iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store

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I went to the Apple Store in Miami today to get a replacement iPhone after my iPhone glass cracked when I dropped it on my wood floor. Read about my iPhone glass repair experience below: Since I read on the iPhone warranty that “service may not be available if your iPhone has been damaged due […]

iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store

iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

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  1. I bought a thick rubber case made by Speck for my Gen 1 iPhone and it works great. I’ve dropped my phone so manytimes times facedown it’s notfunny. Both my daughter and wife have broken the glass on their phones but they don’t lisen to me. What else is new! I got the case at the Apple store. Good luck

  2. Apple Pie Repair is the best iPhone glass repair in Lafayette, LA. Definitely 5 star service. Great prices.
    And the best cases out there are otterbox defender and commuter cases.
    Disclosure: Email address indicates an affiliation with this company. Commenters, please disclose financial affiliations.

  3. Also do you think for a momment that Steve Jobs really know what is going on-Don’t think so and He most likely don’t care and is laughing at you all ===all the way to the bank

  4. This Hi cost to fix a broben glass on your I phone is really a rip off.
    Nowyou know why Jobs and Gates a soooooooooooooo rich from you. Yeh both of them are old geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Add me to the long list of broken glass in my iPhone 4. I did not drop it, but it was in my pocket. The Apple Store Genius rudely said, “It’s been dropped. Physics doesn’t lie. I could throw mine across the store and it wouldn’t break.” $199. for a replacement. After the huge hassle to get the phone in the first place, it seems to me that Apple is definitely ripping off its customers.

  6. i cracked the back of my phone near, but not including, the camera. would apple replace the back cover.

    please respond asap

  7. The new iphone a is very fragle device that is unfortionaly ( from the glass issue) is not ready for the real world, where people do drop many types of things from there hands, including slipery glass phones. I feel like i have too put a protection device on the phone for saftey and cover it’s appearance, which should have been designed into the phone in the first place.!!!!!!!!!!!! Put a finger hole, a small hole for a wrist strap (like on a camera) or finger curves on the side where your hands touch the device @ least!!! And $30 for a fu$@&ing rubber band that should be in the box (without mention) in every color made, even if it is avalible in 100 colors. Can you imagine what it costs too make a silicone strip. Prob. 20 cents?. Make its awsome features work in the real world. Ok its scratch resestance but way too brittle for the tipical usage it will be exposed too.It a power packed device that screams ‘fragel’. And thats just plain SUCKS. We are paying($) a large % just for the looks of the phn. which has too be hidden and is a engineering flaw. Jobs should have a recall ( like on others products such as cars) and correct this big tradeoff problem of looks vs. real life practicallity. I love Apple products but this is a big goofup, in my oppion & a big letdown for me!
    Please excuse the spelling errors.

  8. I had trouble with my iphone and had phoned apple stating that my phone was freezing and would not work most of the time.. The man on the other end asked if I had a case on it and I replied yes of course. He then proceeded to tell me to remove the case as they have been known to interfer with the iphone. yesterday my phone was dropped and my glass is now broken. I am upset that this man instructed me to do so and now it is broken… this is a big disappointment all around for me with the iphone.

  9. Otterbox is the best, but will not be out for a month or 2 for the Iphone4.I will definitely get one.I broke my glass also, but purchased the Squaretrade warranty for $5.99 a month and they repaired my phone for the $50 deductable.You may want to consider Squaretrade.Its a free app from your app store on your phone.

  10. So I bought an otter-box for my iPhone and because it makes it so bulky had taken it out of the otter-box so the phone would fit nicely in my pocket. I then proceeded to get the phone to put it back in the box and dropped the iPhone and shattered the outer glass. It is still fully functioning for that I am lucky but I is going to cost me 199 big ones to get the glass fixed. I had just gotten my 3G and was sold the protection plan as an insurance for the phone. I cried when the manager of Apple told me whoever sold me that, which I had the receipt in hand with name on it, was wrong and there was just nothing he could do about that.

  11. I went with I was very impressed with this company. Not only did their service cost about 1/3 less than any other company I found, but my phone came back in perfect condition, cleaner, and I swear it is running faster. Service was really quick – it took 6 days round trip from the East Coast. I also got a few freebies! I sent my phone in for an LCD replacement, but I would recommend them for any iPhone troubles you may have!?

  12. I cracked my 3G glass today and after reading this thread thought I could find somewhere to fix just the glass – nope. As it turns out the part that I need was the glass and digitizer – the are really one piece I guess. But for $79 I went to and they repaired my iPhone while I was on my lunch break!!! Gotta love that.

  13. “Apple’s repair fee for the iPhone is much too high, in my opinion. I feel that charging $250 for something that probably costs $10 or $20 to fix is taking advantage of customers.”

    Why would you think it would cost “$10 or $20” to virtually completely disassemble and reassemble in iPhone? I mean, the damage you described wasn’t the glass, but as you said the touch screen below the glass. That would mean that the glass would have to be removed, no small feat in itself, then the touch screen would need to be removed (still going by your description). That would certainly involve desoldering it from the board, then re-soldering a new one down. That may or may not involve microsoldering.

    Certainly you don’t think they put your phone on a conveyor belt, it travels into a machine and it comes out repaired on the other end. I mean, someone with considerable skill would need to be enlisted to repair something like that I would think.

