25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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[Update: This article was written when the original iPhone was first released. See my new post: 25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone.] I love my iPhone, but it does lack some important features and functionality. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 25 fixes Apple should make to the iPhone. Apple, if you […]

25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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  1. Oh my god your and idiot only a few things on here are true and even if it’s out of date you posted it on a another thread about iPhone 4 and it’s not true that iPhone can’t play flash SAFARI cant play flash theres tons of other browsers that let you play flash

  2. Wow. Look at the date of the article. It was 100% accurate in 2007. But it apparently takes too much time to look at the post date. Of course this stuff is no longer valid 3 years later. Go figure.

  3. Whoever made this list is an idiot that didn’t do any research. At least half of these things can be changed in settings.

  4. not All of this. Still Weak a** Vibe, and no custom Email, voicemail, sent mail, or calendar alerts. Emaill is too quiet and email vibrate is a joke. I thought it would be cool when my work said they were switching us from blackberry to Iphone 4 but I miss being able to hear email alerts and have decent vibrate because I work in a very loud enviroment. (IE lots of PC’s like thousands)

  5. Hi my partner is deaf was told iphone yes have vibration on the phone,but realise it very weak vibration,is there any way make the vibration a bit stronger,should be aware they are many deaf people iam sure are intersting in this iphone,but poor service with vibration is very poor.would you consider loking in any way to improve the service for deaf people

  6. Acaully many of those things are able to do idk if u have iPhone 3g or 3GS I have 3GS and many things are capable
    1.Copy and paste txt. Hold finger down and it should come up woth select. Select all.paste.
    2-6 true
    7. Shake the iPhone and it should say “undo text” u hit yes or cancel
    8-9 true
    10 yes u can
    11 true
    12 yes there is
    13 yes u can. Go to pictures press the bottom left corner and u click on as many of u want click “copy” go to ur email click new message and hold finger down to paste
    14 yes u can hold down the top lining above photo in full view and it show say trim. (for vids)
    15 it has contacts notes voice memo and calender plus multiple alarms what else do u want? Auto teliniquises folders!
    16 yes u can, both by safari and apps
    17 true in a way
    18-20 ? Kinda .. Weird
    21 sync iPhone in and put songs u like into ringtones section
    22 no it isn’t u just hold the finger down and it also can fastfoward if u click ff
    23-25 true
    26 there is a zoom app for camera there is also a night vision and more advanced cameras u can download and use
    27-29 true
    30 yes u can in settings- general or sounds
    31 true
    32 oh I have 3GS very fast
    33 yes u can click the camera button
    34 yes u can
    35 3GS has a vid camera ans camera 3G has
    no vid camera
    36-37 apps for that
    38 in settings- general or messages (txt)
    39 hold ur finger down and scroll across to get to where u want abd delete
    (all from Iphone 3GS)

  7. This article needs to be removed!

    I was going to buy iphone but when i read this article, it changed my mind. But anyways i finally got over it and bought and iPhone and im pretty sure it can handle nearly everything written on this article.

  8. Sad that so many comments are fanboyish in that they unquestioningly support Apple instead of their peers, the consumers. Apple (or any company) won’t know or be pushed to improve their product if the customers don’t give them strong feedback.

    Think about it.

  9. wow, outdated. compare iphone 3gs with the latest update and you will see what’s the big fuss is all about. the 3gs pretty much covered all the flaws you listed. see if you can come up with a new flaw, but once again, you can ALWAYS come up with at least one if you want to.

    1. This person must definitely have the old generation. Because everything they listed i can do with my 3GS. EVERYTHING. and u don’t have to pay for ringtones.. lol.. and i voice dial as well.. it gets better than voice dial. u can even tell your phone to play a certain song that you want to hear. or if you cant remember who sings it, all you have to do is say who sings this song? and it will tell you.. You seriously need to update your phone

  10. I pluged my iphone into itunes restored the settings, took the plug out and now i have the itunes background stuck on my iphone. Can only make emergeny calls. Can you help?

  11. I’m not going to lie. I love revisiting these gloating dismissals of the iPhone, especially in light of it’s runaway success, the continual upgrades and the success of the App Store.

    Basically, tech wankers of all stripes and loyalties simply could not get past their idiotic laundry lists of MUST HAVE features long enough to realize that the reason they cared so much about their laundry list of features was because up until the release of the iPhone, the smartphone *experience* was COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE!

  12. Millions are still buying it, in spite of all the wrongs.
    There seems to be no other smart phones being scrutinized till this extent.
    Pin-pointing the flaws may be easy but overall experience counts.

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