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Published: Dec 9, 2009

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11 Responses

  1. dakota (2 comments) says:

    i think it would be great to give the iphone camera the option to take pictures in black and white ect. and give the camera and video better quality

  2. jim (12 comments) says:

    oops. just one?
    all of the above?

    ok ok. better battery

  3. jim (12 comments) says:

    front facing camera
    outgoing s/mms previews
    background youtube playing
    multitask. even just a few apps
    call log editing
    ipod integrated sleep /wake timer function
    flash support
    better battery life

  4. steven (9 comments) says:

    they need to make it where we can run more than 1 app at a time….2,1,6

  5. Richard Regan (2 comments) says:

    I would like to have more than one app open at a time. And beef up the battery to make this possible.

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  6. Shannon M. (2 comments) says:

    I want a keyboard that folds out or even that attaches so that I can actually type a document or email that is lengthy without having to get on my computer and lug my laptop around. I seriously can really only type with one finger on their stupid keyboard. how hard would it be? come on, Apple!!

  7. Anne (3 comments) says:

    I love my iPhone 3G but there are a few changes I would love to see. Can I mention a few?

    The one that would make me the most happy is for my iPhone to be able to sync with the Tasks list in Outlook on my PC. It will sync my calendar and my notes but not my to do list.

    I would also love it if the iphone would support Flash media. It can show youtube videos so why not other short videos, like ones people post on facebook?

    I would also like it if you could disable the sound that the camera makes when it takes a photo.

    Of the prizes I would most want 1. the car mount 2. the bike mount and 3. the iPhone case.

    Happy Holidays, Anne

  8. itasara (61 comments) says:

    I would like :

    1. a glass or glass substitute that DOES NOT BREAK or at least a special protective cover that will prevent breakage that Apple provides since they charge so much for repairs.

    2. replaceable battery that I can change myself

    3. open carrier so I can move to a company with better coverage

    4. Definitely want an earpiece like I used to have at Verizon that lets you call the no. you want without touching the phone. The voice feature on the newest OS is nice, but still required looking at the phone while driving which is not good enough.

    • Ritchie Champagne (4 comments) says:

      I’d love it if my iPhone wouldn’t completely stop responding when it’s receiving an email. I’ll be typing away and there’s no response for a bit. Suddenly, I get the audible notice for new email. Also, I’d love it if I could assign ringtones to texts so that I know who is texting me without looking.

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  9. xbbradley (2 comments) says:

    I would love to see a flash added to the camera. Would be great to fire off
    a flash when needed to add light to photos at certain times.

  10. Lori Attack (3 comments) says:

    I love my 3G iphone and I use it all the time. In Ontario we are not allowed to talk on the phone while driving so I have a bluetooth earpiece. Problem – I can’t call out because the 3G doesnt have voice activated calling. I would love an update that would fix this.

    1) Battery Backup
    2) Bike Mount
    3) Stylus

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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