  14. Next time that happens take a look at they have a video there that you can reference to replace your own glass for a fraction of the cost. They also carry OEM parts and kits to do the replacement yourself. Go check them out @

  15. I dropped my iPhone accidentally on the stairs and it got one of those subsurface cracks, too. It looks crummy. Of course, I got the same run around with Apple people on the phone and at the store. After accidental cracks on iBook monitors thanks to my kids, and one iPod destroyed in the washing machine, I’ve decided this is how Apple makes their billions. They make people think that their product is a must-have, cream of the crop product, but the reality is, these are cheesy, fragile, expensive rip-offs. And now, the iPad — a product with even more easily breakable surface glass, with no cover! When the time is up, I refuse to buy another iPhone. I’ve got to believe all these fragile glass-faced, LCD products will bring Apple down eventually.

    1. There is a guy in Lafayette, LA that will change a 3G glass for $100 and 3GS glass for $120. Great deal and perfection when finished. His email address is, if you happen to need him in the future. He comes highly recommended as well.

      1. Rachel, have you used this guy? I live in Lafayette, and was just told about a place off of Pinhook that offers this service. I unfortunately dropped mine today on concrete, screen down (i tripped and the phone flew) and the screen is cracked, although the phone still works thankfully.

        thanks for any info!

        1. Yes, I have and many of my friends and patients have too! He’s great. I have heard about the guy on Pinhook and have heard nothing but poor reviews from his shop. I had one of my friends go to him before I had my glass changed, he was going only for the guy to change his glass because that is all the was wrong with. The guy took his phone, brought it to the back, then brought it back to the front and said that he needed to change the LCD. My friends phone was working fine before the guy took his phone. I have heard of a couple of situations with that guy on Pinhook that were not good, but my friends situation was first hand knowledge. The guy that changed my glass and fixed my friend phone that I was telling you about is awesome. He will pick up your phone and fix it and deliver it back to you the same night. I think he does this on the side. I think he works a real job during the day. Are you thinking of having him fix your phone? Have you contacted him? I would love to hear your outcome.

        2. I am the guy on Pinhook, I promise your comments are totally out of line. IF the customer only wanted their screen fixed, I could have done that for them. But if the LCD is bad that will be a additional charge. I doubt the claims of any bad service, frankly they sound like competiton making up stories 3827 Pinhook Broussard LA 70518 337-781-6488.. I have done more iphone repairs than anyone else within 100 miles of LAfayette.

  16. I had a phone screen crack as well. Had dropped my iphone a few times with no problems and low and behold a girl accidentally knocked it off the bar and when she picked it up it was spidered pretty bad. I called Apple and was quoted on the $200 replacement and was really not into paying that much. Ended up visiting a great guy that runs and he had it fixed and taken care of in 15 minutes with a new screen for $75. Definitely a great deal and if your screen gets scratched up or broke I would definitely recommend him. He lives in the Minneapolis area and is just a really nice guy but also accepts you to ship your phone to him. THANK YOU!

  17. The screen of my iPhone 3GS 32GB cracked after i dropped it. I went to the Genius Bar and they offered to repair the damaged handset OR replace with a new refurbished one.

    Does anyone has any experiences with the replacement handset ?

    1. it’s better to replace if it’s the handset problem, for handset price, u can enquiry your local repair shop, then compair with Imobileparts.

  18. I had my iphone 3G and 3Gs repaired by the folks at they have always done an exceptional job on my phones at reasonable costs. I have used other cellphone repair centers but what I like about is that they use high quality parts which are extensively tested before sold to the public, that way you don’t end up with something that breaks a few weeks later. You can also contact them by phone at 818-553-2700. Take Care and Good Luck

  19. I’ve used this company a couple of times now. The latest repair was for a cracked glass on my iPhone. My sons liked the light saber game on the iPhone and accidentally threw my phone… I sent my phone in and got it back with a new glass front.

  20. Ivyskin T4 quattro. I bought one dropped my phone and all that broke was the glass screen protector. You know you can get insurance on an iPhone through companies like geico. Just ask if they have a personal properties insurance. It covers iPhones, iPods, mp3 players, etc.

  21. I was thinking about taking my iPhone to the apple store, since I dropped it last night and the screen in blue and white. It’s not cracked.. But idk if they will fix it with my warranty.

  22. I bought the new 3G back in July because of my my original 8GB was stolen. I only paid $100 plus tax so about $150. This is BS if they think Im going to pay double the amount i paid for The phone its self. I might as well just buy a new phone and transfer my information. Im thinking a bout by anther phone other the than the Iphone any suggestion of other phones that is a touch screen with apps and internet that wont crack the glass. oh and by the way my phone still works, but still when i slid my fingers across the screen it feels like its going to cut my skin open.

  23. i bought the glass/digitizer combo on Amazon, then paid a cell phone repair shopt $25 to fix it- total coast was $65. I later had problems with my cell phone, backing up new software (it would get stuck in the process) and returned it for a new one with Apple without a problem. There was absolutely no getting around the $199 fee with Apple so I researched because there was no way i was paying $199 for a phone that had just cost me $150…good luck- where there’s a will, there’s a way…just takes a little research.

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