ZiPhone Jailbreak: So Easy a Caveman Can Do It [See Video]

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Warning: Once-Great ZiPhone Jailbreak is Now Sadly a Scam

Caveman Jailbreak

Last August I published an article detailing my initial iPhone Jailbreak experience. At the time, Jailbreak was a time-consuming process, so I did it once but gave up on it after restoring my iPhone to install a new firmware update. Now there’s a much easier way to Jailbreak your iPhone — using ZiPhone — and it requires no more than 1 measly minute of your time.

ZiPhone’s Jailbreak method is fool-proof. Don’t believe me? Watch this video of a caveman I caught using ZiPhone to Jailbreak my iPhone:

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to Jailbreak an iPhone with ZiPhone, you can do it yourself in 3 easy steps:

A word of caution: Although I haven’t had any trouble with this software, some viewers of my video on YouTube commented that they were having problems… so Jailbreak your iPhone at your own risk.

  1. Go to ZiPhone’s blog and download the latest software via the “Click here to Download ZiPhone” link just above the first blog post.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Plug in your iPhone — leaving iTunes open — and click the “Jailbreak iPhone” button.

In about 55 seconds you’ll have a Jailbroken iPhone with the latest iPhone firmware. Open the Installer app that’s now on your home screen to browse through hundreds of useful third-party applications.

So far, I’ve installed the following iPhone apps (thanks, caveman!):

  • CameraPro, an app that adds digital zoom, grayscale and other features to the iPhone’s camera
  • Tris, a Tetris game for iPhone
  • weDict, a native iPhone dictionary
  • iCopter, an iPhone version of the Flash-based Helicopter game
  • Pianist, a touchscreen piano that satisfies my occasional urge to jam

Now that ZiPhone has made Jailbreaking so seamless, I can’t see why you wouldn’t want to try it out… at the very least to get a preview of what’s to come this June when Apple unveils the iPhone App Store.

And if for whatever reason you want to undo the Jailbreak, all you have to do is sync your iPhone with iTunes and restore it.

Have you used ZiPhone to Jailbreak your iPhone? What was your experience?

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  1. Wow some people are stupid huh, always do your research! Glad I read the comments, now can anyone tell me a jailbreak app that does work for the 3gs!

    ZiPhone does NOT work on 2.0 or higher. Don’t waste your time, there are other downloads that work on 2.0 etc.
    Also @Mughal… SUEING THEM? Because you are so stupid you can’t even jailbreak your own phone… seriously?

  3. u have to match the software. if ur software is newer than the one they have curently listed of course it wont work u foking tards

  4. u dum foks half of u don’t read the directions foking up your fone in the first place its not them its u if u guys will read the warnings and directions mayb someday u will be useful for something

  5. I just updated me iphone software, would the jailbreak still work? also how do u jail break your iphone. the person who made up this website never said y=how you do it. plus what can you do after you jailbreak you phone.

    very very intensely hot girl,

  6. im having same problem as minhaj so please if anyone has a idia please hlep me im from bhutan

  7. ok i have the same problem with the “rebboting in recovery mode” but seriously im only doing this to an iphone tht someone wants only as an ipod cuz they got it for free and dont have a sim card.. but are u ppl tht stupid to do this to your own phone, come on im 14 and to see how pathetic you ppl are to attempt to do this hack, fail miserably then get frustrated and start cursing out other ppl. real cool guys.

    but……if any of you have an ipod touch and are trying to jailbreak it, use “quickpwn” i idid it to my ipod and it works amazing!!!
    and there several videos on youtube to show u step by step how to.

    so sum up
    -ziphone = ruin your phone therefore bad (so stop wasting your time and look for a better software

    -quickpwn- jailbreaks your ipod perfectly therfore awesome (this is what u should do)


  9. lesson to be learned here, IF IT IS NOT BROKE THEN DON TRY TO FIX IT , and nothing is free in this world some people need to grow up. if you hack something then be sure you are smart enough. thats why its called hacking.

  10. wow… thanks for fucking up my 3 day old phone… this is fantastic… don’t waste your time these sick little men with nothing better to do with their time have invented this way to fuck with people and ruin their phone…

  11. OMFG, r u all that stupid!!
    i have an iphone 3G that has a firware later than 2.0..
    so im not going to install it
    that easy
    if your touch or iphone is later than 2.0 dont install this program, it wont work
    and ffs stop complainin about them fuking ure phone…they had a waring sayin that it was a possibility if u were too stupid to read the feedback

  12. How can so many people be so dumb? As many have said, read the comments.

    And this is a HACK! Hack’s can often have unexpected results. If you are unwilling to accept the fact you could end up with a useless paperweight after trying out a hack, then DON’T DO IT!

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