Solve the iPhone 4 Antenna Issue With These Decals

Update #2: Congrats to the winners: Ryan, Kristina, Ritchie, The Junk Monger, Rob, Zack, Mike, Benjamin, Chris and Mary. I have sent you emails requesting a mailing address. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Update #1: Amanda of CraftyGalDecals has offered to donate 10 single packs of the iPhone 4 decal wraps. Leave a comment on this post to receive yours. Let me know if you have a color preference.

Not satisfied with Steve Jobs’ answer to the iPhone 4 antenna issue? To avoid blocking the antenna signal when holding the iPhone 4 left-handed, Jobs says simply “stop holding it that way” or use a case. Gee, thanks. Jobs’ suggestions are not ideal fixes for many people, including Etsy seller CraftyGalDecals, who came up with her own smart solution to the iPhone 4 reception issue.

iPhone 4 Antenna Decal on Etsy

CraftyGal has devised a simple vinyl strip that blocks the conductivity from your finger from interfering with the iPhone 4 antenna. Although I have not tested the decals myself, they should theoretically work, considering an iPhone case has the same effect. As someone who sometimes likes to go without a case — to get the “real” iPhone experience, as Apple intended — I appreciate this alternative solution.

The decals come in a multitude of colors, and add style to your new iPhone without the need for a case. Plus they will protect the bezel of your iPhone 4. You can purchase them from the CraftyGalDecals Etsy store in single packs or in sets of three.

The seller has offered to donate a few decal sets to my readers, so leave a comment if you want one and I will select the winners by Tuesday, July 6. In exchange for the gift, I simply ask that you come back here and comment to tell me if the decal solved your iPhone 4 antenna problem.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win.


  1. omg this would be great i hate the signal on this thing and ive been searching forn a fix i would love this in purple and black if possible

  2. Hi i have an i phone 4 and would like to try this if you still have them, my favorite color is lime green however my second is orange. Thank you.

  3. I do not know if this is still going on or not, but these decals really do look great. My favorite color is red. Where can you get these online?

  4. I am not sure if this resolves the reception issue.As i installed zagg antenna film ,which didnt help.But i covered the black spots too.So might be if this installs in three pieces will help.I would love to have this decal and if it works then i guess most people want to have it.Can any one confirm if the size of the decal is exactly to the size of antenna.

  5. I received the vinyl yesterday and applied it to my iPhone 4. Putting the decal was relatively easy, I only had problems with the initial start, and keeping it in a straight line. I didn’t show any improvement to the antena issue, and my appliqué is on nice and cozy. Also with tight fitting cases, I think the vinyl can be subject to a tear, my hard silicone gel case wanted to peel it right off, so if you have both choose which one you want, or fight to keep the vinyl intact. Over all it’s pretty neat, it gave my phone a new look, and will help with the small scuffs that normal pocket use can cause. 7 out of 10.

  6. So I got my free strap in the mail today it was the matte black. It took some finagling to get it on properly, even now it isnt totally in sync with the sides due to the fact that my hands shake allot. This would be my error not the products. Now it looks very nice on the phone and actually looks as if it connects the two black parts of the phone and that is very nice. It also feels very good in my hand. Now to the reception issue, this does not fix it all the way. What do I mean by all the way? Well in my house where I have the worst reception in town, before when I would grab my phone in a death grip the lose of signal would be almost instantaneous. Now with the strap on it only goes down to one bar and stays there. My calls do not seem to be affected, it should be noted that in my house I am on a Att Microcell. Outside is a different beast when i have 5 bars it goes to 4 and stays there so i am causing interference but it seems that it is so small that it does not destroy reception. I would recommend this to people who want a quick cheep alternative.

    1. Ryan, thanks for coming back and reporting your experience! I might get one for myself when my iPhone 4 arrives, depending on whether I have the antenna issue.

  7. I want an iphone 4 with blue decals on it which makes iphone 4 looks awesome and also there will be no antenna problem.

  8. Really glad that so many people are finding tasteful solutions to the iPhone 4 antenna issues.

    Hope I win!

  9. The vinyl that I use to make the bezel edge wraps is rated for 6 year outdoor applications. So they should last a very long time on the phone. I sell them in a three pack so that you have replacements if the vinyl gets too scuffed from dropping etc..

  10. It was a major burn when I found out about the issue, and I have dropped AT LEAST one call because of the issue. I dig that people care enough to try to solve this headache so everyone can go back to being excited about their awesome devices.

  11. I love, love, love my iPhone 4 but it feels kinda bulky to me because I have to keep it in a case so that my fingers don’t interfere with reception. 🙁 I’d love some of those cool decals. Green is my favorite color, by the way. 😉

  12. These decals will be great on my new 4- I have purchased decals from crafty gal’s eysty shop for my iPad ! Very nice quality. Would love to win one in pink!!

  13. Sounds great. I hate the way the iPhone 4 feels with this darn bumper on it. Plus it’s a pain to get out if my pocket. This would be a great idea to color it up, or go all black and sleek.

  14. But Apple says its all about how they measure the signal and they’ve been doing it wrong all along! (Yeah, right!) ;oP

  15. Way cool idea. My hubby & I love the sleek look of our new iPhones and would like to leave them un-encased but due to these crappy reception issues we were thinking we would have to cover them up. This may just be the perfect solution!

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