iPhone Glass Repair: My Visit to the Apple Store

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Published: Jan 20, 2008

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139 Responses

  1. iPhone 4S user (1 comments) says:

    Had an iPhone 4S with a cracked phone screen. Brought it to the Apple Storw and it only cost me $50 because I had Apple Care :)

  2. Julien (1 comments) says:

    I went to an apple store in New York and they just gave me a new iPhone for free

  3. I phone user (1 comments) says:

    The glass to a iPhone 3 is only
    $15 including shipping. you got jipped

  4. Eliijah Moss (1 comments) says:

    Ok. I got my first iphone4 on march 6, 2011. Six or more months latter, it kept telling me to restore it. At 13 and new with apple devices, i really didn’t know what that meant so i ignored it. I finally restore it and it works fine. Then, i try to restore it again and it didn’t work. I took it to apple and they replaced it for free. Now, i dropped it on 2/1/12 and its broken really badly. I want to take it to apple and see if they can replace it again… since the first replacement was out of my hands. Can i get it replaced twice or do i have to pay for it this time? I really didn’t mean to drop it. I was cleaning it and it dropped out of my hand. It soon hit the side of my bed.. and the side of my bed is metal. I tried to catch it, but instead i hit it while trying to grab it. It hit the bed even harder. I picked it up and the whole front screen is severely damaged. I just wanted to know if apple can or while replace it for me since my first replacement was out of my hands. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ help :(.

  5. Olivia (1 comments) says:

    I currently have a cracked screen on my ipod. I am going to have to pay 150 for a repair. If you think you can there are videos on youtube on how to replace it

  6. Barbara Keller (1 comments) says:

    I had appointments at the Genius Bar at the Ft. Lauderdale/Galleria Mall store and I think they should change the name to Very Average IQ Bar. I wasted hours trying to get my emails working from my phone, and nobody had a clue why I was having a problem. Two seconds at the local AT&T store did the trick!

  7. Chris (37 comments) says:

    I went to the Apple Store about one week ago. After reading all of these stories on message boards saying they would replace your phone for free. So without hesitence, I took an hour drive up to my nearest apple store and had a genius bar appointment. When I got to the apple store, I checked in and the genius asked whats the problem. I told him the whole story and he said that they do not replace iphone 4’s for free anymore. I was in total disbelief and had to hand over 150 big ones for a brand new phone. Also, my genius was not very helpful in restoring and activating my new phone. He had me continuosly going from the Apple Store to the verizon store. At that point, I just wanted my phone and wanted to get the hell out of their. A very unpleasent experience at the Apple Store. Hops this helps with anyone who cracked their phone as well

  8. Amanda (6 comments) says:

    I went to a place called mypooriphone.com. They were awesome. I got my phone back in 1 day. He only charges $89 for a screen replacement. You can mail it to him if you not from the area. They are located in Murrells inlet SC. 843-733-2499. They also do all kinda of other iPhone repairs. iPads and iPods too!

  9. Taylor (5 comments) says:

    They’re putting Gorilla Glass in the iPhone 5 so you guys can stop bitching.

    • Tracey (1 comments) says:

      what a joke .. gorilla glass my a**. Got the iphone 5 less than a month ago. My son had it in his pocket that had a hole. Phone fell onto the floor and the entire glass front panel is shattered. The phone didn’t even fall directly on the front panel. What a joke … called around and the cheapest place to fix is $176. What a joke … $600 bucks for a phone and they wont even cover glass etc during the 1st year with the warranty. Never again will I purchase any Apple products. All they care about is the money and the hell with the customer. When a phone is that expensive, anything should be covered under warranty for the 1st year regardless of what the problem is. This is just blatant ripping off of the public. I think from now on I am going to find a company that at least isn’t so hard to deal with. There are a lot of other phones that are probably just as good if not better than the iphone. Yes I am ranting … I am pissed beyond belief!

  10. Ashley Bee (1 comments) says:

    My husband’s iPhone slipped off my lap and onto the ground and shattered the back of it. It literally fell from like 4 inches. I didn’t realize how fragile these things really are. What is Apple doing creating such an incredibly beautiful sleek design that you have to completely cover with a bulky ugly case just to protect every bit of it? It’s sad that either the design or it’s safety have to be sacrificed. :-/ I’m not an unsatisfied customer, I love Apple and will remain a loyal customer, but I didn’t realize this was such a problem. Something I hope they fix with the next release.

  11. Dave (8 comments) says:

    Took mine (Iphone 4) in to Apple Store Lakeside UK yesterday, with spider cracked screen, and they replaced for free!

  12. Sobhan Alizadeh (1 comments) says:

    i just wanted to add that first of all apple is completely out of line for charging 250$ for replacing and iPhone rather than changing the screen that costs 10$. I fix iPhones in san diego county i can fix an iPhone 4 for ATT OR VERIZON for $100 – thats including the parts and labor, honestly apple take huge advantage of its costumers by doing this, they can easily replace the screen of your iPhone but they want to make more money so they pretty much screw you over. and i’m sorry Michael your a complete idiot every comment you have made is completely out of line and retarded. if any of you guys have any iPhone problems just email me at delta.wireless411@gmail.com, i can help with anything i can and if you have broken your phone we provide shipping and repair for $100 for iPhone 4s and $50 for iPhone 3gs – we also do everything else on iPhones let me know what problems your having and ill take care of you

  13. Michael (16 comments) says:

    OK morons: I work for Apple Customer Service, and it’s amazing that 1.)When I tell people iTunes has no phone support, you bitch and complain. GO TO THE FRIGGING WEBSITE! Or are you to stupid to comprehend simple instructions? Also, read the EULA: NO REFUNDS! 2.) Technical support is NOT FREE! 3.)If you are stupid enough to load your credit card number in your kids’ devices then you deserve it when they download $300 worth of animals for Tap Zoo. I suggest you take a IQ test before buying an iPhone, if you are an idiot you shouldn’t be allowed to own one.

    • iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

      Not sure what your comment has to do with cracked iPhone glass, but I would sure hate to end up with you on the phone. I would hope the other Apple Customer Service reps are not so disparaging as you are in your comment.

      • Jill (12 comments) says:

        Ha! I agree. Michael might want to consider writing a grammatically correct comment (see: “Or are you to stupid to comprehend…”) before telling everyone else on this dorky thread to take an IQ test. It’s nice to know that Apple’s customer service team calls people “morons” and uses ridiculous “words” such as “frigging.” Chill out, Michael.

      • Michael (16 comments) says:

        They are :-) (at least in the call center I work at)

  14. Jamey (1 comments) says:

    God bless America. Where one can act like a spoiled entitled cunt who doesnt like paying for their mistakes, and get rewarded for it. Its no wonder the world looks down on us.

