6 Trusty Tricks for New iPhone Owners

Dec 26, 20094656Views6Comments
If you recently got an iPhone, here are six useful features on your new device that might not be instantly obvious to you: To instantly scroll to the top of the page in almost any app, just tap the status bar at the top (with the clock on it). To email multiple photos, go to […]

6 Trusty Tricks for New iPhone Owners

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  1. on my iphone 4 #2 is actually located at the top right on the screen
    (but i am using a right to left language so i guess it should be top right for English devices)
    you should update the guide

    nice tips btw

  2. my friend just bougth iphone form china,and a little bit different with an original one,can i change the software same just like an original?

    need advice

  3. I just tried it again. If you select more than 5, the Share button becomes disabled for some reason. If you want to email more than five photos, you can copy and paste them into the body of the email.

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll add it to the post!

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