How to Make iPhone Ring Longer [iPhone Q & A]

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iPhone Ring Longer

Make Your iPhone Ring Longer

I’m going to start an iPhone Q & A series, where I post some of the questions readers send me by email. Today’s question:

Kathy writes:

is there any way to make iphone ring longer?

How to Make Your iPhone Ring for 10 Seconds Longer

Even if your iPhone ringtone is 30 seconds long, your iPhone rings for only 20 seconds by default. To get your iPhone to ring for 30 seconds, instead of the standard 20-second ring, follow the steps below:

  1. Dial *#61# and touch Call.

    Make iPhone Ring Longer

  2. Jot down the phone number displayed on the screen. This is where your voicemail calls are directed to (as shown in the screenshot below).

    iPhone voice call forwarding

  3. Dial **61*(THE NUMBER YOU WROTE DOWN)**30# and press Call.

Your iPhone should now ring longer — that is, for the full 30-second duration of your ringtone. To verify that your voicemails are still being sent to the correct place, repeat step 1 and check that the phone number matches.

Update: Commenters are reporting mixed results. Try the above instructions to get a longer ring on your iPhone and let us know how it goes.

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  1. Number to enter was +61101 … Could not enter the + sign but did enter 61101 – didn’t work. Tried again with just 101 and yes I was told I had succeeded BUT when I tried to call my mobile using the home phone the call went straight to message bank – No ringing on the mobile so overall IT DID NOT WORK.!!! Had to reset the whole damn phone just for the sake of getting the damn thing to ring longer when a call comes in. Why can’t 30 seconds be set as the default … if you don’t like that then be able to set it to ring a shorter or even longer time.

  2. hi,i have set up my iphone6,and it only rings 3 rings before going onto screen for me to activate speaker and when my phone is away from me i cant hear as it only rings 3 rings.what do i do? after 3 rings it does not go to mailbox/or answer service.please advise

  3. Continuing problem with I phone in extending incoming ring tone, and also tone notification of SMS, Viber and email. Bit over it and thinking of going back to Samsung. Any suggestions???

  4. Why does it work for some and not others? I’ve got an IPhone6s with Cricket (AT&T) and after calling *#61#, I don’t get the “forwards to number…”, all I see is “Disabled”.

    Is there another solution? Is there a list of providers that this feature will not work?
    At least everyone has a least two rings, I have no rings. It just automatically goes into voicemail.

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