    • Michael (16 comments) says:

      Ha! I agree! I think customer service has gone too far….when did we start kissing peoples’ asses to keep them as customers? An example is “curbside service” for takeout in restaurants…..please! No wonder were all FAT!

    • David (19 comments) says:

      Entitled?? I believe he paid $250.

  15. Jen (9 comments) says:

    I just dropped my phone this weekend and cracked the entire front screen. I purchased the phone a year ago and the year warranty was up. I also purchased the apple care plan when I bought it. The guy at the genius bar was really nice. The replacement cost was $199.00. They can’t just replace the glass you have to get a new phone. YIKES!! The rep actually waived the $199 fee as a one time exemption since I have apple care and don’t have a history of mishandling my phone. I was thrilled!! We have all apple products in our house and every time we have an issue the people at Apple have been great. I’m sorry to hear that others haven’t received the same level of service we receive in Buffalo.

  16. Zach (2 comments) says:

    I just got back to work from the Apple Store in Alpharetta, GA. I dropped my phone about 2 months after getting it and got a bad crack in the upper right corner. The phone has worked fine. Recently, I began having problems with receiving text messages 2 hours after they were sent and the home button not responding. My wife suggested I take it to the Apple Store for the 2 latter issues since our warranty expires in 2 days. According to the Genius Bar girl, the warranty becomes void if damaged due to accident, but she offered to run diagnostics on it anyways. She came back to me about 2 minutes later and said she would like to make a one-time exception and offered a replacement. She was pretty awesome.

  17. Michael (16 comments) says:

    iPhone 4 screen cracked on my daughters phone just 3 weeks after getting it!!

    The genius bar charged $230+tax to replace it!!
    I have not paid my cell company for the 2 IPhones I just purchased 3 weeks ago!!

    I was not happy that they wouldn’t replace it at the Apple store but called my cell company and asked if they would pay for the replacement?

    So far they told me they will only pay $50 to help me out!!

    I will call them back today and see if they would cover the whole cost!!

    Apple should have a 30 to 90 day warranty for this physical damage!! There replacing cracked iPhone screens free for some but not all..
    That’s not right..

    I also had the best case I could find the otter box big bulky case!!

    • Michael (16 comments) says:

      If you drove a car off the lot and got into a wreck, would you honestly expect the dealer you bought it from to pay for the repairs? Take my advice: get a Trac Fone for your daughter, and one for yourself as well. Save your remaining brain cells.

    • Michael (16 comments) says:

      If you people drove a car off the lot and got into a wreck, would you honestly expect the dealer you bought it from to pay for the repairs? Take my advice: get a Trac Fone for yourself. Save yourself the effort of having to try to figure out how to make someone else pay for your stupid mistakes.

      • Laura (5 comments) says:

        If I drove a car off the lot it would be insured…just as I insured my iphone. The car would be replaced. It seems reasonable for the phone to be replaced or at least fixed if one buys the insurance

    • Lee (4 comments) says:

      Are you kidding? Are you saying the screen cracked on it’s own. While I think Michaels remarks have have been a little harsh get a life. I agree that people have become totally entitled.

  18. David (19 comments) says:

    I have a new iphone4 “protected” with an otterbox and it literally fell less than 2 feet off of my belt clip, while sitting, onto a cement floor and busted the front glass today. I am not a happy customer.

    • Frank (8 comments) says:

      This just happened to me yesterday. I first purchased Ghost Armour and then added the really durable black carbon fiber front, frame, and back stick on cover. It kept my Iphone 4S turning heads, people constantly asking questions about “THE BULLET PROOF!! (exaggeration of course) but it kept that sexy, slim original design! They REALLY got me in person at a mall when they took a random customer’s Iphone, basically bonded just the first front layer, The clear layer, stuck it on the front of my friends iphone 4, put it in a type of “UV baker/Space-age” lit up box, in a few seconds, it somehow bonded and looked like a plain iphone 4….. Then the demonstrator took this Dremmel Drill with VERY coarse sand paper and WENT TO TOWN ON THE SCREEN!! I cracked up, people were oooing and wowing.. my buddy was crying.. Well Worried to say the least. As this went on for a good 30 seconds, I must say, The phone looked “DONE” ! Then the same guy PEELED that clear/rubbery transparent film off the phone and IT WAS LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!! Now imagine adding REAL WOVEN carbon fiber ON THAT!! I got it, My wife got it, My buddy got it. The best part was that it left the silver apple visible with the apple actually having an apple shaped hole in the rear. Even the front home button was visable (but both were HEAVILY protected. 4 months later, The film and carbon fiber showed no signs of EVER coming off, peeling, scratching. Even after som NASTY HORRIFIC fumbles to the floor. I begin to loose faith as I had started to notice that the very sharp 90 degree edge on the front and back screens had tiny tiny chips and dents. This was obvious, i always just slipped it in my pocket with keys, change, etc. I always had a brand new otterbox defender in my drawer since i had purchased the phone. I swore by it on my 3,3g,3gs,3gs 32, 4 and now, the 4S. The otterbox is SO snug and TIGHT and PERFECTLY molded for the IPHONE, that i had to peel off the Ghost Armour to fit it in. so as i expected. I see a gorgeous and spectacular Iphone 4S without so much as a 1/4 hair thick scratch.. IMMACULATE!!! it just looked like I trained small furry yet cautious rodents bring me my phone.
      In LESS than a week later!!! BOOM!! I went to a Blue October concert and i was taking a picture, someone taps my hand and gently slips out of my hand, I almost catch it (slowing it down even more)and it hits the floor…. The screen lookes like ALL the spider webs in EVERY Indiana Jones movie combined….. ITS NOTHING BUT A MILLION SPLINTERED, SHATTERED UTTERLY DEVASTATED GLASS… BUT IT WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!! Really.. WHAT THE HECK?!?! So I was laid off on Jan 17th, so I barely have enough money to even pay attention. Please excuse my delinquency, HOWEVER… I called apple because ATT does not deal with warranty or “iphone only” replacement. Since I’m not that stupid, I knew that the screen would most probably not be covered, so i ehhmm ehhmm…. Fibbed. I told them it was freezing, Battery dies by noon, the phone is constantly on “no service” (actually.. all this is true) ive had problems with att because it just so happens that my block THATS IT MY BLOCK has a dead zone… Primaraly why I’m STILL unemployed…… So my plan was to send it, when they got it, they would say that its cracked to which i would reply. “OH NO YOU DIDN’T”, Blazay, blazay, blazay…… and the way its cracked… AND FLAWLESS it looks… baffling… UNLESS someone maybe STEPPED on the case or dropped it violently from a pretty high altitude… like lets say… A UPS WAREHOUSE!?!? So as I was going through with my plan, I find that i have to bring a “SPECIFIC” code to a “predetermined” UPS facility…. Do they inspect the phone?? Do they even care what im sending so long as it fits? should i just roll it in 1 sheet of loose leaf paper and a piece of tape? then put something else in the box that i thought i had to send?? Please, ANYONE!!! FEEDBACK! im stuck!, I was supposed to send it today but told her I had an emergency and could not go yesterday. you cant even tell where theres an impact….. Cause ITS COMPLETELY SHATTERED!!!!! worse than ANY ive seen online. I took it out of the otterbox for a moment just to shine the back and sides… I got GLASS SPLINTERS IN MY FINGER!!! LIKE 5!!! it works fine!… especially in the otterbox because of the screen cover. IDEAS?? ANY OTHER “tricks”



