iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

This iPhone Jailbreak guide aims to thoroughly cover the topic of how to Jailbreak your iPhone. This guide lists some of the top Jailbreak software, with jailbreak instructions for the latest iPhone versions, from iOS 4.0 onward. Don’t forget to check out the iPhone jailbreak FAQ below and the comments section for answers to common […]

iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide


  1. i want to get “installous” to get free apps…….
    i have an ipod touch right now and i have it jailbroken……i have NO PROBLEM with it slowing down or crashing sometimes…….but here’s the catch: it gets BRICKED sometimes…’s already got bricked twice…….now, with ipod touch that is no problem coz i just connect it to itunes and restore it……
    but i heard that if the same happens with iphone, u can’t just restore it. they deactivate your sim card and u can’t use the same sim anymore… this true?
    i have NO ISSUES with ANYTHING else as i have experienced jailbroken idevice with my ipod touch but i don’t know about iphone…….so please enlighten me. is it worth buying an iphone?

    1. I would like to know the answer to that question and also to the following question.
      I have an iPhone 4 from Verizon also and would like to know if I unlock the phone can I use Straight Talk ($45.00 per month) as my provider and if so………..HOW?

      1. Why? I use H2O or Simply Mobile. I tired Straight Talk and it was horrible accessing the web. Also, the tracphones (which is ST provider) do not use a sims card.

  2. After Jailbreaking iphone 4. Can you use different sim cards from various 4.3 Software working My iphone 4 use sim cards is working but up date software 4.3.3 update +jailbreaking After not working no sim cards not show please help me

  3. I have a iPhone 3G and I’ve tried to jailbreak it twice and both times I just restored my phone it wouldn’t jailbreak my iOS is 4.2.1 but I’ve tried green poison and red snow and I can’t figure out why it wont let me? Anybody have the Answer.

  4. if i jailbreak my sister’s old iphone 3g, can i swap my sim card out of my att phone and use the jailbroken iphone with wifi only? i basically want to circumvent the data plan charge

  5. Hello,
    I got iphone 4 from my uncle. I want to jailbreak it. So i planned to do it. While doing i got struck in middle. I mean it got hang in middle. Then my phone showing the same when i had in while jailbreak. I dono how i get back my iphone from that screen. Can u know how to come back??!! Please help me.

  6. I just recently jailbroke my iPhone but now it’s saying I have no service how do I fix this? help please

  7. I have an unlocked iphone 3GS. The cydia has crashed. If i jailbreak the phone again, will i have to unlock the phone again or will it be unlocked …. can anyone help … !?

  8. A friend just gave me her iPhone 3G. I’m on Verizon, she was on AT&T. She cleared out all of her ‘stuff’ (contacts, music, etc.) before giving it to me. When I power it up the only thing that comes up when I push the Home button is an Emergency Call screen. At this point I cannot access anything else. If I jailbreak and unlock this iPhone will I be able to use it? Can I then take it to Verizon and get service on it?

    1. No, At&T and Verizon use different technologies for Cell phones. Verizon is a totally different phone (i.e. no simm card)

  9. If my iPhone 4 is jailbroken and I get a new one if i swap the sim card from the old one and put it the new one will my new iPhone be jailbroken ??

  10. Can I upgrade my iOS version after I jail break my iPhone? What are the steps I need to do before I upgrade? Please advise and I very appreciate it. Thanks….

  11. Nice stuff, does any one no if a way to transfer lots of apps from pc to iPhone 4.3.2 jb, never do it before??

  12. hey, i was trying to jailbreak my iphone 3g running 3.1.2 to 4.2.1 but i accidently breaked my phone how can i unbreak it please help.

  13. I have had tried jail-breaking my iPhone but i have found it working and fulfilling my needs without jailbreak.
    It’s better not to waste the great efforts done by APPLE team.
    Jailbreak is a waste.

  14. My friend jailbroke my 3gs with greenpoison and my ipod and a cuple other things disappeared, but my music is still on the phone somewhere taking up space. How do i fix this? i love my music

  15. I now have the iPhone4 and I would like to know how to turn my old iPhone (previous version) into an iPod. I have gone to settings and deleted everything and now I have one screen that tells me to plug it in and another to make an emergency call.
    Here is the problem…….when I plug it in…..iTunes tries to load everything from my current phone onto my old one.

  16. everytime i download anything it will not instal I just get the message “installation failed: Invalid IPA” can anybody help please?

  17. hi i wanted to know if i can jailbreak my iphone but its the first one that came out? how could i do that

  18. i have a question i am having trouble saving the redsnow and firmware
    into the correct folder i do not have a problem with redsnow but i can not seem to make the firmware to do right what i need is a play by play
    on how to get these in the folder correctly i am trying to jailbreak i pad with 4.3.2 please help

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