iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

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Did the glass crack on your iPhone? Read about my cracked iPhone screen below and find out what you can do about your cracked iPhone glass. Last night my touchscreen was disabled after I accidentally dropped my iPhone and ended up with a cracked iPhone screen. My iPhone glass cracked in about five places after […]

iPhone Glass Cracked: Will it Cost Me?

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  1. So I dropped my phone today directly on a concrete sidewalk and luckily the only the back was damaged (cracked). My iFrogz case became worn out last month, and as a result, I’ve been carrying my phone without a case. I did not purchase Apple Care however, my phone is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty; although this type damage isn’t covered under either. The guy at the Apple Store told me the cost to replace the back of my phone would be $29. After repairing the phone he told me, “yeah, so I screwed up the paper work so there is no charge for the service”. I left there one happy customer. Thanks iGeeks! FYI, he also mentioned if the front had been shattered that the entire phone would need to be replaced and the cost would be $149.

  2. yo i broke my iPod last night while walking into the kitchen. it fell right SMACK DAB on the tiles. now the top right corner is cracked and theres a crack right in the middle of my screen(of course wat else is new??) so i can barely see wat im doing. my mom said i could probably just take it to the apple store. lucky me my dad was at work bc he wouldve killed me & idk how im gonna tell him that my screen broke now. i mean my mom was fine with this but imagine my dadO_O wish me luck…

  3. I’ve had an iPhone 4 for about 9 months. A couple months ago my boyfriend took it and smashed it on the floor cracking the glass right thru to the inside of the phone. I went to the closest apple store and actually got a brand new phone for free!!! But just last night I dropped it and shattered the glass on the screen so I’m guessing I won’t be getting another free one… We will see….

  4. It is such a pain seeing such an expensive piece of electronics shatter so easy, and I love the way my iPhone 4 looks so I hate putting cases on it. If you do have a cracked iPhone 4 screen/back housing I do repairs locally in Knoxville, TN and also through my website, a repair for an iPhone 4 screen will cost you only $80.00 including free shipping and I also do full color conversions for not much more.

  5. I dropped my iPhone on the street today and now an ugly spider web is all over the screen!!! Never knew the front glass was this fragile. After I found out that it costs a fortune to get it replaced, I was wondering how much it would cost in the US and apparantly the policy applies the same in any part of the world. I did some googling and here in Seoul there is a shop where you can get the screen repaired for around 50$. Hurray but still that’s a lot to pay for having butter fingers… Next time I buy an expensive gadjet I would reconsider buying apple..I mean I love apple but their AS policies suck!!!!! Not likely that apple change their policy..rught? Anyway your posting was a good read.

  6. Hello everyone,

    I was going through all the comments and couldn’t help but notice that everyone here lucked out with their broken screens. I dropped my iphone yesterday for the first time and my screen shattered. It looks horrible! My phone still works along with everything else though. I called the apple store and asked how much it was to repair my cracked screen and they said to contact 1800-myapple so I did that and they quoted me a price of about $149. I still have warranty until march 12, 2012 and I have applecare. Is there anything I can do to not get charged this insane fee? I paid less than half for the phone! It’s just silly to pay so much for a screen. Any help or suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated!

  7. I suggest if you have a broken iPhone and are upgrading, sell your broken or cracked phone to I had a cracked digi on my iphone 4 and I just got $120 for it. Getting my new 4s on friday for $200. Nice!

  8. Tons of great comments here… but I still say is the best for iPhone Screen Repair. They include free shipping and their prices keep going down. Last time I checked AT&T iPhone 4 repair was only $109 – and that INCLUDED the free shipping. Nobody else has this low of a price when all is said and done.

  9. Suprise suprise, glass breaks. It always has, and it always will. Options: #1 Buy a case, #2 Don’t drop your phone, #3 Don’t buy an iPhone.

  10. Ridiculous had mine two weeks layed it face down on dresser on a penny picked it up and you would have thought I’d have hit it with a hammer! Disgusted with whole situation! I’ll not buy another one and everyone who asks I’ll let them know what I think.

  11. Last week I dropped my iphone 3 and broke the outer glass. The phone still worked and I could use it normally, but it was rather difficult to see the screen due to the shattering of the glass. Took it to the Apple store at West County Mall in St. Louis County and the fellow that looked at it said “You’ve not had any problems or claims on this phone, so come back in 5 or 10 minutes and it will be fixed at no charge.” Sure enough, in 10 minutes it was done. The fast service and no charge really surprised m

  12. I got my iphone4 paying the ridiculious amount for it n less then a week it slipped out of my hand n cracked glass on screen everything works fine but i will have to pay 200 since i live in small town no where n no one can get fix cheaper im pist there slippery little bugars n i take care of my cell phns but aften apple nothing they shud replace screen within 30 days my only option is to go with go care n pay 79 plus 50 deductable..
    I will report my experience.. I was so happy with my iphone 3g i was goin to get n apple computer n go all apple in my house after this no way

    1. English? Anyways…. so you’re blaming Apple because you don’t take care of your stuff?

      And why should Apple have to pay for someone being extra quick at destroying their device (your 30 day comment)? If anything, destroying it so quickly might show how much it truly was the purchasers fault (due to carelessness), rather than a true statistically unavoidable accident.

      1. do you post bitchy comments just because you can?? accidents happen, remind me, should you have a car accident that kills your children not to post a “serves you right for driving a car” coment……… oh, & the spelling mistakes are because i also bet your so anal you will bitch about those too…………..

  13. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for just over a month. I didn’t even drop it, in fact I have no idea how or when the screen got cracked, but suddenly it has a full length top to bottom crack in the faceplate.