  19. Robles (1 comments) says:

    I have the Iphone 3GS 32g.Okay nothing is broken works fine.My question is do you change the back case with one i supply?And if so what would be the cost of that service be and how long would it take?

  20. Arsen (1 comments) says:

    I had my screen cracked on my iPhone 4 so I went to the rogers and they replaced my phone with a new one because it was a first replacement.
    So guys if u have never been replacing your phone(ipod) they will do it for free for the first time.
    They told me if this happened again i will have to pay $250 ;)

  21. Di (1 comments) says:

    Yes I have a 3GS and it broke I asked around and there are shops that charge 50 dollars

  22. Lauren (3 comments) says:

    I know that there is a really good case that’s called otterbox… I think that’s what it’s called.. I should have one because my iPhone screen just shattered today but it still suprisingly works

  23. Raza (1 comments) says:

    Okay so I dropped my iphone on my tile kitchen and the front glass shattered. I was going to call direct fix to get a replacement glass but decided to make an appointment with apple. I explained the situation and the guy gave me a brand new iphone for free! He told me since it was my first time happening to me he would just replace it. Does this work for everyone? I LOVE APPLE!! THANK YOU

    • Nancy (1 comments) says:

      You know Raza, exactly same thing happened to me. I dropped my iphone and its screen was broken. I went to apple and asked what should I do. The guy in the store told me that this situation was not under warranty, so they could not replace my iphone.What they can do is giving me another iphone for $199. Of course i did not want to pay another $200. I asked him a store/place to fix my iphone screen. Then he wanted me to wait for couple minutes. When he came back he said that he talked to his supervisor and he replaced my iphone for FREE! And yes he told me that since it was first time that I had an issue with the product he did replaced it. I am getting more and more loyal to this brand! I love apple!!!

    • german (1 comments) says:

      Yes, they replaced my shattered glass iPhone 4 to a new iPhone 4 for free. I love apple.

  24. Jorge (2 comments) says:

    I would recommend the OtterBox.It is a little bulky but will get the job done. Check out Amazon for more info. And if you ever have any other problems with you phone or have any questions Just Call me 305-788-4208. I have my own company in Miami which could of fixed your problem in minutes for around $50.00. This is our Website http://dw33bs.com/ Thank you, Jorge

    • dylan (2 comments) says:

      i have the otterbox case for my iphone 4 and i dropped it by accident from about five feet up and it landed square on its back and the glass is all shattered, so i wouldnt recommend the otterbox

  25. Mike (31 comments) says:

    I bought a thick rubber case made by Speck for my Gen 1 iPhone and it works great. I’ve dropped my phone so manytimes times facedown it’s notfunny. Both my daughter and wife have broken the glass on their phones but they don’t lisen to me. What else is new! I got the case at the Apple store. Good luck

  26. Matt (22 comments) says:

    Apple Pie Repair is the best iPhone glass repair in Lafayette, LA. Definitely 5 star service. Great prices.
    And the best cases out there are otterbox defender and commuter cases.
    Disclosure: Email address indicates an affiliation with this company. Commenters, please disclose financial affiliations.

  27. larry (4 comments) says:

    Also do you think for a momment that Steve Jobs really know what is going on-Don’t think so and He most likely don’t care and is laughing at you all ===all the way to the bank

  28. larry (4 comments) says:

    This Hi cost to fix a broben glass on your I phone is really a rip off.
    Nowyou know why Jobs and Gates a soooooooooooooo rich from you. Yeh both of them are old geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Brenda G (1 comments) says:

    Add me to the long list of broken glass in my iPhone 4. I did not drop it, but it was in my pocket. The Apple Store Genius rudely said, “It’s been dropped. Physics doesn’t lie. I could throw mine across the store and it wouldn’t break.” $199. for a replacement. After the huge hassle to get the phone in the first place, it seems to me that Apple is definitely ripping off its customers.

  30. wale alberts (1 comments) says:

    i cracked the back of my phone near, but not including, the camera. would apple replace the back cover.

    please respond asap

  31. rob (9 comments) says:

    The new iphone a is very fragle device that is unfortionaly ( from the glass issue) is not ready for the real world, where people do drop many types of things from there hands, including slipery glass phones. I feel like i have too put a protection device on the phone for saftey and cover it’s appearance, which should have been designed into the phone in the first place.!!!!!!!!!!!! Put a finger hole, a small hole for a wrist strap (like on a camera) or finger curves on the side where your hands touch the device @ least!!! And $30 for a fu$@&ing rubber band that should be in the box (without mention) in every color made, even if it is avalible in 100 colors. Can you imagine what it costs too make a silicone strip. Prob. 20 cents?. Make its awsome features work in the real world. Ok its scratch resestance but way too brittle for the tipical usage it will be exposed too.It a power packed device that screams ‘fragel’. And thats just plain SUCKS. We are paying($) a large % just for the looks of the phn. which has too be hidden and is a engineering flaw. Jobs should have a recall ( like on others products such as cars) and correct this big tradeoff problem of looks vs. real life practicallity. I love Apple products but this is a big goofup, in my oppion & a big letdown for me!
    Please excuse the spelling errors.

  32. rogerq (1 comments) says:

    if you need iphone repairs in lafayette la 70507 or any surrounding areas give me a call 337 230 0348 3g glass $80 3gs glass $85 also lcd battery and button repair.. and we can make custome phones for anyone.. http://www.iphonerepair4less.com 337 230 0348 ;)

  33. stacey (2 comments) says:

    I had trouble with my iphone and had phoned apple stating that my phone was freezing and would not work most of the time.. The man on the other end asked if I had a case on it and I replied yes of course. He then proceeded to tell me to remove the case as they have been known to interfer with the iphone. yesterday my phone was dropped and my glass is now broken. I am upset that this man instructed me to do so and now it is broken… this is a big disappointment all around for me with the iphone.

