ZiPhone Jailbreak: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It [See Video]

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Published: Mar 28, 2008

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49 Responses

  1. Kit344 (1 comments) says:

    Wow some people are stupid huh, always do your research! Glad I read the comments, now can anyone tell me a jailbreak app that does work for the 3gs!

  2. taylorr (1 comments) says:

    well i see this isn’t working for anyone so everyone on here go to
    it worksssss!

  3. Jennie (1 comments) says:

    ZiPhone does NOT work on 2.0 or higher. Don’t waste your time, there are other downloads that work on 2.0 etc.
    Also @Mughal… SUEING THEM? Because you are so stupid you can’t even jailbreak your own phone… seriously?

  4. beastmode (2 comments) says:

    u have to match the software. if ur software is newer than the one they have curently listed of course it wont work u foking tards

  5. beastmode (2 comments) says:

    u dum foks half of u don’t read the directions foking up your fone in the first place its not them its u if u guys will read the warnings and directions mayb someday u will be useful for something

  6. gameofwar (2 comments) says:

    how to install game to iphone?

  7. Athena (1 comments) says:

    I just updated me iphone software, would the jailbreak still work? also how do u jail break your iphone. the person who made up this website never said y=how you do it. plus what can you do after you jailbreak you phone.

    very very intensely hot girl,

  8. Mr. Z (1 comments) says:

    This program does NOT work… Do not waste ur time here!!!!

  9. stud (1 comments) says:

    worked perfectly with 1.14. great software !

  10. maddddddddd (1 comments) says:

    never worked and ruined my phone, goodness, why would some people do this?

  11. sangay (1 comments) says:

    im having same problem as minhaj so please if anyone has a idia please hlep me im from bhutan

  12. john (32 comments) says:

    ok i have the same problem with the “rebboting in recovery mode” but seriously im only doing this to an iphone tht someone wants only as an ipod cuz they got it for free and dont have a sim card.. but are u ppl tht stupid to do this to your own phone, come on im 14 and to see how pathetic you ppl are to attempt to do this hack, fail miserably then get frustrated and start cursing out other ppl. real cool guys.

    but……if any of you have an ipod touch and are trying to jailbreak it, use “quickpwn” i idid it to my ipod and it works amazing!!!
    and there several videos on youtube to show u step by step how to.

    so sum up
    -ziphone = ruin your phone therefore bad (so stop wasting your time and look for a better software

    -quickpwn- jailbreaks your ipod perfectly therfore awesome (this is what u should do)

  13. geoff (1 comments) says:


  14. Paulio (1 comments) says:

    LOL….lucky i read the post!!
    so is there anywhere else can find it??

  15. Dustin (2 comments) says:

    lesson to be learned here, IF IT IS NOT BROKE THEN DON TRY TO FIX IT , and nothing is free in this world some people need to grow up. if you hack something then be sure you are smart enough. thats why its called hacking.

  16. mari (1 comments) says:

    wow… thanks for fucking up my 3 day old phone… this is fantastic… don’t waste your time these sick little men with nothing better to do with their time have invented this way to fuck with people and ruin their phone…

  17. Matt (22 comments) says:

    OMFG, r u all that stupid!!
    i have an iphone 3G that has a firware later than 2.0..
    so im not going to install it
    that easy
    if your touch or iphone is later than 2.0 dont install this program, it wont work
    and ffs stop complainin about them fuking ure phone…they had a waring sayin that it was a possibility if u were too stupid to read the feedback

  18. Maytrix (1 comments) says:

    How can so many people be so dumb? As many have said, read the comments.

    And this is a HACK! Hack’s can often have unexpected results. If you are unwilling to accept the fact you could end up with a useless paperweight after trying out a hack, then DON’T DO IT!

  19. David (19 comments) says:

    OK so now what? It just hangs up and now my phone is not working. I trusted you and now I don’t have a phone.

  20. tom (11 comments) says:

    were can i jalbeark mi iphone

  21. m,m,,m,m,m,m, (1 comments) says:

    bitch this better work

  22. Bifda86 (1 comments) says:

    You guys with iPhone 3g 2.0 or higher r just dumb. U have tryed this hack even tho it don’t work on 2.0 or higher. My advice to you is don’t bother with it cos it’s clear that a jam dounut with a big arse bite out of it has more brains and can understand that it don’t work on 2.0 or higher. So next time you try it ask you mum to go shoppin and get sum jam dounuts so it can tell u it don’t work on 2.0 or higher.

  23. issie (1 comments) says:

    youu guys fucked up my phone wtf ?…

  24. marc (2 comments) says:

    hey can anyone help me out , i have a ipod touch and tried this stuff i cant even get my i pod to start it missing boot sectors and stuff tried to reset it and stuff does not work

  25. dave (8 comments) says:

    this does NOT work. I have a 2g iphone fw 2.1, itunes8. it left me hanging during reboot. FAIL.

