iPhone Text Message Privacy: How to Turn off SMS Preview

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Update: The SMS Preview privacy issue is now resolved as of the iPhone 3.0 software update. In my original iPhone review, I complained about having little privacy on the iPhone when receiving incoming text messages. When you receive an SMS message on your iPhone, a preview of the message content pops up on the screen, […]

iPhone Text Message Privacy: How to Turn off SMS Preview

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  1. Can you see the amount of texts made to a certain person from 3GS? i.e. Texts to mum = 53
    texts to Dad = 103

  2. I really think that there should be a password lock on the messages, as well as the phone. Sometimes people are going through your phone and you don’t want them to read your texts messages. There may be private contents that you don’t want people to read. If there was something like the phone lock on messages, the iPhone would be perfect!

  3. Settings>Messages and the setting to turn off preview is there, no need to use the passcode if you dont want to deal with it

  4. hi fellas!
    i got this problem that i dunno how to solve.
    D issue is my iphone 3G fw3.0 doesnt display names on my messages..
    as in, messages pops up with no names rather it pops up with numbers like +76352 blah blah blah instead of the real names in my contact..pls i need help ASAP

  5. Since the private text messages are only a small part of all the messages you are using , treat them differently . Use the new PrivateTIP application for iphones on app store , with this application you are hiding the text message in an innocent photo from photo library , you can then store back the photo with hidden text to photo library , you can send the photo with hidden text by email to a friend . The text can be extracted only by the application which is protected by password . Read more on .


    Apple definitely needs to solve this issue.
    In the meantime, congrats for finding the solution Chris!!

  7. No, it’s not perfect. You still get a push notification on your phone as soon as a text message appears. So if you’re showing someone photos on your phone, for example, you’ll get an alert that you have a text from so-and-so which you are given the option of either ignoring or viewing. Either way, you have been interrupted. I’m just amazed that his still hasn’t been provided as an option to turn of if you desire.

  8. Don’t know if I’ve missed something but you can do this on the 3.0 software. It’s just they’ve moved it to under, settings>messages. Works perfect.

  9. Has this been reversed for ver 3.1? I have just got on board with an iPhone and the option does not appear?

  10. Just put your phone in AIRPLANE MODE when people are around. The phone can still be played with curious people and you can guarantee no naughty texts or calls will come in. Works as a temp fix at least… Just turn off airplane mode every so often to see what you missed when you are in the bathroom or something. 😀

  11. Hey “private”! Read all the posts first before adding your comments. The subject has been discussed already and it is not only about cheating but also about professional data beeing exposed, about your boss reading your wife’s sms that’s says she wants to give you a blowjob when you come back home and other stuff like this. The reasons could be many and if the only reason for you is cheating on somebody then probably you have a big problem being honest. Consider this and stop posting duplicates.

  12. Seriously? My iPhone isn’t the catalyst of the openess in my relationships with those in my life. However, I have conversations with people that I would prefer to keep private from time-to-time. As well, pop-up interrupts my work frequently when I’m using my iPhone to show a client a sneek-peek at my portfolio. I would much prefer not having to have people interrupting a conversation I’m having with their texts. And, what if that text is coming from a prospective client’s competition? How does that go unexplained? I wonder if I should be curious about my wife’s iPhone as well? You bring up a good point, maybe SHE has something to hide as well? Or is it only men that cheat in your world?

  13. I have an issue with all you people that need to lock your phones and “secretly” text what did you all do before these “wonderful features” ?? …. You have trust issues and should not be with the people you are with if you need to lock your phones.
    What are you hiding ?? and if you women out there have husbands/bf locking their phones … you should wonder why ????

    1. I agree, hubby guards his cell phone with a passion. He’s receiving messages from women he shouldn’t. Papers should be arriving any day now. Bye-bye to the louse! Even though I can’t see the text messages he sure left one long paper trail.

      1. Uhm… I need password.. because… well, when my iphone is at the boy that i like and he “accidentaly” sees the message about him, i’m lost! xD

    2. if someone steals your phone, it is best to have it password protected. the only way the thief can use your phone, is if they have apple unlock it and that sends everything back to default; therefore, all your facebook accounts, bank accounts, emails, etc. are deleted.

    3. I think some people should stay on the subject and mind your own business. I f someone is cheating that’s their business and life. 🙂 having said that! I need to have the name popup removed from my Iphone 4. Can some one help? would it be possible to get that done without jail breaking the phone?

  14. diana is a loser. she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. she’s pretending, it’s all in her head. she doesn’t even have an iphone. diana is actually a man. he/she is crazy in the head.

  15. This whole privacy thing is a major issue, Apple are clearly not listening to their customers.
    They have a fantastic product but need to take a closer look at Nokia and the additional phone settings they offer.

  16. i have d original version of the iphone and suddenly i noticed tat i can send messages and it sucessfully reaches the person i send it to but i cant recieve their reply.. i cant get their reply …plz help me out i am totally confused what do i do?

  17. I have 3Gs. I was playing with my txts and noticed there is an “edit” button on the top. If you push edit button, you can erase some txt and leave the others, so you dont have to keep the whole conversation…

  18. I’ve read all these posts, and need a solution because I have a girlfriend (only 1!), and a 7 year old son who I like to let use my new iphone for the games… BUT:

    My god, who’d want to be married to or dating Diane or UNKNOWN.. I mean they’d always be checking if you’re cheating! You’d never get to use your phone because they’d always be on it in your messages…

  19. i had a blackberry and i’m considering going back to my blackberry curve!!! one of the best phone i ever had. it would run for days without me charging it so many times and there is no pop up freaking notification annoying me when im browsing rather a light blinking!!!!!!

  20. yeah… iblacklist… 😀
    it is great, no more sms notification!!! 🙂
    in addition you can install notifier for minimum notification without any popup.

  21. P-squared…we feel your pain!!! It is sooo frustrating!! I was hoping the new software would fix this problem…but NO!!! I was thinking about getting a new iPhone but I’m so frustrated about this one issue that I may consider buying a Blackberry instead!! Ugh!!!

  22. I get a text message pop up when I get a new text message in the middle of something i am doing! I just want the little red icon notification and no text message pop up. This notification pop up is sooooo damn annoying that it makes you want to break the iphone! i just want an option to turn that pop up screen to be off! is that too much to ask? a simple red icon with a number indicating text messages received in the text message app would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Rita,

    I just downloaded the new software and I found the option under settings, then messages.


  24. Hi Rochelle,

    I just got the iPHONE 3GS. I am very new to iPhone.
    I have software version 3.0 and I can’t see the slide to turn off SMS Preview. There is no option to do this so I am unable to disable it. Any words of wisdom?


  25. All u have to do is download realSMStext and iBlacklist off of cydia and u can hide just about anything 😉

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