  34. Rick Smith (1 comments) says:

    Otterbox is the best, but will not be out for a month or 2 for the Iphone4.I will definitely get one.I broke my glass also, but purchased the Squaretrade warranty for $5.99 a month and they repaired my phone for the $50 deductable.You may want to consider Squaretrade.Its a free app from your app store on your phone.

  35. Keri (2 comments) says:

    So I bought an otter-box for my iPhone and because it makes it so bulky had taken it out of the otter-box so the phone would fit nicely in my pocket. I then proceeded to get the phone to put it back in the box and dropped the iPhone and shattered the outer glass. It is still fully functioning for that I am lucky but I is going to cost me 199 big ones to get the glass fixed. I had just gotten my 3G and was sold the protection plan as an insurance for the phone. I cried when the manager of Apple told me whoever sold me that, which I had the receipt in hand with name on it, was wrong and there was just nothing he could do about that.

  36. Lindsey (1 comments) says:

    I went with http://www.midwestiphonerepair.com I was very impressed with this company. Not only did their service cost about 1/3 less than any other company I found, but my phone came back in perfect condition, cleaner, and I swear it is running faster. Service was really quick – it took 6 days round trip from the East Coast. I also got a few freebies! I sent my phone in for an LCD replacement, but I would recommend them for any iPhone troubles you may have!?

  37. Dimitri (1 comments) says:

    Just wanted to give a thanks to everyone on this site. I ended up using https://www.ifixyouri.com

    Great work! From all smashed up and broken glass, to my iPhone looking as good as new!

  38. Jeff (12 comments) says:

    Ive been fixing these phones for some time now. These companies are charging way too much for their repairs. I use 100% apple parts, without the boosted price. Please visit my website: http://www.ifixyouriphones.com. Fast and Affordable.

  39. ryan.c.d (2 comments) says:

    for iphone spare parts, you can go to http://www.imobileparts.com, to know somethings better

  40. Locksley McPherson Jnr (2 comments) says:

    Wow $250!!! That’s a whole lot.. Still less than having to get a new one eh? I broke mine and couldn’t bare the thought of forking out that kind of cash, coz I was pretty broke at the time.. I risked it all and made an attempt to do it myself. It paid off though, I recorded the whole thing – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_poUb2Sa0M

  41. Darlene (1 comments) says:

    I cracked my 3G glass today and after reading this thread thought I could find somewhere to fix just the glass – nope. As it turns out the part that I need was the glass and digitizer – the are really one piece I guess. But for $79 I went to http://www.netefx.net and they repaired my iPhone while I was on my lunch break!!! Gotta love that.

  42. James (18 comments) says:

    I recently sent my wife’s iphone in for repair to a company called http://www.ifixyouri.com They were really quick. Barely noticed it was gone. When we got it back it looked and functioned as if it was brand new!

  43. Chris (37 comments) says:

    “Apple’s repair fee for the iPhone is much too high, in my opinion. I feel that charging $250 for something that probably costs $10 or $20 to fix is taking advantage of customers.”

    Why would you think it would cost “$10 or $20″ to virtually completely disassemble and reassemble in iPhone? I mean, the damage you described wasn’t the glass, but as you said the touch screen below the glass. That would mean that the glass would have to be removed, no small feat in itself, then the touch screen would need to be removed (still going by your description). That would certainly involve desoldering it from the board, then re-soldering a new one down. That may or may not involve microsoldering.

    Certainly you don’t think they put your phone on a conveyor belt, it travels into a machine and it comes out repaired on the other end. I mean, someone with considerable skill would need to be enlisted to repair something like that I would think.

  44. Lee Waterman (1 comments) says:

    Next time that happens take a look at iphoneshopusa.com they have a video there that you can reference to replace your own glass for a fraction of the cost. They also carry OEM parts and kits to do the replacement yourself. Go check them out @ http://bit.ly/eC88K

  45. Lowell Henderson (1 comments) says:

    I found a website http://www.iplaypower.com that will repair broken screens on iPhones for a reasonable price. They also provide free return shipping via USPS and overnight return for a small fee.

    I have used their service and I was very satisfied.

  46. Ligeia (1 comments) says:

    I dropped my iPhone accidentally on the stairs and it got one of those subsurface cracks, too. It looks crummy. Of course, I got the same run around with Apple people on the phone and at the store. After accidental cracks on iBook monitors thanks to my kids, and one iPod destroyed in the washing machine, I’ve decided this is how Apple makes their billions. They make people think that their product is a must-have, cream of the crop product, but the reality is, these are cheesy, fragile, expensive rip-offs. And now, the iPad — a product with even more easily breakable surface glass, with no cover! When the time is up, I refuse to buy another iPhone. I’ve got to believe all these fragile glass-faced, LCD products will bring Apple down eventually.

    • Rachael (2 comments) says:

      There is a guy in Lafayette, LA that will change a 3G glass for $100 and 3GS glass for $120. Great deal and perfection when finished. His email address is iPhoneglassMD@yahoo.com, if you happen to need him in the future. He comes highly recommended as well.

      • Melinda (2 comments) says:

        Rachel, have you used this guy? I live in Lafayette, and was just told about a place off of Pinhook that offers this service. I unfortunately dropped mine today on concrete, screen down (i tripped and the phone flew) and the screen is cracked, although the phone still works thankfully.

        thanks for any info!

        • Rachael (2 comments) says:

          Yes, I have and many of my friends and patients have too! He’s great. I have heard about the guy on Pinhook and have heard nothing but poor reviews from his shop. I had one of my friends go to him before I had my glass changed, he was going only for the guy to change his glass because that is all the was wrong with. The guy took his phone, brought it to the back, then brought it back to the front and said that he needed to change the LCD. My friends phone was working fine before the guy took his phone. I have heard of a couple of situations with that guy on Pinhook that were not good, but my friends situation was first hand knowledge. The guy that changed my glass and fixed my friend phone that I was telling you about is awesome. He will pick up your phone and fix it and deliver it back to you the same night. I think he does this on the side. I think he works a real job during the day. Are you thinking of having him fix your phone? Have you contacted him? I would love to hear your outcome.

        • Brennan (1 comments) says:

          I am the guy on Pinhook, I promise your comments are totally out of line. IF the customer only wanted their screen fixed, I could have done that for them. But if the LCD is bad that will be a additional charge. I doubt the claims of any bad service, frankly they sound like competiton making up stories 3827 Pinhook Broussard LA 70518 337-781-6488.. I have done more iphone repairs than anyone else within 100 miles of LAfayette.

