Can You Use iPhone on Airplanes?

Will you be allowed to use the iPod portion of your iPhone while on an airplane? Most airlines require that you turn off your cell phone throughout the duration of a flight, but how will the iPhone change this?

Will airlines change the rules when the number of iPhone users starts to climb? Or will there be a way to temporarily disable the iPhone’s cell phone aspect, kind of like turning off the wireless card on your laptop? Anyone know?


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Hi I have just returned back from Spain, just before the flight took off going out I was told that I must keep my iphone switched off, it has flight mode etc but the cabin crew were adamant that no iphones were allowed to be turned on for any reason ie playing games, ipod etc This was a BMI Baby flight, so unsure whether this will be the same when I fly to Egypt later this month.

Yeah we can use iPhones on airplanes, as long as you put it in airplane mode (which you can find in settings) you’ll be fine! ;D

ellis walker

yes iphone does have airplane mode its soo fab 🙂


I am a flight attendant for a major US carrier. No, you cannot use your phone to make a phone call during the entire flight. It must be turned off as soon as the boarding door closes and can be used to make phone calls as soon as you land.

most airlines allow to speak during the flight.
only on start and landing you must shut down your iphone.

Allen Huffman

Every Palm OS phone I’ve had (starting in 2002 with the Kyocera) could run as PDA with the phone part turned off, and the tradition continues with Treos, etc., so why would the iPhone be any different?


I’m sure it wont be an issue. Most of the new phones in the higher price brackets have “airplane mode” already. And most airlines even announce that you can use a phone so long as its in this mode.

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