iPod Touch vs. iPhone

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Update (Apr 11, 2011): This post has been updated to reflect the most current information on iPod Touch vs iPhone. Decisions, decisions: Should you get an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, a near-replica of the iPhone that works in generally the same way but has fewer features? I own the iPhone […]

iPod Touch vs. iPhone

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  1. thank you so much for this very valuable info… I am still debating which is the better option for me, and this info will be very useful for me to make my decision. Thanks, again.

  2. U guys are confusing me so much, okay so the ipod touch is an ipod plus apps, video, camera nd more. . . nd iphone is a phone w/ suckish AT&T and

  3. This is comparing apples (no pun) and oranges. The iPod Touch is not intended for use as a phone, although let me say that last weekend I had a perfect Skype call (audio) with my daughter in China on my iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is a pocket wifi-enabled internet device that offers some very impressive features. If it’s on the web, it’s on your iPod (except of course if it’s Flash, but that’s another topic). Email, calendaring, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, a basic video camera, retina display, bluetooth, basic wifi-delivered GPS service, and hundreds of thousands of apps are all there. And it’s an MP3 player that connects to iTunes. It’s an excellent device. Why compare it with something it’s obviously not intended to compete with? The iPhone is a great phone but it’s only available on one carrier that seems to have a lot of problems. If you need to get online with an iPod touch away from home or office with your own personal wifi hotspot, you can get connected anywhere the Sprint or Verizon networks are available by using a MiFi device (smaller than a deck of cards) without having to lock yourself into 2 years of the AT&T messwork. The iPod Touch 4G has a lot going for it.

    1. Good comments, with one noteable omission. Lots of kids are using their parents “handmedown” 3GS iPhone’s b/c it is much cheaper to get an iPhone 3GS($100) or 4 ($200) than to buy a touch. The AT&T issue is moot, given the parents are already customers.

  4. I think that if you dont need internet or email out and about, and can wait to check facebook when you have wifi, it is better to get the ipod touch. You save the monthly contract price! Just use a regular phone for phone calls and texts. If you want to do some web stuff just by a phone that has mobile web. You can do more than you think is possible on there. I have an ipod touch and i don’t miss any of the iphone features because i can do most of it on my regular phone which costs about 30 a month. It has mobile web so i can do some email and check websites that are not complicated. It is a better deal to get the ipod touch and save the money for a new laptop or something instead.

    1. In terms of saving money for me its better to whether use Android Galaxy S2, or purchase iPod touch + MiFi (device which you can carry with yourself to have WiFi connection always)

  5. iPod Touch as your media device, Blackberry 9700 for phone. iPhone is crappy in terms of phone capability/ies.

  6. I say, it all depends on your purpose. iPod touch is obviously an improved version of iPod. So if you are into just music or the old iPod “thing” and your budget is also limited (considering iPod Touch is cheaper than iPhone) you should settle with iPod. But if you want more, and you NEED the features found in iPhone then go for iPhone. I think it’s a miss match. For me it would be more appropriate to compare iPhone with Blackberry than comparing it with iPod touch. iPhone came from the line of mobile phones while iPod Touch came from iPod (generally for music, photos and video viewing purpose)

    1. Get an ipod touch. Even if just for a year, then you can buy an iphone next year, which will have more features.

    2. yes almost EVERYONE votes for ipod touch becuz it is better,let me tell you why,becuz all the time my cuzin wants to get on facebook,he has to go all the way around the corner just to get connection to thats why and i pod touch is better

  7. Ugh! Everyone is saying different answers and it doesn’t tell which is better!! It’s so hard to decide!! Aaaaaaaah!

    1. Hi i have the same problem deciding between an ipod touch and a iphone. I have a phone already but the ipod and iphone cost the same amount so my mom suggested possibly getting the iphone. what do you sugest???