  47. Kevin (8 comments) says:

    I had a phone screen crack as well. Had dropped my iphone a few times with no problems and low and behold a girl accidentally knocked it off the bar and when she picked it up it was spidered pretty bad. I called Apple and was quoted on the $200 replacement and was really not into paying that much. Ended up visiting a great guy that runs unlockmonster.com and he had it fixed and taken care of in 15 minutes with a new screen for $75. Definitely a great deal and if your screen gets scratched up or broke I would definitely recommend him. He lives in the Minneapolis area and is just a really nice guy but also accepts you to ship your phone to him. UnlockMonster.com THANK YOU!

  48. Tepp (1 comments) says:

    The screen of my iPhone 3GS 32GB cracked after i dropped it. I went to the Genius Bar and they offered to repair the damaged handset OR replace with a new refurbished one.

    Does anyone has any experiences with the replacement handset ?

    • Ryan.c.d (2 comments) says:

      it’s better to replace if it’s the handset problem, for handset price, u can enquiry your local repair shop, then compair with Imobileparts.

  49. Brandon (2 comments) says:

    I had my iphone 3G and 3Gs repaired by the folks at http://www.cellulardr.com they have always done an exceptional job on my phones at reasonable costs. I have used other cellphone repair centers but what I like about CellularDR.com is that they use high quality parts which are extensively tested before sold to the public, that way you don’t end up with something that breaks a few weeks later. You can also contact them by phone at 818-553-2700. Take Care and Good Luck

  50. Alice (1 comments) says:

    I’ve used this company a couple of times now. The latest repair was for a cracked glass on my iPhone. My sons liked the light saber game on the iPhone and accidentally threw my phone… I sent my phone in and got it back with a new glass front.

  51. Eric (8 comments) says:

    Ivyskin T4 quattro. I bought one dropped my phone and all that broke was the glass screen protector. You know you can get insurance on an iPhone through companies like geico. Just ask if they have a personal properties insurance. It covers iPhones, iPods, mp3 players, etc.

  52. Leo (8 comments) says:

    I was thinking about taking my iPhone to the apple store, since I dropped it last night and the screen in blue and white. It’s not cracked.. But idk if they will fix it with my warranty.

  53. Ashlie (1 comments) says:

    I bought the new 3G back in July because of my my original 8GB was stolen. I only paid $100 plus tax so about $150. This is BS if they think Im going to pay double the amount i paid for The phone its self. I might as well just buy a new phone and transfer my information. Im thinking a bout by anther phone other the than the Iphone any suggestion of other phones that is a touch screen with apps and internet that wont crack the glass. oh and by the way my phone still works, but still when i slid my fingers across the screen it feels like its going to cut my skin open.

  54. Christine (3 comments) says:

    i bought the glass/digitizer combo on Amazon, then paid a cell phone repair shopt $25 to fix it- total coast was $65. I later had problems with my cell phone, backing up new software (it would get stuck in the process) and returned it for a new one with Apple without a problem. There was absolutely no getting around the $199 fee with Apple so I researched because there was no way i was paying $199 for a phone that had just cost me $150…good luck- where there’s a will, there’s a way…just takes a little research.

  55. Robyn (2 comments) says:

    I also forgot to mention that the phone does still work..the crack cannot be felt on the glass but I have not had any problems with the touch screen since the crack

  56. Robyn (2 comments) says:

    I was sitting my phone on top of my car at the gas station lastnite when the clear Agent18 case I put on it caused it to not stick and it slid off the hood and onto the concrete at the gas station. After picking it up I noticed a 1 inch crack from the bottom left hand corner where the first icon is to the left side where the bottom row of icons are..I have the 3g 8 gig..Is this going to cost me 250 bucks to fix this small crack? I just upgraded from the first iphone back in september so this phone is fairly new. I have also been having multiple problems with the phone including it just shutting off randomly and refusing to turn on for 30 minutes at a time, my photos closing out while I look at them and when I receive text messages the box pops up that I have one and there is about a 10 second delay before the audio alert sounds ( all problems happening before the phone got cracked) any ideas?

  57. Chris (37 comments) says:

    I just got the crack in my iPhone screen repaired today and the genius bar told me that if you have one single hairline crack in the screen they will replace it for free under warranty but if there is more than one crack on the screen they will charge you.

  58. Alex (12 comments) says:

    I dropped mine so that there’s about nine cracks from the top right to the middle left, then there’s a big one down the screen. It still works just fine, though, it just makes me dizzy to scroll and stuff because, you know, the cracks don’t move.
    I’ve dropped it a number of times (down my wooden stairs and onto thin carpet, for example) and it hasn’t broken at all. The sim card came out, but the screen never cracked and the phone worked just fine.
    I can drop it from high places, but the ONE TIME I drop it from less than my height, the screen breaks. Very exasperating.
    I don’t plan on begging Apple for a new one, though, and I refuse to have it replaced. I don’t know why, I just can’t bring myself to do it.
    (I did have a case (the one that came with the phone) but that broke when I dropped it the first time. Bleh.

  59. Mike (31 comments) says:

    I agree, Todd you’re a dickhead. If you broke you’re phone, did you enjoy paying $199 to get it fixed? If you didn’t break it what are you on here for? Post another comment when you do try to deal with Apple, it sucks. They don’t care. I spent 3 hours on the phone with Apple & at least 10 on the computer looking for a cheaper fix that doesn’t involve DIY. Considering I make $25 an hour this is beyond ridiculous to spend this much time looking for resolve. Still, I refuse to give in to Apple & pay their outrageous price. Repairs will get cheaper & hopefully Apple steps up & takes care of this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. As far as someone else covering my mishap Todd, people would like insurance available like every other phone, insurance that I would pay for monthly Todd. If money means nothing to you Todd, will you please pay my overpriced repair. I’ll check back for you’re response.

  60. Leo (8 comments) says:

    I bought my iPhone 3months ago I’ve dropped it a couple times just minor scratches nothing big but 2days ago I dropped it an my screen cracked.I called apple and AT&T and they were like it’s 300 to fix it WTF I only paid 199!!I told them really what kind of service is this. I switched from verizon cuz their customer service was horrible but this just tops it off!!!! Does anyone know where I can go to get it fix in the dc area?

