iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

This iPhone Jailbreak guide aims to thoroughly cover the topic of how to Jailbreak your iPhone. This guide lists some of the top Jailbreak software, with jailbreak instructions for the latest iPhone versions, from iOS 4.0 onward. Don’t forget to check out the iPhone jailbreak FAQ below and the comments section for answers to common […]

iPhone Jailbreak: The Ultimate Guide

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  1. Yes, i’ve got 4.2.6 on a brand new Verizon iPhone 4 and was wondering the same thing. I guess I just wait for a new version?

  2. For mark; have you back it up before in any computer? Most likely what happen there is that your iphone has been restored. If he back it up on that mac book good for you. You can just continue the restore process then sync it from that comp.(that is if he back it up before restore). Caution if you continue the restore process you might loss the unlock n the jailbreak.(not sure). Good luck
    For Paras; is there a 4.2.6 version already?

  3. Hey quick question. I just bought my Iphone 4 with 4.2.6 version on it. which one of the above links would I go about using??

  4. I have an iphone 3G. I purchased it “off the street”. It was decoded so that it could be used independent of Apple fixed pre-arranged phone networks. Everything was fine until today. My son linked it to apple itunes on an apple lap top to do something with it. Now the phone has a permanent window that shows a picture of itunes logo and usb cable. It also has an “emergency calls” window when you push the “slide for emergency” option.On the itunes store a window comes up saying “The SIM card inserted in this iphone does not appear to be supported etc etc..” My question is how can I restore the phone so that I can continue to use it as I have formerly done. I have a hell of a lot of contacts on it that I can’t access. Any one out there who can help me????? Please

    1. Mark, let me know if you get a solution. We have the same issue here except we have a 2G. My 12 year old uses it like an Itouch – but now it’s bricked! Post a link even if it helps you unlock the dumb thing! Good luck!

    2. Hi, did you sort out your problem – I mightt be able to help. It sounds like your son updated the firmware to version 43.3 or 4.4.2. They are having trouble making a unlock for this phone (Ithink there is a jailbreak) but it sounds like you need to unlock the sim. To do this, you need to purchase a Gevey sim card off ebay I think is the cheapest. You just follow the instuctions and google gevey sim install on youtube and you wil be active.

  5. NEED HELP! I just bought a 3gS 16gb. It’s on activation screen and I’m trying to jailbreak it so I can use it with tmobile. I’ve been using redsnow and some program names Pwnge..But once I try jailbreaking it, it just stays on the screen with the apple and never fully turns on. I have to restore it so It can fully charge and then I try it again.. When I restore it, it updates it to 4.3.1 firmware..but someone told me, that when I hack it, I should downgrade it to a 4.2.1 Do you think that’s the reason why the jailbreak is not going through?

    1. Nessa – we just had the exact same problem here except we have a 2G. PLEASE post if you get an answer because I am soooo frustrated with this too! Good luck!

    2. Sorry, Nessa. Disregard. I was commenting on the post above yours. Spacing on the screen looked like your name was attached to the previous post.

  6. i have iphone 3g (8gb)…ihave updated its version to 4.2.1 but it hangs a lot…what to do?

  7. Restore is good if you are previously jailbroken, but if not you can just go direct to jailbreaking.

  8. Jailbreaking it is just like downloading an apps. But to be safe just sync everything to your computer then jailbreak it. If everything went well on jailbreaking you dont have to do anything except to enjoy your new iphone. Goodluck

    1. Thanks for the reply,

      So just to confirm, Jailbreaking of the iPhone4 is non-destructive?
      The reason I ask is that on the “Guide” it says to Restore your iPhone first? Surely that would wipe all settings & personnel details or can you jailbreak the iPhone & miss this step?

      Any comments greatly appreciated


  9. Hi,

    Very quick question….

    I have lots of paid Apps/Contacts/Important Text Messages/Photos etc on my iPhone4…

    Can I Jailbreak it without losing any of my personnel stuff or will Jailbreaking the iPhone4 put my phone backto factory Defaults??



  10. Once you jailbreak there will be an app name cydia. Click it then go search for whatever theme you want to have like superman or cars or blackberry or anything. Install it, if you like keep it if you dont like delete it. Whatever you install will be on cydia under packages. Themes will be on you winterboard which will be on your home screen. Enjoy

  11. Well, after you jailbreak your iphone its up to you how you design your phone. Cydia has lots of theme and tweaks that can make your iphone cool. It doesnt take overnight. I had so many sleepless nights just to design my iphone. Just design it according to your own fantasy

  12. I got a question, my friends jail broke their iPhone and when they move from page to page on their home screen it does a bunch of crazy creations, I have no clue how to set that up on mine can someone help me please

  13. hi, i just wanted to ask is it possible if i restore my jailbreak iphone 3gs version 4.0.1 to its original setting (to remove songs,apps etc)? coz i wanted to sell off that phone but i forgot about it being a jailbreak phone. i wanted to update it and restore to its original setting without losing the jailbreak coz when i bought it last year, it was already a jailbreak phone. pls help!

    1. Just clear everything from the iphone itself. Go to setting general and i think restrictions. It just somewhere there.

  14. I have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen.

    Anybody have any suggestions on which jailbreaking program to use (FREE ONES ONLY PLZ)?

    If I jailbreak my iPod…

    1. Will it keep my music and apps and stuff I already have (from Apple)?

    2. Will I still be able to download apps from the App Store (and music from itunes) as well as things from Cydia and Installer & stuff?