  26. Angel (1 comments) says:

    STUPID. The glitch is still NOT FIXED. Everytime I try to run ZiPhone on my Mac it screws up the iTouch and keeps it in Recovery Mode. Then it sends the iTouch to iTunes to be “Restored”. T______T. Ive repeated this process like six times. No luck. THEY BEETER FIX THIS SOON. IM REALLY PISSED. I restored my iTouch FOR NOTHING. LAME.

  27. aaron (3 comments) says:

    omg this Is so funny I am here on my iPhone at 13 years old cracking up about how lame y’all are this is a hack do you see the person who made this reply on any of your comments??? Didn’t think so it’s a waste of your time to do this if you want a real chalange download the bubble pro app and some people have made a program to slow the time down and get more points who Is ever in 1st when the commotion ends get a certain amount of money for winning. The prize a few weeks ago was $500 if any one gets the program please email me at

  28. Mughal (1 comments) says:

    i am about to hit my phone on the floor…. its gone buddiesss… nothing left .software n memory all gone… IT SUCKSSSSSSSS…. v should better sue the Ziphone website for holding such a pathatic software which ruins ur iphone

  29. checko (uk) (1 comments) says:

    ive tried this and it didnt work 4 me either!!!!!111

  30. Morgan (2 comments) says:

    Ziphone isnt working on the 2.0 and 2.1 firmware ive used it once before when i had the 1.1.4 firmware and it worked perfectly its prob just a glitch im sure itll be fixed soon

  31. Brad (3 comments) says:

    Wow… I like how all these people are complaining about this not working on their 3g, when I saw several posts dated before these complaints that said it does not work on 2.X software. All 3g iPhones have 2.0 or higher… So next time you guys should read all the posts before complaining about how this software gets stuck and ruins your iPhone. And I’m hoping that anyone that has posted recently has at least 2.0 because the update has been out for a long time… Stupid people.

  32. Bollocks (1 comments) says:


  33. tinamomma (1 comments) says:

    i tried to install ziphone, it crashed my software, i had to send my phone to apple, dont’ do it i have far warned you, this app sucks big time.

  34. Philippa (1 comments) says:


  35. JESUS ALVIDRES (1 comments) says:

    I went thru the steps and the program stop on the “rebooting iphone to recovery mode” or something like that, took too long and I had to stop it.

    Now the iphone is in recocery mode and I don’t know if I should restore it thru itunes or what are my options.

  36. Dan (10 comments) says:

    this software sux

  37. Den (1 comments) says:

    Same Problem here!
    iPhone 3G version 2.0.2 tried to use ziphone to jailbreak …its hangs for a long time at Recovery mode “Rebooting phone in Recovery mode…”
    What is the problem?
    Can someone who have tried successfully, help?

  38. Ken (6 comments) says:

    It doesn’t work for firmware 2.0 and over, so don’t bother with it. Find a better program.

  39. Deepti (1 comments) says:

    I am facing same problem as Jose. I am also using the 3G version..the phone hangs and the message on my computer is “Rebooting phone in recovery mode”. Would really appreciate if anyone can help.

  40. jose (2 comments) says:

    well i m using iphone 3g version 2.0 …
    every time i use ziphone to jailbreak …its hang in one place..for a long time msg is “Rebooting phone in Recovery mode…” and bttom satus bar is running without sopping…. so guys i need some help

  41. Romeo (1 comments) says:

    I am using 2.0 version and i can’t jailbreak it any solution guys

  42. bobby (8 comments) says:

    if your itouch, when using ziphone messes up and freezes on one screen all you do is …. hold the home key and the pwoer key at the same time till it turns black. then keep holding the home key and release the power key. this will let itunes recgonize your itouch. you will have to restore it and sync it again…. This happened to me and im passing the solution on to you!

  43. Will (7 comments) says:

    wow…you all fail…this is so easy its not even funny, you guys just suck at life and any form of modding/soft modding…wow…great tut and great program! im enjoying the camera app you suggested haha

  44. Jim (12 comments) says:

    Ziphone does not jailbreak 2.0 firmware version yet it only goes as far as 1.1.4 Apparently ther is one on the way so look out for an updated version that will jailbreak 3g phones

  45. Indy (1 comments) says:

    I have a 2.0 iPod and i was wondering if ziphone can jailbreak it, if not please email me any ways to do it!

  46. mauri (1 comments) says:

    i need help my itouch justisnt orking all thats on the screen is the itunes logo and the usbcable i cant turmn it off help me fix this

    • Kerrin (1 comments) says:

      I had the exact same problem all you need to do is:

      Open Itunes

      turn off your ipod and plug it in to your computer while holding the home button

      Itunes will then say it has detected an ipod in recovery mode

      restore ipod


  47. minhaj (1 comments) says:

    i was trying to do it last 2 days …. but i have failed every time… i know its works …

    well i m using iphone 3g version 2.0 …
    every time i use ziphone to jailbreak …its hang in one place..for a long time msg is “Rebooting phone in Recovery mode…” and bttom satus bar is running without sopping…. so guys i need some help…. email me when u guys are free…i know i m the only one stupid..thank u

  48. Kim (4 comments) says:

    this was absolute shit house! it didn’t work. Don’t waste your time on this useless program

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