  61. Christine (3 comments) says:

    How I had my glass fixed on my iphone for $65- I searched and searched reading many message boards…finally, I bought the glass with the digitizer on Amazon for under $40, including shipping…I had a friend that works at the apple store tell me he could have one of his pals fix it for free which never panned out because he was told he could be fired for doing it- so i searched on Craigs list and found a cell phone store to do the repair…took him an hour and he charged me 25…that was a month ago and you’d never be able to tell….I had to drive an hour to bring it to that store but it was well worth it to me….

  62. Tony (8 comments) says:

    Todd, “It’s a cell phone People”!!! Of course you are going to drop it…they know that. Build a dam phone that is durable or cover the cost of repair…Apple’s choice. Do you think the additional profit Apple is making in repairs is a suprise. With today’s technology, marketing and testing they know what problems are going to occur and have a good budget number on how much they are projected to make repairing this. It is all build in… pay half when you buy the phone and have later when it breaks. I have had a case on my Iphone and just noticed it was broken…but I did not drop it. Also I did not know it was glass when I purchased it. Apple probably know what percent of new phones will break in 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, etc.

  63. palmer (1 comments) says:

    I use Revo’s iSkin. The case offers all-around surface protection and repels dust. It can be found @ http://www.iskin.com/revo_overview.html.

    I also recommend Crystal Film Set from Power Support @ http://www.powersupportusa.com.....-iphone-3g. It is a lightweight custom-fit screen protector that adheres to screen and protects in from scratches.

  64. Christine (3 comments) says:

    it’s inevitable that someone might drop their phone at one time or another. I paid $150 for my phone but they want $199 to fix it…that needs to be fixed, period…

    • Chris (37 comments) says:

      Actually, I’m guessing that you paid $150 for your phone “with contract.” That means that the balance of the price of your cell phone is subsidized over the life of the contract. For example, if you walked into a Verizon store or reseller, and wanted to upgrade, or get a new line of service, and you wanted to get an HTC Eris, you would pay about a hundred bucks.

      Now someone please link me to a full price, brand new Eris without activation for $100, or even $200.

      The reason for this common misconception is the fact that the American cell phone market is all subsidized (with the notable exception of T Mobile, that is currently offering some really cool bring your own phone plans). In Europe, the whole market is bring your own. You go out and buy a phone, then go to a carrier and get service at a slightly reduced price. The problem with something like that here in the US is nobody wants to pay several hundred dollars up front for a phone. Instead they want it “free.”

      Nothing personal. Just saying.

  65. Matt (22 comments) says:

    todd, you are a dickhead!

    $600 to buy a phone, $300 to fix the glass…

  66. Todd (1 comments) says:

    It’s glass people!! Of course it is going to break if you drop it. To make it worse…it’s optical glass. Do not try to use plastic. Apple is not going to replace a glass screen…that is all they would ever get done. Suck it up and buy a case and accept it’s you fault for dropping it. Don’t expect others to cover your mishaps.

  67. elle (1 comments) says:

    i have an iphone. and mines worsly cracked than yours. but my touch isnt broken, so with all these deep cracks on my iphone i can still use it. im getting mine fixed for £60 near my house because my insurance doesnt cover accidental damage.

  68. Jason (16 comments) says:

    I recently had the same problem, I went to http://www.iphone3gscreenrepair.com. They had the repair for only 69.99 and they did great quality work, my phone looks like new!

  69. Kelli (1 comments) says:

    Ok seems like we all have the same problem I got my iPhone mothers day and last week I took my iPhone which has the I frog cover out of my diaper bag it is shattered! I have an appoinment tomorrow at an iPhone store which is an hour and half from my home! I thought I would look around to find cheaper places since I already knew I might end up paying 199 for a new phone since i bought the protection plan…that’s a joke!!! Any way I found a place that is within miles of the I phone shop that. Charges 99 same day repair!!!! Guess were im going forget my appoinment!!! iPhone repair while u wait Austin tx 512 323 9292

  70. dm (1 comments) says:

    Seems like it is really the luck of the draw with getting these screens replaced. My son’s 3G iPhone got a horizntal crack in the glass. He did not drop it. Just removed it from his pocket to use it and noticed it. The “genius” that waited on him said the glass must have been faulty and replaced the screen quickly and for FREE! I guess we just lucked out.

  71. akm (1 comments) says:

    Apple also told me I would have to pay the $199 for a replacement. I spoke to a genius bar tech and then tried the manager when the tech said there was nothing they could do. I also called apple customer service to see what they said. They all basically told me the same thing, that the cracked/broken glass is not covered under warranty. The guy from apple customer service said that if enough customers complain that apple will surely change their policy on this issue. He was very honest and told me to go to http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html and leave a comment explaining my problem. He said that apple takes this very seriously and this is the reason for the new software scheduled to come out this summer. So leave feedback people! Even if its short. Maybe soon we won’t have to go through this problem anymore and can get replacements like every other phone company does.

  72. jake (5 comments) says:

    I hate apple i want that iPhone but if i drop it.. DAM

  73. ShamWow (2 comments) says:

    since my touchpad still works fine.. i just ordered replacement glass on ebay for $8.50 shipped. It hasn’t come yet, but I’ve seen a couple of videos on youtue how to replace.. I’ll definitely post w/ my results

  74. Gonzalez (1 comments) says:

    I called apple technical service today and they wanted to charge me $300 to replace a cracked glass. I was like youve got to be kindding right? thats a brand new phone… So I decided to say to hell with them and go online and look for a local who repairs it. Listen to this… I got my 3G iphone repaired for $85. Now dont you think apple is ripping off its customers… By the way if you live in miami or in the ft lauderdale are the mans number is 561-350-9656. Good luck people…

  75. ShamWow (2 comments) says:

    If hte touchpad seems to work ok, will I still need to replace the digitizer? I see glass only for sale on eBay for like $10. Thanks!

  76. Tyler (9 comments) says:

    Don’t get the griffin brand of cases! I got one of those and they scratched the whole back and rim of my phone! Any solutions to remove the scratched?

  77. fernando (1 comments) says:

    hey i have a question for you

    what do they asked you ?

    i just dont wanna go to the apple store and say that my phone needs a screen repair .
    and they ask me for my phone # or something

    because i just got the iphone 3g but i didnt buy it

    someone else sold it to me

  78. FiXPOD (2 comments) says:

    We repair iPhones in Australia (www.fixpod.com.au) and the 3G is easier as the Glass/Digitizer and the LCD are two separate parts and the phone is much much easier to open than the 2G model.

  79. Kate (3 comments) says:

    hey I just wanted to let yall know there is a place in Mobile,Al where I’m from called Fone Zone that replaces the screen for $90. They do a good job my phone looks brand new again. Much more reasonable than what apple offers for $250.

