Opinion: Apple is to Blame for Allowing Developers to Lure Kids With In-App Purchases

Published: Apr 16, 2011

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2 Responses

  1. Bee (1 comments) says:

    C’mon !! Really!! I tell my kids which are teenagers to not be buying nothing unless you got money to pay for the bill. It works !! Companies aren’t luring kids they just making apps that require you to pay to upgrade on. I see it and can say hell wit that I’ll just play the game with the basics (free) version. It’s frivolous to blame Apple for the big picture . Parents if u give your child a device advise them that it’s not a toy and to operate it it wisely . Educate yourself first on device and apps then educate your kids …… Point blank …

    • iPhoneChris (218 comments) says:

      Thanks for adding your comment, Bee. Glad to hear you are a responsible parent. However, I don’t imagine most parents would even be aware that iPhone games are upselling their kids in this way, and it’s an undeserved and expensive mistake to realize that an iPhone game just sold your kid $1,000 worth of features. It’s great that your teenagers understand the value of things, but most kids under 10 probably don’t, and their parents are unaware of these in-app offers so it catches many people off guard and costs them a lot of money sometimes. Just my opinion.

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