Do You Use Your iPhone Apps?

Mar 16, 20094370Views3Comments

This Pinch Media study monitored 30 million apps in the iPhone App Store and found that most apps are in use by fewer than 5% of iPhone users after a month has passed since the download.

Personally, I’ve downloaded some apps that sit on my home screen without being used, but I appreciate most of my apps and use them regularly. For example, I’ve used all of these in the last week:

  • Todo
  • iFitness
  • WeDict
  • Pandora
  • Shazam
  • iTranslate
  • Facebook

What about you? Are you in the majority of iPhone users who don’t use their apps a month after they’ve downloaded them? Or do you make good use of most of your apps?


  1. I have to admit – I use the apps quite a bit. But, if I download something that I find out later I don’t like – I delete it right away. So I’m left with a collection of apps that I DO use regularly.

  2. Of my dozen or so friends and associates that have iPhones, we all have about 20+ apps and average 2-3 per week. Apps are inexpensive, most do the job or are entertaining and the auto updates are super.

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