What to Do If Your iPhone Freezes [iPhone Q & A]

This post is part of the iPhone Q & A series, where I address iPhone-related questions that readers email me. I am not able to get to all questions, but I will occasionally answer one and post it here. Casey writes: What to do if my iPhone freezes? I was just switching between facebook & […]

What to Do If Your iPhone Freezes [iPhone Q & A]

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  1. help my screen froze to home screen where u slide to unlock screen but it wont unlock it froze plzzz telll meee my parents are going to kill me lol

  2. the apple logo start uo just appeared while im playing myh songs in my iphone and suddenly the itunes and usb logo appears..what really happens to my iphone???

  3. my iphone screen just turned blank grey .. even i turned it on n off… press the start npress buttons together… nothings happenin to the screen its just blank grey but the pwer works n all. so how do i make the screen back to normal.. thankss bei..

  4. This happened to me last night and I did see the silver apple logo, however my screen was frozen on the logo. I had to let the power run down and just recharge it, unfortunately, I was working Oncall last night for the emergency room and it was a SEVERE inconvenience for my phone not be working, considering how much it cost!!!!!!!!!

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