    3. Will it restore my iPod so I don’t have the email addresses in there, the music, the apps, etc.? (so, should I make a backup on iTunes before jailbreaking?)

    4. If my iPod is bricked (I know it’s not likely, but just in case :D); what exactly (I didn’t understand what was written above) do I do to make it NOT bricked, and work again?

  15. i”m trying to jailbrake for my iphone4 4.3.2
    when i using redsnow program i can”t find firmware….
    anybody know how to do it? please help me out

    1. Yes David the firmware you will use is the same firmware as 4.3.1 but it will still work with 4.3.2 once you download the firmware put it on your desktop and from redsn0w click browse and find the frimware on your desk top then just follow redsn0ws instructions here is the firmware link

      i got this information from

      If your still having issues watch that youtube link i posted it shows you how step by step and has more links.

      Hope this helped good luck:)

  16. can i still use itunes on my computer even if the version that i have isnt the version that my ipone was unlocked and jailbroken by???

  17. have just bought an apple iphone 3gs that was originally purchased in the far east. looking to find os on phone and it reads 1835NG_FN_CA_W_V1_1_9 in the version slot. do not understand – anybody help ( trying to unlock and jailbreak )

  18. I jailbroke my 3g for tmobile with redsn0w_win_0.9.6b4
    it worked fine with minor problems, i went to put my sim in and it wouldnt let me call, text or internet… i would like to know if you had any ideas on what to do

    1. @Justus

      Is the iPhone unlocked? Try restarting the iPhone by holding the home and power buttons simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds. If that does not work, try to download “Bootneuter” from Cydia and unlock your iPhone with it.

      1. @iphonechris
        yes the phone is unlocked.. i downloaded cydia but after that it said i had no internet connection

        1. @Justus

          If you are able to connect to a WiFi network, try to download Bootneuter from Cydia over a WiFi connection. If that doesn’t work, I would recommend seeking help at the ModMyi forums. The ModMyi community is usually pretty helpful when it comes to jailbreak issues.

    1. @nate

      You should sync your iPhone with iTunes before jailbreaking. Jailbreak will restore your phone and remove music and apps in most cases, but the music and apps can be returned to your iPhone by syncing with iTunes.

      1. If I try to restore my music and apps from itunes wont itunes realise my ipod is jailbroken??

  19. The best jailbreak software for iPhone Jailbreaking is GreenPoison for desktop application and for web based application. It is more convenient an effective tool for jailbreaking.

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for this very helpful guide. I was wondering if you could help me with something.
    I synced my iphone 4.2.1 with iTunes on a friend’s laptop, then jail broke it and now want to sync with iTune on my own laptop. But iTunes says I have to erase/restore my iphone before I can sync. Is there a way around this or do I have to restore, sync and do the whole jailbreaking procedure again?


  21. Great guide, well done, especially the reasons not to jailbreak your phone. Looking through all the questions and problems on here I think there are two other reasons not to do it:

    1) if you’re non-tech savvy, as most of the people on here seem to be, it’s just going to cause more problems than not and this is why Apple controls everything. When the products don’t work it reflects badly on the brand. That’s why they don’t want you to JB and possibly screw your phone up.

    2) Virus issues aside, there are incidents of JB apps being used to infiltrate iPhones to gain personal and security information and I heard of one where it was used to charge the owner’s phone account.

    I JB my phone and restored it after countless problems. I think your site is excellent with good balance, and it’s great how you lay out the case for and against. I think those, like me who are not up on how the Apple iPhone is coded should think twice before JB.

  22. Hi, my mate can jailbbreak any iphone without going on a computer to downloads anything onto the iphone, he did my one and it works fine.

  23. Can you jailbreak an iphone 3gs without the phone having any noticeable signs? I would like to JB one without the user knowing

  24. guys i have my iphone 3gs .. it was in 4.3 … then wanted to downgrade ..
    i have downgraded to 4.2.1, then ” connect to itunes ” appeared, then i used recboot, but it stayed rebooting the showing ” connect to itunes ”
    i jailbreaked it by greenpoison, nothing occurs, then redsn0w by using firmware 4.2.1 and installing cydia only, the device worked, but with ” no sevice … noticing that it’s unlocked originally, then i made reset for all settengs and data .. then it stuck in the “connect to itunes” screen .. now i can’t install 4.3 , 4.2.1 and even the 3.1.3
    what can i do :S

    1. Wow. I’d say take it to an Apple Store LOL. Besides having a very chic paperweight, you’ve just learned an important lesson. understand what you’re doing before you do it. Good luck getting that resolved. Lets us know what happens 🙂

  25. is there a way i can updte to the latest software with out losing my jailbreak settings i.e themes,sounds and cydia packages

    1. I have a successful Jailbreak of a 3G phone but now also have a iPad V2 and need to upgrade to iTunes 10.2 to use it.

      I am holding in doing this and want to assure that Apple has no “HOOKS” that would affect the Jailbroken 3G phone when I connect it to iTunes.

      Any input would be appreciated.

      1. @Wolfie

        I would imagine you can update iTunes without a problem. iTunes would have to get your permission before modifying your iPhone. Let us know how this goes.

  26. I have an original iphone and running version 3.1.3

    Which do you recommend to jailbreak my phone? Will Spirit 3.1.3 work or do I need to use the one for the original iphone? Or something else? Please help.

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