  8. i have an iPod 3g. im 12 and i personally think the iPod is better because there is an app that you can call ant text people with(wi-fi required)P.S: oh and for call ing you need those special headsets

  9. ..iPhone, but I can only afford the iPod Touch, and I’m getting an iPod touch fir my birthday 😀

  10. im ten years old so im goin to get iphone bcause the telegragh say that by july its going to be £100 punds im saving money from now

  11. i got a ipod touch but its rubbish i would prefer iphone coz u dont need wifi

    on ipod touch you need wifi haw borin is dat

  12. omg i think the ipod touch is better or maybe the iphone but if you were a kid thin i suggest the ipod touch but if you were a teen i suggest and iphone so i hope this help

  13. Cool thanks heaps, can you also add iPhone 4 id love to see the speed and memory size of it.
    I own an itouch 2g and i think its the best device i have bought so far, you can use MSN, go on websites, you can use all the same Apps as iphone, you just dont have the phone & camera no biggy.
    i would love to buy an iphone but still too expensive 🙁


    Thanks 🙂

  14. iPhone is way better. I got an iPod touch for Christmas and it’s TERRIBLE. The wifi sucks, you can only get like half of the apps in the app store, it doesn’t have a phone, camera or texting (those apps that supposedly do that are fake) and barely any apps are tested on the itouch, so they have bugs and crashes, and the iPhone 3Gs is now only $100 and my iPod cost more than that, so cost is not an issue. iPhone, for sure. And, Itouch had terrible battery life.

        1. you can get this app for free calling and texting(only wi-fi is required) and a special headset used for calling while listening to music

        2. i think that the ipod is 100% better coz its faster n well better if you av a gudz intraznet connectionz

    1. well… your too greedy!! if you actually look at it…. it holds way more memory… mines is 8 gigabytes and i have 4 pages of things.. all that doesn’t take 1 gig

  15. Err can I connect my iPod touch to the o2 Internet so basically I don’t have to be in my house to acesss the Internet I don’t mind paying but is it possible.

  16. Obviously the ipod touch is better I just got one and it’s awesome! But the problem is with iphones it’s just that for them when you get one you have to have had a cell phone or whatever before and you have to have a 5 year plan of something like that so yeah if your wondering which one to get I would definetly suggest and ipod touch. Good Luck! Bye

  17. Hey I’m a developer and i’m interested in doing stuff for mobile devices. I have a Verizon account now (old phone though), my plan it to get a Droid phone and an iPod touch, that way i don’t need two cell providers and can get used to both os’s. What do you think, good plan? Or do I need to bite the bullet and get both an iPhone and a Droid phone. Thanks —

  18. to be honest .. i have tocco lite samsung .. its not bad but i only brought it for fone calls and text massaging .. i have to pay £15 month for 100 minuts and unlimited tetxts .. NOW .. whyy would i buy a ipohone which is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more expensivee when i have a prefectly good phone here with me .. so i rather buy an ipod touch becuase i already got a phone and ipod is like iphone but iphone is like a phone if you get me but anways my opinnion is that ipod is better if you have a good perfect phone in your handss .

  19. I think for best buy its Ipod Touch, considering its price is 3x less than Iphone you can buy a basic mobile phone and enjoy Itouch wifi, sleekness and same applications as iphone.

    1. Honest answer here..
      My niece has iTouch and likes it. She is able to make video calls when in WiFi area and uses Skype.

      I went with iPhone.. needed smart phone, address book (not just phone numbers). I was already paying nearly the monthly fees on my old phone (LG Neon)

      Recently went on trip and it was Blackberry GPS vs iPhone GPS. iPhone won hands down. Cloudy day and Blackberry couldn’t stay connected and had us going way out of our way. Wish the iPhone was voice, tho.

      Apps are great… and more plentiful than apps for Blackberry. You don’t use them daily, tho, but I use several and not just games.

      If you are already paying $30 a month for a phone plan SWITCH to iPhone, it is soooooo worth it.

      I use the phone a lot and battery only lasts a day for me. The speakers could be better.

      My opinion and I have used both.

    2. you are welcome… and…. iPhone #4 is coming out in the fall with front facing camera for video sharing. oh… that is a GREAT feature.

    3. to jarede:

      the iphone has more features, but to me the monthly plan cost is waayyyyyyy to much, and its not really worth it, in my opinion :/

  20. With the touch, can you use any mic/earphone (hands free device) or does it have to be the apple mic/earphones.

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