iPhone 3.0 Shake to Shuffle [Video Demo]

Here’s another feature that’s new to iPhone 3.0. Shake your iPhone and it shuffles your iPod. Watch my video demo of iPhone 3.0’s shake-to-shuffle feature:

The iPhone will shuffle once shaken regardless of whether you have the iPod app open. Stay tuned for a full review of iPhone 3.0.

Update: Deda adds, “I just tried the shake/shuffle feature. You can’t return to a previously skipped song if you choose to shake the phone.”

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  1. I don’t get it. I have to unlock it, then press the ipod, then shuffle, even though in shuffle I could just press the forward button – where’s the advantage in that. Now if it reacted toa very specific shuffle like two sharp shakes to the left, say. That way it wouldn’t upset you runners.

  2. I love you! I almost threw my phone down the hill the other day because it wouldnt stop shuffling! I thought i was going to go crazy!

  3. indeed the phone is a beauty, however, there are issues with upgrading the version and/or downloading stuff (ringtones, wallpapers, etc…) on the phone, as it locks it back. if this is solved, then its unbeatable!!!

  4. can you turn the shuffle off, i run with my iphone and now it wont stop shuffling because it confuses the running with the shaking…..grrrr !!!

  5. Not a fan of shake to shuffle. Especially if you are running with the phone. It kept shuffling because I was obviously shaking it. Anyone know how to disable this feature?

  6. Well, just checked again. Shake to shuffle works when the phone is turned on. But after I switch it off to sleep mode, it doesn’t budge after I shake it. Sorta weird to have to turn it on, slide to unlock, and then shake. Am I missing something?

  7. @Jozso I believe you can, if I remember correctly, but I sold my iPhone and am waiting for 3G S so I can´t check for you until then. Anyone else know?

  8. I just tried the shake/shuffle feature. You can’t return to a previously skipped song if you choose to shake the phone. I don’t know if this is a bug…

  9. Deda, it’s great to get comments like yours. I missed that and probably wouldn’t have noticed it for awhile without your comment. I’ll be sure to add this point to the post tomorrow (it’s late now). It does seem buggy to me.

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