work, but from what I see I kind of liked Android multitasking the best. It seemed to be a smoother operation and I liked the notifications when someone was contacting the user from another app. However, since I already have and like my IPHONE, I’ll like multitasking no matter what (LOL)!


webOS’s multitasking makes it easy to switch between apps and you don’t even have to go to card view. Just swipe across the bottom and you can switch between cards. You also recieve notifications while in an app and just by tapping the notification it will pull up a new card (i.e. you are in a game and you receive a text, just click the text notification and it pauses your game where you are and opens up a new card for the text conversation, type your reply, slide back and pick up your game where you left off). It’s… Read more »

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