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So I was only half-right about the Meizu M8. It is in fact not real… but only because the real Meizu iPhone-knockoff is named miniOne.

According to Engadget, Meizu’s CEO said on the Chinese Meizu forum that the Meizu miniOne debuted four days before Macworld, after which it underwent a name change and some design tweaks (to make it more like iPhone, duh!).

The Meizu miniOne “upgrades” so far:

Meizu miniOne

Engadget appropriately compared Meizu’s miniOne tweaks to “double-checking your answers with your neighbors’ before turning in your test.”

4 more Meizu miniOne photos after the jump…

Meizu miniOne

Meizu miniOne

Meizu miniOne

Meizu miniOne

The only thing up in the air now is whether the poster on the Meizu forum was actually Meizu’s CEO J. Wong. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. bobby (8 comments) says:

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  2. Larisa (1 comments) says:

    Hi, Judy. I tried to contact with customer service, technical support, after my slim miniplayer stop working. No luck. I was able to leave my message as many times as wanted, no response. Please help us, anybody!!!

  3. judy (5 comments) says:

    how does one get in touch with meizu customer service??? phone number?? email address??regards, judy

  4. Frank (8 comments) says:

    We can all be happier if we knew all the phone companies it works with. My worst problem is wanting to buy an Iphone but not changing my phone company. Even if Sprint sucks in so many ways. Just walk into a store with a problem and find out you waited 30 minutes to be told you need to (CALL) customer service. If it weren’t for their way of hooking you into that crappy agreement that charges you the price of 4 brand new phones to end your service.
    All I want is an AMERICAN PHONE company that doesn’t involve using the damn 3rd world country telemarketers whom don’t speak English to answer and fix your questions.

  5. Gizmodo says:

    Franken(P)review: Attack of the iClones…

    It’s like that episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when Brenda and Kelly both say they hate that black dress with the big white bow on it, but then they each show up to the dance wearing the thing. And then……

  6. hyperG (1 comments) says:

    3 words.


    That is all.

    1. Joe (14 comments) says:

      thats rite…. windows rocks!

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