iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

This iPhone Jailbreak guide aims to thoroughly cover the topic of how to Jailbreak your iPhone. This guide lists some of the top Jailbreak software, with jailbreak instructions for the latest iPhone versions, from iOS 4.0 onward. Don’t forget to check out the iPhone jailbreak FAQ below and the comments section for answers to common […]

iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

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  1. So I was giving the Iphone 4 and I want to know if I have to jailbreak it to hook it up to another service? It is/was hooked up to AT&T and I want to hook it up to a cheaper service.

  2. hi just wondering if it is possible to jailbreak apple tv and what benefits this would give? your thoughts please, thanks.

  3. Not sure any type of jailbreaking is a good idea. I’m sure it looks good and is interesting but an apple iPhone is a quality product and the updates justify the reason not to do this..

  4. can the iphone 4s sprint 5.1 2.10 be jailbroken and unlocked to be used on tmobile and how do i get this done if possible thanks

  5. Data recovery from a broken iOS-devices
    Sometimes a situation when your phone or tablet refuses to turn on or boot the operating system iOS jailbreak because of some tweaks, or, worse yet, a hardware malfunction. Program Recovery Tool Apple Device will quickly recover data from broken iOS-devices. The program currently supports devices with A4 and iOS 4.x-5.x. iPhone 4S and iPad 2/3 are not supported!

    download Recovery Tool Apple Device

    Instructions you can see from the video clip or on the official website in Russian
    Recovery Tool Apple Device FAQ

  6. Ok I have the iPhone 3GS and I want to jailbreak it but I don’t have a computer. Does anyone know if it’s possible to do this?

  7. I just got brand new 4G-S from Verizon – Can I and/or should I jailbreak it before I activate it? What problems if any would I encounter.

  8. Hi, I recently updated my iphone to iOS 5.0.1 and had it jaibroken elsewhere. Everything’s working except that when I plugged it in my computer, of course my itunes isn’t in sync with the iphone. Now the problem is I can’t manually drag and drop music and videos to the phone. If I click on the manually manage files on the lower right of the itunes, a notification tells me that if i do that the files would be erased. The only way I could transfer music or videos to the iphone now is to right click the music/video files, click copy, and then click paste on the itunes. That’s fine with me, now another problem was that I cannot delete any music/video files on my iphone via the itunes at all. I can delete it if I do it directly to the iphone, but once I had it connected to the itunes, the files are still visible but it can’t be played and the files are not in the iphone anymore. I’m really confused since this did not happen when i had my Itouch jailbroken. Please can someone help me, thanks!

  9. Hello, can someone give me a solution. I have iphone 4 software unlock, IOS 4.3.5. Now i use gevey card to unlock my phone. Can jailbreak into the ios 5.0.1 and after that i use my iphone WITHOUT GEVEY card?? is it possible?? because right now i have to depends on my gevey card

  10. Just got new iphone4, version 5.0.1 – want to jailbreak – JUST NEED THE LINK PLEASE from someone who jailbroke their iphone4 a month or so ago, without trouble, & have yet to have problems. Anyone? …Or maybe this is unheard of – ?? Really would like to know. Thx so much! -Kate

  11. please help me guys..
    i want to jailbreak my iPhone 3G with ios 4.2.1 baseband .. first i try the snowbreeze 2.2 to jailbreak my iPhone but it wont work besides i have a cydia but i cant use any carrier pls help me guys.. what is the best software i can used to jailbreak my iPhone 3G..

    1. hi joshua, to jailbreak your iphone 3g on 4.2.1 you are going to have to update the baseband to 6.15.00 which is the ipad baseband, so you need to download the iphone 4.2.1 custom firmware and the ipad firmware and then jailbreak it with redsn0w. do it at ur own risk but their is videos on youtube that could help you.

  12. Hi. I recently am proud that I just jailbroke my iPhone 1st-generation, 2g network from AT&T firmware 3.1.2 (heads up, if you’re using older firmware for the newer firmware; I discovered really helps). There’s only one major problem: I can’t transfer any files I’d like to to my iPhone. I would adore any advice in advance given. Thanks to all!

  13. I am currently working on a jailbreak for ups 5.0.1 devices. I need a iPad 2 to finish testing or money to buy the iPad 2 to donate send to 1410 18th ave Altoona pa. A lucky donator may be able to help beta test untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4.

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