25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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[Update: This article was written when the original iPhone was first released. See my new post: 25 things STILL wrong with the iPhone.] I love my iPhone, but it does lack some important features and functionality. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 25 fixes Apple should make to the iPhone. Apple, if you […]

25 Things Wrong With the iPhone

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  1. Text message alarm can’t be set to repeat (so that it can act like a pager)

    Can’t foward text messages.

  2. You can scroll inside boxes on websites. Use two fingers instead of one and it will scroll inside the box instead of the page.

  3. There are solutions for many problems you mention here (f.ex. the auto correction: just install the fix called KB and bang you can enable and disable it, or the ringtones: just install iphoneringtonemaker and bang you can use any mp3 as a ringtone. Wanna send MMS? Just install SwirlyMMS and you can send and receive MMS in no time..) Most of the fixes are on the phone itself via installer it doesn1t require much time to install them. The iPhone is an incredible piece of device, in my opinion its one of the best phones on the market. PDA phones have so many problems, they are slow, they freeze, iPhone doesn’t. Everything you do with it just feels amazing. It’s easy to use and it’s pure quality. Apple improves iPhone pretty often, and very soon a new iPhone will come out in which you will find everything that you missed so far. I’m using iPhone for almost half a year now, and I never seen such an amazing phone in my life before. Even if I found some bugs on it, I was able to find a fix for them on the device itself through WiFi and Installer…it’s amazing how many apps you can find for it without searching the net and installing them through activesync or through other methods. Be little more patient and you’ll get an even better iPhone soon…you’ll see.

  4. Browsed but didn’t see any comments about the fact that you CAN’T ERASE MULTIPLE EMAILS AT ONCE! YOU HAVE TO SELECT AND DELETE INDIVIDUALLY! Drives me nuts! Such a waste of time!

  5. Am facing some problem with the volume during a conversation . Though i have set the vol to its max during the call, the voice is ery feable . Any idea what wrong . And also when i go to my i pod it automatically goes into the cover flow mode . how do i prevent that from happening .

  6. I would like it on a calendar event you could set an Alarm instead of Alert. The alert is just not loud enough. The alarm is load keeps going until you acknowledge it. On important meetings I have to set an calendar event & then also set up a seperate alarm.

  7. Actually there is a setting for making texts not appear on main screen word for word. Also I can save username/ passwords in safari. iPhone is the shit as far as im concerned. Camera does suck though… No biggy.

  8. Great list! What about this! My battery went dead the other day and I was not near a charger so I tried to call for my voice mails from another phone. I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I contacted AT&T and they told me that is not an option with the iphone! Even with my first phone in the dark ages I could call and get my voice mail from another phone.

  9. if you run your finger over the text you typed it will display a magnafine glass and let you drop the curser where you want to fix your text!

  10. I just read some place that apple and microsoft have an agreement to allow Microsoft applications to be used on the i phone starting in june. anyone know anything more about it? I hope it’s just a software update that we can download to our current phones

  11. If i’m not wrong, you cant do file transfer via Bluetooth, can’t send or receive MMS and the worst one is that it does not have a video cam… I hope that apple will add these functions into the next iPhone update cos its really heartpain to see such a cool phone to be turned into this…

  12. Cannot have a ringtone for an incoming text message. You have to use their selected sounds for incoming text messages.

  13. First, let me put this review into perspective by saying I am used to a RAZR, which provides bluetooth and speech recognition capabilities that I am heavily dependent upon.

    First, I have given up my home phone in favor of being all cell. This has caused me to go running around the house looking for my phone when it rings. To solve this problem, I purchased a Panasonic KX-TH1111. This system consists of a base unit that pairs with my cell phone (and my husband’s as well), and allows me to answer and make cell calls from the three cordless satellite handsets that are attached to the KX-TH111. I merely place my RAZR next to the Panasonic base unit and push a button to link them via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, my car, an Acura TL, has a hands-free bluetooth link to the stereo system speakers. My phone connects seamlessly to the car’s handsfree system when I insert the key into the ignition.
    The iPhone tries to work with the Panasonic, but really doesn’t. I can’t answer incoming calls on the Panasonic handsets, and when I initiate a call from a Panasonic handset, it automatically transfers to the iPhone after a few seconds and disconnects the Panasonic handset. And now the iPhone doesn’t seem to want to pair with my car any more.

    After some research. I have discovered that I am not the only iPhone customer having trouble in an Acura, and the kind folks at the Apple store have assured me that they too hope this problem will soon be fixed, as it seems to have been introduced in a recent software upgrade.

    Meanwhile, Panasonic has announced a new version of their bluetooth-linked phone, model KX-TH1211. I am holding my breath hoping that it will work with my iPhone.

    Oh yes, the speech recognition. My Verizon RAZR was able to recognize commands like “Call Don”, where the name was NOT recorded, but just typed in as a contacts entry. This feature was a great boon to me before the Acura handsfree feature. It is actually a perfect match for a bluetooth earpiece; just push the button on your ear and speak the name without taking your eyes off the road. I note that the AT&T version of the RAZR does not have this really handy feature, nor does the iPhone.

    So, I’m trying to make myself happy by looking at my pictures and listening to my music on the iPhone. I’d rather have the great telephone features offered by Verizon on their RAZR.

  14. It would be nice to have a comprehensive manual come with the phone, rather than hoving to hunt it down on the Internet. For a $600 phone, a $1.50 manual shouldn’t be that big of a deal, should it?

  15. Having to delete each email in trash is a major annoyance and waste of time.
    I’ve had it with all the shortcomings. I’m switching to a blackberry.

  16. I have a jailbroken iphone I bought in the US and brought to Spain. I really love it, the interface, the keyboard, the browser…For the most part things are going smoothly except:

    1. No 3G. In Spain, there aren’t a lot of places with Wi-Fi.

    2. My computer thinks the iphone is a camera, and it won’t sync with itunes.

    3. Even if you turn off key click sounds, it still makes a sound when you dial.

    4. The suggestions when writing text ARE annoying, especially when I am witing in Spanish! (As for the period, though, if you hit Space twice, it inserts a period)

    5. I like my calls organized: incoming, outgoing, missed; not all together.

    6. I think all functions should be usable in the panoramic mode. It’s really cool, and it would make typing easier.

    7. The battery problem: Is it possible to replace the battery yourself like on ipods?

    8. Yes, being able to have text messages time-stamped, and being able to delete just one out of a conversation would be nice…

  17. * Can’t delete all text messages, have to delete them one at a time.

    * Can’t delete a single text message alone from a “conversation”. i.e. if you have 10 text messages from the same person, you can not delete one, you must delete them all.

    * No Quicknotes, a way of inserting commonly used text into emails or text messages. My favorite one that I miss is “Starbucks?” that I use to send to some friends all the time.

    * No way to create folders and move photos from the camera roll through the phone. Perhaps that is possible through iTunes, don’t know. Should be accessible through the phone.

    * No voice recorder.

  18. I cannot receive photos texted to me directly in a text message. The go-online deal almost always doesn’t work. I want to see the photos now, not have to go online sometime, and then be unsuccessful at that.

    thanks for listening….you’ve got a good list going…

  19. I am happy that I found this website. I almost went and bought an iPhone a couple of weeks ago but when I was talking to the representative about the features, it just seemed a better idea to wait first. But now after reading all of these helpful reviews, I believe I’m going to decline on the iPhone. Thanks for helping with the decision.

  20. If nobody likes their iPhone, sell it!!!
    Too many complaints, do your research before you buy a next generation phone.
    I think this phone is great!! Peace out : )

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