25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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[Update: This article was written when the original iPhone was first released. See my new post: 25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone.] I love my iPhone, but it does lack some important features and functionality. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 25 fixes Apple should make to the iPhone. Apple, if you […]

25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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  1. No numeric key pad for texting.. allowing T9 predictive texting. Would make it possible to text with one hand quickly. Surely a simple update for Apple.

    Do seem to sacrifice a lot of basic functionality to have an iPhone

  2. I was going to buy an iphone but im not anymore cuz people are saying how the iphone is great but my old razor did a lot more than this iphone like forward texts and getting mms texts i will stick with my sidekick 2008 or im getting the samsung behold which is a touch screen and can get mms texts and all that other good stuff the iphone cant do…what a bummer..just because the iphone looks nice doesnt mean its the greatest i dont understand why people are making such a fuss over it when it cant do much 25 things is alot compared to 5 or 10…dont buy the iphone…lol

  3. plz any1 tel dat is there no solution for the bluetooth problem of iphone ? ? any software that could work for its bluetooth for sharing photos, songs etc ? ? plz help bcoz m just going 2 buy an iphone after 2 days

  4. Now surely the lack of instant messaging can be solved through the browser? Wouldn’t some of the various browser based instant messaging services work with it?

  5. I didn’t know that the iphone was that bad. I knew that it wasn’t an easy phone, but i didn’t know it was that hard to use an ipone!!!

  6. I have just recently been given an iPhone for Christmas (oh, alright I ordered it and my husband wrapped it) having had a pleasant few months experience with an iPod Touch. Contacts, calendar events etc are all important to me and that works fine.

    I was therefore amazed to find that the iPhone doesn’t have the ability to retain some sort of visual notification on the screen (albeit dimmed) to show that a call has been missed or a text received. Every other mobile phone I’ve had has this functionality and I didn’t even think about it but presumed it would be on the iPhone – beacon to technology that it is. What a shame. It’s a pain for me because (as a woman) I don’t carry my iPhone around with me in a shirt or trouser pocket but often have it in my bag or on my desk, so after an hour’s meeting I’d much prefer to glance at my phone rather than have to click it every time to check for missed texts or calls. SO frustrating. Please add this to the list.


  7. Iphone has no reminder that you missed a call.
    If you walk out of the room for 3 min, and miss a call, you will never hear a beep to remind you.

  8. hey, can i add one more???? and i think it’s THE most important, even though you guys seems to have forgotten about it: U CAN’T CONNECT A2DP BLUETOOTH HEADSET TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I can’t use the google maps screen well. Every time I touch the screen to move it onto my view field, it wants to reload it. When I’m looking for geocaches, I can bring up the google map, but any touching of the map to slide another part into view it reloads itself, rather than just show me the part not in view.

  10. All I would like to be able to do
    considering i brought the phone for the e-mail ,is to be able to save a file somewhere on the phone.
    I get a few PDF Files that i need to save
    Hopefully apple will be able to change this in the near future!!!

  11. Guys, good Job as regards the comments. Its like Apple made this phone for only Americans. i am a Nigerian and i want to get it. The phone (iphone 2.0) is so scarce that the sellers treat it like gold! Moreover, no retail shops here! No where to Unlock! Guys, i need to know if i should continue with my decision of buying this piece. I am disappointed it cannot support pdf files and some other applications. please is there any other phone better than the iphone?

  12. Does anyone know how to insert a phone number into a text message from your contacts list? I can’t find a way, it seems ridiculous to have to write down a number from your list then manually type in the number to send it to someone via text.

  13. My Iphone 3G would be perfect if I lived in 2001! Unfortunately, I don’t, this is 2008! Apple iPhone 3G is completely & utterly useless for 2008 and the iTunes software, that the iPhone cannot operate without, … is absolute garbage! Both designed by money hungry, screw you for even cent scumbags without any itegrity! Let’s all watch Apple Inc. go down the corporate drain, just like we are now watching with Microsoft because of Vista! Will these morons ever start listening to their customers instead of just watching their market shares? Just like the complete & utter failure of Vista, eventually once the all the hype is over, most iPhone 3G users will realise they have been totally ripped off, not just with iPhone 3G but with the sheer & utter uselessness of iTunes!

  14. In response to Mi$$ DD: My phone has been cranky ever since it fell on a concrete floor. My sure-fire cure is to plug it in to a charger, then power it completely off and on again. So far, this process has been successful in resotring its sanity for at least a few days.

  15. The new iphone cannot retrive my corporate voicemail. Apple is aware of the problem, but cannot give me a date for a patch.

  16. Cut and Paste is the number one thing?
    Can your phone cut and paste? Can your phone play flash videos on the net?
    Overall after pointing out every little thing thats wrong with the iPhone, it’s still an amazing phone.

  17. I hate this phone I bought this not even 5 months ago. My camera worked for the 1st week (if that) and won’t work anymore. I called iphone time and time again (hour here 2 hours there) and they don’t know what is wrong with it either I gave up Now I have a cracked screen from dropping it because it always slips out of my hands….too slippery
    It also has a mind of its own when it locks out and is blank I push the button for it to light up to slide the bar and guess what? It doesn’t work it looks like it is turned off then when i put on the charger it will light up and then I can call someone before it goes off!but if the light goes off again and then locks me out again in order for me to have it light up I have to take it off the charger
    When someone is calling it doesn’t even let me know who is calling nor can I slide the bar to answer

  18. PATHETIC!!! in some countries (like Argentina) ANI (areacode) is identified begining with or without CERO. iPhone retrieve areacode WITH cero in sms but WITHOUT cero in phone calls so: the name of your contact will be displayed in phone calls “” sms….not both

  19. My iPhones vibrate button broke off and we went to the apple store and they said they won’t replace it and I said what about the LIMITED warranty
    they said since it was under LIMITED warranty they can’t do anything unless we pay a $200.00 fee for them to fix it.Its there fualt that the button just broke off so now I have no ring . So now I miss about 90 % of my calls
    Now u tell me who’s getting treated fairly

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