  14. Yesterday my fell pretty hard on my hard wood floor without my otter case being on:( horrible site to see once I pick it up and 3/4 of my screen was cracked. I researched and found ur blog and went to the apple store today. Long story short – I am a happy camper with a new phone that didn’t cost me. The apple & genius techs were friendly and understanding. I am grateful for coming across this site. Thanks!

  15. It seems dropping the phone flat on it’s front or back does the trick. I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a over a year. I hate cases and had the best luck. I tripped and fell and watch my iPhone land flat on it’s back and watched the glass shatter. Same thing happened with my iPhone 3G. I had a silicone case and a screen protector on it when it landed flat on it’s back on carpet. Hello cracked acreeb

    1. You may not like cases, but like any insurance policy, a good case especially an Otterbox, which does add weight to the phone, could save you the problem of broken glass. No matter how one tries, accidents happen. Good luck is just that, good luck. I try very hard (after a couple cracked glass incidents in the past) not to drop my phone, but inevitably it happens. I have not had a broken glass yet with an Otterbox defender case.

  16. Okay true be told. So three days ago my Iphone 4 screen had shattered into pieces in my bedroom… Don’t ask me how it was so bizarre. But I took it to the apple store and told them my story and luckily my phone has 65 days of warranty left they had replaced my Iphone free of charge!!!!

    1. Is this something new where Apple will replace your phone or fix it due to cracked glass? Last I remember broken glass was not covered.

  17. It depend which Iphen it is that you have. Replacing the touch screen on an Iphone 3g or 3gs is not all that easy if you have neve done it before. The Iphone 4 inside screen and outer tuch screen is all one unit and needs to be replaced as a unit if either one break making the repair expensive. Check out they are very competitive on repair prices!

  18. I dropped my iphone and its screen cracked from many places.. I need to get it replaced but the thing thats bugging me is the cost.. Does the replacement cost more than 20 dollers? Im new and i dont realy know about ihpone either. Its realy difficult to use it and its very delicate too

    1. If your phone is still under warranty and you talk to them about how your screen broke they might replace your Iphone with a new iphone if not I think you would have to pay from 50 to 100 dollars.

    2. It will cost a lot more than $20 bucks!! however if you are lucky you and under lucky circumstances you might get it replaced for nothing, but not all of us were that lucky. Check the other posts as there are lots of good ideas here. As I have said before the otterbox is although a little heavy, the best case there is. I actually dropped my phone tonight when I got out of the car…it fell face down, but it was just fine. I try to be more careful, but sometimes these things just happen and it has happened a few times to me. If still available, depending on what iphone you have or how long you have had it, my daughter got one of these g3 iphones for $49 from ATT after she lost her last phone. She loves it!

  19. Well i didnt pay big bucks and I didn’t get a new one I simply got frOm eBay the kit to replace the glass for 10 dollars and in one hour I changed it. Is not that difficult once u do it the first time u can easily do it 100 times!!

  20. Yea I have also joined the club ” iPhone w/cracked Screen” but mine happened a lil different you see I have lost got it stolen dropped stepped on thrown and everything else with no saftey accsessories and a friend of mine talks me into buying thisstupid live Strong carbon fiber back cover well I guess it’s not so stupid It actually looks pretty cool but any who heres the skinny the first time I drop it it falls glass side down on kencrete and “pop” I hear the sound of a light bulb breaking so I started thinking and figured that there was a conspiricy at hand here you see I think that the case was designed by apple to make the old iphone top heavy so it would fall perfectly on it’s glass and force people to upgrade to the New iPhone since the price differentce aint much different from repair to upgrade well here thats my 411 and please refrain from commenting on my grammer, spelling, or the fact that I said the word conspiricy It’s not sapossed to be serious just a funny joke that could be true but I dont think theyd go thru the trouble when they could just put them on sale lol but this really did happen to me so well it is what it is Pease

  21. is a good company to use for iphone repair.
    I manage the IT for our sales department with over 300 sales people using iphones. I send all of our iphones that need repair to DoctorQuickFix and they have always done excellent repair work.
    They were referd to me by other IT managers who have also integrated iphones into there Sales and IT departments.

  22. I bought a iPhone 4 and broke it like three days after I got it and called apple and asked to talk to their surpervisor right off the bat and they actually sent me a brand new phone over night and sent me a new case of my choice up to 50 dollars!! I love you apple!!!!!

  23. My friend has just cracked the screen on his ipod 4. How much would it be to repair the screen?

  24. Don’t use I sent them my 3gs to fix the glass and the back case, and they returned it, but now the SIM card is not recognized. I sent it back, but they did not fix it. I had to take it to another repair shop, who said that they used the wrong parts, and that is the reason the Sim card is not recognized. Its going to cost me at least $100 to fix the problems they created, and I have been without a phone for over 2 weeks. Bad deal.

  25. I have an iPhone 3gs that I cracked just yesterday. I cracked the top screen, so the damage is just pretty much cosmetic, and I could go a long with out repair or whatever, but it would still be ugly. My mom is taking it to this place(not the Apple Store) that will fix my screen for like $49 dollars. Yes, my warranty will be voided, but how will they notice? A few years ago, when I was in like 5th grade, my mom did the exact same thing, and got her iPhone fixed at the same place. Then her side button got messed up(the warranty covered that)and she went to go get a new one. The Apple man gave her one without hesitation.

  26. I have my iphone 4 almost 10 months, find a 10 mm crack on the front glass starting from the home button. Never drop the phone, and don’t know how I get it. Went to Apple store in Fariview Mall, Ontario this afternoon, they replace me a new one. Thanks You Apple.

  27. I have an ipod touch gen 4. I dropped it and broke the glass. It still works ok. Can you replace the glass?

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