  80. chris (37 comments) says:

    that is seriously the best phone case ever! its a little costly for a phone case but its definitly worth it! you will not regret buying one. at least check out the website!

  81. Bill (3 comments) says:

    If you search for “www.northbayelectronics.com” you’ll find many
    entries that are exactly the same as the one posted above on this
    forum. Clearly someone from the company posted all these identical
    entries under different user names. Let me balance that entry with
    the perspective of a real customer.

    I sent my iPhone 3G to NorthBay Electronics to repair water damage.
    I called them before I sent my phone in and they said they were getting
    so much business that it would take 3 – 5 days to fix my phone.

    In the end, they had my phone for an entire week (let’s say 5 business
    days), and with the shipping time I was without my phone for 12 days.
    I sent the phone in via USPS Express Mail. Apparently no one was home
    the first time they tried to deliver it, so a day was lost there. I
    chose FedEx for the return shipment. The phone was shipped back to me
    via FedEx on a Friday. The price for the FedEx shipment was more than
    what I paid for overnight Express Mail, but it was only for the FedEx
    2day shipping, so I didn’t receive my phone until Monday, despite the
    fact that I’m only 3 hours away from them.

    They claimed the battery in my phone wasn’t working as well as it
    should, which is plausible for damage such as this. It’s also the
    kind of thing where they could claim the battery is bad, charge me
    for a replacement, and do nothing. So, I asked them to send me the
    old battery. When I got the phone back, the old battery wasn’t
    included. Almost two months later, and after several emails to them
    and several promises from them, I still don’t have the old battery,
    which makes me extremely suspicious.

    In the end, although they did actually fix my phone, I can’t recommend
    them. Their customer service is poor, and their business practices
    are questionable. There are plenty of other companies that offer
    this service, some of them very well established. Take your business
    to one of these other companies.

  82. Giles (1 comments) says:

    I went to the Apple store today and because I removed the screen after is was damaged when I dropped it, even though the phone was only three months old they refused to repair it, money or no money! Wierd, no just another example of APPLE dictating customer service to it’s customers. Apple Care????? I ask you!

  83. ty (3 comments) says:

    they only charged me $125 for a Cracked iPhone 3G

  84. ty (3 comments) says:

    i found a great place that will repair water damaged or any other type of damage to the iPhone
    they work with AT&T and Apple with non warranty repairs

    http://www.northbayelectronics.com is the website

  85. Tim (7 comments) says:

    This just happened to me. I dropped my phone in a restaurant and the glass got all cracked and spider webbed. I was pretty shocked when I found out ti would cost $299 to replace a simple glass piece. I ended up replacing the glass and digitizer myself for around $80 after shipping and getting a pry tool. Due to the lack of information out there, I ended up creating site to help tell other iPhone 3G users how to go about repairing their phone and how much it will cost. Im going to post pictures and a video tutorial soon. Hope it helps!

  86. Kylie (1 comments) says:

    i’m in australia so the charges you guys get to fix are different to us – it’s $170 to replace the glass over here, but what really gets me is that they say it will take 8 weeks to fix, and they’ll provide a replacement phone as a borrow for the 8 weeks, but not an iphone! that stinks. also, i didn’t drop the phone, it was in my bag, which was with me all day, and when i took the phone out in the late afternoon it was shattered like a spiderweb. annoyingly little bits keep coming out which is dangerous – they should use better glass. very very very disappointing considering the cost of the phone, and once you’ve got used to using the iphone and LOVE it, you don’t want it broken!

  87. needacase (1 comments) says:

    is anyone aware that your credit card oftentimes covers purchases accidentally damaged within 90days of purchase? unfortunately at&t charges you double for the replacement, but atleast the first $200 is reimbursed?

  88. Matt (22 comments) says:

    iPhoneRepair.com another attempt at ripping me off, why not publish your prices like other repair places. I’m not going to send my phone over and then find out you charge some crazy price and then charge me a ‘quotation’ fee if I don’t accept the repair cost.

  89. Matt (22 comments) says:

    I’m totally disappointed and absolutely bitter, $200 to fix my cracked glass. This is price gauging at its best.

    You have got me this time apple, but not for life. Tread your customers like cash cows and they will eventually leave.

  90. matt (22 comments) says:

    For any iPhone repair issues, please visit http://www.iPhoneRepair.com and we can help you address and fix your problem. Thanks

  91. Rajah (1 comments) says:

    I have an Agent 18 plastic case on my IPhone and I loved it, all until I just dropped my phone at a wierd angle, on the rug, and my glass just spider webbed. I’m under direct panic right now, and don’t know what to do. I’m checking these sights, and just keep reading horror story after horror story! What is the answer, somebody please. I can’t afford a $250 repair!

  92. G. (1 comments) says:

    Check out the iphone bitz that the folks at Okley have got on offer. Hardcore….

  93. Robin Volpicelli (1 comments) says:

    Well, I had my Iphone for 3 days I was soo careful and carried it to work in the leather case. When I went to use the phone the screen was cracked. I was horrified. Apparently with my leather case the edge of the phone was exposed. I took the phone into the Apple Store the next day and had to pay $299 for a new phone. They will not even service the phone. Since Im a medical professional on-call 24/7 I had no choice but to fork over the $250. However, my credit card company has a policy that covers purchased items that are damaged within 90 days of purchase. I filed a claim and Im still waiting for the result. However, the woman assured me it was covered.

  94. Ken (6 comments) says:

    The leather case i got for my phone is stylish and very functional.
    http://www.pielframa.com check it out

  95. john (32 comments) says:

    August 2008 and Apple is screwing us again! The iphone is a total ripoff. Apple still won’t allow monthly insurance with your plan. ATT says it is Apple that won’t let them offer insurance on the iphone. I spoke to them today. So, you are screwed WHEN this delicate iphone breaks. Apple will not replace it. Even WHEN the sofware goes bad, they won’t replace it. Apple makes you pay them for fixing their iphone! What a bunch of crap. Don’t buy an iphone until they offer monthly insurance plan like other cell phones!

  96. Tina (6 comments) says:

    Everyone I know who has an iphone has a cracked screen, including mine and mine had a gel case cover on it when it broke. I refuse to pay apple that much money to fix my screen, thank goodness it still works, it just looks crapy now. But I flash it to everyone telling them this is why they should not buy an iphone. I’m also going to cancel my contract with at&t, I knew once they took over cingular wireless the customer service would go out the window.

