72% of iPhone Owners Satisfied: Are You?

72 percent of respondents to a recent ChangeWave survey said they were satisfied with their iPhone purchases. Trailing behind Apple in customer satisfaction was BlackBerry-maker RIM at 55 percent.

Plans to buy an iPhone

17 percent of the respondents who planned to purchase a cell phone in the next six months said they would buy an iPhone, while 15 percent will opt for a BlackBerry (I wonder whether a touchscreen BlackBerry would help or hurt).

These figures demonstrate a shift toward more advanced cell phones over basic models, according to the survey.

There’s one cell phone manufacturer in particular that’s not benefiting from this trend, ChangeWave reported:

On the downside, one-time market dominator Motorola (MOT) has declined another four points in terms of future planned purchases, continuing a monstrous slide that began immediately after Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ initial announcement regarding the iPhone.

Are you happy with your iPhone?

iPhone owners, are you satisfied with your purchases? Was iPhone worth the price to you?

If you don’t own an iPhone, do you plan to purchase one in the next six months?


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Dan More

I’m very satisfied with my iPhone. I have tried them all and this is far the best and the miost fun to use. Dan M

Manuel Corao

I love my Iphone, but I think it’s too expensive, and the fact that if you drop it out of your pocket it breaks and the only thing that apple offers is a $250 fee to replace it. The fact that neither AT&T nor apple offers insurance is a rip off. The bottom line buy a stupid protector before it breaks like mine, I have use mobile since I’m 16 and have never broke one, now I’m 28, and get the Apple, I end it up paying $400 for the I phone plus $250 to replace it, and the cover… Read more »

Karin in Norcal

I absolutely love my iPhone! I liked my Blackberry but was never addicted to it like I am the iPhone. I was in the car all day today driving (well, riding – my husband was driving) home from L.A. and I surfed the web, answered email, made calls, sent text messages, and my battery lasted the whole trip. I have only dropped two calls since I got the phone three weeks ago and the web browsing is just as fast if not faster than my Blackberry was when using the Edge network. With WiFi it’s ten times faster! Visual voicemail… Read more »

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