iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

This iPhone Jailbreak guide aims to thoroughly cover the topic of how to Jailbreak your iPhone. This guide lists some of the top Jailbreak software, with jailbreak instructions for the latest iPhone versions, from iOS 4.0 onward. Don’t forget to check out the iPhone jailbreak FAQ below and the comments section for answers to common […]

iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

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  1. i have iphone 3G and has jailbroken ans operates on OS 3.1, recently i updates the OS to 4.2 know it has refused to start, it indicates thats it requires registration and that i need to put in a sim card that it came with. Kindly assit!!!

  2. I have got CDMA Verizon 4,2,8. I want to jailbreak this and also use this as GSM ( with sim card) is that possible??please suggest

  3. Hello Friends, I got my iphone 3gs from USA and unlocked it here in India. Now recently i upgraded to 4.3.5 ang my phone got locked, now my iphone is used only for listening imei no got erased i cant use it for calling pls help me how do i go about it….

  4. I am trying to jailbreak a #G, version 4.2.1. Apparently I need ultrasn0w software to do this. It has been released, but I can’t find downloads of it anywhere. It’s this big run around mess. Any ideas? Is there any other software I could try? I tried the greenpoison one suggested above for the 3GS, but it didn’t work. Thanks!

  5. i have the iphone 3 ihave it jail broken & un locked now i have a black screan it wont turn off all i can do is answer it plz help

    1. All you have to do is go back and open up e jailbreak software you used and re jail break it. It will fix it to where it doesntnhave that screen.

  6. He’ll ya. Jb that shit. I did my old phone and then dropped it the screen was black. I did a restore then took it to apple and they gave me a new phone. It’s not like they will check Cydia servers to see if u have jailbroken!! Give er. Anyone one I no with an iPhone, says they wont jb there phone I give them my phone for 10 mins and….. They want it So he’ll ya break it!!

  7. Sounds intriguing but this sucks because my friend told me that if i jail break my Iphone 4 that it will make apps free but i saw the question and answer above and i immediatly became pissed!!! Fuck jail breaking!

  8. Hi there, I’ve a bit of a problem: I’ve got a 1st generation iPhone, jailbroken and unlocked (feels almost like a relic now) and STILL on version 1.1.2 basically because it always worked, never gave me problems and I was too lazy to update and find a new version of a jailbreak.

    But now I’ve got to download some apps, mainly for communicating in the office/work stuff, that obviously aren’t compatible with my version nor my phone in general.

    So, was wondering if there are still any jailbreaks for the first iPhone and if I update the phone on iTunes b4 having the correct jailbreak how screwed up will I be…? Also: do jailbreaks for iphone4 also work for others or is the software incompatible?


  9. i need help i have a jailbroken 3gs iphone accident changed the font to blade now the phone wont boot up past apple logo need help i downloaded iphone explorer and i can see folders on that can i change it back plese help me the phone was a gift

  10. Is it normal for the network carrier to not show up on your iPhone after jailbreaking it? I have an iPhone 4 w/Verizon and after jailbreaking it and encountering a lot of problems, I don’t have the Verizon network show up on my phone anymore. Please help me!

  11. I have a question about Iphones before I get another one. I need to know if an Iphone is jailbroken / unlocked and I restore it in order to remove the previous owners information do I need to have an AT&T sim card in order to jailbreak and unlock again? I recently purchased one and all of the information from the previous owner is still there. I want to restore to remove her information but I need to make sure that I can jailbreak it again so that I can unlock it for Tmobile. The phone is an Iphone 3GS 3.1.3. Any help that anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I used and I think I jailbreaked my iphone 3gs 4.3.3 because now I have Cydia. How can I find out if my phone is fully jailbreaked and how do I unlock my phone.

    Great POST, thank you,


  13. hello i just bought an iphone 4 (4.3.2) and i wanna ask since my main interest is in medical apps would i REALLY benefit from jailbreaking my iphone ? or would i be wasting my warranty for actually nothing ? also would i b able to download the medical apps on itunes for free ?

    1. btw is it a good idea for me to update to 4.3.5 ? and should i do that before or after i jailbreak it (if i ever)

  14. Am havinh iphone 3gs..itz already gail broken..i just tried to update de version..mob got switched off and nt getting on…y this happened..??

  15. Hi, I’ve brought a jailbroken iphone 3gs which im waiting for delivery of and was wondering what i should be using software wise?

      1. Thanks chris altho after 2 days of use i now cant get on wifi grrr trying to find a jailbreak that doesnt cost to download on to the p.c as ive been told to try doing that again although i have a feeling its the wifi chip that has gone.

  16. So if i were to jailbreak my iphone today, i could just plug it into to itunes tomorrow and everything wpuld go back to normal like it never happened?

    1. No and yes No the jailbreak will not leave some can be removed some will brick your phone if you try to remove it, can be fixed tho. but yes it will still be able to sync up to the computer and do everything it use to do. plus some

  17. I have a jailbroken iphone4 version 4.0 and would like to upgrade to version 4.2 to get sky go app, how do i do this without losing all my existing apps, would appreciate a simple guide if possible.

  18. I need help please…. Some said i will lost everything, some said no…which one correct? 🙁
    Did I lost all my contact number and current app/record/sms & etc if I jailbreak my iphone 4? For information Im currently running an iphone 4 version (4.2.1) 8c148. Will anyone guide me on this mass please.. 🙁

  19. Hi

    I have an iphone 4 4.3.2 which is factory locked from canada, i am using it in India with vodafone with Turbo Sim . But sometimes it lost its signals, due to which i faced problems.

    I want to know, how to update my phones version to 4.3.4 or later and when i restart my phone i need to do some process to get signal bars.

    So please tell me the solution for it.

    If it requires jailbreak again and guide me the procedure to it also.


  20. i have bought an iphone 3gs that was originally bought in malaysia ?.The O.S. is version 1835NG_FN_CA_W_V1_1_9

    I want to change this to a normal OS – can somebody HELP

    1. this is not proven to work, but u can just plug the device into itunes and restore it. the restore will restore and update to the latest firmware. try it. im not sure if it will work. it is just an idea.

  21. i need help how to unlock jailbreak my iphone version 4.3.5 (8L1)i have been trying everything is not working please hel me up

    1. look i jailbroke my ipod through greenpoison and after i done it i unpluged it and it has heeps of small letters(which i already new about)and its taking hell long to load and its saying “failed to get apples58920xarm7m”, and its saying after 30sec 60secs 90secs ….. that it has still failed. can someone please help me out here thanks.

  22. I currently have an iPhone 3GS with software version 4.2.1, baseband 05.15.04. Can I jailbreak and unlock this myself? Please help!

  23. hello,

    I’ve been using iphone 1 for the longest time. It was jailbroken to begin with and its been fine until last night when it got wet in the rain. It flickered alot in the beginning and wouldn’t turn on. When it finally did turn on (i’m guessing after the last of the water dried up), the screen has the connect to itunes symbol.

    Any help on how to get this back to working condition would really be appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Hi, I was just wondering if I jailbreak my iphone 3GS, will I be allowed to download free apps and games off Cydia?

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