  97. mlee (1 comments) says:

    I am amazed at apple. My daughter dropped her iphone and her glass is broken. The phone still works perfectly, which is surprising. I ask her about a warranty, and she advised she didn’t have one, and of course with her dropping the phone, I was sure they wouldn’t cover the replacement on the phone. Then to find it would cost as much to replace just the glass as the original phone is absolutely crazy. After spending about 20 minutes looking at all the reported problems with the phones, I guess the best thing she can do now, is just find a better phone to buy, and hopefully one that isn’t as fragile. She has tried a number of cases, they seem to cause a problem with the on – off button. So, the cases are still put away, and the phone is now more fragile than it was.

  98. Will (7 comments) says:

    After hearing that a friend had gotten a new iphone via complaining to the Genius Bar at the apple store, I did the same. Just said that battery “was not performing” and that the speaker sounded a little ‘crackly’. They ran a diagnostic test and after a few minutes I signed a paper and walked out with a brand new iphone, for free.

  99. natalie (3 comments) says:

    I bought a cover for my iphone called invisible shield. I purchased it at zagg.com It covers the entire phone and I love it.

  100. Drew (3 comments) says:

    I have recently bought a nice leather case for the iPhone, seemed to keep the iPhone safe until I had it in my pocket last week and it hit the side of the chair and cracked in 5 places even with the bloody case on.. So to be honest only the really bulky hard plastic cases may keep your iPhone 99% safe!!

  101. james (18 comments) says:

    iPhone should have a real warranty or insurance. The applecare is worthless. It only gives you 1 year more than the basic 1 year it comes with. They will NOT allow you to get insurance on it with your monthly bill like any other cell phone. So, when your iphone stops working after 2 years, you have a $500. worthless piece of junk. Many people, myself included, have owned other PDA phones and dealt with this. At least when my new Treo went bad, the carrier insurance replaced it. As long as I pay the monthly $3 or $4. they have to replace the phone as long as I own it. I paid $359. for the Treo, and it had to be replaced 4 times in 3 years. They never had any abuse, they are delicate, and go bad often. The iPhone is just as delicate and WILL go bad often. If I’m going to pay $500. for the iPhone, I want an insurance that will cover it for as long as I am using it. A $500. phone is EXPECTED to last me a minimum of 4 years. Apple is screwing people by refusing to allow monthly cell phone insurance or a renewable yearly warranty for as long as you have the service. Apple is trying to force people into having a 2 year $500. cell phone! With my current Treo, I will always have a working, fully covered for replacement, cell phone as long as I pay the monthly $4. insurance. That makes a whole lot more sense than the Apple rip off.

  102. Manuel Corao (4 comments) says:

    I love my Iphone, but I think it’s too expensive, and the fact that if you drop it out of your pocket it breaks and the only thing that apple offers is a $250 fee to replace it. The fact that neither AT&T nor apple offers insurance is a rip off. The bottom line buy a stupid protector before it breaks like mine, I have use mobile since I’m 16 and have never broke one, now I’m 28, and get the Apple, I end it up paying $400 for the I phone plus $250 to replace it, and the cover is $80, then I find out that the cost is $50 or less, and they sell it in china for $90, they also where selling the glass in the internet but apple bought all of them.

  103. Darrell Brand (1 comments) says:

    Hold on everyone!. I just got out of my car and my Iphone fell out of my ZCover Silicon Case. Where do I go now- Zcover or Apple. Do I wait for 3G. Of course my glass shattered over 50% of the screen. The Bottom line is, what I thought was the best case ” really stinks”. This event happened 15 minutes ago. I thought i would check the Web and see how much this glass cost. I am really bummed. I am curious if Z cover will even care. Any way don’t buy a Z case even if it looks cool. Darrell

  104. Rodney (1 comments) says:

    Joshua, I have the SENA MagnetFlipper Case for my I-Phone. It’s a pretty nice carring case, made of leather. It wraps your iPhone in leather and has a nice flip cover for protecting your screen. It would definitely cushion the iPhone in a fall. The only problem I have with this case is that the corners of the phone are not protected. If you happened to drop your phone on one of the corners they will be damaged.

  105. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Brigid, I think you mean the DLO Jam Jacket. I like the looks of that case but I heard from other people also that the headphone thing on the back is more of an annoyance than anything. Thanks for sharing.

  106. brigid (2 comments) says:

    oh right, the only thing I hate about it, its got this annoying thing on the back for storing the iPhone headphones but since I don’t use them, I hacked it off with an exacto blade. Not very pretty but whatever.

  107. brigid (2 comments) says:

    I really like my case, its rubber w/ bumpers on the corners. I’ve dropped my phone a few times but I’ve never noticed any damage and it doesn’t make that horrible sound I remember from dropping my old slvr. Anyway, the rubber absorbs shock better than other material and though it takes away from the fancy sleekness, its worth it. I think its by a company called dlo, that’s what of says on the case. Or maybe its olo.

    Oh and the bumpers stick out a little bit so even if you drop it on its face, the glass won’t touch the floor. Good luck with your new phone!

  108. Raphy (1 comments) says:

    I’m new to AiR, but I suggest the iSkin revo for iPhone. The price is a bit up there, but then again I can’t put a price on protection. It’s like no other case.. by the way I’ve been through 4 different cases, including the Agent18 Eco.. no comparison.

  109. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Max, the Apple Store at The Falls in Miami told me the warranty would not cover any physical damage. If you want any chance at getting a free replacement I’d guess your best bet is to not admit you dropped it, but even then I don’t know what your odds are. Good luck!

  110. Max Digital (1 comments) says:

    Any suggestions on the best approach to take at the Apple Store when bringing in an iPhone that dropped and has a cracked glass (still works, charging wasn’t so good before, a little worse now, volume wasn’t very loud before either.) I’ve heard/read some stores will give you a new one, others won’t talk to you very long.

  111. Alfonso (1 comments) says:

    I owned the Agent18 Eco looks great but made minor scratches to the nickel area of my phone. No grip, two times it slid of my fingers. I still looking for the best case or cover or skin.

  112. iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

    Thanks Joshua! I’ve got my eye on the Agent 18 EcoShield for iPhone. It looks pretty nice. It doesn’t cover the glass but at least the edges of the case are lifted slightly above the screen so that the phone wouldn’t fall directly on the glass if I were to drop it again (God forbid).

  113. Joshua (6 comments) says:

    I really like my Agent18 plastic form fitted case. Yet it doesn’t provide protection for the screen. You might like the Sena MagnetFlipper Case for iPhone (Croco Black). It wraps your iPhone in leather and has a nice flip cover for protecting your screen. It would definitely cushion the iPhone in a fall.

  1. Jul 3, 2009

    […] no waiting. Apple charges $250 and requires you make an appointment days in advance. Click here to read one person experience with the Apple store. Let us get you back up and running at less than […]

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